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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 13 : Start Over Tonight
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I've gone for too long living like I'm not alive
So I'm going to start over tonight
Beginning with you and I

Brilliant. Go, me. What have I gotten myself into?

I woke up the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, to find that Alex was already awake and showering. I lay in bed until I heard her turn the water off, then got up and searched for clothes to wear. Alex was out shortly after that, her body, as well as her hair, wrapped in a towel.

I shut and locked the bathroom door, quickly taking off my pajamas and turning on the hot water. I caught a look at myself in the mirror, and turned away, disgusted with my girth. I had eaten too much at the Christmas feast.

I showered and dressed quickly, putting on a bit of make-up before leaving the bathroom and following Alex down to the Great Hall. We sat down, the only ones there besides two Ravenclaws, and didn’t do much other than stare into space.

I couldn't speak for Alex, but I was still contemplating my new predicament.

"Sorry," muttered Alex, as she knocked into my arm, reaching for the kippers across the table. I looked in envy at Alex’s full plate, but only picked on some bread myself. Alex always ate with a meticulous slowness, and I found myself falling back asleep on the table until I was awoken by a hand on my shoulder.

"Morning, Lily," Potter told me. He was smiling so happily, I almost laughed.

"Morning, Potter," I replied. I heard a choking noise next to me and looked over to see Alex glaring at me with incredulity. I suppose I had some explaining to do.

But it would have to wait, because trouble in the name of a Fifth year Gryffindor girl (or, not so much) was coming. "Oh, bugger," I whispered to myself.

"Alright, Evans," I heard from across the hall. The klutz stumbled, and Black, who was walking next to her, caught her and righted her. "We’ve got some things to straighten out," she told me, when she was closer to me.

"If you’re going to be friends with my friends, then you’re going to have to make an attempt at being civil, and I’ll do the same."

I nodded; Xanthis wasn’t being unreasonable. Yet.

How quickly that ended. She picked up a pancake, and pointed at it. "This, is a pancake; it’s part of a balanced breakfast. And it’s yummy." I looked away in disgust as she crammed the whole thing in her mouth.

"Next," Xanthis said, slightly muffled by the pancake. "Is a breakfast sausage. This round, meaty, greasy cylinder is delicious and filled with vital protein." In went the sausage.

Xanthis grimaced. "Actually, this is pretty gross. I lied; breakfast sausages are not part of a balanced breakfast."

She then proceeded to inform me on other breakfast foods, such as hash, kippers, cereal, crepes, and eggs (though she told me that she didn’t eat those herself.) Although Xanthis kept an air of informing me, I could tell that through her explanations, she was mocking my own eating habits. I was about to defend myself when she shouted to Remus, who had just entered the Great Hall.

"Remus! Do you have it?"

The Prefect nodded eagerly hurried over to where we were sitting. He pulled a large block out of his bag. He smiled sweetly as he unwrapped it and handed it to Xanthis. It was chocolate. "This," she said, "is the God of all breakfast foods. It’s chocolate; it tastes good and gives you an energy boost for the first few classes of the day!" She attempted to take a large bite but cried out in pain; the block of chocolate was very large, and apparently hard.

"Are you quite finished?" I snarled.

She nodded. "Just about."

"Good," I said. I stood up, and went face-to-face with Xanthis, who was also standing up. I was about half a foot taller than her, give or take, but she glared up at me with just as much intensity as I glared down at her. "Just because I’m now friends with one of your friends, doesn’t mean you can tell me what to do."

She sneered at me, then laughed. "First of all, sweetie, if you’re friends with one of my friends, it pretty much means that every time you’re around him, you’ll be around me. Second, I’m not telling you what to do; this is just my way of telling you that seeing every bone in your body through your skin is, quite frankly, disgusting."

With that, Xanthis, the little bitch, turned on her heel and marched out of the Great Hall. I turned to Alex, who must have been having an argument with Black. She had a sheepish look on her face. "You know, Lily. Er, she might have a thought."

It hit me rather hard, when Alex told me that what Xanthis had said was truthful. I looked down at my body, which was obscured by the knee-length skirt and long-sleeved blouse I wore. I had always had a bit of a problem with my body, thinking I was large. It was news to me that I was far too thin.

What I needed was an impartial judge. "Black!" I barked. He was always brutally honest. He turned his head a looked at me questioningly. "Am I . . . Too thin?"

He didn’t even think before answering. "Anastasia wasn’t lying," he told me. I took that to mean I was. Wait, was that her name? Anastasia? I supposed I should have known that her name wasn’t Xanthis.

I sighed and sat down at the table, surveying the food. I had to be honest, it smelt quite good. Maybe just one pancake wouldn’t hurt. I picked up a fork and jabbed just one pancake with it. I took a bite, no butter or syrup and it was an explosion of flavor in my mouth.

"There you go, Lily," I heard Alex say, her blue eyes smiling and encouraging me. As I continued to eat the pancake, I wondered how long it had been since I had eaten one. I knew I had eaten them before. Was it my Third year, maybe? I didn’t know.

When I had finished, I turned to my best friend and looked at her seriously. "How long has it been since I’ve been . . . How I am?"

She shook her head. "Too long. But it doesn’t matter, because now you’re getting better. I just never thought that it would have been Anastasia Xanthis who brought you to it."

I laughed in spite of the serious subject matter. "You knew that was her name? How come I never did?"

Alex shrugged and laughed as well, her long blonde hair bouncing along with her head.

"Well," I said, "how long before lunch?"

She looked down at her watch. "We’ve got four hours to kill."

I smiled mischievously, a way the was sort of abnormal for me. "What do you say we start up a snowball fight?"

"I’d say, wow, Lily Evans. Two surprises in one day."

We stood up and linked arms, giggling happily all the way outside, where a white layer of snow had just lain fresh the night before.

Alex ran through the open doors, stopping only to grab a cloak and boots from the common room. I walked tentatively out behind her.

Baby steps, I told myself, baby steps.

A/N: Well, hopefully you picked up on what it was that I mixed up - a change in POV!!! This chapter is pretty cool 'cause it signifies both the first time this story changes point of view, and it signifies the end of my second block of chapters. Which means, onto the third block! (And that much closer to the end. Which is going to be sad when it comes. :(  This chapter was pretty short, I think - i might post another. I'll see how it goes. Hope you guys loved it.

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