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The Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose by Ginny_RED_Potter
Chapter 1 : Life is Complicated
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(I know, I know! I should update all my other stories rather than starting a new one but writer's block has buried me and I used this to dig myself out. I liked it so I decided to post it for all of you to read. I've already got a couple chapters written and -in my personal oppinion- it gets better. So enjoy!)

*Disclaimer: I only own the stuff you don't recognize. Which excludes Sirius. Sigh.*

Chapter 1 ~ Life is Complicated 

I have the worst big brother in the world. I swear. What kind of bloke leaves his little sister to fend for herself among a bunch of strangers so he can go snog his latest plaything? A shitty one, that's what kind.

So I searched for an empty compartment and prayed none of the older kids would come in and throw me out. I didn't even bother looking for him, Merlin knows he was here somewhere. I'd spotted his family on the platform but he'd already run off. Not that I really blamed him.

I knew that, when he wanted to, he'd come and find me.

I settled myself in the seat, crossing my legs and pulling my favorite book out. I'd already insisted on wearing my uniform all morning, even though I knew most didn't don their's until after the train was racing through the countryside.

"Can I sit here? You're the only first year I've found so far and I don't really fancy going to ask one of the older kids."

I looked up like a startled doe.

Standing in the doorway was a very pretty girl with a smattering of freckles acrossed her small nose and shiny dark red hair cascading down her back. Her chocolate eyes were hopefully and her thin lips were curved into a reluctant smile.

I swallowed hard before saying, "Um, sure. I mean," I shook my head feeling completely thick, "Yes, yes. Of course."

She grinned stunningly before entering the compartment. I helped her hoist her things into place and then plopped back down into the seat acrossed from her.

"I'm Lanora Wiles. But everyone just calls me Nora."

She stuck out her hand and I took it beaming back at her charmingly.

"I'm Mira Echols. Well, actually, it's Mirabelle but everyone just calls me Mira. I dunno why my parents named me Mirabelle if they were only going to shorten it...."

Have I mentioned that I babble perfusely when I'm nervous? Because I do. Some bite their nails, others fidget, I babble. Seriously, I just can't shut up.

"... I mean, what really is the point of nicknames-?" I stopped abruptly when she giggled, "Sorry," I mumbled, feeling the blush creep onto my cheeks. "I tend to talk alot when I'm nervous."


The two of us whipped around to see a drop dead gorgeous blonde smirking at the doorway. Her smoldering hazel eyes sparkled with mischief and she radiated self confidence. Yet she didn't seem the slightest bit snobby. Something about their air around her told you silently that she was the farthest thing from a snob.

"I'm Kathlena Prewett." She grinned, "But it's Lena for short. Mind if I join you?"

I smiled sheepishly, "Not at all."

"Thanks," She sighed in relief. "My brother has got to be the biggest git in the entire world. What kind of bloke leaves his little sister all alone on the platform?"

And somehow I knew that this was the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.


"... Echols, Mirabelle..."

My knees wobbled weakly and I felt my cheeks burn. Thank Merlin I wasn't a redhead like Nora. Even with my black curls I still blushed ridiculously often. Which only made me turn an even deeper shade of crimson because I was mortified about the obvious blushing.

I'd been agonizing the entire train ride over this and the moment was finally here. Before, I'd thought that all I wanted was to get it over with. Be sorted and have it done with. But, suddenly, I wasn't so eager for it anymore.

My new friends on the train had given me the same strange perspective that my very best friend had been spouting off all along. My head was reeling with the realization that this was all so much more complicated than I'd thought it would be.

If I was sorted into one of the other three houses, my family would be livid. Outraged. They might even disown me on the spot.

But if I was sorted into their house, I doubted any of my friends-especially my very best friend- would ever speak to me again. They wouldn't want to mix with my sort.

I couldn't bear either option.

As I sat down on the ricketty stool, my gold flecked green eyes locked with a pair of cloudy gray-blue ones. And then everything went dark.

