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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 29 : Trying Not to Moan
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And she's trying not to moan

. . .

The parking lot, why not?

It's so cool when you're on top.

"Well, well, James. I have to say, you’re looking mighty sharp."

His dark jeans and black button up shirt went very together very nicely and he was the picture of put-together, as long as he remembered to put on shoes. It was not a look we saw often.

Today was November seventeenth. Also known as the day of the ‘Inter-house Relations Party.’ Or whatever fancy name they were calling it.

I tore from our dorm, thundering down the stairs and jumped onto the couch, waiting for the boys to come down. In a rare turn of events, a girl was ready before the boys. Then again, I probably didn’t count. Despite myself, I was excited; the word ‘party’ always coincided with the word ‘fun.’

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Lily, sitting on the armchair in the corner of the room, nervously tapping her feet. I wondered what she was thinking. So of course, I walked straight over. I never did get the whole think part of "think before you act."

"Lily, darling. Excited?"

"What’s it to you?" she asked warily.

"I’m taking a survey?" I tried.

She sighed and shook her head. "Just leave me alone, will you? I’m trying not to make a big deal out of this."

Run, Anna. Run now! You know what happens next
, I told myself. One minute, she’s innocently trying to get away from you - the next - she’s pouring her heart out to you. Run. Dammit, girl, I said RUN!

I turned to walk away quickly, but then I heard a quiet, slightly desperate voice say, "Oh, Anna, I’m really, really nervous."

Fuck Fuckity Fuck.

I attempted a smile and turned back around. "Why? It’s James; he’s already madly in love with you, and I doubt you could change that."

"Well, er, I don’t really . . . Have much . . . Experience . . ." Lily trailed off for the third time. She didn’t continue, just continued to look around the room anxiously, at anything but my questioning eyes.

"With guys?"

Lily nodded.

I smiled. I couldn’t help it. Lily looked like such a little lost puppy. "Well, James isn’t exactly Casanova, is he? I mean - he’s been holding out for you all the while. I don’t think he’s ever done anything more than snogged a girl."

She looked away, pawed at her hair, and mumbled something I couldn’t hear.

"Hmm?" I prodded.

"Well, I’ve never exactlykissed a guy," Lily admitted.

I sighed. I was getting rather fidgety. "Look, James won’t care." I said, rolling my eyes a little at her worried expression. Realising I wasn’t being very assuring, I added in a quieter and what I hoped was a more encouraging voice, "Trust me. He won’t."

Lily didn’t say anything, but just nodded and gave me a small ‘okay, you’re free to go’ smile. I turned back and stuck my head up the boys’ staircase. "Move your arses, you women!"

A few seconds later, a stampede came down the stairs. Remus came first, barrelling down, before vaulting over the back of the couch and sitting calmly down. I ignored his behaviour, having adjusted to such oddities many years ago.

Peter followed, stampeding down yet with surprising grace; his not so slender bodily proportions, combined with his awkwardness, did not exactly lead one to think of the word graceful when describing him.

James came next. He was prancing rather speedily down the stairs. He jumped, landing catlike at the bottom, and glanced around wildly, like an animal looking for it's prey. He spotted Lily, and jumped to attention. Suavely (and exhibiting none of the qualities that were so evident mere seconds before) he extracted a flower from his pocket, smoothed down his shirt, and walked slowly over to Lily.

They exchanged a few quiet words before I heard Lily’s amused voice say, "You’ve gotten me a Lily, how . . . Unoriginal." She stopped, and then added. "Yet, incredibly thoughtful and sweet."


A few minutes after James had landed, Sirius came swaggering down the staircase at a much slower speed than the others.

"Why so casual?" I asked Sirius, noticing his less frenzied attitude.

"Because I’m just bloody fantastic?" Sirius waggled his eyebrows. "Actually that’s just a fact, not a reason. Probably because I don’t have a girl I am so dreadfully eager to impress. James has Lily. Pete is just . . . Well, he’s just Pete. And Remus, go figure, is waiting for his new lady friend.

"Who, by the way, he has not shagged yet," Sirius added in an undertone.

"Impressive," I said, nodding. "Well, since I have no one to accompany me to this party, would you like to be my escort?"

"No Darren?" he queried, and offered me his arm.

I took it and skipped excitedly as we, naturally, began to circle the common room in a dramatic fashion. "No, Sirius. I told you, we don’t do this sort of thing; too much like a real couple."

He shrugged.

"Alright, I’m tired out we; can stop now," I said, I threaded my arm out from Sirius and collapsed on the couch next to Remus. "Hi."

