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Harry Potter and The Tomb of Hogwarts by Deispring

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 188
Chapters: 30
Words: 217635
Characters: Harry
Genre(s): Action/Adventure
Era: Hogwarts
Status: Work In Progress
First Published: 2004.06.26
Last Published Chapter: 2005.12.20
Last Updated: 2006.03.19
Favorite Story Of: 85 users
Advisory: Mild Violence,

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****************************************************************************** Sixteen years at the Dursley’s would be hard on any young boy, but for a wizard named Harry Potter, it’s pure torture. But his 6th summer holiday brings many surprises, starting with a few parting gifts from his late godfather, and one

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1 Grief and Solitude

**************************************************************************************** **************************************************************************************** Sixteen years at the Dursley’s would be hard on any young boy, but for a wizard named Harry Potter, it’s pure torture. But his 6th summer holiday brings many surprises, starting with a few parting gifts from his late godfather, and one

7527 16
2 The Reading of the Will

Sirius is dead, Harry blames himself, and he's back home at the Dursleys. When everything looks hopeless, Harry revieves a letter from none other that Albus Dumbledore, and he's coming to visit.

7374 5
3 Lupin, Dumbledore, Fudge

Sirius is dead, Harry blames himself, and he's back home at the Dursleys. When everything looks hopeless, Harry revieves a letter from none other that Albus Dumbledore, and he's coming to visit.

7226 3
4 Dudley’s Story

Sirius is dead, Harry blames himself, and he's back home at the Dursleys. When everything looks hopeless, Harry revieves a letter from none other that Albus Dumbledore, and he's coming to visit.

7622 4
5 A Wizard Named Dudley

Sirius is dead, Harry blames himself, and he's back home at the Dursleys. When everything looks hopeless, Harry revieves a letter from none other that Albus Dumbledore, and he's coming to visit.

8819 3
6 Cleaning House

With shock after shock over the past week, Harry's about to finally settle in for some well deserved R&R. So, what's first on the list? Cleaning house. And as he goes through Sirius's things he learns more about the past of Sirius, Remus, and his Mum and Dad. And with a memento from Sirius's box, Harry begins to look towards the future. But what Dumbledore offers for the future is more than Harry ever expected

6078 5
7 Summer School

Dumbledore drops a bomb right into Harry's lap. So, what will he do; take Dumbledore's offer, or try to find some way of getting back to a normal life. Luckily, he doesn't have to decide right now. Right now, all Harry has to worry about is getting through Summer School. More work with Dudley, Snape, and the arrival of the latest Hogwarts student, Rubeus Hagrid. And so, for summer, what does Harry get to do? Summer School.

7641 1
8 Summer Surprises

: School will be starting soon, but before school, there's Harry's Birthday. Unfortunatly, it seems bad luck spreads quickly as both Ron and Hermione cancel thier trips to meet with Harry on his big day. But never fear, as Remus pulls through with a few great surprises for Harry, with a final birthday present that will forever change Harry's life, if he can handle it.

9365 1
9 Untold Stories

Has Sirius come back from the grave? If so, how? And if not, why did Harry call out Sirius's name. Find the answers to these and more questions as the story continues, as we begin to learn more about this mysterious medallion which holds many secrets of its own. Plus, Harry's final days at Grimmauld place, his last sessions with Snape, and were that not enough, catch a sneak peek into Snape's past and begin to uncover the mysteries that the foreboding Potions Master holds.

9852 3
10 Siege at Kings Cross

Summary: Summer has finally come to an end, and after a very long week back at Privet Drive, Harry is ready to return to Hogwarts. Wanting to spend No more time with the Dursleys than possible, Harry signals for the Night Bus. He takes a seat next to Neville, and they keep each other company on their way to King's cross. But when they arrive at the famed train station, they come upon a the most disturbing sight Harry had witnessed since the return of Lord Voldemort. It's De Ja Vu as Harry watches in horror as Death Eaters prance around, terrorizing any Muggles they might find, playing with the

9831 3
11 Guests at Hogwarts

Charlie's the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher? If nothing else today has surprised Harry, this most certainly has. And though it's already after dark, Harry's day isn't even half done. And then, if he hasn't already been through quite enough, after all of the announcements and festivities of the first meal back at Hogwarts, Harry's scheduled to have a nice long talk with Dumbledore afterwards. But what happens there makes the earlier parts of the day seem like a warmup. Harry's day just keeps getting better and better.

