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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 9 : Our Little Group Has Always Been and Always Will Until the End
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Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end

I had a very odd sleeping pattern. On days we had class, I would often not go to sleep until one in the morning; being forced to wake up at six-thirty for a seven o’clock start of classes. Often, I got woken earlier due to my primp obsessed dorm-mates.

On the weekends, I usually went to sleep around the same time, if not later, but never woke up until after noon.

It wasn’t difficult to wake me up, but getting me to stay up was a far different story. With my friends the Marauders, it was a bit opposite.

It was six-fifty; I was running late because my frustrating room-mate, Bria, had refused to leave the bathroom until she had perfected her eye-liner, and I had to pee! With a growl through the bathroom door, I stormed out of my own dormitory and up to the boys Sixth year dormitory. Rules be damned, I had never followed them before and didn’t see why I needed to now.

I burst into their dormitory, to see all to boys still soundly asleep in their beds. Sirius, I was amused to see, had a teddy bear. "Wake up!" I yelled, in a fairly loud voice.


Still nothing. I walked over to James and prodded him with my wand. Nothing happened, I repeated the action with Peter, Remus and Sirius. I looked at my watch; seven minutes until class. There was no way that I was making it to breakfast.

I sighed and grabbed Peter’s ankles, dragging him out of bed so his head made a hard collision with the floor before the rest of his body collapsed in a heap. "Good Godric, he’s still asleep," I whispered.

I dumped James, Sirius and Remus out of their respective beds as well. Nothing. I glanced again at my watch. Five minutes to class; I was already late. It took me at least ten minutes to get out to the Herbology Greenhouses.

With a smirk, I remembered the prank we had pulled at the feast at the start of term. "Aquamenti," I whispered. I shot a heavy jet of water all around the room, soaking the beds, the belongings, and the Marauders. I expected groaning, cries of indignance. Whatever I expected, it was not silence, save for the snores of James and Sirius.

"Arrrrrrgg!" I cried in frustration. "Hey, James! Evans want to kiss you!"

"What? Where?" James jumped up immediately and went running towards his door, but stumbled over Sirius, who was still sprawled on the floor. He fell heavily on top of his friend.

This woke Sirius up, who cried out in pain. "James, you arse!"

Remus then woke up due to all of the confusion. "James, get up. Evans does not want to kiss you." Then he looked at his watch. "But she may skin you alive seeing as we’re going to be very late for Potions and you’re her partner."

James gave a cry and ran into the bathroom, quickly shutting the door.

"Hey! I needed that!" I yelled.

"Why not use your own?" Remus asked, who had begun, in vain, trying to wake Peter.

Sirius was banging heavily on the bathroom door, claiming that he needed beauty time.

To Remus, I said, "Because whats-her-face was in it." Then, to Sirius, "No amount of beauty time could help you."

He glared at me and said, "Well I see you didn’t even take any beauty time."

I looked down at my wrinkled robes, to my untied shoes. I pulled lightly at the curly, black hair that I had woken up with and simply run a hand through a few times before leaving the room. I wore no make-up.

"I don’t need it," I insisted.

"True," said Sirius. "But I do! What would I be without my hair?"

"Nothing, obviously," I replied.

"Grumph." I assumed that Remus had finally gotten Peter awake. When the rather short, round boy stood up, I saw him shaking large spiders off of him.

I was terrified of spiders. I screamed loudly and fled from the room, forgetting that I needed to pee. I ran quickly up to my dorm, grabbed my bag and made a mad dash out to Herbology. I was still screaming for effect.

Ten minutes late, I ran into Herbology. Professor Dier looked at me with aggravation; I was late, and I still had not ceased screaming.

"Spiders!" I yelled. "Spiders! Lots of spiders! They tried to get me!"

Professor Dier sighed and shook her head. "Sit down, Miss Xanthis."

I stopped screaming, adopted a more calm look, and sat down next to a Gryffindor bloke. I put my chin into my palm and drifted off until the kid next to me hit my rather hard on the shoulder. "Sorry," he said apologetically, but you wouldn’t come out of it."

"It’s nothing," I told him. "So . . . Why am I coming out of it?"

"Because we’re repotting Mandrakes?"

"Dammit! Professor Dier, why do we have to do this again?" I stood up and loudly called across the class.

"Miss Xanthis! You must sit down! We do this every year, have you not gotten used to it yet?"

