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Livia: A Solace or An Heir by lkaz

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 3
Chapters: 61
Words: 492067
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, Bill, Molly, Neville
Genre(s): Crossover, Romance, Action/Adventure
Era: Hogwarts
Pairings: OC/OC, Snape/OC
Status: Completed
First Published: 2017.06.18
Last Published Chapter: 2017.09.24
Last Updated: 2017.09.24
Favorite Story Of: 0 users
Advisory: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

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The books and film create a wonderful environment that is destroyed. What happens to it? How could a headmaster who cared about it leave it vulnerable? Why would he question his closeted ally, his Potions Master, if the latter loved one woman his whole life? Why would that man grasp at straws before enacting the plan that made him entirely trustworthy to their adversary, as if he could live some other life? These things could only make sense if you think that they would have nutured a Plan B to a prophecy from a questioned source. This is her story.

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 A Humble Beginning

An abandoned baby learns her backstory and its many open questions.

6250 0
2 Last Years in Suffolk as a "Normal" Child

Part of a gifted girl's adopted family turn on her and seek to derail life as she knew it. Some of her talents become clearer but are they enough to save her?

8069 0
3 Nearly Two Years of Limbo in London

Livia endures two academic years at a school for juvenile delinquints. Her brother and a few surprising animal friends aid her ability to survive.

9929 0
4 Freedom Brings Unusual Gifts

After almost two years of incarceration, Livia finally experiences the outside world again. She finds friendship offered via her brother yet a bigger surprise awaits: she learns what became of a letter she wrote in January. A mysterious, older man issues an invitation to attend his school. His name is Albus Dumbledore.

4813 0
5 A Few Weeks in Durham and a Return to London

Livia and her brother discuss the mysterious man who invited her to his school. They meet more of Tom's friends in Durham and celebrate her thirteenth birthday, with two unexpected guests. The duo return to London and settle her transition to Hogwarts. She acquires her wand and complete various tasks with the help of Hagrid. With everything ready, Livia makes her first Hogwarts friend and begins her first trip to school.

7965 0
6 A New Beginning and New Challenges

Livia arrives at her new school, Hogwarts. She meets the headmaster again as well other faculty and the groundskeeper. Livia's owls direct her to send a letter to her brother through a local owl. One faculty member strikes Livia as quite unusual and she tries to stay out of his way after initially sparring a bit with him.  Livia's sorting brings surprises, as the hat points to a legacy -- her actual father. Because she wants to skip a year, the hat sorts her into Ravenclaw. A gift from her brother raises some questions.

11536 0
7 An Unusual Friend Or What?

Livia's scholastic career hits a snag: she offends her Potions Master -- more than once. She levels with him and he realizes he may have actually met her father, among other interesting things. She learns about past events from the headmaster and enjoys her first, if brief, visit to her brother in Durham. Her brother's career and personal life seems to be taking shape, too.

11310 0
8 Livia's Second Term Accelerates Her Push Foward

Livia's use of her "empathic" gifts draws attention but not punishment, though Professor Snape acknowledges her status as a Slytherin legacy. Livia tries to fit in better by learning Quidditch and asking about using her wand for dueling. Her cat's decline becomes more noticeable, thought she tries to help Sarah. A comment by her brother's girlfriend makes her question if the woman has family ties to Hogwarts. If so, it could make telling her brother more clearly about her education less risky.

5550 0
9 Helping a Friend and Helping Herself

Livia continues her quest to finish year one and learn enough to pass year two before the fall term begins. Her ambitions get sidetracked briefly by bullying of one of her friends, compelling her to create a potion and impersonate her. Her summer is far from perfect yet positions her to bypass year two. She opts to manage her stress by helping Professor Snape with his inventory closet, which begins an unusual pattern. If she entertained the thought it might make him push her less on her exam to pass year two, she was wrong. Yet she never backs down from any challenge of his.

8261 0
10 Finding Her Way, Creating a Dance

Livia finds herself in a new housing situation and with a few new outlets for her talents and interests. At least one gets her into trouble with her Potions Master. Yet in another, she successfully proposes organizing a spring dance even featuring music she had listened to over the past few years. She also finally speaks to two Gryffindor students who share some of her interests, Charlie and Bill Weasley.

