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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 11 : The Party Scene (The Times We Felt Alive)
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Here's to the fast times; the times we felt alive; 
To all the nights that we forgot to get back home
Stay seventeen,
The party scene has got the best of me and you,
-All Time Low

I tripped on my way into the Gryffindor common room after the Fat Lady had opened to let me and Sirius enter. I was caught before I hit the ground and looked up to see Stephen, barely holding in his laughter. "I don’t even want to see you after we’ve got some Firewhiskey into you."

"Trust me," said Sirius, following me in. "It’s not a pretty sight."

"Hey, I hold my liquor better than you!" I truthfully insisted.

"Touche, Madam," he said, laughing.

"May I escort you to the firewhiskey, dear lady?" asked Stephen, taking my hand.

"You may, kind sir," I replied, laughing.

We both laughed, and he led me through the common room, which was already beginning to fill up with rather drunken students. It seemed to be that most of the younger students had been sent to bed.

Stephen scooped up a steaming cup of firewhiskey and handed it to me. I took a large gulp, swallowed, and shook my head, trying to rid it of the burn. I saw Evans from across the room, eyeing me with contempt.

"What’s the matter, Evans?" I yelled. "Have a little firewhiskey, it’ll take that stick right out of your arse!"

"I don’t drink, thanks very much," Evans snapped.

"Suit yourself!" I hollered back. Though, even as I mocked Evans, I had to admit that I respected her decision. To stand and say no in the face of what was clearing overwhelming peer pressure was an admirable quality. 

"Dance with me, you fool!" I commanded of Stephen. Music was coming from some somewhere - I couldn't tell where - and I was already dancing like mad.

He laughed. "I’m afraid of what’s going to happen by the time you've had your fill of firewhiskey."

"Trust, me. I’m fun."

Stephen and I were dancing, me uninhibited as always. I liked to think that I had a special sort of dance; it was wild and crazy, but not distasteful. Others might desribe it as "weird."

"Woah, watch it there, love, you’re gonna knock someone over," cooed a slightly tipsy Sirius as he came over to me and Stephen. "See, I made a bot of a dent on the liquor as well." A fair amount of unintelligible nonsense.

"I’ve made a bigger dent," I boasted. "And on top of that, I still know what I’m saying."

"The night is still young, love," Sirius teased, smirking, and then taking a big gulp out of his cup. He swallowed, and then shook his head in a manner very similar to I had earlier.

Three lovely hours later, sometime around midnight, Sirius and I had ourselves totally and completely smashed. Stephen had wandered away somewhere earlier, slightly unnerved by our behavior, as was anyone in Gryffindor that was relatively sober at the moment.

I had climbed on top of the sofa, and was precariously balanced on it. Sirius, wanting to remedy this, told me to climb on his shoulders. I did so. A minute after that found him running around the common room, clutching my legs tightly so that I did not fall. I found the whole situation absolutely thrilling, and was waving my arms in the air, screaming in joy.

"Sirius, you imbecile, stop running!" Remus shouted. Sirius abruptly stopped running and his grip slackened and I went forward, flipping from his shoulders. Drunk as I was, I thought it was quite amusing until my back hit the ground and I got the wind knocked out of me.

It shocked me when I tried to breath and could not; I got into a panic and began to cough violently. I heard Remus shouting at Sirius, and then running over to me. After a while, I was able to breath again, but still did not get up. Finally, I pushed myself into a sitting position.

Remus sighed in what was most likely relief, then, he pounced. "You two nutters can’t even watch out for yourselves! What if you broke your neck, Anna! Sirius, you could have just seriously injured your best mate! You two can’t be left alone!"

Remus cried out in frustration and Stephen appeared again. He surveyed the situation.

I sat on the floor like a young child; I tapped my feet and made a drum beat with my hands on the floor. Sirius, sitting next to me, was trying to pick up on the beat, but could not seem to grasp it.

"Wow," Stephen said. "Sirius wasn’t kidding when he said she was a mess once drunk."

Remus shook his head. "I don’t know when they’ll learn. This happens every time they get drunk! And they never remember it afterwards!" He thought for a moment. "Actually, they’ve only gotten drunk once before . . . But the same thing happened last time!"

"Sirius runs around the room with Anna sitting on his shoulders, and then she falls and get’s the wind knocked out of her?"

"Yes!" cried Remus.

Stephen just stood there. "They’re absolutely mad. Need any help with them?"

Remus stood and pulled at his hair. "Most likely, yes. James is god knows where and Peter’s passed out. Do you mind bringing Anna up to our dorm and seeing if you can sober her up a bit?"

"No problem," said Stephen. He grabbed under my arms and pulled me up from the ground. I swayed, but he kept me up right. "Let’s go, Anna, you mad child."

He supported me as I stumbled to the dormitory, Remus helping Sirius in a similar fashion. When we arrived in the dormitory, Remus told Stephen to put me on the bed next to Sirius’. Remus then disappeared and left Stephen stare to at me and Sirius. Running water could be heard from the bathroom.

"Sit upright," Remus commanded firmly. 

I sighed and locked eyes with Sirius. We both rolled our eyes and Remus' seriousness. Once me and Sirius were sitting, backs supported by the headboards on our beds, Remus splashed icy water on the both of us.

"Ahh! Fuck!" Sirius screamed; he had surely not been expecting the attack.

When the water was splashed on me, I sat quiet for a moment, and then shook as much of the water off me as a could, before falling tired. Next to me, I could see that Sirius had also already fallen asleep.

As the last bits of sleep claimed me, I heard Remus tell Stephen, "Let's go back to the party, see if there are anymore of these nutters. Now that they're sleeping they're in no danger of hurting themselves." Stephen made a sound of agreement and I heard them leave.

And then I fell asleep.

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