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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 20 : You're the Death of Me
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Honey, honey, honey you're the death of me
Won't stop holding my hands down
Baby, baby, baby you'll never let me
-The Hush Sound


I groaned as the bright sunlight hit my eyes. It was far sunnier and hotter in Australia than it was in the U.K. By the intensity of the light, I thought it might be around ten in the morning, give or take an hour. I sat up as I realized that a tapping on the window was the cause of my rousing.

I looked around the large room to see Sirius, Peter and Remus each sleeping soundly in their beds. James was asleep on one of the desks in the room; I made a mental note to ask him about it when I woke him up. I opened the window and the owl flew in, dropping a note in my hands on it way to the perch at the far end of the room. It took a quick drink and was on its way quickly.

I looked down at the letter. In semi-neat, scrawling handwriting, was my name. I had received enough letters by that point to know that Stephen had written me.

Good job waking me up, Stephen, I thought.

I unrolled the letter and read:

Dear Anna,

Good morning! At the time I’ve sent this it should get to you at about ten, one morning or another. Goodness knows you lot need a wake-up call or you’ll sleep through the day.

How are you? I miss you far more than I can show in a letter.

I groaned. Was it terribly bad that I didn’t seem to miss him as much as he missed me?

We should be back in about a week, and I hope you’ll stay with me for a day. I miss my girlfriend.
I cringed with I read the word ‘girlfriend.’ I painfully wondered why I didn’t excite when I read it.

Say hi to the Marauders for me.

With Love,


With love? With love!? Oh, Godric! He signed the letter with love!

"You look tense."

I nearly jumped out of my skin and certainly let out a yelp when I heard the deep voice speak. I spun around to see Remus standing behind me, with a small smile on his face.

"Godric! Remus you scared the living shit out of me!" My hand was clutched to my heart, feeling the rapid pulse.

He laughed. "Sorry, Anna. I woke up when I heard the owl, and you look rather distressed."

"Well, I’m not," I assured him. Remus gave me this scrutinizing look, much like the one that Dumbledore was known to give just before he showed knowledge of some information that he really shouldn’t know.

"Yes, you are." It wasn’t a question. I contemplated yelling at him, and telling him that he couldn’t know what I was feeling. The problem was, he was correct.

"Come on," he urged. "You’ve talked to me about your guy problems before."

I looked at him, wide-eyed. He knew way too much. "How did you-"

He nodded towards the letter.

"Ah." I looked down at the floor.

"I like Stephen, I really do; you’ve even seen how much!" Remus nodded as I tried to defend my feelings. "But I . . . I always feel as if something is off, as if something is missing. I don’t know if . . . If I like him as much as I used to, ever since he admitted he liked me."

Remus smirked. I could not believe it. He smirked! "Let a sleeping dragon lie," was the only advice that Remus gave before he turned and left the room. I stood stunned. How could he give that kind of advice.

"That’s crap!" I yelled after him. Remus continued walking, ignoring my cry. I looked over to the table where James was stirring. He rolled over . . . Right off the table.

"Ahhhh!" he screamed and he hit the carpet. "Whaz goin on?" he asked groggily, trying (and failing) to stand up.

"Go back to sleep, you idiot," I told him.

He nodded and put his head to the ground, falling asleep immediately.


I had decided to forgive Remus for his unhelpfulness. "So where are you guys going for tonight?"

Remus, more pale and sickly than usual, shrugged. "Eh, who knows. The outback is great for this sort of thing, apparently."

"Okay," I said. I grabbed the Marauders in a giant group hug before taking some floo powder from a crystal vase on top of the marble fireplace. " See you guys tomorrow. Three-hundred, Marks Street."

The green flames danced in my eyes and I was jerked around the wide fireplace. I knocked my head rather hard, before tumbling out of the fireplace onto a wood floor.

"Of course you wouldn’t come out on your feet," said a familiar voice.

