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The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill. by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 15 : Parties, Almost, Betrayals And Me
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Disclaimer; I don’t own Harry Potter.

Authors Note;

I can’t believe we’re up to chapter 15 already.

I really enjoyed writing the party scene, it was fun. I hope you enjoy it; the next chapter is set on New Years Day, so expect to see that chapter up in the next few days, even though I have yet to start it. It took me ages to figure out gifts they would give to Nellie.

I haven’t answered your reviews yet and I apologize, but I wanted to get this finished and up before I go to bed. Rest assured every single review will be answered tomorrow. I do appreciate them; they cheer me up so much and are a good source of motivation when I get a little lazy. I was actually so amazed with how many I’ve got. You’re all amazing. The best readers. Thank you for sticking with me.

If you spot any typos, please pick them out, it’s almost 3 in the morning so you can imagine my brain. I’ve skimmed, but I’ll go through it more tomorrow.

Oh, I wish you a merry new year.


Thoughts and opinions are welcomed.

Amazing Chapter Image By chocolat.@tda

“Please stay away from him Nellie. He is bad news.” - Sirius Black

Chaper Fifteen
Parties, Almost, Betrayals And Me

I love the feeling you get when you wake up and realize its Christmas. I couldn’t help but smile as I slid out of bed and went over to Lily’s. She was fast asleep.

“Rawr!” I yelled, jumping up and down on the spot, I was a little excited, Lily woke up with a jolt and then she looked at me and burst out laughing.

“Happy Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas Nellie.” Lily rubbed her eyes as she climbed out of bed.

I grabbed her hand. “Come onnn!”

Lily followed me, “Don’t tell me you're one of those people who can't stay in bed past eight on Christmas?”

“Don’t tell me, you're one of those people who can hardly sleep on Christmas Eve?”

I grinned as I nodded, “You got that right.”

Lily laughed, “Typical…sometimes Nellie you’re so childish,” She wasn’t saying it like it was fault, in fact she was saying it more like a compliment. “But it suits you.”

“Thanks Lily.” I blushed, “I like your slippers.” You know when someone compliments you; something turns inside you and makes you compliment them back. I could have told Lily anything, that she is beautiful, charming, and funny or anything like that, but no, I chose her slippers.

“That’s original.” Lily laughed, “Thank you.”

We walked to the kitchens where Mr and Mrs Potter were making breakfast.

“Hello girls!” Mrs Potter greeted, “The boys should be up soon.”

“Take a seat,” Mr Potter gestured to the table, “Breakfast shall be served once the boys get down here.” Me and Lily glanced at each other before sitting down.

“What do you normally have for breakfast?” Mrs Potter inquired.

“Food?” I replied, quite confused.

Mrs Potter laughed, “No, I meant what kind? Cereal, hot?”


“…Nellie usually has over twelve breakfasts.” James finished for me, laughing as he and Sirius walked into the kitchen.

“No! I only had eight the other day…”

“Well, boys and girls, breakfast isn’t quite ready as of yet, but you’re presents are in the living room, go along, open them, while I finish this.”

We didn’t need telling twice.

I ran over to my pile. On the top, there was a little box, wrapped in paper with pretty star patterns on it, with a note tag on it. I read it. To Nellie, Happy Christmas, love R. I slipped the present into my pocket; I didn’t want to open Regulus present in front of the others. I felt bad; I didn’t know what he wanted for Christmas. What do you get a Death Eater? So I bought him this pretty ring with a blue gem in the middle. Oh, I also drew him a picture. It was him standing under the light of the moon.

I opened Izzie’s present first, it was a Wizarding camera. I grinned; I loved taking photos of people pulling faces. There was a little note attached to it, Yo, Nellie, I hope you’re having a better time than I am, I might sneak to James Christmas party later for half an hour. I miss you. Happy Christmas! I hope you like your gift, now you can look at my sexy face without stalking me! Haha. Love Izzie. I’d made her a collage, I make her one every year. It’s fun to compare them and to see how much we’ve changed.

I heard a tapping of an owl at the window, I looked over, it was Firewhiskey. I ran over to let him in; he dropped a parcel in the middle of the room. “Yo Firewhiskey.” He nudged me to open it, I did. A piece of paper went flying into the air, it was almost like a howler, but it wasn’t nasty. A wizard’s version of a telegram.