7407 0
11 Off Balance: Dealing With a Weasley Crush, Finding and Defeating A Boggart

Teenage angst hits Livia hard when her dance idea goes ahead and she has to work with her first crush, Bill Weasley. She realizes he thinks of her akin to his little sister. Being unnoticed as well as different carries burdens she feels she must transcend...somehow. Livia also presents a unique challenge to one professor: she struggles to name something she fears. The faculty encourage the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor to "get her attention" by introducing her to a boggart dementor. She survives both and the year ends with an unusual correspondence.

7045 0
12 Summer in London (For the Most Part)

Livia finds almost a welcoming committee greeting her at King's Cross. Given a green light, she invites a friend to attend a wedding with her. She also arranges to meet another friend for school supply shopping after attending to the inventory closet of Professor Snape. She finds out a little about him, by her own daring and by accident. Yet he knows a little about her as well, she learns. At Diagon Alley, she chooses an owl for her friend, one who rejected the shop's name for her.

12619 0
13 Did Livia Give Up Too Soon or Make a Wise Choice?

Livia decides to develop a skill to use if needed with Professor Snape -- mimic his voice. Various instructors discuss her status while one student annoys her greatly. On the latter, three roommates execute a plan to cut the boy down to size. She also oddly finds Bill Weasley interested in her background. Her friends don't understand her calm, but she had spent weeks trying to get over him. Still, she wasn't ready to see her prediction of him being abandoned at a dance, though it became several things for her besides a lucrative wager.

8976 0
14 Bill, a CD Player and Another Birthday Prank

Livia greatly enjoys her half-date with Bill Weasley but cannot figure out what he will say to her entirely. Her roommates later press her for the details. She frankly discusses the event with her makeshift family, though the impending visit of one sister drives her right back to school. To have something to do, she pranks Professor Snape as well as asks Professor Dumbledore how to make her new CD player, a Christmas gift, work there. Both question why she is not dating or visiting Bill Weasley instead.

5780 0
15 A Spring Too Hot to Handle, Including Shelley's Song Choice

When Livia's roommates return, she entertains them when her new music player. Livia's roommate decides she should make Livia and Bill reconsider their status. Everyone there but Livia agrees about it. Professor Dumbledore tells Professor Flitwick to stop observing limits on how he makes allowances for her owing to age and skill level, which overwhelms her. After a brief recess, Livia remains a bit unprepared for all that awaits her.

6799 0
16 "The Talk," a Move, Another Side Trip and Visiting a Friend

Livia finally understand what happened -- or did not happen -- that night with Bill Weasley. Her brother's girlfriend had to step in, owing to a lack of an actual mother. Her brother finally moves back to Durham, which makes her summer travels more fitting. She takes a side trip to Hogwarts to take inventory with Professor Snape, then gets sent to visit and shop with her friend Shelley, whose family sends them off for another year at school.

9332 0
17 The Legend of Livia is Born

Preoccupied with her work wth Professor Flitwick, Livia learns he wants her to become a prefect with her roommate. Professor Snape uses it as a pretext to pick a fight with her and she takes the bait by mimicking him to his face in front of the entire class. Another student uses it as justification to ask her to attend a ball with him, but she knows he has an ulterior motive: two of his Slytherin housemates put him up to it. She plays along and, tipped off about their intentions by Professor Snape himself, she vows to be prepared to deal with fallout.

6795 1
18 Wrath and Surprise

Two would-be taunters or bullies find out exactly what Livia is capable of doing as she curses them out -- literally. Professor Dumbledore takes a somewhat adversarial view until he learns who tipped her off. She also learns a few students wrote letters of support for her, and she may have a kind of family tie living nearby. Her brother arrages for the town of Framlingham to formally apologize and expunge her record. Her studies leading to her O.W.L. exams include a very intriguing if unusual encounter with a young man she apparently has never met. What she later learns proves shocking.

8091 1
19 A Summer to Recover

Livia processes what happened at the end of last school year. She confesses none of it, though. She arranges to return to school in late August to help with inventory but meets three of her roommates at the Leaky Caldron in London. She hatches a plan for them all to spend time together there before taking the train to school. Joined by the parents of  Shelley, they all enjoy the city. On the train, much is recounted and one girl dares all of Livia's roommates to find her a date to not repeat the prior year's disaster. Livia even picks out someone: their new Head Boy.