"Hmmm.." The voice made me jump. It took me a moment before I realized it was the hat. Had he talked to everyone else too? Had A-D heard the murmuring in their ears? Or had my frayed nerves just made me certifiably insane now? "Very interesting... Well, yes....An Echols, eh?...Whole family of Slytherins....No, no... definitely not... I think you belong in," And then he yelled to the rest of the Great Hall, "RAVENCLAW!"



I kept walking.


I stared straight ahead.


My eyes narrowed but I refused to turn around.

It had been a week and this was the first time he was acknowledging my existance. So now I refused to acknowledge his. It was my turn to be too busy for my former friend and he was just going to have to deal.

He may have been a year older than me but we'd somehow become best friends. I don't even remember how to be perfectly honest. Perhaps it was when my parents were coaxing me towards his snivelling little brother (who's in my year). But for as long as I could remember he'd had been there.

We lived on opposite sides of a fairly large park that we'd played in as children. He was on Grimmauld Place and I was on Rosemary Avenue. We always met in the middle, at the top of a hill with a little dirt trail leading to a little white pavillion.

The only time the git had ever ignored me this way was last year. After his sorting he'd been afraid to write me. Afraid of what I'd think of him not being in Slytherin. I'd heard about it while I eavesdropped on my parents one night.

For a couple weeks I sat around wondering why he didn't write as he'd promised. Finally I sent him a howler. That got a response out of him. And we hadn't fought since.

But this was different. He'd blatantly ignored me. And he wasn't getting away with it that easy. Not this time.

"C'mon, Mir." I heard him say, "You can't be mad at me forever."

Wanna bet?

"Mira, c'mon please?"

No. I was not going to give in that easily. He of all people should realize I was tenacious. He of all people should know this. He should be fully aware of the futility of chasing me down in the corridors at this point. He'd ignored me for too long, I was going to make him grovel.

"Mira, I'm sorry."

Damn right.

"I should've talked to you before but-"

I took the chance to dive into a crowd of fifth years and make my escape to Transfiguration class with the Hufflepuffs,where I promptly shoved all thoughts of him from my mind.


"How long are you going to ignore him for?" Nora asked flippantly, that night in the common room as she worked on her Charms essay. She didn't even glance up. She just continued to scrawl on the parchment in front of her blithely as her question hung in the air.

"A week, maybe more if I'm feeling particularly vindictive." I answered not looking up from my homework either, I was working on Potions. "But I haven't felt much like an Echols lately, so he's probably safe."

Lena laughed lightly. "You do know that about half the girls in our year would kill to have Sirius Black in the palm of their hand the way you do, right?"

I raise an eyebrow at her inqusitively.

"What?" She exclaimed, "It's true!"

"She's right." Nora confirmed, wretching her eyes briefly away from her essay to glance at me. "Haven't you noticed how they've been glaring at you all day?" She nodded her head in the direction of our two other dormmates.

They were, in fact, glowering viciously in my direction. How absurd.

I snorted (very unladylike, my mother would have a coniption). "Well they can have him. He's a complete and utter git. Dunno why I was ever friends with him to begin with. Moron."

They eyed me shrewdly.


"C'mon, Mir." Lena rolled her eyes, "it's so obvious."

"Completely." Nora agreed.

"I have no idea what you two are on about."

"Don't you?"


I sighed and hastened in the corridor. I'd just spotted the back of his head and my week of stubborness was up. I was done being petty, even though the temptations to continue my cold shoulder were high.

"So how does it feel?" I asked casually, as I fell into stride with him.

He looked up at me, startled. "How does what feel?"

"Being the biggest git on the planet."

His angelic face broke into a full on, relieved grin. He knew that this was my subtle way of saying, 'your forgiven, you lousy sod'.

"How does it feel to be the most incredibly stubborn witch in the world?"

I smiled, "Pretty good, actually. But now I've got Charms so I'll have to catch up with you later."

"Aw, can't you skip?"


He gave me the a devistating pout but I held strong, "No."

"Why not?"

I rolled my eyes and pointed to my chest, "Ravenclaw."

He gave a resigned sigh. "What about after? Meet me by the lake?"