“Hej! Nellie Wellie Bellie, this is mom speaking, you might have guessed that though! Your father would come and talk, but he’s talking to a stone. Its round and tripped him over. He’s just talking to it to see if it has a grudge against him. Happy Christmas! We hope you like your present…open it now, so the next thing I’m going to say makes sense.” I opened the box, inside their was an old fashioned key, “We were saving it until you turned eighteen, or at least when you had left Hogwarts but then we realized because of recent events, we might not be around then to give it to you. I’m sure you might have recognized what the key opens, the café. Yes, Oh gobstopper, it’s not a café, it‘s an orange. It’s yours Nellie, it always has been. We were just looking after it for you. That’s if you want it of course. Remember when you were seven, you asked if one day, we’d hire you because you loved the shop, remember what your father said? You’ll be hiring yourself? Interesting. You didn’t quite understand back then though.” I smiled, I’d forgotten all about it. “So it’s all yours my little darling. I still can’t believe that you have almost finished school. I still remember all those stupid things you used to do and the stupid you still do. Never change, because Nellie, you’re you, and that is what makes people love you. I still miss that grin of yours. I hope you’re well. Now my little Nellie Wellie Bellie, I have to go, your father is shouting a tree, but he loves you too. Oi Stop kicking that tree! No! You‘re going to hurt yourself…look you‘ve just gone and bashed your head now.” Then the paper turned into dust.

Sirius, James and Lily were looking at me, tears of affection prickled my eyes, but I wiped them away. I gripped the key in my hand, it made sense to me now and it felt like me. I was going to run my parents, no my café. I’ve always loved food and people. What a perfect combination. I picked up the camera and took a picture of myself; grinning. When the picture was developed, I tied the picture to Firewhiskey leg. “There.” I mused, “I bet they’ll get sick of me grinning now.” I had already sent their gift earlier, I called it on the run must haves. It had a torch, a Christmas cracker, a couple of books, two knitted scarves, two pairs of socks, a few other things and of course, I drew them a picture too. I stroked Firewhiskey on the head, before he gave a little toot and flew off to wherever my parents were.

“Are you okay Nellie?” Lily asked softly.

“Me? I’m more than okay,” I grinned, “I’m fabulous.” I slipped the key in my pocket as I made a mental note to put it back into my trunk safely when I got back to the bedroom.

Lily, James and Sirius smiled at me, I grinned back as I picked up another parcel. It was from Peter, he got me a book about knitting, and I grinned, I would be sure to thank him when I saw him later. Remus got me some biscuits along with some various confectioneries. Yum, appealing to my stomach is a good way to make me like you.

For the Marauders and Lily, I had sewn them a doll of themselves each. It had taken me ages! Of course, they got a picture too.

“Nellie, I love it.” Lily said after she opened her present, “Is this why you used to go to class with plasters around the tips of your fingers?”

“Yeah.” I told them it was because I was weaving magical spells, which sounded cooler in my head because I realized that we said spells all the time. I was a witch for the chicken’s sake!

“It looks a lot like me,” James said about his doll, “Handsome.”

“You’re hair was a bugger, I eventually got that windswept look” I teased.

James looked at his doll, “It does have that look!” He laughed.

Sirius held up his Sirius doll, “It’s cute. I like it. Thank you Nellie.” Sirius smiled, “Though, I must say, your wrapping sucks.”

“I know.” I shrugged, “It’s not my fault. I suppose yours is better?”

“Of course it is.” Sirius smirked, “Anything is better than yours.”

I glared at him.

James got me a new set of Gobstones; I’ve always wanted to join the club. I should focus on my exams, but no, I want to join the Gobstone club. I’m going to look into that when I get back to Hogwarts. I’d sort of lost my last set. I think it’s under my bed, along with my Wizard Chess set. Lily got me a little bag of pixie dust, along with a pocket sneakscope.

Last but not least, I opened Sirius neatly wrapped present. The paper was pretty. The box revealed it was a charm bracelet. There were many charms on it; a biscuit, a quill, a tear, a butterfly, a fish finger, a snow angel, a pair of lips that formed a smile, a splodge of mud, a bear that resembled Mr Snuggles Le Fuggles La Muggle and the last charm was a little pony. I couldn’t help but grin as the memories that each charm reminded me of flooded my brain. To other people, the charms might be seen as a little weird but to me and Sirius; they made perfect sense. I hugged Sirius, in which he warmly returned. “I’m glad you like it.” He grinned.

