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The Shoebox by jardyn39

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 0
Chapters: 16
Words: 66678
Characters: Harry, Hermione
Genre(s): Mystery, Action/Adventure
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Pairings: Harry/Hermione
Status: Completed
First Published: 2016.12.19
Last Published Chapter: 2016.12.23
Last Updated: 2016.12.23
Favorite Story Of: 0 users
Advisory: No Warnings

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Harry continues his first year as a Hogwarts teacher but it is his new involvement with Further Education classes that reveals some disturbing developments at the Ministry. Meanwhile, as one shy and reclusive student pursues a secret obsession in the castle, another frightened youth hides deep in the Forbidden Forest. Neither knows of the other, but they are destined to meet before an innocuous shoebox and share The Boy Who Lived’s final secret.

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Weíre Free Monday, Apparently

“Damn you, Dumbledore! Thought you’d have one last laugh at my expense, didn’t you?”

As David and Kathryn celebrate their marriage vows, a frightened and confused youth is hiding alone in the Forbidden Forest. Harry consults Professor Sprout about a pupil and then finds he has to deal with something magical that has taken over the Great Hall. Includes Introduction.

7242 0
2 Yeah, Itís His Nerves, Harry

“I’m serious, Harry. Please. I’ve been hearing things around the Ministry; rumours about some new legislation that is being considered.”

Harry volunteers to take an Adult Education class at the Ministry to help those affected by the magic draining curse that had hit Ron.

3612 0
3 I Think Thatís Almost Cheating, You Know?

“You didn’t happen to notice any, um, reactions on your way up here?”

The girls arrive to clear the Great Hall, but Carmen has no intention of not using magic, despite Neville's advice. Harry agrees to take charge of the Adult Education classes and finally clears the Great Hall.

2265 0
4 Whatever you are selling, Mum says we donít need any

“They let you teach here without getting any NEWTs?”

Harry recruits Lupin and Moody as teaching assistants and Hogwarts hosts their first Adult Education evening.

4018 0
5 I Must Not Stick Valuable Educational Equipment To My Classmates

“Poor boy. He’s completely besotted with a certain young lady amongst them too. I’m sure that’s why he shows off so much.”

The ghosts are ready to report on what Mark Stannard has been doing. Harry tricks a student into a magical agreement to stay out of trouble for a while.

3736 0
6 Well, That Makes A Change, Doesnít It?

“Haven’t you heard his latest song about you? I can sing it if you want?”

Harry asks Carmen for a favour but has to admit he hasn't worked out much of a plan yet. Hermione receives some confidential files.

3181 0
7 Why Would I Be On Edge?

“Why would I be on edge? I mean, no-one who’d made Carmen Callidus get a detention with Mr Filch would be worried, would they?”

Carmen and Mark are ambushed but must suffer a detention with Mr Filch to fix the damaged armoured suits. Carmen is not happy.

5590 0
8 Apparently They Survived

“It’s just not fair. What’s the point of having a mate who’s your teacher when he won’t give you the answers to your homework?”

Harry and Hermione go away for the weekend, returning in time to see the new Charms display. Harry shows Hermione something Dumbledore willed to him: a humble shoebox.

5599 0
9 You Need Permission To Do That Kind Of Thing

“Carmen, you can’t just decide to join other peoples classes. You need permission to do that kind of thing.”


Professor McGonagall tells Harry about the detention that Carmen and Mark earned over the weekend. Carmen suspects mark is looking for a second Death Arch located somewhere within the school grounds.

2983 0
10 How Did He Manage The Stairs?

“Unless I’m very much mistaken, Harry, you were quite ready to stun that kid, weren’t you?”

For their detention, Carmen and Mark assist with the Adult Education class. Alec recklessly ventures into the forest in search of a cure for Adeline.

3299 0
11 The Bumper Book Of Pop-Up Spells, Junior Edition

“Um, Professor? Why did you call me Professor Potter?”

Alec tells Harry and Professor McGonagall what happened in the forest. Harry visits Neville at the Ministry but they are both ordered back to help with an emergency.

3429 0
12 Because Youíre Fired And I Think Iíve Just Resigned

“Yeah, but now Neville’s here!"

A student has been kidnapped from Hogsmeade. Professor McGonagall asks if any of the students knows anything, and Carmen tells them about a letter. Harry, Hermione and Neville take matters into their own hands.

3466 0
13 It Looks Like Weíll Never Really Know What Happened

“Harry didn’t do this."

Harry is hit with a magic-draining curse but pushes on to find Natasha. Harry serves an Eviction Notice on an unauthorised ghost at Hogwarts.

5086 0
14 The Spell Part Is A Lie, Harry

“Harry, I want to help you. Why are you keeping this from me?”

While Valiente gives archery lessons by the lake, Natasha admits to Harry that she has become one of the cases that Hermione is supervising on behalf of the Wizengamot. Draco helps. Hermione and Harry go off in search of Mark.

3404 0
15 Hm, That Stupid Hat Was Probably Right Then

“You don’t seem surprised to see me, Potter.”

Harry and Hermione have found the youth hiding in the forest and all three go off in search of Mark. Harry catches Mark just before he walks through the Death Arch and persuades him to listen. Harry tells them what happened before.

5193 0
16 Who Is He? I Donít Approve Of Him At All!

“Now, stand very still.”

Snape tells them about the Shoebox and what he remembers. His memories are fading fast now. Harry decides to honour Dumbledore's intentions. Final chapter.

4575 0

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