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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 3 : Kids Will Have Fun
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So give me one good reason,
why we need to be like them
Kids will have fun and offend,
They don't want to and don't fit in
- blink-182

"Jason!" I cried happily. I quickly untangled myself from all the limbs and jumped up to hug my brother. He backed away from my chocolatey self, but not fast enough. There was sugary sweetness all over his back.

When my brother had still been going to school, we didn’t get along well. I had been angry with him for causing our mother and father so much grief when we first moved. I remembered my mother crying every night and my father’s grieving voice as he begged Jason to open his bedroom door and talk.

It probably wasn’t until I had started school that I forgave him. But since then, he had become my protector. Much like the Marauders were to me.

"You know," he said, as I let go of him. "I think I would have preferred you not greeting me, actually."

"Not like you had a choice," I reminded him as I fell back into the pile of boys. Remus, who was on top, groaned as I landed fully on top of him.

And there was the sight - a twenty-something healer watching in a amusement as four sixteen year old boys and a fifteen year old girl struggled and laughed as they were piled in a mass of limbs on a kitchen floor. Covered in chocolate and other yummy sweets, of course.

"Who wants to go to the beach?" I shouted, moving my head so I was no longer smothered by Remus’ hair.

"Me!" shouted the aforementioned boy.

"Me too!" cried James, excitedly trying to leap up, but failing miserably and tripping back into the pile of people.

"Me too!" repeated Peter.

"I’ve never been to the beach," Sirius admitted. Every single person in the room turned to look incredulously at him. "What? Up until a week ago I lived with those horrible, horrible people that I just happen to share a last name with."

"Well then there’s no question," said Jason, leaving the white, painted doorway to join our conversation. He picked up one of the cherry wood chairs that surrounded the kitchen table and measured three steps from the sink with his feet before putting the chair down. He tapped the ceiling with his pointer finger three times and with a squeaking noise, one square foot of ceiling opened on a hinge. Jason reached up into the space and pulled out a set of car keys.

"So that’s where they keep them!" I shouted. My parents had two cars. One for the family, and one for my father to get to and from work each day. My parents hid the keys from me out of fear that I might take the car for a joy ride on whim.

I may have helped this notion along from doing so earlier in the summer.

"Yes," answered Jason. "And don’t tell them I told you. Now untangle yourselves and get into your suits. We’re leaving in five."

And in a feat that had been impossible previously, we untangled ourselves and raced up the stairs. Me racing to my room and the boys to the room that they were sharing.

In a quick motion, I took a hairband from my wrist, and tied up the dark curls that I would sometimes cover in Sleakeazy's, just for ease of wear. From the pile of clothes on the floor, I picked up my black bikini top. I had to root around a little while for the matching bottoms (not that it was too hard to match black) and pulled on a pair of my brothers old orange swim shorts over them.

I slipped flip-flops on my feet after I got the suit on and was at the base of the stairs before the boys were. "What took you so long?" I asked, as the Peter, James, Remus, and Sirius came thundering down the stairs a half a minute later.

"Well excuse me if I can’t get dressed in super-human speed for something I’ve never done before." Sirius had on a pair of black and blue swim trunk with a white t-shirt was standing with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Yeah well that’s not my fault. Hurry up, Jason!" I was positively glowing with excitement. Even though I’d been going to the beach almost everyday for the past month, this was the first time I could go with my friends.

"Come on, you guys! Get excited!" James joined me in my quest to excite my other friends. "Jump! Be happy go crazy! To the car!" James added as soon as he saw Jason making his way quickly down the stairs.

"Onward!" shouted Sirius. In a rush of bodies, the five of us, followed closely by my brother, thundered down the stairs and burst into the garage in a fit of excitement.

There it was, in it’s shining glory; the Jeep CJ. My brother, a liscensed driver, slid into the front seat, James slid into the seat next to him, and the remaining four of us squeezed into the back. It was a bit of a tight fit, but we were barely a minute from the beach. My brother began to pull the car out of the garage when I remembered that I had left the bag inside.

Not thinking, obviously, I jumped out of the moving Jeep to the shouts of protest of the cars other inhabitants. I grabbed the bag from the basement and jumped into the completely open car. Before my brother continued to back out of the driveway, he turned around and glared at me for a good minute.

"I’m sorry for being stupid?"

He continued to look at me for a few more seconds. Then he nodded, turned around, and continued to back the car out of the garage. In less than I minute we were out of our housing development and on the way to the happy sandy place. "Wheeeeeeeeee!" I yelled.

I popped up onto the bars on top of the car. There was no roof on the car, and therefore it was mostly our summer car; but during the summer it was perfect for cruising and driving to the beach.

"Radio on, please," Remus requested.

Jason flicked on the radio and it was automatically tuned to his favorite station. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, the newest single by Queen, was blaring loudly.

