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The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill. by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 8 : Names, Wishes, Hallowe’en And Me
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DisclaimerI don’t own Harry Potter. Nellie and Izzie are mine though. I am not affiliated in any way to Harry Potter.

Plus, if I did, Pansy would have a secret relationship with Ron for a while.

Yeah, thank Merlin JK came up with eh?

Authors Note I’m sorry this took so long to create. It’s not even that long either. I swapped a few ideas around and such. I’m not too sure on what I think of it. It's a bit of a filler. I couldn't combine any chapters from nine in this chapter because it would mess up the structure. I'm sorry it's so short.

I actually can’t wait until Chapters 11 & 12. They’re going to be exciting. Regulus features quite heavily. The Christmas chapters are 13 until like 15, well that’s New Year. I hope I’ll be up to that point when Christmas time comes along. Haha. That means I need to update a little more.

Thanks for all your support. It means a lot. I love hearing from every single one of you. Thanks a lot.

So anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy.

Comments and opinions are always welcomed.

If you spot any typos, please tell me. It's rather late so I've probably missed quite a few.

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“Ah, but you’re a different kind of Sirius.” - Nellie O'Neill

Chapter Eight -
Names, Wishes, Hallowe’en And Me

Wishes. A hope or desire for something. You can wish for anything, it might come true, it might not. Wish upon a falling star. I did once; it never came true; I never did get that go-cart. Probably the best idea I didn’t either. I probably would have broken a couple of bones.

At this very moment though, I have a new wish: to change this pebble into a butterfly with a flick of my wand, then for it to change back into a pebble with another flick.

It’s harder than it sounds.

Much harder.

Especially since I’m rubbish at Transfiguration. It requires concentration the most and that is something I lack.

I’ve been trying for about two hours now. I’m alone, I think because I can’t see anybody around. It’s getting rather chilly now and people prefer to stay confined to the castle walls. These people are smart.

I am not smart though, that’s why I’m standing under the tree, reviewing everything I've learnt in the past month. We’ve got a test next week and I don’t want to fail it really badly.

“What are you doing?” Sirius asked standing next to me and because I hadn’t noticed him, I’d jumped several feet in the air. “I scared you?” Sirius asked rhetorically with a little smirk on his face.

“No.” I lied. “Not at all. I jump into the air for fun. You know... a little exercise. You just happened to come at that time.”

“Oh? How many of these do you usually do?”

“Seven thousand and ninety-nine. Sometimes Seven thousand and ninety nine and a half…” I replied. “Want to join in?”

“I’ll pass. How can you do a half jump?” Sirius pondered.

“Easy.” I lifted up on of my leg. Sirius raised an eyebrow. “There.”

“But you didn’t jump.” Sirius pointed out.

“My leg was in midair, just like it is when I jumped.”

Sirius shrugged, he was accepting defeat for now. “You know, you’re meant to be inside now.”

“That late already?” I asked. Sirius nodded. “Why are you here now? Won‘t you also get into trouble?”

Sirius smirked playfully. “Taking a walk. Haha, no. My best friend is the Head Boy remember?”

“How could one forget James?”

“It’s impossible. Believe me, I’ve tried.” Sirius let out a bark style laugh, as I giggled. I smiled at Sirius in which he returned. He has a pretty nice smile.

“So what were you really doing?” He asked. I shrugged, not wanting to explain. It’s embarrassing on how bad I actually am at Transfiguration. “It’s okay,” Sirius began again, “I won’t laugh.” Something tells me that probably wasn’t strictly true. Perhaps it was the smirk on his face. Perhaps it was that glint in his eyes that made him seem much further away than he actually was. Sirius noticed I wasn’t replying, so he turned to his next tactic; pouting.

I sighed, giving in. I opened my hand to reveal a tiny pebble. “I’m practising Transfiguration. I’m trying not to fail the next test too badly.”

“Oh, that will be eas-” Sirius stopped talking when he looked at me. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the glare I’m giving him. “What I meant to say is erm…you need any help?” Sirius was amazing at Transfiguration; he always got it so quickly. His spells are always extravagant. He even surpassed Lily.

I shrugged. “No point in it. I won’t get it anyway. It’s useless.”

“Stop being a pessimistic. You’re an optimistic.”

“No. I’m naturally pessimistic. I just prefer being optimistic.”

Sirius raised his eyebrow again, “Anyway. What are you trying to do?”

“Change this pebble into a butterfly. Then, I wanted to change it back into a pebble.”

Sirius nodded and took the pebble out of my hand. A jolt of electricity went through me. I hated when that happens. I shivered, though I didn’t know whether it was from the cold air or something else.

Sirius then pulled out his wand and pointed it at the pebble. “Severio Lamento.” He whispered. His breath could be seen in the dark. I pulled my cloak closer to me. Within seconds the pebble changed from a common thing into something amazing. It had the most vivid red wings I’d ever seen with forest green splodges on them. It flew around us in a circle. If I wasn’t so amazed, I’d probably thought it was going to eat us.

