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The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill. by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 14 : Potters, Dresses, Budgies And Me
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Disclaimer; I don’t own Harry Potter, I have no rights to the characters or objects. I do own Nellie though.

I don’t own Love Hearts either.

Authors Note; Hi? I know, It’s passed Christmas, I’m sorry it’s not out in time. To make up, Chapter fifteen is going to be out either today or tomorrow. This part is probably could be called a filler, but there is some action next chapter. That one is going to be better, I promise. It seems a bit short too. Sorry.

I realized, I have a bit of Nellie in me ‘cause guess what I did? I stepped on the bus this morning, tripped, smashed my head off the money thing, cut it open and apparently, I’ve also bruised the bone in my ankle. I’ve been advised to rest all day. It hurt I tell you. Least I can use some of my resting time efficiently.

I have to thank you all, I have over a hundred and seventy favourites, over three hundred reviews. Twelve thousands views. You’re all amazing. I couldn’t ask for better readers.

Oh, a review got me thinking. How do you pronounce Nellie’s last name? I say it like ‘O’Knee Al’

I hope you enjoy it,

Thoughts and opinions are welcomed.

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“Perhaps, we should have got you a junior bed?” - James Potter

Chapter Fourteen
Potters, Dresses, Budgies And Me

“You’re just a pineapple!”

“Nellie, shut up.”

I was currently sitting in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express heading to James house for the holidays. Me, Izzie, Remus, Peter, James, Lily and Sirius were sharing a compartment so our personal space was the size of an orange. Not that I had much personal space to begin with anyway.

“I think we’re almost there.” Lily smiled, as she looked out the window. She had informed me earlier, that she was excited, but nervous too as this would be the first time she would be meeting James’ parents. She was biting her nails out of a nervous habit.

“You’ll be fine. They’ll love you.” James smiled at Lily reassuringly because he sensed her nervousness.

“I hope so.” She replied.

The train arrived at the platform. We stepped off the train, Izzie glanced at her grandparents. She waved at them before turning to me. “I’m going to miss you being stupid.”

“Izzie, you’ll see me again soon.”

“Yeah, but you amuse me. My family don’t. It’s all about being fancy and what the neighbours did.” Izzie rolled her eyes, “I have to go, but Nellie, have a nice Christmas without me!” She pouted, before giving me one last hug. She said her good byes to everyone before walking over to her grandparents.

We then said our good byes to Remus and Peter, “Bye Remus, Bye Peter.” I each gave them a hug. Soon, it was just me, Lily, Sirius and James.

“Right! Look! My parents are over there!”

James dad was an older version of James, with the messy hair and glasses too. James mother was a dark haired woman, she was grinning. Both of them had something about them that said that they were not to be messed with and had seen a lot if things. I couldn’t help but admire them and I haven’t even spoken one word to them yet.

“Hello, I’m James dad, but please call me Henry. This is my wife Sarah. We’re pleased to meet you.”

“Mum, Dad, This is Lily, my girlfriend.” James introduced Lily as she nervously shook both of their hands in turn.

“Ah, we’ve heard a lot about you.” Mrs Potter smiled as Lily blushed.

“And this is Nellie.” James introduced me, I grinned as I shook their hands.

“Ah, Nellie, we’ve heard quite a few things about you too.” Mrs Potter laughed.

“I hope they were all good.” I shot a playful glare at Sirius and James, “Well they better be otherwise there will be trouble!” I laughed.

“Like we would have a bad word to say about you Nellie!” Sirius teased as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Too bad it’s not mutual.” I winked as Sirius glared.

Mr and Mrs Potter laughed, “Shall we head back now?” Mr Potter asked, we nodded, and he then took the lead. We walked behind him.

The Potters seem nice.

Mr Potter loaded the trunks into the boot of the car as we all climbed into the car. I’ve never been in a seven seated car before! Soon we were on the road, I was sitting in the back with Lily, James and Sirius was in the next row of seats and Mr and Mrs Potter were in the front. Mr Potter was driving.