12035 0
20 Private Lessons and Personal Favors

Livia's school year begins with learning to apparate and interactions with the boy she picked out as a possible date. Her first private lesson with Professor Snape reveals her huge talents yet she shows too much. She gets the music club to add her CD player to their dance. She starts singing whilst dueling. At a Christmas party, Livia describes him to a friend. Alice thinks the description sounds familiar. With Tom getting a visit from his parents and sister, Livia leaves. In pranking Professor Snape, she mimics Lily Evans singing; he tells Livia about her birth mother.

13074 0
21 Dates, Warnings and Meetings

Livia begins dating the Ravenclaw Head Boy, though gets some inklings of an obstacle. He is not the issue. It's his father. One warning oddly comes from Professor Snape. Livia finally sees the professor's most painful memory but doesn't want to tell him, creating a strained exchange. He informs the headmaster of her progress. She  develops interesting dueling tactics. With Professor Flitwick, she meets her prospective sister-in-law's great uncle, often known as Jack Russell. Finally, she also meet her boyfriend's father who cares only to make a family alliance through him.

8077 0
22 Followup, Consequences and Confrontation

Livia tells her brother and fiancée about who she met and joins in a celebratory meal. When they check out, Livia visits her best friend and they join friends for a few days in London. Everyone discusses what happened with Ben. Ben apologizes to Livia on the trip back. Shelley releases her owl to stay at Hogwarts and pair off. On Ben's birthday, Ben reveals his father's plan and Livia realizes he will submit to it. Another student tries to exploit it to humiliate Livia, creating a budding fiasco at a dance that resolves itself in a stunning fashion.

8602 0
23 Regrouping and a Early Return

Livia returns to Durham to celebrate her brother's birthday and set up her room there. She recounts what happened to her boyfriend. Having much to contemplate, she vows to taunt her ex-boyfriend's father and to cut through the ability of anyone to lie to her, referring to any prospective boyfriend as well as the Occlumency of Professor Snape. She combines her birthday celebration there with a trip to school to schedule doing the potions inventory. Her brother nearly catches on that she left her room.

6873 0
24 Frivolous Fun and Tough Questions

Livia departs from Durham, first finishing some inventory chores with Professor Snape. She then spends a few days with her roommates before returning to school. A lot of it is fun but they do manage to discuss almost out of earshot her ex-boyfriend. They also put a few unusual questions to her that she manages to dodge. She tells them about part of her vow at Durham Cathedral and about a thorny issue of hers: how to handle her brother's upcoming wedding.

6324 0
25 Finding the Right Note

Livia's begins her final year dismissing the idea that she could find a date to her brother's wedding there.  She reveals to Professor Snape how she handled her roommates's question about him. She learns more about the prophecy concerning Harry Potter and senses a link to the burden Professor Snape carries but hides her agenda. He still tells her little about her father, despite her seeming to press him on it. She agrees to a "safe" ball date and finds Alice a band for her wedding. She uses her newly-registered animagus for a birthday prank on Professor Snape.

8035 0
26 The Last Dance? Fury and A Reluctant Favor

Livia spends some time with the family of her best friend. Back at school, she finds it useful to concentrate on her brother's wedding invitation which Professor Snape finds difficult to break whereas she continues trying to get information from him. Finally, she makes peace with her situation and returns the invitation and enjoys her final dance with her roommates as a practice for it. She does perfectly on her exams. Her whole room goes to celebrate in Hogsmeade but an unforeseen revelation greets an intoxicated Livia when she returns, prompting an even-more unlikely resolution.

6983 0
27 Graduation, a Rehearsal Dinner and Her Confession

Livia and her roommates graduate; she meets many interesting people directly after the ceremony related to people she knows. She bids farewell to the students as Professor Flitwick brings her to her new room. As she sets up her things, she packs for her journey to the site of her brother's wedding. She is summoned by Professor Snape. She wonders if he will honor his word or not. The morning finally arrives of 19 July. She buys a card and obtains money and later finally confesses her Hogwarts attendance after the dinner, a scary event.

