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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 14 : Take Back Everything
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Take back everything you ever said.
You never meant a word of it. You never did.
Take back everything you said.
-the Academy Is...

"Lily Evans ate chocolate!" I shouted to the common room. Classes were beginning in two days and all the students had returned from holiday. It was about a week after Evans and James had called their unofficial truce.

However, Evans and I had still not taken a liking to each other, and she scowled at me as she walked in behind me Sirius and Peter; with Remus and James. The people in the common room spared me a glance and a snicker, but most people were too confused to give more than that. I suppose if I hadn’t hung around with the Marauders all the time, I wouldn’t have even gotten that.

"Would you shut up, Xanthis?" Evans asked as she brushed quickly passed me.

"No!" I replied, as if it was silly for her to even think it, which it was. "But you cannot tell me that that was not the most amazing thing you’ve ever eaten."

I decided by the silence that came next that the chocolate had been pretty damn amazing. She turned around in a huff, red hair still looking dry and product-filled, and stomped up the stairs. I had a sneaking suspicion that she was smiling.

Sirius nudged me. "Look at the love bird." I looked over towards James and had to smother my laughter. He had leaned on the wall, slid down to his bum, and was smiling to himself like a young child with a secret.

"Oi, Potter!" I shouted in his face.

He jumped and looked towards me, startled. "Bloody hell! What do you want, Anna?"

"Oh, nothing, just wanted to know how things with your goddess were going."

He stuck his tongue out me childishly and I returned the gesture. I tucked my long black hair behind my ears and waited for an answer.

"Quite lovely, thanks," James finally answered.

"I’m glad," I said with a smirk, and went upstairs to take a nap.


It was the end of March. It had now been about three months since what James liked to refer to as ‘the third greatest day of his life.’ He and Lily still fought every day, and Lily made it clear that she still thought that James was an obnoxious toe-rag; however, it was slightly less hostile, and usually involved an apology within the next twenty-four hours.

Sirius and Lily’s friend Alex were also less apt to argue. In fact, they could usually be found flirting. Sirius telling her some of our funniest times, and Alex doubled over in laughter. She was actually quite a good match for Sirius.

Remus doubled his chocolate supply, and I found it. He was quite enraged when he discovered me sitting on his bed, happily munching on his chocolate. He got over it when I agreed to reimburse him.

As Sirius spent more and more time with Alex, and less with the Marauders and myself, we began to spend more time with Stephen, who offered quite a bit of comic relief.

I was sitting on the couch in the common room, working on a nasty Herbology essay on the Mandrake Draught, when I heard Stephen come up behind me and say to me:

"A witch, a warlock, and a goblin walk into the bar. . ."

I looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to finish the joke. "Well?"

"Oh, I don’t know, I was hoping you could finish it for me. I’ve never actually heard the end of that one," he informed me.

"Figures," I muttered laughing. "Ugh, this bloody essay’s going to make me drive this quill into my head."

"Yeah. You might not want to do that," he advised, coming to sit next to me, and taking the essay from my hands.

I raised my eyebrows at him, unable to raise a single one. "You think?"

He then took my quill from me and began to scratch out a couple of things, and add in a few more. "Yes, I do. It quite possibly will hurt."

"I’ll take that into consideration," I said, leaning back with my head over the edge of the couch.

I saw, upside down, of course, Sirius coming down from our dorm, and Alex coming down from her own. I briefly wondered how someone could be so graceful; I doubt that girl had fallen down a set of stairs in her life, or tripped over a single chunk of air. They met at the bottom and Sirius gripped her hand.

I stared wide-eyed. Stephen had finished fixing up my essay, and hung upside with me. "Woah, what a couple," he said.

"Never would have thought it," I admitted. Shaking my head, but then stopping; the blood was rushing to my head a bit and making it hurt. "Actually, I didn’t even know they were an official couple."

Stephen turned to me with what appeared to be a bit of difficulty. "Really? I thought you guys were all really close."

I nodded. "We are, we’ve just been seeing a bit less of Sirius lately."

Any further conversation was interrupted by James entering the common room. "Oi!" he yelled. "How are my two favorite upside-down Fifth years?"

"Peachy," I answered, flipping backwards off the couch and falling to the floor as the blood rushed out of my head.

"You alright?" asked Stephen, coming over to me and helping me up.

I thought about it. "Yeah, why not?"

James had reached us by this time. "We’re going to play a little bit of Quidditch. You two up for it?"


"You know it!"

Remus and Peter both already had brooms slung over their shoulders; although they were not on the team, both boys enjoyed playing Quidditch, even though Peter was just a bit clumsy about it.

"Teams will be a bit uneven, won’t they?" I asked as we headed out into the bitter March air.

James nodded. "Yeah, I suppose they will. You don’t think Lily would want to play, do you?" He was all set to return to the castle.

"Don’t push it, James. She may talk to you now, but she’s still got a stick the size of Europe up her arse."

