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When Luna met Rolf by uptowngirlinlove
Chapter 10 : The Mark on Her Heart
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“So she took her love for to gaze a while
Among the fields of barley
In his arms she fell as her hair came down
Among the fields of gold

Will you stay with me will you be my love
Among the fields of barley
And you can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in fields of gold.”

Eva Cassidy-Fields of gold 

The week had gone by fairly good for Luna and Rolf for they spent most of their spare time together out in the open, drawing sketches and making notes about the wildlife they so often saw in the nearby forests or along the rivers they passed before in their many journeys. It was not novelty that they were romantically involved for both Mr. Scamander and Gustav – who was ravished by envy and jealousy – had noticed that the degree of closeness between them had long exceeded the friendship border.

They held hands, sometimes shyly kissed each other when they thought no one was watching and surely the time they spent in each other’s company was more than enough for their companions to take notice of the development. Mr. Scamander had not even once, during the trip, commented upon their relationship, for it appeared to him to be a pertinent choice, and that could only make Rolf feel confident that he had made an honest pick of a woman. If his grandfather refrained himself from comments and acid replies than it meant the he taciturnly approved their bonding, which did not apply to Gustav.

Rolf had not heard his views – not that he cared much about them – but he could tell by his glare when Luna looked for Rolf’s hand in the morning mist that he was not at all happy with the situation. Nevertheless, Rolf controlled himself from throwing a nasty glance at his childhood rival and instead focused on Luna, with whom he seemed to be getting along very well.

She was sweet and childish in a way that made him feel like he had returned to the lost years of his childhood, when there were no worries and no images to stand up to. They would always meet at night, have a walk around the domain and maybe even pay a little visit to the couple of unicorns. He would show her things that he as a child had loved, such as the Red Caps that despite their blood-thirst were quite fun to observe between the ruins of an old castle or fortress, or the little snidgets that were very much exciting but difficult to watch as they flew over their heads. It had been a wonderful week for Luna, in which she had learned so much more than what Mr. Scamander had taught her. She had begun seeing the world through different eyes – through Rolf’s. The sight was beautiful, or at least that how it appeared to Luna.

She saw the magical beast and creatures that had embellished his childhood years, the adventures and thrills that he and his grandfather had been through as Rolf retold them with such artistry. He would draw her, as he was very sharp in the field. He would draw with his pen the oval shape of her face, the bulging blue eyes that mesmerised him, the pointed nose and the pink lips that every once in a while would melt in his. And then the tip of his pen would slide on the paper, producing a screeching sound that Luna had learned to adore, and he would outline the dirty blonde locks that fell down on her back, dancing whenever she hopped.

He had gained quite a habit to sketching scenes, like the kiss under the branches of a tree, with the wet in her hair and the bemused expression plastered on her face as their lips parted, or the small figures of two people sitting on the edge of a fountain – a girl with long blonde hair and a young man leaning on a statue – talking and gazing at each other as the hot sun of that day made clothes feel like an impediment.

In their last day in Scotland, both Rolf and Luna woke up early, hoping to get to spend a little time on their own before Mr. Scamander and Gustav would be up and ready to flee back home. As Luna emerged from her tent, she suddenly felt odd, in a way she had only felt on her graduation day. There she was again on the brink of facing a new life and saying goodbye to her former existence. It hurt but it also lightened her up… She was scared yet again about leaving a place that she had got adjusted to but the perspective of walking out with Rolf’s hand in hers, assured her in the same manner in which her friends’ words had managed to bedight the sadness of that graduation day. Today, she was not waving goodbye to a place, like Hogwarts had been, but rather to a way of living.

Yes, she had lived her life according to a set of weird rules that people had never really understood, and today she would have to leave a part of it let go because she had to grow up. The situation required adjustment and for the first time in years, she was not afraid to fit in, because he, as brave and strong as he was, needed her to show him how it’s done.

Luna had never been with a man before, she had never kissed or held a hand the way she did now, but in a way it made her feel assured that it was the natural order of the world. She had fought for her friends to live, to see them happy, married with children and for many times she had wondered if her friends – who had had the same objective in mind – would get to see the purpose of their bravery achieved. And now even if they were barely at a beginning, even if they were not bound to last, she knew that she had a chance…she could at some point be someone’s wife, as she was now Rolf’s girlfriend. She would one day hold a child’s hand and call it her own, even if the one waiting for them to come back home behind the door of their house would not be Rolf.