9062 0
28 The Ceremony, Reception and Sunday Brunch

Livia has a bit of a restless night regarding how her brother responds to her. Invited to see her prospective sister-in-law the next day, Alice has some issues herself. Finally sorted, Livia returns to her room and board a type of minibus for the church. The reception almost goes as planned. It gives rise to emotions she had not expected to feel. She emerges unscathed from attempts of her hated sister to ruin her weekend. She sets off to housesit whilst bride and groom honeymoon.

7979 1
29 Settling Into Her New Role

Livia settles into house sitting and spruces the place up. When the honeymooners return, they have a gift and get Livia a wedding album. Alice provides Livia insights on being closer to the faculty. Livia returns to school and meets the head tutor and the rest serving with him that support various subjects. She assists Professor Snape with his inventory and potions. She confirms to the headmaster her willingness to tutor any student seeking her out and her schedule to meet himself for private lessons. She also seeks out Helena Ravenclaw for advice.

8896 0
30 The New Class

Livia starts the 1991-92 year. She offers some helpful words to several students and another tutor who doesn't take her warning seriously at first. Livia confirms her suspicions about Professor Snape's behavior, to his horror. He asks Livia to tutor an unwilling student to improve his writing: Draco Malfoy. The professor make a cryptic offer to her if she succeeds, given her lack of enthusiasm to interact with someone hostile to her efforts to assist him.

7361 0
31 Concerns and Coping

Uncle Jack gives Livia information she struggles to handle as well as a host ofquestions.He isn't alone in questioning her. She finds a clever way to ask about some matters on her mind. Everything perhaps culminates in a conversation held outside of her brother's home in Durham.

7416 0
32 Handle With Care?

Livia participates in her brother's annual party but ultimately has to cope with inconvient facts -- and make the best of them. Her brother's attempt to be friendly and supportive backfires in a way but she can't tell him. She goes through with another birthday prank of Professor Snape despite her mood but leaves rather quickly. She hears of the Mirror of Erised and the interest in it but she has none. After a break involving her sister Cathy's wedding, she returns to nap, only to be startled by a visitor: the head tutor.

6885 0
33 A New Relationship at School

Livia begins dating the head tutor, Nils Nilssen. She keeps her personal life separate from work, makiing her become a better Occlumens. Nils, educated at Durmstrang, has little familiarity with her things. He doesn't disclose all his pursuits in Hogsmeade. Livia remains cautious about him. She thinks she nearly missed the biggest story at school but visits Harry Potter in the infirmary with another tutor. She relays her concern about the open D.A.D.A. position but is dismissed as jealous by a tutor. Nils presses her about their relationship. They exchange visits.

7401 0
34 Nils

Livia encounters Nils soon after returning to school, armed with a few new things she wanted to have that year. She demonstrates one song she learned to sing as Professor Snape. The thought of him hearing her sing deflects Nils's pursuit of her. After meeting the headmaster, she assists Professor Snape with the aid of her avian friends. Afterward, she attends events for the wedding of two former roommates, who for a lark urge her to sing as Professor Snape. Returning to Durham, she runs into Nils, who has a special gift for her. Still, some things afoot at Hogwarts concern her.

6834 0
35 Livia versus Lockhart

Not long into the 1992-93 school year, two issues arise: safety concerns likely related to the opening of a mysterious room; and the head tutor suffering from memory lapses. The latter hits Livia hard.  He observed the new D.A.D.A. instructor and thought poorly of him, then forgot saying that. Professor Snape advises her to document everything. It culminates later when Professor Lockhart calls her by a pet name he would not rightly know. She plans ahead and makes Veritaserum. She consults the two sneakiest students on furthering her planned confrontation at term's end.

7057 0
36 The Conflict of Head Versus Heart

In Durham, various people ask Livia, her brother or sister-in-law for background on Nils. Livia reveals the gift she bought for Nils: a pendant with protective charms. She still pranks Professor Snape for his birthday, though cites her indebtedness, too. She and Nils flip two instructors to follow. After her friend's wedding, Livia cares for Hagrid's creatures whilst he wrongly spends time in Azkaban prison. She duels Professor Snape when the headmaster gets suspended. The year ends by sorting out matters at school but not exactly what matters to Livia.

