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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 22 : You Were The Ones Who Sat Through Nights
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You were the one who sat through nights
. . .
And I thank you for the love you gave to me
Wherever you go, I will be waiting
-Amber Pacific

"Don’t worry, Anna; we’ll be fine."

It’s easier, now that Anna knows about my lycanthropy, I thought, as an unexpected feeling of relief washed through me. I had never realized how much it bothered me that Anna, one of my best friends, didn’t know everything about me.

"Did I ever say I was worried?" she retorted, kicking her feet up on the couch and leaning back to watch some television; Sirius, James and I were going to be making a journey to the Shrieking Shack for my transformation.

"Anastasia’s never worried," Sirius said. It was true; the fact that she was never prissy or fussy was one of the things us four guys loved about her. I don’t think we could have handled it if she was a real girl.

"Yeah Anastasia’s never worried," she mimicked, grinning stupidly.

I sighed. Those two were like little kids, and probably would be forever. "Alright guys, let’s get going before it gets dark."

We said goodbye to Anna before I told my mother I was going to leave for my transformation.

I heard James yawn and say, "We’re rather tired, Mrs. Lupin, I think we’re going to head to bed."

Wow, that was original.

I waited outside behind a bush for a few minutes, before I saw them tiptoeing out the back door. I quickly looked down at my watch; it was eight o’clock. We’d all passed our Apparation tests, so we decided to apparate just beyond Hogsmeade.

"Try not leave an eyebrow behind again, Sirius," James joked.

Sirius glared. His not-so-great Apparation abilities were a touchy subject with him.

"Here we go," I said, before turning on the spot and landing in front of a large black gate a few moments later. James and Sirius landed beside me a moment later, all stumbling a little.

"Come on," I said, almost excitedly, trying to enjoy these last few moments.

These days, our little trips into the Shrieking Shack had become almost fun, well, until the transformation of course. But on our way through the village, we always messed around, easily fending off the knowledge of what would come in an hours time.

We stopped quickly into Honeyduke’s and Sirius bought some chocolate before carefully placing it in his pack.

Our liveliness died down slightly, as it always did when the sun began to set overhead, and the darkness began to creep from the shadows; it foretold the night we were about to have. The Shrieking Shack became visible and within five minutes we arrived at the gate. We looked around, quickly, to make sure no one was watching.

James and Sirius slipped past the gate, me trailing behind just slightly, my feet lagging as I walked to my prison for the night. We walked another hundred or so meters, and, with a sigh of acceptance, entered the supposedly haunted building. The outside looked quite decrepit, but the inside was something we ourselves had fixed up.

Despite the shacks primary reason for being here, we had turned it into a little spot for us to hang out when we felt like it. We had all grown to love it, with the exception of nights like this. Sirius set his pack down in a corner and crashed onto the crimson, velvet couch. I sat down on the identical couch across from him. James took up the remaining two armchairs for himself. (The other was for the normally present Peter.)

"Damn, I’m tired," said Sirius, stretching out with a yawn.

"Don’t fall asleep," I advised him. "You might not wake up."

"Ah, wise advice from a wise boy."

"I’m not a man, Sirius?" I queried. He was setting himself up.

"Definitely not," he replied. I doubted he knew what my response was going to be. The sad part was that we had held similar conversations multiple times before.

I paused for effect,. "Really? Because I know quite a few girls who would beg to differ."

The arrogant smirk fell from Sirius’ face.

"Just because I don’t sleep around . . ." Sirius taunted, the smirk back already.

"Eh, I think you’re jealous, mate," I responded, waving off his attempted insult.

"I agree with Remus," James said.

"Thanks, Prongs," I said with a righteous nod.

"No problem, Moony," he said, laughing at Sirius’ expression.

"Well I don’t!" Sirius reinforced his words. "Besides, I don’t need that experience because the gir-"

Sirius’ words were cut off as a jolt of pain shot through my body and, unable to contain it, I cried out.