After breakfast, Lily decided she would start getting ready ridiculously early. As in right after breakfast. Of course, I too began the torturous thing that was called getting ready. I put Regulus present in my trunk; I would open it tomorrow or something when Lily wasn’t around. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust her; I just couldn’t be bothered to explain the story that was me and Regulus.

“Hmmm. What shall we do with your hair?” Lily asked.

I didn’t like the look in her eyes.

So, after hours of being poked and tugged at; I was ready. My hair was straight, for now that is anyway. I knew it would go curly as soon as I stepped out of this room. Lily had applied a few spells to my hair, but I understood that my hair had a life of its own and nothing could quite contain the free spirit individual that is my hair. I went to touch the beautiful butterfly clip that was on the side of my hair, it had bright blue gems on it. It reminded me of Buttie Mknutty Fly and thinking of Buttie Mknutty Fly reminded me of Sirius. I hope he will still keep to his end of the deal.

“Don’t touch.” Lily warned, “It looks nice where it is.”

I had tried wearing my trainers underneath my dress but I had been forced by Lily to change out of them and into my flat shoes. It was worth a shot. Even though it wasn’t successful. It wasn’t like you could see the whole trainer either, only the top bit.

I had heard Remus and Peter arrive about an hour ago when Lily was chucking lots of lotions at me, saying something about ‘it makes your skin really nice’ but she had lots of curlers in her hair so I couldn’t take her that seriously. I did though however, apply the lotion to my skin and Lily was right, it did make my skin feel nice. My skin is happy today. It hardly ever gets paid attention to; my skin must think it’s their birthday.

The Marauders had left about five minutes ago; they had called for us to see if we were ready. We weren’t though, so from behind the door, we told them we would meet them at the party in about ten minutes.

I looked at Lily, she looked amazing. I never realized how nice her hair looked wavy, I remembered how her hair looked when she got up; bushy and couldn‘t help but let out a little giggle. I could understand why she was popular. I looked in the mirror, I felt okay, but I wasn’t sure. This just wasn’t the normal thing I did everyday, so I was a little paranoid. I almost felt ridiculous. I mean, who am I trying to be? I mean, I’ve heard of James parties before, he sometimes had a few in summer and they were still fresh gossip by September and now I was attending one. I just didn’t feel good enough.

“Lily, I feel ridiculous.” I whined, tugging on my dress a little. I wonder if I can get my hands on a nice woolly coat.

“Nellie, you’re just being paranoid.” Lily sighed as she gentle removed my hand from my dress and placed them by my side. The funny thing was that I knew she was right. “Come on, let’s go.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me with her. “Now Nellie, no more. You look good. You’ll go to this party and have a nice time. Right?”

“Right.” I agreed, giving into Lily’s optimism and pushing away my negative emotions.

We headed into the dining hall, where the party would be held. When we got there, I found the table was no longer in the middle, the music was playing, and there were many people, older and younger. I recognized a few of them from Hogwarts. There were red and gold streamers hanging from the ceilings, the doors that led into the Garden were open, I could see people out there as well. James parties were popular to say the least. I almost felt like Cinderella going to the Princes ball, she finally has a chance and just maybe, I do too.

Just then, some of the crowd spotted us and stared. Their gaze made me feel uncomfortable.

“What are they looking at?” I asked Lily who shrugged, “I knew this was a bad idea. I need to go and change, I’m just Nellie, I’m not this, and they’re looking at me because I must look horrible.” I rambled as I went to turn and leave.

“Miss O’Neill does scrub up well.” I stopped dead in my tracks as I felt my face on fire. I turned around to meet the gaze of Sirius, I smiled.

“Thank you.” I had to suppress the urge to mess with my dress again. “I’m glad you think that.”

“Nellie is that you?” Peter asked, “You look different.”

“I blame Lily.” I smiled as Lily winked at me. “She wouldn’t even let me wear trainers underneath my dress.”

Sirius laughed as he continued to watch me, “No heels?”

“Nope. I came as good old midget me.” I laughed, “I’m going to get a drink.”

Perhaps I’ll just stay for five minutes then.

I managed to get a drink pretty easily from the table; I even managed to sip it without any accidents. In my sight, I noticed Clarissa Mkowns dancing with a boy whom I didn’t know.

“Would you like to dance?” I looked up to see Lucas Miles. My eyes went wide. Was he talking to me? Well, he is staring at me. “I’m guessing you don’t want to?”