6888 0
37 Holding On

Livia finds it mystifying that Nils seems distant from her till she goes to see him and learns the truth. She shows she is not to be trifled with when angry. Not long after, she is called to learn a new potion and assis Professor Snape, so there is backup if ever he can't make it. Livia takes refuge in sleep and some music. Meantime, Nils Nilssen must choose between her and his ex-girlfriend, though he tries to duck the latter some. Livia deals with the aftermath of his choice in beginning preparations for the 1993-94 academic year.

7044 0
38 Keeping (Too) Busy

After meeting Helena Ravenclaw, Livia agrees to assist Professor Snape again and attend tutoring sessions with the headmaster and him. Her first work headache comes when a student in Professor Hagrid's class clashes with a magical creature. She isn't shocked to learn his name and prepares a report on the case. She endorses Professor Lupin's idea to tutor Harry Potter on dementors. Despite her workload, Livia still pranks Professor Snape. She helps Professor Lupin hide Sirius Black and later teases Professor Snape over being right about Black. She still can't prevent Lupin's resignation.

7996 0
39 Recovery and Venting

Livia keeps herself preoccupied but soon enough returns to school to face the potential that Nils will return with Durnstrang. A mysterious birthday gift removes some of the sting of what actually comes: a letter. Meantime, she spars verbally with some people until she finally writes a reply. She manages a birthday prank on Professor Snape, too. The year culminates in Harry Potter's cry of "he's back," and all of Livia's friends what to know if she believes him. Meantime, Livia must cope with being left mostly in the background.

12904 0
40 A Serenade for a Secret Friend

A feisty Livia spars with Professor Snape over their wager. The resulting evening becomes a mess with two men insulting each other over her. The new D.A.D.A. professor creates problems for Livia, who quietly assists Harry Potter to better cope. At Christmas, Livia finds inspiration for another birthday prank, one requiring her to sing as herself. Spring brings a crisis at home, causing her to miss some events at Hogwarts she learns about afterward. The latter triggers confrontations, including hers with the headmaster. Summer ends with an addition to the Woodcock household.

11721 0
41 (More) Cards on the Table

Livia finally confesses what she's known since 1989, leading to a heated exchange with Professor Snape. She assists the new Potions Master, Professor Slughorn and adjusts her schedule to deal with the headmaster's request and asks questions of Helena Ravenclaw. Something bothers her about Draco Malfoy and wonders if it goes beyond his father's imprisonment. The year ends with a party and an idea for a birthday prank.

7534 0
42 Livia's Biggest Test

Livia invests a great deal into her prank, fearing it to be her last. She confirms much of the plot to unfold, though gets distracts by events affecting her family. She confronts the headmaster about what she knows. He dismisses it and warns her variously to let events play out, keep everyone safe and not expose herself. She is shocked to run across Bill Weasley. The aftermath of 30 June involves her spending the summer partly with her tutors at her great uncle's refashioned house and partly to help her family move. The new ministory questions if she is eligible to continue working.

7381 0
43 New Home, New Headmaster

Livia helps her brother move and fixes his new home, including its grounds. She knows she needs help to establish her eligibility to work, as the new ministry will not tolerate muggle-born staff at Hogwarts. Seeming settled, she holds meetings and teaches tutors techniques she's used to protect herself, predicting the Carrows will pose a significant problem. The new headmaster seizes her music and gives her a gift. He shows her the narrowed list of potential fathers. She reciprocates in ways he did not see coming.

7620 0
44 A Culmination or an End to a Familiar World?

After seeing Helena Ravenclaw and her great uncle, the new year finds Livia quickly making enemies by showing up both Carrows. Her tutors applaud and wonder about the fallout. Livia starts "fighting" with the new headmaster as she complains to the union about Alecto Carrow. The union is attacked; Livia withdraws her complaint in exchange for respect for the tutors. Her great uncle finds a way to improve safety for his muggle relations via a strange visitor who's his new neighbor. A student spy puts a target on Livia's back yet she finally learns the identity of her father.