The aging Professor looked weary.

"No, I haven’t," I insisted, though I did sit down and grumpily pull on my dragon-hide gloves.

"Alright, let’s pull this sucker out," I said, grabbing for the Mandrake.

"Anna, no!" my partner (damn, I wish I knew his name) grabbed both of my wrists and looked at me with scared eyes. "You can’t pull them out until we’ve all got our ear muffs on."

"Right," I said. "I knew that."

"Here," said my partner, handing me a pair of fluffy pink ear muffs.

"Trade you?" I offered with a large smile. His nice, normal looking ear muffs were much better than the pink ones he had tried to give me. Ew, pink. Almost as bad as spiders. Okay . . . Not really.

"Not a chance," he said, smiling equally big.

I grumbled and put the ear muffs on. I looked around the room quickly. I could hear absolutely nothing. Four times, we’d done re-potting Mandrakes, this being the fifth, and I still had not gotten used to the sensation of hearing absolutely nothing.

I looked towards my partner (I’d have to be sure to ask his name when we were done with this) and he nodded in confirmation. I yanked the protesting Mandrake out of it’s pot and looked at it curiously. It was such an ugly little thing, and it’s fists were swaying in protest.

The bloke made a hurry up motion, but it took quite a bit of time to shove the little thing into a new pot. I looked at him hopelessly after I had finally gotten that ruddy thing in. He took pity and re-potted the next Mandrake. I found myself laughing as he had even more trouble that I had pulling out the Mandrake, and putting it back in.

It went like that, back and forth for a while, before Professor Dier came over and tapped us on the shoulder, telling us to remove our earmuffs. I did so gratefully; the pink was starting to catch.

"What’s your name?" I asked the boy, not seeing the rudeness (not that I would have particularly cared if I had) in not knowing his name when he knew mine.

"Stephen," he said.

"I’m Anna," I told him.

He nodded and raised his eyebrows. "I know, you’re in my house. And in my year."

"Right," I said, looking around the classroom.

"Alright, class, as soon as you’ve cleaned up you may go."

Stephen and I cleaned up the dirt and such that had gotten everywhere before I left that classroom in a hurry; I had remembered that I needed to pee.

Later that day at dinner I came and sat down next to the Marauders. "You lot ever get to class this morning?"

Remus chuckled. "We completely missed Potions. James got out of the bathroom, and then Sirius shut himself in there. When James finally got Sirius to get out of the bathroom, Sirius saw the same spiders that made you mental."

I shuddered at the memory of those spiders, and Remus continued. "Well, he saw those spiders and had a reaction very similar to yours except, well. Do you remember last year when you tried to leave in a rush and, well, you forgot to turn the doorknob? You sort of ran into the door? Well Sirius did that, and fainted."

"I did not faint!" interrupted Sirius, who had been listening to Remus’ explanation. "Real men don’t faint! I passed out."

"Alright," Remus obliged. "Sirius passed out, and we spent nearly ten minutes trying to rouse him. And by then we just didn’t want to go to class, so we just ate some chocolate and headed down to Charms for our second class."

"Sounds like a very eventful day. Mine was too. There’s this bloke in our house, and he’s in my year, and I learned his name," I declared proudly. "And then in Potions I blew up my cauldron and Slughorn is making me work with some Ravenclaw now."

"Speaking of Potions," said Lily Evans, who was sitting a bit down. "Where were your precious Marauders this morning?"

"Can’t you mind your own business? No matter. Sirius was worried about his hair. He’s probably the only person who spends as much time on his hair as you do, Evans." I said, gesturing towards her short, curly red hair, that looked very stiff and full of product.

"I’m bored," Sirius whispered in my ear. He waved his wand at Evans, who let out an almighty scream when she found herself hanging upside down by her ankles. Her robes and skirt fell over her head, and her bright pink knickers, and long, skinny, chicken legs were exposed to the entire Great Hall.

"Black!" She screeched! "What the hell is your problem?" She kicked and screamed some more. "I can hear you laughing, Xanthis, don’t bother trying to hold it in!"

I stopped laughing long enough to retort, "Wouldn’t even think of it, Evans."

"Put me down, dammit!"

"Gladly." Evans fell in a heap on the ground. Her friends rushed over to her quickly.

