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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 5 : It Gets Worse Every Day
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Welcome to the jungle
It gets worse here everyday
Ya learn ta live like an animal
In the jungle where we play
-Guns N’ Roses


After a second attempt to make cupcakes, in which James literally pushed me out the door and then locked me out of my own house, they came out perfect, and I was let back in.

"Dude, you can’t lock someone out of their own house!" I screeched at James as a stomped through the house where there were delicious smells of yummy baked things. "It’s just not cool!"

"Hey, don’t insult my coolness; I’m one of the coolest kids in school," James protested. We were in the kitchen and he had begun to scowl at Sirius. "Do you have anymore icing? You and that git over there finished it. Mostly that git," he added under his breath.

"Maybe," I told James. "But even if I did, why the hell would I give it to you, you locked me out of the house?"

"Yeah! You locked her out of her own fucking house!" Sirius piped up. There was chocolate all around his mouth and all over his face.

I turned and frowned at him. "I didn’t see you coming to my rescue!"

Sirius just shrugged. "Well, I wasn’t the one who did it. And, you have to admit, these cupcakes would not have come out this perfect if you had been here. You’re cursed." Sirius was holding one of the cupcakes and running his hands over it to show its perfect shape and minimal bumps. And no burntness.

"Please stop feeling that cupcake up," Remus told Sirius, as he began to look through the pantry for frosting.

"Hey, guys, I found some!" squealed Peter, who had been searching for frosting in the refrigerator. "Ew, but it’s banana flavored."

Sirius shook his head in disgust, as did Remus and James. "Who the hell eats banana flavored frosting?"

I shrugged, it sure as hell wasn’t me.

Finally, I had pity on the clueless Marauders (and I also wanted those cupcakes myself) and climbed up onto the counter to reach the top cabinet. I rooted around trying to find the chocolate frosting before I located it and threw it down to Sirius, who awaited it with outstretched arms.

James grabbed it violently from Sirius before I could jump down and join Sirius in eating the chocolate frosting; he grudgingly gave the remaining frosting back to me and Sirius to eat once he had finished frosting all of the cupcakes.

Me and Sirius were just using our fingers to get the last bit of frosting out of the container, and the other three boys had already started devouring the (admittedly really good tasting) cupcakes that James had made, when we finally heard the garage down open again, and the unmistakable rumbling of the CJ coming in.

We all continued merrily as we heard the engine cut and Jason’s heavy footfalls on the stairs. The doorknob turned and a weary, worried looking Jason stepped in.

James saw the unsettled look on my brothers face and immediately went over to over him a cupcake. "Cupcakes make everything better," he assured.

Jason took the cupcake and did not look assured, or any happier, but he did smile a little more as he bit into it. "Wow, that’s really good."

"Yeah," said Sirius. We all knew what was coming now.

"It’s like a fucking fantastic explosion in your mouth," said Sirius, Peter, Remus, James and myself.

Sirius scowled at as us all. "You’re just angry because you’re so predictable," Remus told him. "So, any news?" He added, the most mature and concerned out of all of us, even if that wasn’t saying much.

Jason nodded his head sadly. He sat wearily down in one of the kitchen, still eating the cupcake. He sighed and seemed to be collecting his thoughts for a moment. "Have any of you ever heard of Voldemort?" We all shook our heads, except for Sirius. "What about a man named Tom Riddle."

All five of us nodded our heads this time. "I think each of us must have polished this large, obnoxious trophy with his name on it at least seven times." Sirius smirked.

"Yeah, well, that was back in his good days. Since then, he’s become an evil mastermind intent on taking over the Wizarding and Muggle worlds; enslaving the Muggles and Muggle-borns for not being Pureblood," Jason explained. "He goes around calling himself Lord Voldemort now, and he’s gathering up followers; you've heard of him, Sirius?"

Sirius face was pained and mortified. This Voldemort dipshit sounded a lot like the type of people his family would have been sorted with . . .

"My family is big supporters of the guy," Sirius told Jason reluctantly.

Ha. Who called it? I did.

"I don’t associate with them anymore," he added quickly. "I ran away this summer and I’m living with James now."

Jason nodded. "Well, this guy obviously can’t be too big if you lot haven’t heard about him, but he’s getting stronger. That explosion at the beach today proved it.

"When I went to visit the Ministry, they already had some Aurors on the scene, so they must be getting suspicious about this character. No one knows whether it was simply a Muggle hate crime, or if there was a Wizard he was after."

Sirius was muttering to himself. I felt sympathy, something I give very little of, as I heard him. "Stupid family . . . Can’t believe he . . . Gonna kick his ass."

I caught James’ eye and nodded discreetly towards our best friend. He nodded back and mouthed something to me that I could not make out. I never understood how everyone could read mouths all the time and why I just couldn’t grasp it if it was that simple; then again, I was me.

We all sat in silence for a while. It may have been contemplative for others, but for me, it was bored.

Jason spoke up. "I’ve got to head to work, lots of people who were nearly blasted apart today to treat." He grabbed his jacket again and was already heading back down the steps to the garage when he turned back and said, "Just be careful, guys. This fellow, as unpleasant as he is, is getting stronger every day."

Sirius just shook his head and cast his eyes downward, James looked solemnly toward his best friend, Remus looked concerned in general and Peter had his finger up his nose.

I smiled and thought about snacking. "So, who wants some Honeyduke’s chocolate to go with those fabulous cupcakes?"

A/N: Sorry about the short chapter, I hate them so much, but this really is a transition chapter. The next chapter should be longer, I think. Yeah, it is; I checked. Hope this chapter wasn't too terrible. XD

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Polychromatic: It Gets Worse Every Day


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