8743 0
45 Hiding Livia

Livia realizes that she has several potential enemies and just obscuring her likely will no longer do. Her great uncle finalizes plans on his end whilst Livia lays low. A cover story emerges with Livia's attendance at her brother's holiday party. No immediate plan to kill her comes from a meeting of Death Eaters but they get Professor Snape to identify Livia's father. Professor Snape purchases a Screech Owl in anticipation of his plan. Events at school he learns about necessitates her immediate leave of absence. She writes her tutors as both make preparations for her exit.

7141 0
46 The End and the Beginning

Preliminary activity for the resumption of classes makes executing plans to conceal Livia tricky. Professor Snape waits until he obtains her "wedding ring." They finally must bid farewell to each other. Hidden there, though, he continues to provide her information he hopes she will use someday whilst she can keep him sharp. The Battle of Hogwarts ensues and she sees too much yet she is restored only after it ends via a group led by the young man who knows where she is, Harry Potter.

8691 0
47 Arranging A Proper Burial

Livia is reunited with her great uncle and meets the man he entrusted to keep their relatives safe. In turn, they're surprised by her revelation. After visiting with various people, she has Harry Potter take her to Professor Snape's remains, which she conveys back to Hogwarts. She wants to prepare him herself. His solicitor and undertaker visit and funeral plans are set. She finally reads Professor Snape's letter to her, left within her stuffed bobcat. After turning over his body, she takes his owl to her great uncle's house where she meets old friends for a pre-funeral luncheon.

7112 0
48 The Rite and Rights of An Heir

The pre-burial gathering winds down; everyone visits the funeral director to reach the cemetery site. Sixteen people gather with the officiant and local workers. Livia gives a strong eulogy and finds Helena Ravenclaw also there. Helena sparks a conversation where Livia indicates that she could search for the Resurrection Stone. It would help Harry Potter touch his parents and help the Weasleys bid farewell to Fred. Livia learns of her great uncle's formal role at Hogwarts. Livia meets with both of Professor Snape's solicitors and views his parents's home again with her brother.

8137 0
49 Livia Begins Assisting the New Ministry

Livia finally uses her inside knowledge in conducting interviews with the Malfoys. She gets this information on the record but avoids anything about herself. She sees that as strategically smart. She joins Percy Weasley at the Ministry to demonstrate her skills, then meets with the new prime minister. She accepts performing arrests in raids as well as examining defendants. Her confession to the prime minister gives him confidence. She sums up events with her great uncle and after reading a note from Ben Spence agrees to dine with him. She returns to Cambridge.

7266 0
50 Bequests and Inheritance

Livia finds out her fireplace works and uses it to visit the wizarding bank to learn about the funds left to her. Harry Potter identifies the Resurrection Stone. They try using it and proceed to try locating the book she wants. They both participate in the arrest of several former officials who despise Livia. She shows a little of her training. Afterward, Livia participates in an informal effort to bid farewell to Fred Weasley then heads to a dinner with the son of the man she subdued.

8918 0
51 A Dinner and Preparing for a Raid

Livia dines with her ex-boyfriend and recounts varioius things she had done, including capturing his father. He is horrified but glad the world will see the man as he really is. He explains what he found out about her ex-fiance during his quest to find his mother. Livia gives him advanced notice of a commission. She writes her friends as to how they repaired their relationship with him, wondering if he has an unrealistic view of her. Livia participates and recruits friends for a large ministry raid on a group calling itself the Sons of Slytherin.

7136 0
52 Livia Debuts Her Signature Strategy During a Raid and Revists Her Ex-Fiance

About two dozen participants including Livia raid the Thornton's home. She demonstrates some of her "rope-a-dope" technique, asks about her necklace and hosts a celebration afterward. Ben accompanies her home. Livia uses the Resurrection Stone for her great uncle the next day. He asks her why she still refrains from using a certain wizard's name. Livia makes plans to return to Hogwarts for the resumption of classes. Before then, the ministry has her to interview her ex-fiance on actions taken for the Death Eaters. He shows her a painting he has begun that features her.

6955 0
53 Planning Her Return to Hogwarts

At her great uncle's home after her nap, Livia formulates plans to teach at Hogwarts for the rest of the year. She asks the acting headmistress to speak at a memorial service before classes resume. Uncle Jack receives a visitor who dines with both. She agrees to meet him the Friday next. For the first time, she visits the house of Severus Snape, choosing a few items to take. When she returns to school, she asks whether she is faculty or staff. She inquires about returning student numbers. She's wanted for a union meeting and interrogations of some uncooperative prisoners.

