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The Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose by Ginny_RED_Potter
Chapter 2 : Ridiculous Physical Overreactions
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(So I took a break from my reading- What a shock!- I got to page 550 of the INCREDIBLE new book Breaking Dawn by the genius known as Stephenie Meyer -I highly recommend it! {Seriously, why are you reading this? Go pick up this flawlessly written real book} and decided to take a breather. Which was when I had the sparkling idea to update my latest story! So I hope you enjoy this next chapter. It's a bit fluffy but I'm setting you up for the main events. ENJOY!)

Chapter 2~ Ridiculous Physical Overreactions

He's late and I'm going to throttle him.

Does he not care that leaving a fifteen year old girl, like myself, alone in a park at this time of night is an extreme risk? He is putting me in an incredibly vulnerable state right now. I hated being vulnerable. Does he want me to get deflowered by some random filthy homeless guy?

If I'd known he'd be this late I would have brought my wand with me because this is just not smart. Completely unsafe. There is a total of one street light on at the moment and all of the darkness is freaking me out. Yes, I can fully admit that, at fifteen years old, I am still terrified of the dark.

The tall dark trees, silouetted by the eerie full moon hanging in the sky above, sway as a soft breeze rustles through them. Goosebumps sprout on my arms and the hairs on my neck rise. I am standing in a park, completely alone at Merlin knows what hour, in this clearing where no one can probably hear me scream. This is just insane, I glance up at the stars and they wink at me coldly. Teasing.

He's going to die when I get my hands on him.

Forget the wand, I will strangle him with my bare hands.

Stupid git.

What the hell is taking him so long?
I reached into the back pocket and pull out the note yet again, holding it under the light. Could it be a trick? Some ridiculous scheme his little brother cooked up?

Nope. It was his handwriting alright. I'd recognize his elegant scrawl anywhere.


I have a surprise for you. Meet me at midnight in that clearing we found near our spot.

~ S

So there I stood, feeling like a complete idiot for being nearly at his beck and call lately. Yes, anything he wanted- I'd done. None of the normal arguements or playful chastising. It was like I could say no to him anymore. 

It was atrocious. I was losing it.

I'd finally admitted to myself that I had an enormous crush -well more than that, I didn't know exactly what it was but it was an enormous something, on my best friend and I felt absolutely ridiculous for it. 

Ridiculous. Giddy. Horrified. Euphoric. Pained. Irritated beyond belief.

I didn't want to be like one of those hopeless slags always drooling over him and I feared that I was becoming one. Or well on my way, at least. It was an awful thought. Absolutely cringe-worthy.

But I rectified it by reminding myself that I knew him better than any of those dreadful harpies always following at his heels. I'd known him my entire life. I knew him better than anyone. Even the other self-proclaimed Marauders. Was it so terrible that I-?

I was jolted out of my reverie by a low rumble.

What the hell?

It wasn't human. I didn't think. But it was getting louder by the moment.

I looked frantically around me, searching for something- anything!- to fight off my attacker with. If it was an attacker- which I was certain it was.
All I found was a rather heavy branch that I wasn't even sure I could swing with enough force. This was it. This was how I was going to die. 

I was so coming back to haunt Sirius for this. 

He would never have another moment of peace if I had something to say about it. I briefly considered the possibilities of that for a moment and a mental image of Sirius getting undress clouded my head. 

But a vicious snarl- from my assailant- jerked me back to reality.

I couldn't tell what direction my monster was coming from, the growling reverberated impossibly through the air. And that's when I realized that it was getting brighter.

My head snapped up and a blinding light was shining above me. I staggered backwards, shielding my eyes and falling onto the ground in my hast to escape. But I couldn't get back up. I was too entranced by whatever this bizarre light was coming from. What was it?

And something massive landed in the middle of the clearing.

Just I realized what it was, the engine cut and I heard a familiar chuckle that never failed to send my insides into hectic disarray.

I couldn't make out his impish grin in the darkness, but I could hear it in his voice. "Sorry, Mir."

"DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE!" I shouted. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA-?" And then, abruptly my mind grasped what he was sitting on and I gasped. 

This was definitely a surprise.


I always knew he was a bad ass. He prided himself in his nerve and utter bad boy persona. Even that ridiculous nickname he and his little Gryffindor mates had dreamed up for themselves gloated at their appetite for trouble.

But I'd never pegged him for an idiot on a suicide mission. 

Sirius had always been so smart. So infuriatingly clever. As a child, he'd owned the hearts of everyone in our little circle. Such an intelligent, handsome, lovable little boy. He was the brightest star. 

But, appearantly he'd lost some brain cells since then. Maybe from too many Bludgers to the head. Or perhaps he'd breathed in too much dungbomb fumes. The lose of brain cells was the sole logical explaination I could conjur.

This was insane. Absolutely suicidal, if you ask me. Which he didnt- but that didn't stop me from telling him exactly what I thought of his idiocy. I was always vocal when I knew I was right.
His parents are literally going to murder him when they see this. Whether they make it quick and use Avada Kedavra, or decide to drag it out torturously slow with the Cruciatus curse is unknown. But they are definitely going to murder him(and I'd prefer not to be clustered in with him as an accessory to this insanity).