"Nope." I answered casually, as I walked backwards in the opposite direction, "You're the one who waited a week and a half to take an interest. Now I've got a routine, you'll just have to figure out how to fit into it."

And then I turned away from him as my face broke into a triumphant grin. Hogwarts had never looked so good.


Christmas holiday came much quicker than I'd expected. But I wasn't exactly thrilled at it's sudden arrival. Hogwarts was decorated lavishly with giant Christmas trees and misltoe everywhere. The ghosts sang convolted versions of Chrstmas carols that I'd never heard and all the tinsle made me want to gag. And I'm guessing that it showed.

"Are you excited to go home, Mira?"

"Nope," I answered dully, making my full rosebud lips pop at the P.

"Why not?" Gianna Harveston asked me, her perfect blond eyebrows puckering together.

Lena shot her an annoyed look. She blamed girls like Gianna for the fact that she always lost the Brunettes/Redheads/Blondes battle with Nora and I.

Gianna Harveston and Melissa ("Missy") Covington were the only other two Ravenclaw girls in our year- our dormmates- and they made Lena's skin crawl with all of their incessant girlyness. Which, admittedly, was pretty irritating most of the time. They'd have full two hour long conversations about lip gloss for Merlin's sake! How I wish I was joking.

"Because," Nora sighed wearily, this was about the fourth time she'd explained this to them. "She's a Ravenclaw in a family full of Slytherins. Need I say more?"

A smile fluttered at the corners of my lips.

We'd only been at Hogwarts for about three months and Nora and Lena were already my best friends with the exception of one. They knew all about my family, having even witnessed some of the repulsive pureblood mania themselves by my very vocal older brother, Milo.

I'd been on the rocks with Milo and the rest of my family since the sorting.

They couldn't accept that I wasn't a Slytherin. It was a nightmare for them. A daughter of the noble house of Echols- one of the most well known, powerful and pure families in the magical world- being thrust into the condescending and snobby house of Ravenclaw instead of their beloved Slytherin. The horror! Though, I think they took slight comfort in knowing I was a Ravenclaw rather than a Gryffindor like Sirius. That was the only silver lining; it could be worse.

"Oh." Gianna blinked thickly. "So they don't like having a daughter in Ravenclaw?"

Nora and Lena gaped at her, wondering if anyone could possibly be that stupid, I'd imagine. Appearantly so. Our dormmates were living proof.

Seriously, how in the hell did they make RAVENCLAW?

"No," I answered, "Not particularly."

"Why not?"

More incredulous gaping from Len and Nor.

"They just don't."

My tone had such a ring of superiority and finality to it that I doubt she'd have inquired further, even if a shadow hadn't fallen over our little section of the table at that exact moment.

"Hello ladies."

"Hey Sirius," Nora, Lena and I said, without looking up to see the second year Gryffindor as he slid into the space on my right.

Missy and Gianna just got these glazed over, day-dreamy looks and stared at him like the complete idiots they are. Why didn't this surprise me? They did this everytime.

Ever since that first few weeks, Sirius had been working really hard to balance time with me and his Gryffindor friends. He'd made sure that he didn't ignore me, because he knew that if he did I'd give him the cold shoulder again, maybe even more. Perhaps it would be a three strikes you're out sort of thing where I'd be so fed up with him I'd sever ties completely (Ha. Yeah, right.). In any case, he wasn't taking his chances.

"How are we this fine morning?"

"Sleep deprived." I answered flatly.

He laughed and I felt his arm sling around me. "So Mir, you coming to my house over the holiday?"

I resisted a grin as I saw Missy and Gianna's eyes turn into vicious slits.

"I'd imagine so. Your parents having the usual?"

"Yes. Your's?"


"Good," He started to get up, "Then I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?"

"Our spot?" I asked as he began to walk away. It had the desired effect. Gianna and Missy fumed as Lena and Nora smirked broadly.

"But, of course!"

"Later, Black."

He laughed, "Later, Echols."


"I don't get it Sirius," I told him the next day. "What is so wrong with having a smart daughter?"