7308 0
54 A Balancing Act of Vengeance and Scrupulous Responsibility

Livia sees the union head outside of her disguise after she gives various people a sense of her schedule and objectives. The big event occurs at the end of week: breaking two accused aparatchiks of the Death Eaters. She gets insight from the son of one, compelling her to bring a crow friend with her. She dines with the former afterward, who gives her some advice on a testament she will give a few days later.

6391 0
55 Offering A Public Testimony and Beginning Week One Teaching

Livia runs through her speech and offers it the day before she begins teaching. She decides to give the older students, especially, the opportunity to demolish the "textbook" Alecto Carrow used. In all cases, the students trash the book at week's end and take new materials Livia purchased for them. At week's end, she attends a meeting with tutors and one with faculty before dining out. She visits with her great uncle and decides how to spend her weekend.

6449 0
56 Duties as Teacher, Interrogator, Heir

Livia keeps up with her teaching plans, requiring an introduction to her 2 June guest and figuring how to break the accused, Dolores Umbridge. She also more thoroughly explores Severus Snape's home. After a successful session, Livia returns to Hogwarts and accomplishes something useful with at least one of her classes. She dines in Hogsmeade on Friday again. She sets up her next planned absence on 16 June. She also does well dealing with an attempted prison break. She discovers something at Severus Snape's home that upsets her though she remans satisfied with much else.

8627 0
57 Confronting the Past, Part I

Livia gets to share some of her findings on IQ with faculty, though she mulls how it could make a published work. She dines out again on Friday, 12 June, with her former boyfriend, who offers his own thoughts on her past as he draws information from her and discusses his father's trial. She sets up the scholar covering for her and questions Stephanie Wayne on 16 June. Afterward, during a break, Livia encounters the writer-reporter who plans a biography on Severus Snape. Among other things, she wants to insist Livia was born in 1975, not 1972.

6127 0
58 Confronting the Part, Part II -- Rhonda, Ben, Zarwyn Spence

After a ministry break, Livia must examine the woman who, for good or ill, shaped several key aspects of Livia's education. Livia plays the woman's twisted psyche to her advantage. The defendant was one of several ex-officials who formally received the dark mark. The experience makes Livia curious as well as leery of saying too much to the object of the defendant's obsession, her lose fiance. She informs the acting headmistress of someone to replace her and decides to limit her curiousity. Livia finally meets her ex-boyfriend's mother and finds an item she almost regrets discovering.

7713 0
59 Wrapping Up the Term, Returning to Use the Resurrection Stone (Finally)

The school year finishes and Livia attends graduation. She moves things from her room either to her great uncle's residence or to her cottage. She finishes searching the Snape residence. Ministry requests fall off as the summer continued. She spends parts of the summer organizing, writing and visiting friends. Her former boyfriend keeps making cakes to sustain her. She organizes the potions closet just before her birthday and uses the Resurrection Stone on her birthday to contact the man who left her quite a legacy.

8280 0
60 Remembrance and Rebirth

Livia naps in Hogsmeade after her strenuous meeting. She is woken by her brother and sister-in-law. They all proceed to a gathering for Livia that catches her off-guard, since she was too distracted to ponder it. They discuss her paternity, her plans and the shady biography being pursued by a Daily Prophet writer. Livia returns to organizing her cottage and the book project she envisions. Livia goes into labor, attended by Molly Weasley, Ginny Weasley, her sister-in-law and her friends.

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61 Epilogue: Taking Her Place Whilst Looking Back and Ahead, July 2011

Livia dresses in her Hogwarts bedroom for a reunion featuring her class. C.S. and Lily, who finished their first year as students there, dine in Cambridge. Livia recalls much that occurred in prior years, like her ministry work, her (animal) friends and her return there in January, 2003. She published an article and a book. She discredited the author of a scandalous biography of Severus Snape. She also helps get his portrait hung, even if she swore at him for being cagey with her. She becomes headmistress and enjoys speaking with Albus Dumbledore a lot though would prefer to teach.

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