"Have you gone mental?!" I exclaimed as the sod removed his helmet. "Did you recieve one too many Bludgers to the head, you complete and utter nutter?! Do you have a death wish?!"

"Oh c'mon, Bells," he beamed at me triumphantly. He was obviously very pleased with himself. " 'S not that dangerous. I've got a helmet."

"I don't mean dangerous like that, you halfwit! I mean, that your parents- yeah, the Blacks; pureblood, slightly mad, you remember them?- they're going to have your head on a diamond encrusted, real sterling silver, platter when they see this monstrosity!"

His grin broaded, "Hop on."

"Are you insane?"

"Slightly. Now, hope on."

"Not a chance in hell."

"C'mon, Echols." He pouted, "I've got you your very own helmet and everything. Please?"

I glared at him skeptically. "My own helmet? Really?"

His grin got wider. "All yours."

I raised an eyebrow in suspision. "It's not frilly or pink or anything is it?"

He threw his head back and laughed. "No. It's baby blue."

I smiled and sighed, "Alright, fine."

And that is how I ended up straddling the back of Sirius Black's shiny new motorcycle, holding onto him for dear life as we soared through the night air. Yeah, I'm the luckiest girl alive, I know.



Let's go out today. Meet at our spot. Noon.


My heart did a ridiculous flutter and I immediately dropped my fork. I lunged from the breakfast table- not even bothering to answer my family's questions about who sent the letter or why I reacted so strange. I didn't even pause to shoot Milo a dirty look for making a comment about 'spastic Ravenclaws'. Instead I raced up the stairs, still clutching my letter (come on, you didn't think I'd leave it down there for them to read, did you?).

I flung myself into my room and began to get ready, not even caring that it was still only ten in the morning. I needed all the time I could get.


"So, you and James Potter and Peter Pettigrew managed to become illegal animagi?" I clarified yet again as I slurped on the ice cream he bought me, holding onto him with only my legs while he effortlessly carried me on his back.



"I'll teach you someday."

"Hey, if Pettigrew can learn than so can I."

"Aw c'mon, Mira. Pete's not that bad."

"Last term he asked me if Ravenclaw girls read in the showers."

He laughed- barked, really- at this and shook his head. "So he's a tad perverted. What bloke isn't?"

I rolled my eyes but stood my ground. "I don't trust him. And he's as thick as that awful pudding Narcissa made us choak down last week."

He laughed, "I liked that pudding."

"It had chunks! I'm sorry but pudding is not supposed to have chunks." I gave a revolted shudder, remembering the awful sensation of the so-called-pudding sliding down my throat, chunks and all. "It's just wrong."

"If you say so," his tone was patronizing and his chuckle, amused.

"So what animal are you?"

"A dog, of course. "

"Of course." I rolled my eyes again.

"You're dripping on me."

I looked down and found that my chocolate ice cream was in fact dripping down the back of Sirius's shirt and chuckled "Cold?"

"No. It feels nice actually. I just thought you should know that you are wasting perfectly good ice cream."

I laughed again, "Your back is going to be all sticky."

He shrugged and my torso wobbled backwards. I screeched as he caught me by the arm, sending the ice cream flying in the opposite direction. I didn't realize until I steadied myself again that it had hit him. Right in the face.

"Oops." I was no longer on his back so he could see that I was trying- without much success, not to laugh at such a site. Peels of giggles escaped me as I watched my ice cream drip from his angelic face. It was just too funny not to laugh, like someone had pressed a button on me and I couldn't control it any longer. So I gave in. 

Surprisingly, a wicked grin spread slowly acrossed his gorgeous, ice cream covered features. "You are so dead." And he grabbed a stranger's drink (throwing some Muggle notes on the table). It was red and I was in a white shirt. Oh, perfect.

"Don't you dare." I warned him backing away.

He just grinned wider. "Run."

And we took off down the street, Sirius at my heels in hot persute.


"I can't believe you got red wine all over my shirt!"

"I can't believe you smeared cake in my face."

"Only after the red wine!" I exclaimed as he shook his wet curls like a dog. We'd decided to stop at a bathroom to wash off.

"Which was because of your ice cream diabolical."

"An accident!"

"Mhmm." He through me a mock-glare.

"It was! You had to shrug and throw me off balance."

"Your balance is terrible."

"I know. I can't help it."

He chuckled, "And I love you anyway."

My heart stuttered annoyingly. I knew he didn't mean it the way I wanted but I couldn't help myself. I thrilled at those words. It irritated me that he could set me off so effortlessly. He was just a boy for Merlin's sake!

A very adorable, charming, sweet, funny, considerate, caring boy. But a boy all the same. And I'd known him for so long that these sort of feelings and physical overreactions should be impossible by now.
Yet, unfortunately, they weren't and I had no clue how to handle that.

So I channeled all of my pureblood genes into the task of looking perfectly indifferent to such an off-hand comment. "How could you not?" I smirked innocently.

He rolled his eyes and mussed my hair.