She smiled as she thought that indeed she would rather have Rolf than any other man on the face of the planet. He was nothing like she had him pictured to be or like others would have probably delineated him. He was kind, warm and gentle. He could speak for hours, endlessly even, and he would never cease to astound Luna with his dense knowledge; he could intrigue her mind and at the same time lighten it up about the smallest of things – as weird and contradictory as it sounded. Rolf made her blush and assured her at the same time; Luna could feel deeply ignorant in his presence but also an insufferable know-it-all. With him she knew nothing and everything…she could see through the depth of the deepest ocean and miss the obvious that not even a blindfold could cover.

She knew that Rolf had suddenly taken an important place in her life, even if they had only been acquainted for a couple of weeks. It was the memory of a last night that made her smile as soon as she opened her eyes in the morning; it was his touch that made her shiver, and his lips that managed to hypnotize the blue swirling in her eyes.

She stepped outside wrapped in a fluffy blanket that covered her whole body and as she moved forward she noticed Rolf, sitting backwards from her, leaning on a tree trunk, with his hands moving across a white sheet of paper. His hair was as dark as she remembered it – messier though. The back of his neck stuck out from between the dark hair that hanged over it and the polo neck of shirt. She walked slowly towards him, hoping that her steps were as discreet as the barely audible sound that the pencil produced when he dragged it across the blank paper. She leaned over and kissed the soft skin that butted out from beneath the shirt and as she looked ahead, she noticed a smile reflected in the shinny surface of a pot that boiled over the fire.

“Good morning,” he said as he dropped the pencil in his lap and folded the notebook on which he had been scribbling before her arrival. He lifted his right arm and grabbed her waist, then gently pulled her next to him.

“Good morning,” she whispered as she sat on the ground, goading her bare feet onto his as she wrapped their bodies in the blanket. She leaned her head on his shoulder and he grabbed her hand beneath the fluffy sheet. “What were you drawing now?”

“Just another sketch,” he replied, while running his long fingers through her long blonde strands that smelled like dewdrops.

“Of an animal?” she asked.

“No, certainly not… I don’t find them amusing anymore. It was a sketch of us.”

“Can I see it?”

“No,” he answered with a languishing voice that no one would have found offending given the abrupt denial. “It’s not done yet… I want you to see the final product.”

“Alright,” she replied in such a fondly manner that for many would have seemed rather odd.

It was even striking for Rolf, because he had never met a girl who understood and respected his choice for intimacy regarding his actions, with such facility and outright resignation. She never insisted on things, which to some people it might have appeared as a lack of strength, but for Rolf it was the refrain of her curiosity that made her strong.

“When we go back to Dorset…” he spoke and she gazed up to watch his lips moving. “We could go in town and buy some brushes and oil colours…and then I’ll turn these sketches into paintings.” 

Luna smiled and then accommodated her head on his chest. “How would you like that?”

“That would be wonderful,” she replied. “I didn’t know there were wizard shops in Dorset.”

“There aren’t any,” he said much to her astonishment. “There’s this nice little street in town, filled with all sorts of muggle shops that one can buy everything. They have a splendid market where they give you baskets to put fruit and veggies in, and they have long aisles where both sides are stuffed with all sorts of exotic foods from Asia and Africa…” he explained while she listened to his words curiously. “And next to it, there is this strange shop where they sell some big boxes with a glass pane… I don’t know why Muggles use them; they resemble the portraits and the photographs that we have.”

“We could ask Hermione,” Luna said. “She’s muggleborn so she should know all about these objects…they are objects, aren’t they?”

“I’m not sure,” he replied. “You can see people in them…I tried talking to them but they didn’t reply as do our paintings.”

“How interesting,” she exclaimed as she lifted, looking straight into his eyes. She then shifted her gaze behind and then started gesturing vividly as though trying to catch a mosquito.

“What’s wrong, Luna?” he asked.

“Wrackspurts…” she explained upon regaining composure.

“Oh, the ones that make your brain go fuzzy?”

She nodded happily and then re-took her place between his arms. How good it felt now, how secure… she knew he understood her in a way people had never been able to do it. She had not cared about their oblivion, nor had she sought their acceptance, but somehow being comprehended by Rolf had gained such an importance that she could never conceive herself without his silent, yet so meaningful nod. He believed her and despite never having looked for any source of collusion, she knew that she had always yearned for someone to share her secrets with.

“This week I’m going to London,” she whispered.