11164 5
12 Back in the Saddle

It's the first day of classes, and Dumbledore has decided to help Harry find his path. Bringing him to his new classroom and sharing some advice, it's time for Harry to learn what being a Professor of Duelling is all about. From learning the secrets of his own classroom and having his very first Conjuration Class, to a duel that will test everything Harry knows, this day will challenge him in every aspect of his being and ends with the promise of fun, excitement, exploration, new challenges, and even the possibility of romance.

11658 7
13 Dumbledore's Five

School is back in session, and it's time for Harry to get back into the swing of things. But in sixth year, things are the same as they used to be. Added to this is Harry's anticipation for teaching his own classes. But he's got help on it's way, including a full week of instructions from Dumbledore on the finer points of Duelling. From when and how to cast spells to which spells to cast, Dumbledore has mastered duelling, and all of his wisdom can be summed up in five words, "Dumbledore's Five Rules for Duelling" Watch as Harry learns from the best, and keep your eyes peeled and you just might

7751 9
14 Life's Lessons

The first week is done, and now it's time for Harry to take his first step as a Deputy Professor. But before he does, he gets a few last minute lessons, including a helpful hint from Ron, a very surpising talk with Professor Snape, and a day-long lesson with Dumbledore that will change his duelling style, and give him some last minute insights into himself. But more importantly than all of this is what his headmaster has to say about the man that he will be sharing his classroom with. What Dumbledore has to say to Harry will open his eyes to the past and will alter his impression of Snape Fore

6767 6
15 The Plan

So Harry's finally taught his first classes. But how are small classes of first and second years going to compete with third throught fifth years. More importantly, what's going to happen when Harry has to head the sixth and seventh years which include all four houses, including Slytherin. How will Malfoy react to having Harry in charge, and how will Snape act in the presence of his "favourite student" And most inportantly, what is The Plan. Read on and find out.

7841 12
16 The Date

Two weeks in the books and Harry already feels like he's had a years worth of work. Luckily, he has something to look forward to. Hogsmeade weekend is upon him and it's time for his to relax. So he, Ron, and Hermione, along with thier dates, all head to Hogsmeade for fun, food, and fraternization. But what Harry find there, spending time with Amanda, is something more powerful than any magic he's ever known. But what does harry do when he's had so little experience with woman. Find out, when Harry and Amanda go out on, The Date.

6547 13
17 All Work and No Play

Harry's had a pretty full schedule so far, but he's handled it quite well. But now his third week of school is upon him and so are his Occlumency and Animagus lessons, as well as a full week's Quidditch practice. And if this were not already enough for Harry, a misshap at Quidditch practice adds even more stress to a very full schedule, and it's only Sunday. How will he handle the stress? Can he keep up with his full schedule and still continue his growing relationship with Amanda? One thing's for sure. Thre's no rest for the weary as he finds that life as a Deputy Professor is All Work

6668 10
18 The Legend of the Tomb

For three months Harry has been plagued by dreams of the Tomb of Hogwarts, yet any research his busy scheduled has allowed him to do has turned up nothing. But with Hermione's sudden discovery Harry's on the verge of learning more than he ever expected. But before he can get some answers, he must first come up with some of his own as the primary sourse of information is locked away and only an obscure clue can lead him to the answers he seeks. Watch as Harry tries to unlock the Legend of the Tomb.

5939 9
19 Harry's Big Surprise.

Now that Harry knows what he's looking for, it should be just a matter of searching for the other two medallions and everything would be perfect. But of course, Harry's life isn't so easy. He's got classes to teach, others to learn, a relationship to attempt to keep afloat, and Captaining of the Gryffindor Quidditch team just one week before the first and biggest match of the year VS Slytherin. But Harry's got a plan, a great plan, and if everything falls into place, everyone will love Harry's Big Surprise.