“So James, how is Quidditch going?”

“Good. I was hoping to form some new strategies over the holidays. I mean we have our next match in February. Our last match was fine. We won pretty well actually, I mean a hundred and eighty compared to just ten! Though it was a slow start and we only got all those points because Nellie caught the Snitch!” James rambled, before Sirius jabbed him in the ribs to shut him up.

“Nellie you play Seeker don’t you?” Mr Potter asked.

“Yeah, have done since fourth year.”

“Well, I hope James doesn’t work you too hard.” Mrs Potter smiled.

“He does, he makes me seek twenty hours a day, and he hides all my food, just to test my skills.” I stuck out my tongue at James.

Mr Potter laughed, “James that’s terrible!”

“What can I say?” James laughed, “Seeker needs to be in top form.”

“Yeah, but what James doesn’t know is that I actually bribe the Seekers before the match to let me catch the Snitch.”

Sirius snorted, “As if they would actually let you.”

“Quidditch is taking awfully serious isn’t it?” Lily pondered.

“Yeah, It is.” James agreed, “I suppose every house loves to have something over another house. Even those nice Hufflepuffs.”

Lily rolled her eyes, “You’re not still thinking that Hufflepuffs are going to take over the world and force us to eat Lovehearts?”

Sirius laughed, “I don’t think he’s going to give up that theory quite yet.”

I looked out of the window. I could see the countryside, it stretched out for miles. It was beautiful. The trees, the grass, the flowers. There were a lot of animals too; sheep, cows, horses. This sort of scenery reminded me of home and I missed home.

“A knut for your thoughts?” Lily asked me. James, Sirius, Mr and Mrs Potter were deep into a conversation of what James and Sirius had been getting up to in the recent months.

“I was just thinking about home, being in the middle of nowhere reminds me of it.” I smiled, “That’s all.”

Lily nodded, “You live in the countryside then?” She asked.

“Yup. You’ve got that right.”

“We’re almost there.” Mr Potter announced as the car stopped outside some fancy patterned metal gates. A few seconds later, the gates opened, we went through.

Then, I was amazed. James didn’t have a house! He had a mansion! It was huge! I’ve always known James was quite well off, in his more immature years, he used it to chat up girls. Make himself sound impressive, it worked most of the time.

Mr Potter turned off the engine. We all climbed out of the car, Lily looked at me surprised. I could tell she wasn’t used to this either. James grinned as he laced his hand with Lily’s. She smiled, thankful. Lily was still quite nervous.

Sirius put his arm around my shoulders. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.” I smiled up at him, he smiled back.

I walked with Sirius into Potter Mansion. When I walked through the double solid oak doors. I was amazed, I felt almost like a princess and this was the palace.

“I’ll let Sirius and James show you two your room.” Mrs Potter smiled.

Sirius and James nodded at Mrs Potter, before picking up our trunks for us. Such gentlemen!

Me and Lily followed them, we went up some stairs, down a hallway, in which James and Sirius gave up carrying our trunks and just decided to levitate them. We went up some more stairs and we came onto another hallway.

“We’re almost there. You’re room is in the middle of mine and Sirius. So feel free to gossip how amazing we are, we’ll probably hear it.” James winked, Lily laughed as she playfully pushed him.

We stopped outside the door, James pushed it open, and we all walked in. I looked around, there were two four poster double beds, and they were next to each other, except for the bed side table in the middle of them beds, separating them. There were drawers to put our stuff on; a bookshelf filled with books, a door which I believed led to the balcony. There was another door opposite the beds.

“Your bathroom.” James said as he noticed I was looking at the door.

I nodded, “Oh.”

“Anyway,” James said as he and Sirius placed our trunks in the middle of the room, “We’ll be off, make yourself at home.” He and Sirius then walked out.

“Wow.” Lily said as she looked around.