“What for?”

“I’m supposed to meet up with Hermione and Ginny to choose the dresses for the wedding…”

“Oh… so the girls are going shopping,” he added while smirking. “I pity Harry’s Gringotts’ vault, or Ron’s for that matter…” She laughed. “Are you going to spend the night there?”

“No,” Luna answered quickly. “I’m just going to stay the afternoon. Would you like to come?”

“I would only be intruding…I think I’m just going to stay at home and do something more useful than following the girls around. Shopping for clothes has never really been my thing,” Rolf admitted making her smile. “But I will miss you…”

She blushed, not knowing what to say. No boy, man, or whatever Rolf was, had ever told her such words. And now that someone – and to top it all a man of Rolf’s range – told her that he would miss her, made her feel awkward in an elating sort of way. She had never felt her heart beating faster and so chaotic like it did that morning, as those mere five words had left his mouth. He kissed her forehead – in such a protective manner that resembled so much to the ‘goodnight’ kisses that her father gave her as she sat underneath the blanket – and she clutched more fiercely to his hand.

He flinched as he sensed the warmth of her hand emitting on his, in such a natural way as if she had done such action forever. Her body felt so light, as she leaned on his chest, with her head bouncing up and down as he rhythmically breathed. She was small or so it appeared to him, whilst he watched her curling her legs in a fetal position with her head almost touching her own chest. He let go of her hand and wrapped it around her back while the other one pulled her legs, thus dragging her closely to him. Their gazes met and she smiled as their lips moved closer to one another.

“Rolf,” she suddenly spoke as their lips were an inch from one another. “Why do people kiss?”

He stopped moving for a while, silently contemplating the curios gaze that she so charmingly reflected in her deep blue eyes. He knew why he kissed her…because her lips were sweet, because their clasping mouths made the blood rush through his veins, because when the wetness in hers met his it felt like he was a different man. He kissed her because it was the only manner that really spoke something about him…it was his fingerprint. She blinked.

“Well people kiss…because…” he paused. “Kisses are…” he ran his fingers through her long hair, slightly disheveling it. “People kiss because they yearn to say something that cannot be spoken with words.”

She moved forward and placed her lips on his.

“Err,” a cough could be heard from behind and as Rolf gazed up, he noticed Gustav and his grandfather emerging from their tent, carrying along their trunks. “We’re all set,” Mr. Scamander spoke, partly sorry that he had listened to Gustav and intruded.

“Oh…” whispered Luna. “Then I should probably go and fetch my things.”

She lifted from the ground, dragging the blanket along and upon reaching her tent she looked behind catching Rolf’s ogle as he entered his.

Mr. Scamander had already packed the tents with Rolf’s help – since Gustav accused yet another stomach ache – when Luna glanced at her watch, only to notice that it was already twelve in the afternoon. She looked around trying to imprint every leaf, every curve of the earth, every tree… she would sorely miss them now that she was leaving, but deep inside she knew that better times were waiting her behind the golden pot that Mr. Scamander would use as a portkey.

She put her wand behind her ear and approached the men with whom she had spent the past week. They circled the tiny pot and as Mr. Scamander counted to three, they all leaned forward and allowed the chaotic vortex to transport them back to Dorset.

“Bless your soul! You’re back…” Luna heard as she began to take awareness of her surroundings. She opened her eyes and saw Rolf, a couple of inches from her and Gustav slightly further. Mr. Scamander had already lifted form the ground and was staunchly hugging his wife.

Rolf grabbed his rucksack and then offered his hand to help Luna get up as well. She trusted her trembling fingers to Rolf and he steadied her up, with a sharp yet caring movement. He didn’t let go of her even if Mrs. Porpentina was lovingly watching them with a satisfactory smile plastered to her face, while Mr. Scamander gladly nodded.

“Come on, I bet Grandma has cooked something delightful for dinner.”

AN. Thank you so much for the constant support and the wonderful reviews you've left. A couple of people I need to thank to: jacqueline_noir, mahalia, shadowycorner, jkrowlingfan, craig, pixie_ power, evil_little_devil, Quidditch Kisses, pinaygirl3123, finger_licking_good, obviously394, bring_back_sirius and so many others. A special thank you goes to Sammy23 and the_tofuubeaver who have so kindly recommended this story over to the forums. This chapter is not beta'ed either, but still you all know that my beta is the greatest! Props to xXLunaLovegoodXx. Love you all!

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