I looked up to see Stephen looking down and smiling at me. I wanted to like him, and to smile back honestly, but, the smile was forced.

"Stephen!" I jumped up enthusiastically and kissed him quickly on the lips.

"Have you missed me?" he asked. Inwardly, I groaned. I felt as if he knew that I was doubting my previously strong feelings for him, and was trying to pry the truth out of me.

"Only a lifetime’s worth of missing," I told him, burying my head in his neck. I sighed, wishing that I could tell him that something was up; something in me could not do it. I credited the feeling to my strong friendship with him. Why? Because that's what people do to make themselves feel better about themselves.

"Your bags are already in your room," he told me, and put his hand on the small of my back, leading me upstairs. "D’you want to go swimming?"

"Yes!" I said excitedly, glad for an activity to take my mind off my thoughts, and the detachment that I was already feeling; rarely was I away from the Marauders so long.

Stephen left the room as I pulled out my bathing suit and quickly stripped off my jeans, t-shirt, underwear and bra. I pulled on the bright purple two-piece and sprinted out of the room. I stopped and backtracked a bit when I noticed Stephen stood outside my door waiting.

"Shall we?" he asked, he put his arm over me and his warm palm rested on my shoulder.

"We shall," I answered, pulling up my bathing suit top. I had trouble find tops in my size (which was larger than I would have liked), and it was a bit small.

"Leave it like that," Stephen whispered into my ear. I couldn’t help but laugh and think about how much he’d get beaten up by my brother if he had been here. Or the Marauders, for that matter.

Stephen discreetly slid his hand from my shoulder to that it was resting lightly on my chest. I turned to him and raised my eyebrows at him in a mocking way - he winked in return. 

We got outside and there was a beautiful, clear lake in the back, and a large dock attached. I detached myself from Stephen and sprinted across the remainder of the grass and dove clumsily off the dock, holding my nose so that I did not get water up my nose. Because that would be uncomfortable.

Stephen jumped in after me, and made a big splash. I laughed and dunked him under the water. He came back up and hugged me from behind, but refused any horseplay when I asked him.

"I wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt you," he explained. I frowned; the Marauders never cared for my safety. Well, actually, that was untrue; they did not, however, refuse to let me have my fun.

Later, at dinner, Stephen’s parents amused me with lively banter that never seemed present at my house. Stephen and I joined in whenever we could; his parents were outrageously intelligent, and both of us had trouble keeping up with them.

Later, they sat with us, discussing with Stephen a few of the current political matters of the Wizarding world. It amazed me how much Stephen knew about what was going on; I had never gotten that impression of him at Hogwarts. I hung back, and listened in intervals. This sort of thing did not interest me that much. Actually, I take that back - it did not interest me at all!

A kid at heart (forever I would be,) I didn’t enjoy those kind of discussions, seeing as I would much rather go mud-sliding or play Quidditch.

Eventually, Stephen’s parents went to sleep, after Stephen and I had separated and I had gone to the guest room to sleep. As kind as they were, Stephen’s parents were not very trusting. I was just dozing when I heard a soft knock on my door - Stephen wanted to me to meet him in the basement in ten minutes.

I chuckled, got up, and hung around in the basement for a little while before Stephen came down. He smirked at me, and without words, lightly pushed me down on coach I was lounging on. He lay down, partly on top of me, and we began to kiss. After a while I found his tongue in my mouth and his hands in various places around my body.

It was likely an hour when Stephen and I finally stopped snogging. I had begun to feel . . .  not uncomfortable, but fidgety. Partly because of the nature of the activities (I wasn’t so used to doing things like that; nor did I find it as enjoyable as some,) but more so because of who they were with. I felt rather sad as I bade Stephen goodnight because I knew that I didn't really like him as much as I once had.

But I decided, later that night, as I lay awake, that I would not break up with Stephen. He would be leaving in a month anyway; he had never done anything wrong to me. I would just 'let a sleeping dragon lie.'

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Polychromatic: You're the Death of Me


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