We were on our rock. It was a snowy afternoon and we'd had to brush a mound of fluffy white percipitation off of the top so we could just sit on it without getting our arses frozen. Our rock had a flat top so after a while we were both lying out in the sun comfortably.

He laughed mirthlessly. "Same thing that's wrong with having a brave son. They think that they have all the qualities in one neat little package. They think they're more daring than Gryffindors and much more intelligent than Ravenclaws. And Hufflepuffs well..." He trailed off with a mock shudder.

"It's all so stupid. She practically ignored me on the platform. And then, getting breakfast this morning was a trip. I swear I must've asked them to pass the bacon at least seven times."

"You end up getting it yourself?"

"Yes! And then I got scolded for reaching over the table!" I ranted, "And then stupid Milo went on and on under his breath about how Ravenclaws had no manners and thought they were too bloody good to socialize. Stupid git."

"You didn't snap back at them, did you?"

"Of course I did! I wasn't going to sit around and bloody take it!" I burst, "You don't, do you?"

"Course not."

"Then how do you expect me to?"

"You're a girl."

"Wow, thanks for the update, Sirius. I had no idea." I told him sarcastically. "And that has to be the most sexist thing I've ever heard you say."

"You obviously don't know me as well as I thought, love. My mind is a dirty one." He grinned mischieviously.

"That's not what sexist means, you troll."

"Hey! I resent that remark. I am much prettier than a troll."

I rolled my eyes, "That may be, but you've got the I.Q. of one."

"Condescending Ravenclaw." he muttered.

I smacked his shoulder playfully. "Sexist is like racism, but with gender."

"Oh." He thought about that for a moment, "I didn't mean it like that, Mira. I just mean that girls are supposed to have more patience."

I snorted, "Stereotype."

"And," He pretended I hadn't spoken, "if they decide to take a whack at you..." He shivered, this time for real. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of the cold.

My heart lept into my throat but I tried not to show it. Mainly because such a reaction confused me. And one thing an Echols is taught at birth never to show is confusion.

So I made my voice sound like Missy Covingtons and trilled. "Aw, Siri! I had no idea you cared!"

He laughed and mock-punched my arm, "Shut up."


"Mirabella Rose Echols! Come this instant or we are leaving you!" My mother threatened from dowstairs as I stared horrified at my reflection in the full length mirror.

Oh how tempting this offer was. How I wanted to stay up in my room until the actually did leave me so I wouldn't have to be seen in public wearing this dress. Ugh, this hideous dress.

This is just one of many reasons I hate Christmas. Because every wealthy, high bred, pureblood family feels the insipid need to hold a fancy ball. Which, for me, means an incessant string of ugly dresses that I could hardly breathe in.

"Nice." My oldest brother, Markus- a sixth year- had grinned when he'd seen it laid out on my bed earlier that day. He and Milo had taunted me endlessly about it, like I'd had a choice.

I had two color choices. Black or white. Problem was, according to my mother, I am- at eleven- 'too young for black'. So here I am in this awful, puffy monstrosity of white lace, wondering what I did to deserve such torture.

The only reason I was doing this willingly was because of Sirius. I'd get to see Sirius and it would all be worth it. It would all feel better. Hopefully.

The Blacks were holding their annual Holiday black and white ball (I know, the Blacks holding a black and white ball, comical right? I've always thought so). And the only reason I ever attended was because I'd get to see Sirius in dress robes.

He always fidgeted uncomfortably and made faces as he tugged at them. And he always looked absolutely gorgeous.

Hey, I may be his best friend but I am still a girl. I still notice. I can't help it.

"Mirabelle, come now!"

I sighed, I definitely hadn't gotten patience from my mother. "Coming, mum!"


"C'mon," Sirius said taking my hand a few hours later.

"Sirius!" I hissed, "We can't just leave."

"Course we can. They're so smashed they won't even noticed."

This was true.

Even my thirteen year old brother had over done it. He had this really goofy grin on acrossed the room as he and his friends talked about whatever Slytherins talk about. I spotted Sirius's favorite cousin, Andromeda- a seventh year. She was giving Markus's best friend, Lucius Malfoy, a rather disgusted look. Obviously she'd remained intellegantly sober.