“I know!” I said as I jumped on a bed, I went to roll over, but didn’t realize I was at the edge, so I rolled off the bed and hit the floor with a loud thud.

Within seconds, Sirius and James burst into the room. Sirius was holding a pair of socks, James was holding a book.

“You girls okay?” They asked, looking around.

Lily giggled, “We’re fine. Nellie just fell off the bed.”

I popped up from the floor, “Ta dah! I was hiding.”

James lips curved into a smile, “Perhaps, we should have got you a junior bed?”

I glared, “No. I’m fine.” I eyed their weapons. “So that’s what you were coming to save us with? A pair of socks and a book?”

“We were unpacking!” Sirius tried to defend them, but he burst out laughing.

“It’s a deadly combo.” James mused, “I’d knock them out with a book, and Sirius would tie them up with socks.”

“I wouldn’t want to mess with you.” Lily laughed as she opened up her suitcase o unpack. Everything was in neat little piles.

I went over to open mine, this morning; I’d just chucked everything in there.

“Nellie, you call that packing?” Lily asked as her eyebrow rose.

“Less time I spent packing, the more time I could have been eating.” I nodded, “Anyway, It’s packed isn’t it? I got it all here! It’s just not packed in the…conventional way.”

“You’ve got that right.” Lily laughed.

“So did you just pick up and everything off the floor and chucked it in your trunk?” Sirius asked.


“Okay. So if you’re not in danger and don’t need our assistance, we will head back to our rooms to finish unpacking.” James announced after a few moments of silence.

“If we need you we will yell.” I said. James and Sirius nodded.

After we unpacked, I found myself sitting on my bed next to Lily.

“So this is Mr Snuggles Le Fuggles La Muggle.” Lily asked as she held up Mr Snuggles Le Fuggles La Muggle.

“Yeah.” I answered, “Sirius called him ugly. He’s not. I mean, sure he is a bit old, but I think he’s cute.”

“He is cute. Perhaps it’s just a girl thing.”


I heard a knock on the door, “Dinner is ready.” It was James.

Me and Lily got off the bed and went over to the door. They better not be in suits because then my t shirt and jeans will look a bit weird. I opened the door, phew; they were still in the clothes that they were in before.

All four of us walked down to dinner. We walked into the dining room. It was posh to say the least; there were many paintings, lots of colours and in the middle a long dinner table. There were six places set at top of the table. Two were on each side, two at the head of the table. I took a seat next to Sirius, as James had stolen the one next to Lily. Mr and Mrs Potter walked in and sat in the two empty seats.

“You all settled?” Mrs Potter asked, as she took a sip of her drink.

“Yes. We are.” Lily answered, “It’s a wonderful room!”

“We’re glad you like it.” Mrs Potter smiled.

“Yeah, it’s cool.” I grinned.

Mrs Potter looked around, “I’m just going to go and check on the dinner.” She then left the room.

This place is nice. That’s for sure. It’s also very different from home. I’m sure about that too.

Mrs Potter returned and soon, the dinner was served by house elves.

In the midst of the chit chatter surrounding dinner, I learned something. There was going to be a party! “James I’m sure you’ve told Lily and Nellie about the party?”

“Um…I forgot.”

“Well, what James forgot to tell you that we have a party every year at Christmas.”

Lily nodded, “Nellie, tomorrow will you come shopping with me to get dresses?”

“You mean you’re not going in jeans?” I exclaimed.

Mrs Potter laughed, but I was deadly serious. “It’s not that sort of party.”

Oh. It’s a fancy party then. Not one of those where you have a little dance in your living room and there are a few sandwiches in the kitchen type parties.

Lily laughed, “So you’ll come? I‘ll help you chose a dress.”

“I guess. Since you asked nicely.”

“Not a fan of dresses?” Mrs Potter asked.

“It’s not that. It’s just they don’t seem to be a fan of me. My clumsiness, the great ability of spilling food and drink down me and the fact that it just doesn’t suit me doesn’t mesh well.”