The touch sent my entire body into a frenzy as a shiver ran down my spine and a tingle traveled through my viens. I prayed he couldn't hear my heart throwing itself embarassingly at the walls of my chest.

Only my brain retain an ounce of sanity which was scolding me for reacting this way to such a big brotherly gesture. Though, since my real big brothers rarely did anything like this I wouldn't really know that well.

I got up and he mimicked the motion. Then, as we began walking again, he flung an arm around my shoulders.

I tensed and held in a sigh as my body overreacted once more.

I must have made a face because Sirius got one look and said warily,"What?" 

"Nothing," I lied,quickly. " I was just thinking about that horrendous pudding." 

He barked a laugh at this and -to my complete shock- kissed the top of my head.

If he hadn't heard my spluttering heart before, he would now. I was sure of it.

Every muscle within me reacted to the touch of his lips- even if it was only on my head. Every hair on the back of my neck stood at attention and the place where he kissed me was on fire.

But somehow, my legs managed to keep stride with him and my left arm found its way around his waist. I hesitantly placed my head on his shoulder as we walked and smiled when I felt his chin rest centimeters from the place he'd kissed (which still tingled frantically). 

I was afraid that I was going to swoon like all those annoying girls who follow him around like puppies at school. I was dangerously close to swooning. I wondered whether he'd catch me if I passed out.

Then I sighed, if I was going to faint I had to consider that he would probably never let it go. I'd be taunted for the rest of my life. Maybe he'd even figured out that it was in response to his bewildering public displays of affection. 

I held in a shudder at that thought. I didn't want to take the chance. The slightest movement and I was terrified he'd let go.

I knew what we must look like. People probably thought we were a couple. But I didn't care. As long as Sirius didn't mind, I was content. More than content, really. I felt like I could fly.


My suspisions were right.

As they almost always are (I am a Ravenclaw after all). That intelligent thing is no joke.

Anyway, they were confirmed when I lifted my head from my best-friend-and-love-interest's shoulder and exclaimed, "Ooo! Bookstore, c'mon!" I unconciously took his hand and began pulling him towards the book shop.

Sirius groaned but I ignored him.

A bell tingled as we entered and the smell of books reach my nose. The old lady at the counter smiled fondly at us as I pulled Sirius in. And then my search began.

He knew how I was. I could spend all day in a bookstore and still want more. So he sat in a comfy chair and watched me roam the isles eagerly searching for a diamond in the rough. It was a thrilling activity for me. Almost as fun as soaring through the air on my broom.

It was nearly an hour later that I looked up to meet his intent gaze. It was amused and something else that I couldn't quite place. I felt slightly guilty.

"You're bored, aren't you?" I grimaced.

He chuckled, "Only a little. Just keep shopping, Bells. Don't worry about me."

I flashed him a sparkling grin then I continued to shop. I was more aware of time though now. More alert to Sirius sitting there, watching me with a strange glint in his mystifying blue eyes.

Twenty minutes later, I was torn between two books.

Appearantly it showed on my features- that or Sirius is a Legilimans (please Merlin no!)- because he chuckled and said, "Mira?"

I looked up abruptly to see his amused face. "Hm?"

"Would you like both books?"

"Well," I grimaced. "No... but... I can't decide which on I want."

"Then get both."

"No, I-"

"I'm buying both for you." His tone was resolute as he rose from his seat fludily. Ballerinas everywhere would kill for such unconcious grace.

"Sirius, no. I'm not letting you-"

"You don't have a choice, Mir." He grinned and swiped the books from my hands, approaching the old woman at the register.

"You don't have to buy me anyth-" I began to argue again.

He cut me off again, "I want to, Mirabelle."


"No more arguing," he told me firmly but there was amusement in his eyes and his lips twitched upwards at the corners.


"Ah, ah. Enough, Belle." He told me an then he wrapped his arm around my shoulder once more (to my delight). "Dunno why you have to be so stubborn all the time."

I shot him an entirely fake annoyed glare. But it didn't fool anyone, my smile broke through quickly.

The lady smiled sweetly at us again. "Young love." She chortled fondly, "It's nice to see such a lovely young couple."

My eyes were wide with mortification and a knot was in my throat- or maybe that was my frantic heart. "No, no we're not-!"

I began to correct her hastily but Sirius cut acrossed me again. "Anything for my girl." He winked, flashing her a dashing smile. I felt my face burn and my heart was convulsing as his arm floated down and snaked around my waist.

This action was so incredibly non-platonic that it shocked me. I was surpised that I managed not to gasp in shock. It felt even more intimant than that kiss he'd planted on my head.

My mind was in a fog as the lady laughed happily said something encouraging and Sirius steered me out of the shop. I was positive that once we were outside, he'd let go. But he didn't.

Instead, he moved his arm back up to my shoulders and rested it there casually as we strolled down the street. Well, he strolled- I stumbled.

"It's a full moon tonight." He told me unessecarily.

"Poor Remus."

"Yeah," he looked at his feet for a moment, then back at the moon. "People do crazy things on full moons."


(So there it is! Now I'm going to go read my fabulous new book like the completly hopeless bookworm I am. Don't forget to REVIEW please!!!


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