He frowned at me, but I took his silence to mean that he knew I was right. Instead, he turned to Stephen. "This is the perfect chance to train you up for next year," he said excitedly. "We’ll have you in top Keeper shape. You are trying for Keeper, right?"

Stephen nodded.

"Brilliant!" said James. He unlocked the broom shed and me and Stephen both retrieved our brooms. I pulled my long hair into a messy bun to keep it out of my face. A year earlier I had had a bad experience with hair in my face and a somewhat minor crash.

We each mounted our brooms, and rose up into the sky. James pulled a Quaffle practically out of no where, and I had reason to believe that how he came about it was dubious. Of course, that had never stopped any of us before.

We flew around for a bit, passing the Quaffle around, before taking turns at shooting it at Stephen. I had to admit, I was no Chaser, and I was wishing for my Beater partner, Sirius, to be here. I figured I could have shown a bit more skill at that. I had become especially good after he had helped me out.

We flew around until darkness began to set it, then headed into the castle, starving, for a bit of dinner. We were all sweaty and disgusting when we arrived in the Great Hall, and scanned it quickly to see if Sirius had arrived yet. We saw him sitting with Alex and Lily. As we sat down near them, I noticed Evans’ full(ish) plate of food and less bony figure.

"Nice boobs, Evans," I told her, and sat down a seat away, pulling food off of the serving plates at a lightning rate. She glared, but I believed that she was really actually pleased that I could no longer make fun of her flat-chested, bony figure, (or, lack thereof.)

"I didn’t know you swung that way, Anna," Stephen said, sitting down next to me and helping himself so copious amounts of food as well.

"I swing all ways, mate," I told him. His azure eyes lit up as he laughed, and he flipped the light brown hair that hung around his ears out of his face.

I began to eat my food when Sirius leaned around Evans to talk to me. "Where have you lot been all day?"

"We could ask you the same question," I whispered with disdain. His voice had been at a lower volume so I assumed that this was a conversation that should not be overheard.

Unfortunately, with Evans' ears about a foot above me and Sirius’ mouths, we were not likely to get our wish. Instead, he stood up and motioned for me to follow. We stood just outside the doors of the Great Hall. "So, where were you," he repeated.

"Playing Quidditch," I answered, slightly perturbed by his attitude.

"Without me?" He looked a bit hurt. But only a bit.

"You were too busy being lovey dovey with Alex."

And then it happened. Sirius Black blushed and looked down at shoes. He never blushed. "You know?"

I looked up at him. "You weren’t exactly hiding it. Why didn’t you just tell me and the guys? We would have supported you."

He shrugged. "I don’t know, I just feel like I’m never with you guys long enough to tell you anything anymore."

His ignorance inflamed my temper again. "That’s because you’re not." I turned back towards the Great Hall, and without another word to him, I went back to eating.

Over the next week, Sirius apologized to each of the guys, who accepted his apology with ease. He also apologized to me numerous times, namely because I refused to accept each one. I was personally offended that another girl had entered his life.

Not that I was angry that they were going out; just that there was finally another girl in his life that so easily replaced me. Not that we had ever gone out, nor was I hoping for it; but, this was Sirius’ first serious (haha, Sirius- serious) girlfriend, and I did not realize that it meant I would see him less. He was my best friend out of all of the guys, and I felt neglected.

Not that I would ever admit that to him, though.

So as Sirius continued to ignore me and the Marauders, I continued to ignore him. I only wondered how long it was before the guys could see that Sirius’ apologies had not been genuine.

"Anastasia!" I heard as I entered the Great Hall. The voice came from behind me and after hearing it for nearly five years, I knew that it belonged to Sirius. I wanted so badly to turn around, instead, I continued walking.

"Hey! How’s my favorite angry little girl?" Stephen came over and placed an arm over my shoulder.

"Angry," I grunted as a picked up some toast, smushed it pieces and then mixed some butter into it, making a rather unappetizing looking paste.

I looked over to Stephen and saw him pulling a face while looking at my plate. Always one to stun, I dipped finger in the mush and put it in my mouth. "Wow, that’s actually pretty good. It needs a bit more bread though."

My actions had also attracted the stare of Evans who looked thrown, and James, who looked amused. I picked up another piece of bread, crumbled it, and then tasted the new and improved food. "Pretty good."

"You realize that you just wasted five minutes of your life with that, don’t you?" Stephen asked, laughing.

"No I didn’t," I protested. "With this paste of butter and bread, I shall take over the world! So . . . 'Scuse me, while I go do that."

I felt that my speech would not have been complete without a frenzied exit, so I grabbed the plate and made a mad dash out of the hall.

A/N: Well, I obviously have no self-restriction. I was so excited about this chapter (no idea why, though) that I needed to post it. That, and the fact that the last chapter was rather short.) Well, I won't bore you anymore. peace.

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