“It’s beautiful.” I said in awe. I thought for a moment, it needed a name. “I’m going to call it ‘Buttie Mknutty Fly.’”

Sirius laughed, “First ‘Mr Snuggles Le Fuggles La Muggle’ now ‘Buttie Mknutty Fly’. I’d hate to be named by you. Nellie, you make up some interesting names.”

“It’s a family trait.”

“So you’ve all got weird names?”

“Not really. It’s more about the combination we’re given. I mean my middle names are all arranged alphabetically.”

“Ah. That’s a little odd but Nellie isn’t that odd, then again, you’re the only Nellie in the school.”

“And you are only Sirius.”

“Sirius isn’t original though, It’s just another star name my family likes using. Least your name is probably original. Blacks just re use the same old names.”

“Ah, but you’re a different kind of Sirius.”

“You think?” He asked, the butterfly flying into the palm of his hand. His finger was stroking its silky surface and for a moment, Sirius devoted all of his attention on it. Sirius almost looked and I daresay; sweet. Sirius Black looking sweet?

Where are those flying pigs?

“I am sure of it.” I replied. I watched how the butterfly flew from Sirius hand and flew on top of my head.

A butterfly is on my head.

I hope it doesn’t think it’s a nest and lays its eggs.

No. Wait. That’s birds isn’t it?

Sirius kicked a small stone, “I’m freezing to death here. You want to go?”

“I suppose so.” Sirius walked over to me and stood dangerously close in front of me. He looked at me for a moment while chewing on his bottom lip. The air felt thicker for a moment and my stomach felt like I’d eaten too many sweets. He scooped Buttie Mknutty Fly off my head. He muttered a few words and Buttie Mknutty Fly was once again a pebble. I felt sad for a moment but Sirius soon cured that when he opened up my hand, placed the pebble inside and closed it again.

“Let’s go then?” Sirius said looking around.

“Okay.” I picked up my bag and swung it over my shoulder.

“So, Nell, you okay about what happened yesterday?”

I shuddered at Cade’s words. “Well, Siri-”

“Siri?” Sirius questioned.

“If you can shorten mine, I can shorten yours. Si, is odd, Sir, sounds like your about fifty with a very large moustache. Siri is cute. Or shall I call you Siri-whimsy? I like that too.”

“Siri is fine then if that’s the options. Though Sir sounds like I have power-”

“-and it sounds like you’re old.” I laughed, “I guess so. We saw her at breakfast this morning, she was about to say something but Izzie glared at her and she actually ran away!”

Sirius laughed again. “I probably would too if Izzie had something against me.”

“How do you know she doesn’t?”

Sirius went a little paler. “She doesn’t though? Right?”

“I think she doesn’t. If she has she would have told me.”

Sirius posture became looser. I watched as he ran his fingers through his hair and for a moment, I understood why so many girls fell for his charm. “That’s good then.”

“Izzie is sweet really. I depend on her and she depends on me. She’s just a bit protective.”

“I can see why.”

My forehead creased in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“If Izzie didn’t do anything, you would have let Cade get away with upsetting you wouldn’t you?”

I thought of it for a moment.

Sirius was right. I would have said nothing and lived with it.

“You’re right.” I sighed, “That’s why I’m glad I have a friend who doesn’t take any crap.”

Sirius smiled.

“What are you two doing out of bed?” Professor McGonagall asked. We turned around to look at her.

“You know,” I paused thinking of something, “Bill A Bob Bon Bon stole all my socks. So I’m searching for them and Mr Black was being a gentleman helping me to search for them. “I pointed to my feet. “See Professor, my socks don’t match. I don’t think Bill A Bob Bon Bon likes me much.” I could see out of the corner of my eye that Sirius was trying his hardest not to burst out laughing.

“And what is Bill A Bob Bon Bon?”

“Erm,” I stuttered, but then the idea came to me, “A Ghost! Yeah, that’s right! Bill A Bob Bon Bon is a ghost!”

Professor McGonagall lips twitched for a moment, “I haven’t heard of this ghost before, but very well, off to bed now. Ten points from Gryffindor each. Don’t let me catch you again. This is regular Mr Black but Miss O’Neill this is rather unexpected. Now go.”

I nodded before walking off with Sirius. If only she knew that I was actually studying for her class.

Once we got in the Common room, we both burst out laughing.

“What the hell Nell? A Ghost who stole your socks?” Sirius said between laugher. “Genius! McGonagall didn’t know what to do! Where do you come up with this stuff?”

“My noggin.” I replied pointing to my head, “I don’t know where Bill A Bob Bon Bon came from either.”


We stood there for a moment looking at each other.