"Shit," Sirius said. I watched through slightly hazy eyes as Sirius and James transformed.

I cried out again as I felt all the parts of my body extend, as if every piece of me was being stretched and twisted to it’s limit. I dropped to all fours and rolled onto my back in pain. And once again I felt my bones growing and snapping, making way for new ones.

It was a minute that felt like a lifetime for me.

When I opened my eyes again, I was no longer Remus Lupin. I was a werewolf - the real Moony. I looked upon the animals in front of me, a large shaggy black dog and a huge stag. They were no longer my friends. The dog suddenly took off through a corridor and with an inhuman growl I followed. It was easy for me to keep up with it.

I saw the shine of the moon through an opening and I felt a shudder through me, its sight empowering me. I could still think properly, albeit from a werewolf’s perspective, but that never lasted long. Before long my mind would give over to the animal instincts and everything would become blurred and unclear until morning, like a dream. But far more like a nightmare.

I put on a burst of speed and shot through the opening with a howl, before being knocked harshly aside. I whimpered as a felt blood gush from my head, and my vision became splotchy. I saw the dog run towards me as everything became muddled and I lost consciousness.



My head throbbed painfully and I lifted my hand to the source. My hair was matted with blood.

"He’s awake!" I heard a familiar voice yell from next to me. The sound vibrated through my mind violently.

"Sirius, always sensitive to the weak, you are," I mumbled.

"He’s talking!" he yelled again. I tried laughing at Sirius’ tactlessness, but stopped immediately at the searing pain in my ribs.

I heard foot steps and opened my eyes a slight bit to see James standing above me. "Well, that was a new way to spend full moon, mate. Sirius heard something outside while you were transforming and wentto go check it out, and you followed. Then you got knocked by the Whomping Willow. You completely passed out."

"I see," was all I could say. I was still gathering my thoughts.

"Scourgify," James said. He jerked his wand upwards and I watched the grime disappear from my skin. I felt the back of my head; the blood was gone. "You’re kind of bruised up, mate, but I don’t know how much I can do about that. You had a few broken bones that I’ve already fixed. Do you think you can Apparate?"

"Probably not," I admitted reluctantly.

"Then grab onto my arm; we’ve got to get back before your mom notices we’ve gone."

I nodded, and James helped me up to a standing position. With his support, I stood up and soon I felt a strong compression on my chest. I gasped as we landed, then stumbled. James and Sirius held me upright, and we quietly snuck into my house. We had just gotten into my room, and quietly closed to door behind us, when there was the sound of footsteps. James shoved me haphazardly onto my bed, and the Marauders each dove into their sleeping bags, which were placed on the floor next to my bed.

The door opened and I slowed my breath to make it sound like I was sleeping.

"Relax, you nutters, it’s only me."

We all gave a simultaneous sigh of relief as we looked up to see Anna. Her long, dark hair was tousled and she had dark circles under her eyes.

"I hope you didn’t stay up all night worrying about us?" I asked.

"Of course not; you’re starting to sound as full of yourself as Sirius does. I was up all night watching movies. I almost left to go to the theatre and see Star Wars again, but I decided not to.

"Speaking of which, I’m tired," she added, looking thoughtful as if suddenly realizing a night without sleep could result in fatigue. I grinned.

Anna crossed the room and draped herself over my armchair. She shifted and moved constantly for nearly a minute before she stopped.

"You can’t be comfortable like that," Sirius said.

"Oh, but I am." Nothing else was said.

"Morning, you lot," I said sleepily, closing my eyes.

"Morning," they all mumbled back.

A/N: Yay! Remus' POV! First off, I'd like to give a thanks to me beta-like chapter looker-over, wheresmyedward. Completely incredible. :D

A/N2: I know updates are coming slower, but, I'm trying to give them some space so I have time to write the chapters. Hope you guys all understand. :D

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Polychromatic: You Were The Ones Who Sat Through Nights


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