“No…I’d love to.” I offered him my hand as I placed my drink on the table. He took my hand and smiled. He then led me to the dance floor.

I hope I don’t fall over.

“I’m Lucas.” He whispered in my ear as we danced.

“I’m Nellie. Im pleased to meet you.”

“You go to Hogwarts right?” I nodded, “You’re the Marauders friend aren’t you?” I nodded again, “Is there something going on with Sirius? Is he your boyfriend?”

I shook my head, “No, silly. Where did you hear that?”

“I’ve saw you together once or twice and just assumed.” Lucas shrugged.

“Well don’t.” I laughed, “We’re just friends.”

Lucas nodded, as we carried on dancing.

“Mind if I cut in?” Sirius interrupted, coldly. I looked at him, but he didn’t look at me, instead he kept his eyesight fixated on Lucas.

Lucas glared, but gave in; Lucas was no match for Sirius, “Sure, go ahead.” Lucas rolled his eyes, “I shall being seeing you later Nellie.” I smiled and nodded. He shot one look of pure hatred at Sirius before walking off. I wonder what that was about.

Sirius arm wrapped around my waist, he pulled me in closer and he would have to ask for a dance when a slow song comes on. I looked around, the girls had their arms wrapped around their partner’s neck, so slowly, my arms wrapped around Sirius neck. I looked into Sirius eyes and they were ablaze; ablaze with something I didn’t recognise. He seemed a little angry and upset with me and I didn’t know why.

“Mr Black does indeed scrub up well.” I complimented, hoping that it would make the air between us all right again.

Sirius smiled, “Thank you.” Sirius did look nice in his suit, even I couldn’t deny that. He was almost that guy you could find in old fashioned movies; the classic handsome guy. With his dark hair that I have to the urge to run my hand through. It was soft when I tugged it though.

“I like James parties. They’re nice.” I whispered.

“Indeed,” I could feel Sirius breath tickle my face as he looked down to talk to me. “Lily told me you were worried about coming?”

“I just feel a little different; I wasn’t sure how people would act if I looked a little different.” I explained, “I was just being paranoid.”

“You shouldn’t have been.” Sirius stated, “See? You’re not making a fool of yourself. I mean we’re even dancing and we haven’t tumbled yet.”

“That’s only because you’re leading.”

Sirius laughed. “I suppose but we’re doing good right?”

“I guess so.”

“Get ready for the dip.” Sirius said before he dipped me, I couldn’t help but giggle. He pulled me back up, “You laughing at my dancing skills?”

“No. I’m just laughing at things in general.” Sirius smiled, “Sirius…Can I ask you something?”

Sirius looked at me for a moment but after what felt like an eternity, he nodded.

“What’s the deal with you and Lucas?”

Sirius face instantly hardened and his lips formed a scowl. “I don’t like him. He is a jerk.” He spat, “Please stay away from him Nellie. He is bad news.”

“But why?”

“We’ve never gotten on. Not since first year, when we argued…I don’t want to talk about it.”

I nodded, sighing, knowing I wasn’t going to get any more information out of Sirius other than what he had just told me. “Okay, Sirius.”

“Let’s get a drink.” He said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me gently towards to the drinks table.

Sirius passed me a drink and I sipped it. I checked out the food, it looked yummy. I began helping myself. Sirius joined me, picking up random bits of food. “This food is nice.” I commented.

“That it is.”

Sirius arm brushed up against mine and I suddenly felt hot. “I’m boiling. Want to go outside?” I asked after we finished eating.

Sirius nodded, “Sure.”

We headed outside, it was a little colder than I realized but I chose to ignore it. There were only a few people around. Me and Sirius managed to find a nice bench on the far side of the garden.

I stood up as Sirius relaxed on the bench, I began showing him that my dress could turn into a tent  but I managed to trip over my own two feet, accidentally flick one of my shoes into a bush and, to top it all off, I actually fell into Sirius lap.

Typical right?

I didn’t bother to move, nor did Sirius object to me sitting there. My skin was covered in goose bumps. I wondered whether it was from being close to Sirius or the cold? I bit my lip. Sirius ran his finger down the side of my face. “Mm, Nellie, you really do look nice today.” Sirius mumbled, his breath making patterns in the cold air. His face leaned closer to mine, I stared into his eyes and once again, they were unreadable.

“You look really nice too.” I blushed.