Remus looked at me; his face was a cross between nervous and exasperated. He made some low noise that seemed to come from deep inside his spleen. I chose not to further the conversation.

Peter was soon joined by a Fifth year girl whose name or face I did not know. Lily and James soon came over and joined our group around the fire. Remus still sat nervously.

"She’s standing me up, I just know it," Remus said. He was biting his nails; that was a habit he had given up long ago.

I grabbed his hand and yanked it from his mouth. "First of all, Remus, she’s too nice and sweet to do that. Second of all . . . She’s coming down right now."

And she was indeed. She was casually walking down the staircase that led from the girls’ dormitories. She was dressed in a nice, denim skirt (at a decent length, too) and a light pink button up shirt. I looked down at my own attire and felt under-dressed. I wore an old pair of jeans and a clean t-shirt. (As opposed to a not clean one.)

However, I felt much better (and suppressed a laugh) when the very calm and collected girl tripped, royally, before stumbling her way back to a stand.

"H-hi," Remus stuttered.

Nymphadora, or, Dora, as she liked to be called, smiled at Remus. "There’s nothing to be nervous about. Ready to go?"

Remus tentatively slipped his arm around Dora’s waist and the couple led the rest of our group out of the common room. Peter made small talk with his date; Lily and James walked next to each other, their hands occasionally brushing.

Me and Sirius, of course, were the odd ones out. I had jumped on his back and refused to come back down until we had entered the Great Hall, where the party was taking place. Luckily for me, Sirius was on the larger and stronger side. That wasn’t to say that he didn’t almost fall on the stairs and send us tumbling to our deaths, but still, we got there in the end.

"Wow," I said, when we entered the Great Hall. Adressing Lily and James, "You two’ve outdone yourselves."

The Great Hall did indeed look like an inter-house party. Streamers of red, green, blue, and yellow intertwined. Bursts of polychromatic confetti periodically burst from seemingly mid-air, showering the students and teachers.

Rather than four house tables, there were none, just a large table in the middle of the hall, covered in food. The walls of the Great Hall were lined with chairs, for those who would rather not stand for the entire few hours.

"Yes!" I cried, running towards the table.

"She’s such a dumbarse," I heard James say as I sped away, then he chuckled. "So is he."

I glanced back to see Sirius on my tail.

"Food, food, food," Sirius said, as he grabbed one of the white, glass plates and piled pretty much everything on there. Including mushrooms, and Sirius hates mushrooms.

After about ten minutes, I grabbed Sirius’ wrist and dragged him away. "But the food!" he cried.

"Yes, but there’s dancing too, and you’re going to dance with me."

We stood for a little while in the middle of the dance floor, listening to the beat of the music. I hummed to the beat of the music, randomly bouncing to the tune. Within a minute, I was wildly dancing.

"Ha. Look at Anna go."

"She could beat Tabitha in a dance-off, I bet."

"Are you kidding me? She obviously has no idea what she’s doing."

"She’s going to pass out."

I barely registered each comment around me, but kept moving and spinning all the way to where the rest of my posse were. "Hey, you guys, I want to see you in the middle of the dance floor in exactly seven minutes.

I winked over at the red-head standing, a little more at ease now, next to James. "That means you, too, Evans."


"Jeez, Anna, I didn’t know you had it in you."

I smiled proudly at Remus’ comment; I had just won in a dance-off against the Slytherin Seventh year. Tabitha Crowes; renowned dancer. Of course, slightly off balance with my final wild move that topped off my dance; I fell over, hit my head, and passed out.

"Yeah, I think that spinning on my head really nailed it for me." Of course, it had hurt a bit, but that was the price of victory.

We all collapsed around the fire; despite the sweat we had worked up from dancing, the common room was quite chilly. I looked around at the people surrounding me. Sirius, James, Remus and Peter had been my best friends since practically forever; but tonight we had Lily and Dora too. It was nice.

A/N: Hey y'all. Sorry that the chapter title and song lyrics don't quite make sense with the chapter. I had to edit it up a little bit - it's a bit shorter (and less funny that the original) but you can just pretend it never happened and go on to the next chapter. :)

A/N2: Well, this is likely the last chapter that I will post before I go back to school. Luckily for all of you, I'm lazy and procrastinating, so the heavy load of school work shouldn't slow updates any more than they already are.

A/N4: Thanks and much love to wheresmyedward who never fails to make my chapters better! :D

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Polychromatic: Trying Not to Moan


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