“I’m sure you’ll look lovely.” Mrs Potter smiled, I returned it, but I wasn’t sure that she was right.

Nellie O’Neill looking lovely?

It just doesn’t sound right.

The next morning, I woke up to find that Lily was already gone. There was a note on the bedside table. Nellie, gone out with James for the morning, I will be back in the afternoon so we can go then! Love, Lily.

I got washed and dressed. I decided to go and bug Sirius because I felt lonely. I don’t know what will happen when Sirius gets a girlfriend. Who is going to hang out with me when situations like this arise?

I went over and knocked on his door. I hope I haven’t woke him up…I hope he is dressed too.

“Hello?” Sirius said as he opened the door, he was dressed and wide awake. “Hi Nellie.”

“Can I hang out with you for a little while?”

“Sure,” Sirius let me in his room and shut the door behind him. I looked around his room, it was basically the same as mine and Lily’s but Sirius was personalized. It had posters and his stuff was stashed on his dresser. “You can sit down if you want.” Sirius sat as he sat on his bed, I joined him.

“Thanks…It’s just that Lily is out with James and ….I got really lonely.” I finished.

“I know what you mean.”

“Huh? But you’re always surrounded by people?”

“Sometimes the top is the loneliest place to be.” He sighed, looking at me.

I nodded, “I understand…I suppose when you’re so high, you’re going to fall…and not all people will stay with you after the fall.”

“Something like that.”

“But hey, what do I know? I’m just Nellie.” I smiled.

“You shouldn’t look down on yourself so much.” Sirius sighed.

I shrugged, “I can’t help it, most of it is the truth anyway.”

Sirius sighed, clearly frustrated about something, “Well, I think different.” He finally said after a few moments of silence.

I decided to change the subject. “It looks cold today.”

“Yeah, it does.”

“What are you going to do today?”

“I don’t know. Probably hang out with James. Sort out the outfits for tomorrow.”

“Does Mr Black scrub up well?” I joked.

“Of course he does. How does Miss O’Neill scrub up?”

“She looks… different.” I decided to leave looks like a drunken budgie wrapped in a curtain comment off.

Sirius smiled, “Remus and Peter should be coming down for the party too. They usually do anyway.”

“Ah. I’m excited…even if I do have to wear a dress.”

“It will be good.”

“I just hope I don’t make a fool of myself. I’m not wearing heels. That’s for sure.”

“You won’t.” Sirius reassured me.

“But I always do.”

“Tell you what, if you make a fool of yourself, I will immediately do something to take the attention away from you and put it on me. Deal?” Sirius held out his hand to shake it; I did.

“Deal.” I looked around, “You have a nice room. I like your posters.”

“Thanks. I had to decorate it when I came here in the summer of sixth year.”

Of course, I knew that Sirius had come here in sixth year. Regulus had told me all about it, but I decided to carry on the conversation. “So you’ve been here since the summer of Sixth?”

“Yeah, and you know what? I actually class this as home rather than the place I was brought up in for sixteen years.”

We looked at each other for a couple of moments. I glanced at the time. “I better go; me and Lily have to go shopping for our Christmas dresses.” I grinned, “I’m quite excited and I hope it will be good!

Sirius laughed, “James Christmas parties happen every year and don’t worry, it’ll be a blast. It always is.”

I smiled. “I better be going now.”

“Yeah, bye Nellie, I’ll see you later.”

I walked out and went back to our bedroom. I had only been sitting in there for five minutes when Lily walked through the door.

“Hi Nellie. You ready?” She smiled cheerily; I could tell she was in a good mood. She always comes back a bit perkier when she’s been out with James.


Me and Lily Apparated to Diagon Alley.

“So Lily, have a nice time out with James?”

“Yeah, it was good.” She mused, “But every time I look at him I feel guilty.” She admitted as she looked down at her feet.