"Whoo!" I was swaying happily, still sitting on the ‘roof’ of the car.

"Merlin's pants, Anastasia, we’re going nearly fifty miles an hour, you’ll kill yourself if you fall!" yelled Sirius.

"Ooo, is the big, bad Sirius Black scared of an itty bitty car?" I taunted him and leaned back of the bar I was perched on. It my head tipped back and I saw the harsh, hard pavement below me; it still didn’t occur to me that I could hurt myself badly. I believed that I was invincible

I was saved when Sirius grunted angrily and pulled me back down onto the seat next to him. "Don’t ever do something that stupid again." Sirius had grabbed my left hand and held it tight. There was a wild look in his grey eyes.

"Yeah," James added. "Listen to him, you could have killed yourself." Remus and Peter agreed too.

"I don’t have to do what you say," I said, wrenching my arm away from Sirius. "And don’t call me Anastasia."

I turned back to look at Sirius and he looked incredibly, genuinely hurt. "I’m sorry," I told him honestly. Sirius was the only person, ever, who could get my sympathy. He so rarely needed it, that when he did, I felt like the most horrible person.

He sighed and shrugged. "It’s no big deal, I just - I thought you were going to fall and kill yourself. Which would have been a big mess to clean up."

I nodded. "Yeah, it probably would’ve been, wouldn’t it."

"Well, now that we’re here," said Jason, interrupting us. "And we’ve been sitting here for nearly ten seconds now. You can all get out of the car."

I was the first one out of the car and was already sprinting down towards the sand. I passed straight by the snack stand that I knew I’d be returning to later, and ran straight for the crashing waves. Without thinking about how cold (or not so) the water might be, I moved into it some ten feet, until it was deep enough for me to fall into the waves.

To be honest, it was an attempted dive. I had always wanted to be like those wonderful, graceful people who could just up and dive into moving water, or stationary water, for that matter. Alas, I could not, and instead, the belly-flop was my pitiful attempt.

I must have been paddling around and jumping the waves for a good three minutes before Remus appeared beside me. "Where’s everyone else?" I asked him.

"Slowly getting in. They’re afraid of the cold," he scoffed.

I laughed. "Little wimps."

"What did you call me?" James was the next one that came up beside me. "Hey, I’ll have you know that I braved this water. It’s your precious Sirius over there who won’t come in like a real man. And Peter."

"I’m more man than you!" I shouted at Sirius, attracting the attention of a few other water-goers.

"I thought we already established that earlier," James said, likely to himself.

Sirius let loose a tribal yell of some sort and splashed him way into the deeper water, Peter close in tow. "Wheeeee!" Sirius yelled as he took off from under water did a flip in the air and splashed back down again.

"Fun." Sirius looked so cute, the water coming up to his chest, with the his tongue slightly hanging out of his mouth and smiling like a young child.

"Yes, it is," I agreed. "So, what were O.W.L.’s like last year?"

All the boys except Remus groaned at the mention of the horrid tests.

"They weren’t that bad," said the aforementioned boy.

"They were horrible!" yelped Peter, before falling back into the water in a play faint.

"They were annoying," Sirius complained, whipping his wet hair nonchalantly out of his face.

"The tests weren’t terrible, but afterwards . . ." James trailed off and he was pouting slightly, probably thinking about what it was that upset him so much.

"Oh yeah!" Said Sirius, he was smirking. "That was by the lake with-"

"With that goody-too-shoes, smarty pants, skeletor, teacher’s pet, bitch that James is obsessed with?"

"You mean Evans?" said Sirius.

"Yeah." I didn’t like Evans at all, for all the reasons that I just ranted about.

"Hey!" said James. "First of all, I’m not obsessed with her, and second of all, what makes you think all those things?"

Even the other Marauders couldn’t deny that each and every thing I had said about Lily Evans was true. Instead of manning up about it, they just stood looking towards James with pitying expressions until he got the hint.

"Okay," he admitted, "maybe it is true.

"I’m hungry."

Wow. That was a quick recovery. So, we all paddled into until we could drag our legs through the heavy, crashing water.

"Jaaaaassssssoooon!" yelled James. "Jason, oh, Jason! Where art thou Jason?" He was animatedly peering through the crowded sand, running to and from various places around the beach.

We watched James run around for nearly a minute before he came back, disappointed. "I can’t find him."

He turned from us once again, looking for Jason, when we finally saw him.

Unseen by James, Jason creeped up behind him until he was directly behind him. "Over here, numb nuts."

"We want food," James professed to my older brother, who stood there, completely dry, with a pamphlet in his hand, reading up on a new study that was being conducted at St. Mungo’s.

Jason raised his eyebrows at James, who came up to about his eye level. "And is there something you’d like me to do about that?"

James thought about for a moment. Before shaking his head. "No, now that I think about it. Not really at all."