“I’d better go.” I said; the air around us had become awkward.

“Me too.” Sirius agreed.

I quickly walked into the dormitory; everyone else was asleep, so I got changed and went to bed. I soon was lost in dreams.

“Happy Halloweeeeen!” Izzie yelled in my face in the morning.

“Eugh. Go away.” I mumbled as I turned away from her.

Mmm. The cold side of the pillow is always quite nice.

“Nellie Aar-”

“-I’m up!” I sighed, accepting defeat.

“Get changed now.”

I glared before grabbing my uniform and going to get washed and dressed.

After I was ready we headed to the Great Hall. Thousands of live bats could be seen. Pumpkins as large as sheds were being used for decoration. A few candles were in the smaller pumpkins. Above us were flaming orange streamers.

Hogwarts at Hallowe’en is nice. I suppose because it’s almost like a witches holiday we have to go all out to celebrate it.

I was sitting and eating breakfast when a bunch of orange bats were carrying a sign with ‘Happy Hallowe’en Everybody!’. Within a blink of an eye a firework display happened right above our heads; the colours orange and black. Pictures which looked like they were made out of fairy lights were created: a pumpkin, a bat, a cauldron. Everything to do with Hallowe’en was there. It was an interesting way to start the morning.

The Marauders pranks get better every year.

“It‘s time to go to potions.” Izzie sighed, as she picked up her bag and dragged me away from my ninth piece of toast.

We sat in our normal class, as the Slug, walked in.

“Today class, we will be working in pairs which I have chosen. The instructions are on the board. I expect your potions to be finished by the end of the class so we can test them.” I looked at the board, Healing Potion.

“Isabel Devereux and Remus Lupin.” Remus did nothing as he picked up his stuff to come over to our table. Funnily enough, Isabel didn’t complain either which is strange.

“James Potter and Lily Evans.” Lily gave a small tut but complained no further as James happily went over to her table.

“Sirius Black and,” He scanned the list of students, “Nellie O’Neill.” I heard a few girls sigh. I gathered up my stuff and went over to Sirius’ table.

“Yo.” I greeted.


“You want to get them or shall I?” I asked, rather timidly.

Sirius looked at me strangely, “No, I’ll go and get them.” He got up to go and get the ingredients.

Sirius came back a few moments later.

“I liked the display earlier.”

“Thanks.” Sirius replied, “We surprisingly haven't got detention yet for it.”

“How could you fill in another one anyway?” I teased.

“I know. I know. My schedule is pretty full. I have a date with Dinglebat later.” Sirius winked at me.

“Oh, that should be fun. Bring him one of those orange bats. He’ll like that.”

“But it’s like our twentieth date. Do I still have to bring presents? I thought that phase was over.”

“If you want to win over his heart then yes.”

Sirius shook his head. “I don’t know. I might still go after McGonagall. I’m not too sure. What would you think?”

I laughed as I put another ingredient in a potion. It changed from a sky blue into a royal blue.

“We’ve got to stir it now.”

I stirred it a couple of times.

“You’re supposed to stir it the other way.”

“You do it instead.” Sirius nodded as I scooted over from where I was sitting so he could be near the cauldron. Sirius took over the stirring duties, he was better at it than I was. He had some type of grace about it.

I looked over at Izzie, she was laughing about something. I smiled.

I was simply sitting on the edge of the table and because I was laughing at something Sirius said, I lost my balance.

Guess what happens?

Yeah. I fall off the table and straight onto my face.

I’m wearing a skirt!

“You wear very nice underwear Nellie.” Sirius eyes glinted mischievously in the light.

Ponies weren’t very nice underwear though!

I cringed.

If only I wore my grown up knickers as mum calls them.

Then this situation wouldn’t be as bad.

I quickly pulled myself up; luckily only Sirius had seen.

“You like ponies? Very nice.”

“If only I wore my grown up knickers.” I mumbled under my breath.

“What are grown up knickers?” Sirius asked quite confused.

I was about to answer when I was saved by the bell.


I rushed out before Sirius could ask any questions, my cheeks crimson with embarrassment.

“Nellie!” Izzie called, I waited for her. “Guess what?”


“You have to guess!”

“You really like Helium?”

“Well yes, but it isn’t that.”

“You’ve realized that you’re half chicken?”

“No. I wish. I fancy Remus!” She whispered in my ear.


…To Be Continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.

I sighed before walking off, slamming the door behind me angrily.

Angry, confused and just plain frustrated. I knew where I was going; outside. I was breaking rules once again, but I didn’t care. The coldness balanced out my fire as I sat on the soft grass.

It was then my eyes found an odd sight. A stag with a mouse upon its back and a big, black, shaggy dog standing next to it.

I rubbed my eyes.

Nope, I’m not dreaming.

The animals looked at me for a while before coming over next to me.

If only I had an ark, I could be the next Noah.

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