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the present by timeturner
Chapter 30 : Understanding Sirius
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the present
Chapter Thirty: Understanding Sirius

Hermione tossed uneasily in her bed. Draco was gone. Sirius was gone. How on earth had she managed to run both of them off on the very same week? She pulled the covers tighter around her, images of Sirius’ past still tumbling through her mind. His time with the Marauders had been so wonderful to him…he held onto that so dearly. And Lily…he’d given her up for James. Hermione had sifted through the memories for that first, she had to know if Sirius had ever truly been in love. All she had encountered was Lily, though, which had seemed more like safety and security than love. Was it possible he had never been in real love?

The memories that had flooded through her had taught her so much about him…moments from his childhood and his terrible vile parents; visions of Grimmauld in its greatness. It was the times at Hogwarts that were most vivid, though, full of life and happiness. She couldn’t help but blush at some of his memories…his first kiss, his first sexual encounter and later ones that would have made even a sailor redden. Amazingly to her, he remembered them all. He remembered things about Remus, slight touches in James’ absence, that Hermione couldn’t quite decipher…she had no reference only the memory, so she wasn’t sure if it had been mere teenage experimentation or if he might have possibly been later in life. Either way, she knew they had been loving and tender, as if Remus had taken Sirius under his wing to help console him over one of the many dark events of his lifetime. It had explained to her not only why Sirius was the way he was but, in a way, taught her about Remus and a part of his life he’d never been willing to share. It was almost as if Remus had adopted Sirius as his own and she finally understood why Remus was so terrified at the idea of losing him again. And the secret keeper…now she understood, really understood, why Sirius had never forgiven himself.

She kicked off the covers in frustration. How could she possibly sleep with everything that had happened tonight? How long would he be gone? Knowing Sirius, she knew it wouldn’t take long…he would know exactly how to find Bella and he wouldn’t waste precious moments on conversation. His memories had told her that…once his mind had been made, his resolve could not be deterred. He would march into her, raise his wand and all would be over. He would not give her a second chance to threaten those that he held dear. Sitting up and letting her legs dangle off the edge of the bed, Hermione tried to quell the what-ifs that raged through her mind. What if Bella was expecting him, what if she wasn’t alone, what if she found him before he found her?

A slight movement at the edge of her vision caught her off guard. Now she was seeing things, she cursed herself as she glanced at the clock. Everyone would be arriving in just a few hours…where had all that time gone?

“Is Draco with you?”


From somewhere in her darkened room, he was there. Had he not really left or was he already returning? Hermione’s stomach fluttered. “Of course not.”

He moved slowly, as if in a daze. She could see no visible scars on him, and his hair was only ruffled from the hand he kept dragging through it. Dust and light snow fell from his cloak as he walked, the only physical sign that he had indeed been off somewhere else. But he wouldn’t meet her gaze and that told her enough. He sank down in front of her, burying his face in her lap. Her hand hesitated in mid-air before resting on the top of his head. He wasn’t crying, wasn’t even emotionally spent from the look of him, but the resignation of what he had done seemed to have enveloped him. She wasn’t sure how long they sat that way—his exhausted face pressed deeply into her bare legs—but she couldn’t bear the thought of pushing him away for even a moment.

His soft breathing had almost lulled her to sleep when she felt it...the soft silky slide of his lips along her flesh. His hands slid across her thighs, pushing the already short fabric of her nightgown higher up. He didn’t ask permission, didn’t even glance her direction for approval and that alone gave her chills. His mouth traced slowly along her skin, first sliding up one thigh and then down the other as he nuzzled her gently with his growing beard. Her breath caught in her throat as he scooted her further back on the bed, his hands drifting aimlessly along her curves as he shifted his body to lay on top of her. His touch was light, almost irritatingly so, and Hermione gripped his shirt tightly in her fists in at attempt to pull him toward her. Her movement accomplished nothing, though, not even a change in his breathing pattern as he continued to slip his tongue along the curves of her neck. His fingers tightened around her breasts, causing her to let out a tiny gasp. His mouth moved to cover hers, the pressure of his lips on hers and his hot breath causing her to almost suffocate under his demands.

Sirius undressed casually as if he was stepping into the shower, his movements seeming painstakingly slow to Hermione. She wanted to grab for him, pull his body into hers and show him the desperation with which she wanted to be a part of him. But, he would have nothing of it. His caresses were smooth but never tentative, well-practiced yet never rehearsed. She let her fingers slip along the muscles in his arms, across the sharp angles of his shoulder blades that arched rhythmically as he moved. When he finally did come for her, she knew no other way to describe it…his body possessed her.

Hermione lay silently in his arms, his fingers gently tracing the curve of her waist. She wasn’t sure if she should say something or if he preferred silence…she’d known him to enjoy both but tonight had not been like any other night.

“Ask me, Hermione. I’m only giving you a limited time to come up for air.”

Whether it was a threat or a promise, she wasn’t sure. She considered the many things she wanted to ask him…about his past, her past, Remus, James, even Harry, but none of them seemed to be appropriate after the tender, almost reverent, love making they had just shared. “Are you all right?”

“That’s perhaps the one question I didn’t want you to ask,” he murmured silkily.

Hermione rolled to face him, kissing his chest as she rested her body on his. “Then let’s forget I mentioned it.”

She kissed him tenderly but he was hesitant this time. He pulled inches away from her. “I’m not,” he said quietly, “and you should probably know that going in.”

“Sirius,” she smiled gently, “I knew that the moment you left.”

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