I ran my fingers through his hair, it was lovely and soft. Sirius cupped my face and brought it closer to his. “When you’re this close to me, the urge to kiss you gets stronger.” He whispered. his face was so close, I could almost feel the words dancing off my face. He left his hand stroking my face but used his free arm to wrap it around my waist. “Something is telling me to kiss you.”

He looked at me, I could have called him off at any moment and he would have backed off but I didn’t. I got lost in the moment; I’d lost common sense the moment I fell into his lap. Right now, I was intoxicated by Sirius. All the emotions I didn’t know I even held was bubbling to the surface surged and put me on a high. At that very moment I needed him. “Go on then.” I whispered, almost daring him.

Sirius grinned, he moved his hand away from my face to run his fingers through my hair. I just hoped his hand didn't get stuck. My hair was a dangerzone. His arm still wrapped around my waist, “With pleasure.” I felt a warm pair of lips on mine but then within seconds, they were cruelly taken away.

“I can’t.” Sirius croaked, almost as if it pained him. “I just can’t.” Sirius carefully picked me up and placed me on the bench. I looked at him, confused and rejected but he refused to look at me. I watched as he then started to walk away. I might have chased if I didn’t lose my shoe earlier.

I could still shout at him though. “Sirius!” I yelled, “Come back, please.” I pleaded, but Sirius just began to run. Somehow whether it was the tears messing up my sight or the fact that Sirius had simply just gone, I couldn’t see him anywhere.

I swallowed the lump in my throat where I realized something.

Me and Sirius was anything but just friends.

“Are you okay Nellie?” Lucas asked, appearing from nowhere, it almost felt like he cared.  He was walking up to me, edging closer and closer when all I wanted was distance.

I wiped the tears “No.” I replied truthfully.

“Is this yours?” Lucas asked, holding up my shoe.

“Yes. It is.” I snatched it and put it on. Lucas was about to say something, but I just ignored him and stomped off back into the party.  I knew I was being rude but I didn't really care at that given time.

Lily and James spotted me, “Nellie what’s a matter?” Lily asked, concerned.

“Ask the stupid fish finger Sirius Black.” I replied, rubbing my forehead, James looked at me confused. I sighed, “I’m going to bed good night.” I gave them both a hug before leaving the party.

“Leaving so soon?” Lucas asked, “But the party has only really begun.”

“Yes. I don’t feel like partying on my own.” I replied, annoyed.

“You don’t have to party on your own.” Lucas smirked as he grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the party and onto the dance floor. He was dancing close to me. I couldn’t be bothered to fight it anymore, I couldn't be bothered to fight him. I allowed myself to back down. “See? Dancing with me isn’t that bad.”

“I suppose.” I bit my lip to leave out the comment that was on the tip of my tongue; you're not Sirius though. And anything less that Sirius at the moment just wouldn't do.

It was then, when I had my head rested on Lucas shoulder, I noticed Sirius.

To me he stuck out, a star amongst the dark sky. He looked crushed, unable to hide his hurt. It was etched in his body language, it was all over his face. He shook his head and we stood there for moments on end, staring at each other. Taking in each others features and each others betrayals. I pushed Lucas away as I shakily walked over to Sirius. I slowly went to touch his face but he flinched and I recoiled. “…I can’t.” Sirius croaked.

For the second time in one night, I watched him walk away from me.

“Nellie come on.” Izzie whispered, from behind me, as she took my hand and led me away from the party. I quickly figured we must be heading back to my room and if we we weren't, I didn't care. She must have got direction from James. “You do look lovely though Nellie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so dressed up before.” She smiled, but I didn’t return it.

"When did you get here?" I asked quietly.

"About ten minutes ago, Lily and James told me to find you because you were upset." She sat down on my bed, I lay my head in her lap and I began telling her what had happened, sobbing throughout it.

I felt like a fool. Why didn’t I just get up straight away from his lap?

“Shhh,” Izzie murmured as she wiped the tears away, “It’s all going to be okay.”

But somehow for once, I didn’t think that Izzie was telling the truth.

…To be Continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.

Right Nellie.” James began, “You want to know about Sirius? Why he is acting the way he is? Why he rejected you after leading you on?”

Those were only a few of the answers I wanted.

I breathed in. Was I even ready for the answers? I sighed, it was now or never. “Well…yes.”

“Sirius fancies the pants off you.”

“Sirius fancies my pants?!”

That’s odd.

“Not like that you muffin!” James said through his laughter, as I glared at him.

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