8751 12
20 Chapter 20 Quidditch Game 1, Gryffindor VS Slytherin

Gryffindor vs Slytherin. It’s the first game of the year and their off to a bang. With new brooms for the Gryffindor team, the game seems like a lock. But the Slytherins have a new chaser of their own and with a new broom she’s tough to beat. But the Gryffindors have a plan and they plan to beat the Slytherins. But as Harry well knows, if they Slytherins can’t defeat you, they’re likely to beat you, literally. Can the Gryffindor’s survive the Slytherin’s unscrupulous tactics and win the game, or can Slytherin take them out one by one and force them to surrender? Read on and find out…

5424 7
21 Chapter 21 - The Good, The Bad, The Horrific

A record breaking defeat of Slytherin causes celebration throughout Gryffindor Tower. But before long the victories of yesterday are gone and the trials of everyday life are brought forth once again. All too quickly Harry is back to teaching in the morning, learning in the afternoon, studying in the evening, and with both Occlumency and Animagus training there's not much free time left. But after a tragic incident that shakes the entire school, Harry must add yet another project to his overworked scheduile. See how Harry copes as he juggles The Good, The Bad, and The Horrific.

6574 6
22 Chapter 22 - The Animagus Quest

In the aftermath of the horrors at the Owlery, the entire school is flipped upside-down, where even the Slytherins join in the united tribute to the fallen owls. But Harry, Ron, and Hermione have little time to mourn because their Animagus Quests are finally here. What will they become? What inner beast lies dormant in their hearts? And how will they find thier paths to their animagus forms? Read on and find out.

5678 7
23 Chapter 23 - Hermione's Confession

Harry's found his Animagus form, or forms as may be the case, but what of Ron and Hermione. What forms did they take, and how did they come to find them. Harry sure wants to find out, but before the week is out he'll find more answers than he ever expected when he hears, Hermione's Confession.

5576 4
24 Chapter 24 - The Holloween Ball

Now that Ron and Hermione are back on speaking terms, it's time to have a ball. That's right, it's time for the Holloween Ball. Watch as Ron, Hermione, and Harry ready themselves for a nice, romantic evening with Parvati, Davie, and Amanda. So after a nice trip to Hogsmeade for a few last minute nessesities before the crown event. But keep an eye or your watch or els you just might miss The Halloween Ball.

5615 10
25 Chapter 25 - The Ministry Massacre

The Minister of Magic is dead. How did it happen? Were there any other victems? And what's to happen with the Ministry now? Stand by with Harry and find out when Dumbledore calls an Emergency Staff Meeting and explains, "The Ministry Massacre."

4462 3
26 Chapter 26 - Fallout

After everything that Happened at the Ministry, Harry knows he's got to step things up a notch and Dumbledore is the one to help him. Watch as Dumbledore starts showing Harry some Practical applications to defensive magic. And when both Dumbledore and McGonagall give him more answers than he ever expected, Can Harry can cope with being treated as an adult. Find the answers to all this, plus a brutal Quidditch match in Chapter 26, FALLOUT!!!

4463 3
27 Chapter 27 Love and Hate

"Love and Hate" Two of the most strongest and powerful words in the English language, and opposing forces on the scales by which magic is balanced.. So how is it that two polar opposites can be so completely explored in a mere twenty-four hours? Watch and find out as Harry proceeds through a heart wrenching day that starts with love, proceeds to hate, and ends somewhere in the middle. Just another day in the life of Harry Potter.

7476 1
28 Chapter 28 - Winter Romances

After an atrocity such as the attack on the Giant Squid, what everyone could really use is a little rest and relaxation, and what better way to relax than a little romance. All Harry wants is to find a little alone time with Amanda which is not as easy as it would seem when he still needs to look after Dudley, but then Harry brings in some backup to help out. And so even between classes and Hagrid’s ever changing plans for some mystery plans, Harry is able to find a few precious moments Amanda, but the biggest Winter Romance surprise is still to come.

5723 2
29 Chapter 29 - Customs and Politics

Watch as Harry, Ron, and Hermione try to figure out how to bring together a Giant and Giantess. And you thought you had big problems. But, if you thought that was as bad as it gets, there's Politics.

6488 2
30 Chapter 30 - Quills and Wands

A press conference at the Ministry of Magic. Not much can be more nerve-racking than that. But three months of teaching at Hogwarts had given Harry skills he never new he had. Watch as Harry tackles every reporter in the wizarding world, and discover a little more from Dumbledore about why Harry became the Duelling Professor. And get ready, only one more chapter until the Christmas Holidays, and oh what fun it will be.

5735 16

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