Jason laughed and shook his head before handing my a handful of Muggle money from his pocket. I pocketed it in on of the many pockets that the orange shorts had and took off through the sand. The boys took off after me and soon they had all passed me. I grunted and jumped onto the nearest back, which, happened to be Remus’, and for a moment I thought we were going to topple backwards. He stumbled, and still (amazingly) kept going.

"Yeah! Whoohoo! Go Remus! Go Remus!" How someone of his size could keep going with another person on their back, let alone still be winning in a race, was beyond my comprehension. "Holy crap, Remus, do you have some secret life that we don’t know about?"

Remus shook his head stiffly and then stopped abruptly. The other boys did also. "Where are we racing to?" he asked.

Peter, Sirius, Remus and James looked to each other in confusion.

"The food, duh!" I shouted, and took advantage of their stupor, and took off, cackling manically before bursting through the door, into the food vendor.

Five orders of large fries and five large colas later, we were heading back outside to sit on the benches that overlooked the sand and water. The beach was alive with activity. Those who weren’t splashing in the water were playing on the beach, or lounging around and eating like us. The beach really was more fun with friends.

And then there was THEM. The same couple who was here everyday, snogging themselves silly on the sand.

"Ew," I said, turning away from the promiscuous couple. I shoved a bunch of salty fries into my mouth. "Mmm, beach fries are superior."

"Fuck yeah they are!" shouted Sirius, making nearby mothers scowl as they covered their childrens’ ears.

I lay back with my head resting on Sirius’ arm and my bare, sandy feet kicked up on the table. Every few seconds I would pop another fry into my mouth and follow it up with some of Sirius’ soda, which tasted way better than mine.

"Woah, hey, guys! There’s two people over there going at it!" Sirius, Remus and Peter all stood up to get a better look at what James was shouting it. I remained seated and just started eating all of their fries since I had already seen it numerous times.

They all sat down pretty quickly. They were quiet for a while before Sirius spoke. "Wow," he said. "That’s pretty gross."

James suddenly popped up in his seat and giggled like a little girl. No lie. "Guys! Guys! Guys!"

"Yes, freak dearest?" asked Sirius, batting his eye lashes at James.

James lowered his voice to a whisper and we all leaned in to hear him. "We should maybe do a little pranky-wanky?"

"Not a chance," said Remus, barely giving. "Do you see how many Muggles are around!"

At the same time, Sirius said, "Hell yes! As long as you never say pranky-wanky again."

James smirked and completely ignored Remus’ warning. "Can’t make any promises, mate."

Sirius and James wore their identical smirks. Anyone who knew them knew that, that was trouble. They leaned in and began whispering, Peter immediately joined in. I would have gladly been whispering and plotting too, but I was too busy staring Remus down. Unfortunately, I was not talented enough raise one eyebrow, so the overall stare may have been less effective. In the end, Remus sighed and put his head in the middle too.

Remus, despite Sirius and James’ brilliance for ideas, was the brains behind most of the technicalities of the pranks. Without him, it would mean that everyone else would be responsible for thinking.

Still picking off of everyones’ fries, I leaned into the group (which was now attracting suspicious stares) when there was a loud explosion down the beach and terrified screams.

The entire happily frenzied beach was thrown into chaos. People were running through the sand, some without their things, some trying to lug their possessions along. The couple had stopped snogging.

"Please tell me you guys did not do this," Remus moaned, as we all jumped up and discreetly slipped our wands out.

"Of course not!" yelled James, clearly affronted. "I may be mislead sometimes, but I’d never cause anyone real harm."

We saw Jason running up the beach. He had nothing in his hands except his wand, which he wasn’t bothering to hide, and Wilson the volleyball. "Let’s go!" he screamed, and we were off running to the car before he had reached us.

I felt the bottoms of my feet getting cut up as a ran barefoot on the gravel, stepping on various things, but didn’t care. I wasn’t sure if the commotion had been the fault of a wizard, Muggle, or something else, but I didn’t want to stay around to find out.

I jumped into the CJ, sliding in next to the boys, who were nervously crammed in, except James, who sat, just as jittery, in the passengers seat. Jason hopped into the car, started it, and pressed a giant red button next to the ignition. The car went invisible. He threw Wilson back to me before pressing another, smaller blue button. And car slowly began to rise into the air and we flew, invisible, over the traffic jam to get out of the parking lot.

"Check out the noise!" I shouted to my brother and pointed toward the direction where the problem had originated. He took a sharp left and we soon flying over what looked like a giant crater in the earth, but nothing inside. The cleanliness of the destruction; no blood, or scattered body parts, led me to believe that this was the work of wizards.

Everyone was silent as my brother flew the car home and landed smoothly before rolling into the garage. We all got up and walked slowly upstairs. My brother went into the refrigerator and pulled out bottles of water for everyone.

We were all speechless until Sirius shouted, "What the hell was that?!"

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