She did not accept their help and stood up by herself instead. She walked over to Sirius and stood in front of him, huffing. She was lucky she was tall; although not eye-level with him, she’ wasn’t even a foot shorter than him. (Whereas, had it been me, I would have stood more than a foot shorter.)

I looked at Sirius’ rather muscled arms, and again at the twigs that Evans had, and could not help but to laugh.

"Something funny?" She rounded on me.

I nodded vigorously. "I actually did find it sort of funny when your hair stuck completely out to the side when you were upside down a minute ago. And also that you’re not really a match for Sirius, but you’re still attempting to be intimidating."

"As if you are?" she sneered.

"Yeah, I like to think I am."

"She sort of is," Sirius insisted.

"Did I ask you?" Lily snapped, turning her attention to Sirius.

Sirius giggled. I shook my head at her sadly. "Do you really intend to fight both of us extremely intimidating people? Actually, the three of us?" I nodded by head towards Remus, who groaned.

"Yeah, I do. I’m not alone," Lily said. Within ten seconds, she had her four friends standing behind her.

The fight had not yet escalated to such a large scale that the whole hall was attentive. After Lily had been put back on the ground most eyes went back to their food. James, however, did nothing but stare at Lily.

"You’re not really going to let us take a fall, are you, mate?" Remus asked James.

"I can’t take sides!" James protested, his eyes snapping away from Lily and onto Remus.

"So you’re not going to back up your best mates because you like a bitch who doesn’t like you back?" Coming from Remus, who was rarely harsh towards people, James realized how what he was doing sounded, and immediately jumped up and stood next to Sirius.

"Sorry, Evans," he said. "I can’t let you mess with my mates."

"Nice, Prongs," I heard Remus whisper with a smile.

Evans looked scandalized. I suppose it must have been pretty shocking; the guy that has been obsessing over her since he layed eyes on her, all of a sudden against her. She cast her eyes downward and quietly sat back down, her friends in tow.

I stood rooted to the spot, stunned, as did Remus and Sirius. Peter, had joined us, did as well. James, however, merely smiled to himself and busied himself with some potatoes.

I turned to Sirius, a look of incredulity on my face. "Did you not just see Evans walk away from conflict? Because of James, none-the-less?"

Sirius, said nothing, just sat down in his seat, and let his head fall unceremoniously into his potatoes. He stayed like his for a bit before jumping up and screaming. "My hair! My hair! My gorgeous hair!"

He ran from the Great Hall, still screaming. The three remaining Marauders and I looked at each other, sighing. We got up from our seats and headed after our nutty mate; we had to comfort him in his time of need.

We found him in the boys’ shower, fully clothed and on his third lather and rinse. It was after Sirius’ seventh lather and rinse that we finally managed to pull him out and gave him dry clothes.

Sirius, who looked much less distressed after cleaning his precious hair, came and plopped down onto his bed. James, Remus and Peter were likewise in their own beds.

"Sirius, you melodramatic fool, get off your bed!" I demanded.

"Why?" he asked, slowly getting up.

I took my chance and jumped in. "Because there’s no way in hell I’m going back to hell." The dark-haired boy looked at me in confusion. "Hell being my dorm."

"Well, where am I supposed to sleep?" he said after a while.

I surveyed the room. "Move in with James?"

"Oh, no you don’t!" shouted James, as Sirius appeared to be seriously contemplating my suggestion.

He began to nod. "Alright," he said, and pushed James to make room for himself.

He and James began to have a fighting match in James bed, until Remus took the liberty of pointing out how odd it looked. Sirius accepted that I was not getting out of his bed, and James, by extension, accepted that Sirius was not leaving his.

"Night boys!" I called the room.

Remus and Peter responded with enthusiasm; James and Sirius, not so much.

I laughed to myself and snuggled closer to Sirius’ pillow. "Yup, this is going to work out just fine," I whispered inaudibly to myself.

"What was that?" asked Sirius.

I groaned. "Nothing."

"G’night!" he said.

I laughed silently. Yeah, this was going to work.

A/N: Anyways, I just wanted to say how excited I was when I got on my computer earlier today; there was a record number of new reviews waiting for me, and I just wanted to personally thank lollipop marauderette, always dreaming, and siriuslyawesome for reviewing a crapload of chapters! You guys are really great, all of you! And I also wanted to point out that there is now a Meet the Author link in my profile for anyone one wants to ask about my writing. 


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