“Because…” She took a deep breath in, “…I was so close minded. You know why I kept rejecting him? I thought it was all some big joke. I’ve said some awful things to him before. I hate that I was so stupid. So nasty.” I wiped Lily’s tears away.

“No need to cry. I think James forgave you a long time ago. Let’s just be thankful he is stubborn eh?” Lily laughed, as she wiped the tears away.

“Thank you Nellie.” She whispered as she squeezed my hand.

“I didn’t do much though.” I smiled, “Now where are we going to get these devil robes?”

Lily laughed, “Of course. It’s off to Twilfit & Tatting's.”

Once we got there, we were looking through all the pretty dresses. “Look at this one!” I yelled over to Lily, “its rainbow! I want it!”

Lily came over to look at the dress, “Nellie, you can’t have that one it’s really…” Lily bit her lip trying to think of what to say, “…ugly.”

I grinned, “See, this is why I’m with you. You stop me from making disastrous fashion mistakes.” I looked through some more dresses, “I want to look nice…for once.”

Lily laughed, “Trying to look nice for Sirius?” She teased.

“I have no idea what you mean.”

Sure you don’t.”

Why do people always tease me about being with Sirius? There is nothing romantic going on. Was there?

I’m confusing myself now.

I’m going to stop thinking about that issue for a little while.

“How about this?” Lily asked, holding up an emerald dress.

“You should try it on. It’s nice.”

“Well, I will once you find a dress.”

Me and Lily looked high and low and eventually we found a dress. It was midnight blue; it went all the way to the floor, which was a bonus for me, compared to Lily’s knee length dress. That means less chance of making a fool of myself, but it means more of a chance of falling over. The dress had no straps; it was just corset top, which once got to the waist, flowed out. That means if I spin around, I can turn my dress into a tent.

I tried it one and I looked at myself. I looked…different. Totally un-Nellie. The sad thing was that somehow I knew I was going to ruin this dress somehow.

Lily stepped out, she looked amazing. Next to her, I felt like the ugly duckling, but I didn’t show it. Lily was beautiful and I was just me. I was plain and simple. I shook my head, pushing the thoughts away. It was never good to dwell on negative thoughts.

“Nellie, you look nice!”

“Thanks, you look amazing.”

Lily turned around, “You think James will like it?”

“He will love it.” And I knew he would.

“Let’s go and buy them.”

And so we did.

Along with shoes, bags, hair stuff, jewellery.

Who knew that being a girl could be so complicated at times?

…To Be Continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.

“Hej! Nellie Wellie Bellie, this is mom speaking, you might have guessed that though! Your father would come and talk, but he’s talking to a stone. It’s round and tripped him over. He’s just talking to it to see if it has a grudge against him. Happy Christmas! We hope you like your present…open it now, so the next thing I’m going to say makes sense.” I opened the box, inside their was an old fashioned key, “We were saving it until you turned eighteen, or at least when you had left Hogwarts but then we realized because of recent events, we might not be around then to give it to you. I’m sure you might have recognized what the key opens, the café. Yes, Oh gobstopper, it’s not a café, it‘s an orange. It’s yours Nellie, it always has been. We were just looking after it for you. That’s if you want it of course. Remember when you were seven, you asked if one day, we’d hire you because you loved the shop, remember what your father said? You’ll be hiring yourself? Interesting. You didn’t quite understand back then though.” I smiled, I’d forgotten all about it. “So it’s all yours my little darling. I still can’t believe that you have almost finished school. I still remember all those stupid things you used to do and the stupid you still do. Never change, because Nellie, you’re you, and that is what makes people love you. I still miss that grin of yours. I hope you’re well. Now my little Nellie Wellie Bellie, I have to go, your father is shouting a tree, but he loves you too. Oi Stop kicking that tree! No! You‘re going to hurt yourself…look you‘ve just gone and bashed your head now.” Then the paper turned into dust.

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