I gave her a small wave and she returned it miserably. Poor girl.

She was alot like Sirius to be honest. Both thought the purebloods were mad and niether were in the family house of Slytherin. She was a Ravenclaw, like me. But I knew that her problems stemmed far beyond the family troubles I was having.

She'd dealt with all of the house drama and now some of the heat in that department had been taken off because of dear Sirius. Like my parents, hers figured it could be worse. She could be a Gryffindor.

Now her dilemma was much more pressing.

Sirius and I had been taking a walk one evening around school and we'd caught her in an argument with Ted Tonks. A very hunky Hufflepuff who had hords of girls after him. But he never showed an interest in any.

Nora, Lena and I had wondered idly many evenings if he was perhaps gay. And we were almost sure of it. But we'd been wrong.

He wasn't gay. Definitely not. No, he was just a Muggleborn.

..."I'm sorry, Ted. Really, I am!"

"Why can't we just-?"

"My family will flip! I'm just not ready for that yet, Teddy! I- I- Narcissa is still in her fifth year! There may be a chance- a chance before- before she joins- before she... I'm sorry." She sounded so broken.

I've never heard her like that before. Andromeda had always been my idol. She was strong and confident and everything I wanted to be. She was always the big sister I'd never had. But I'd never realized she was really suffering until now.

Sirius and I exchanged startled glances.

"But 'Meda. I love you. I want to be able to take you out without hiding. I want to buy you things in Hogsmeade and- and hold your hand," He took her hand in his, "in the corridors and kiss you without worrying who's watching."

"I know," She rested her forehead against his, "I know. I want all of that too. It's just- I- I'm-"

"Not ready." Ted said flatly, "Yeah, I know. You said. But I've already been asked to the Holiday Ball four times and I feel bad telling these girls no if I won't even be going with my own girlfriend anyway"

The Holiday Ball was one of those seventh years only things( unless you were a younger student invited by a seventh year). It was a big tradition and all of the older kids were in a frenzy because of it.

"Then maybe you should tell them yes." Andromeda snapped, "Make it all so much easier for you."

Ted sighed, knowing what he'd said wrong. His arms snaked around her waist and he coaxed her face towards him with a soft kiss.

Sirius made a face beside me and opened his mouth to interrupt. But I clamped my hand over his mouth and pulled him over a bit so they wouldn't see us. I was sure that the last thing they needed right now was to be caught by a couple of young purebloods who may or may not have trouble keeping their mouths shut. Even if it was only Sirius and me.

"I'm sorry." Ted murmured after their kissing commenced, "I know it's hard for you. And I won't push you but I just hate being completely in love and not being able to show it off a bit."

"Me too." She kissed him again. "If you want to say yes to the next girl, you can I s'pose." she sighed defeated. I spotted tears in her eyes. "As long as there's- as long as no..." She took a deep shuddering breath to keep from crying and tried again, "As long as there's nothing romantic going on with-"

" 'Meda." Ted interrupted, smiling down at her sweetly. "I don't want anyone else." He began kissing her neck. "No one would come close to you." He murmured against her skin. He continued to plant soft kisses down her throat, hitting all of her sensitive spots I'm guessing because she started to groan very softly.

And that's when I decided to pull Sirius away. I definitely didn't think she'd want us to see this.....
"Where are we going?" I asked Sirius as we slipped out the door.

"Anywhere." He laughed teasingly.

I gave him a disparaging look. "Seriously, where are you taking me?

"Our spot of course."

I laughed this time, letting him lead me where he wanted. "Third time this week and we only go there when life is complicated, remember?"

"Life is always complicated." 


(Alright, honest oppinions, what do you think? Good? Terrible? Abandon now! Or keep going! REVIEW please!


P.S. To all my faithful readers {of this story and all the rest of mine} don't expect anymore updates until after I finish reading Breaking Dawn- once I get it tomorrow night at the midnight release. But don't worry, I'm a fast reader and I don't plan on taking any bathroom and/or meal breaks so it shouldn't take too long! lol)


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