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The Fifth House by pathfinder

Rating: 12+Story Reviews: 61
Chapters: 29
Words: 86551
Characters: OC
Genre(s): Mystery, Action/Adventure
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Status: Completed
First Published: 2016.01.04
Last Published Chapter: 2016.03.12
Last Updated: 2016.03.12
Favorite Story Of: 3 users
Advisory: Mild violence

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Willow is a normal 11-year old American girl.  Once she attends a new school, her whole life changes instantly.  Many challenges await her: getting through initiation, learning magic, and making friends.  Although attending Ilvermorny to learn the ways of magic, she finds her wand isn't working, but no one understands why.  As mystery after mystery unravel, will Willow and her friends discover the secret of the fifth house in time?

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 The Invitation

 After a bizarre car accident, Willow and her mom receive an invitation to visit a private school nearby.

2259 5
2 Ilvermorny

Willow and her mom visit Ilvermorny Academy thinking this is just another private school, but all is not as it appears.

3459 5
3 The Choice

 Having discovered the true nature of Ilvermorny Academy, Willow and her mom are faced with a choice that will change their lives forever.

2476 6
4 A Trip to Narrowway

 Willow and her mom travel to Manhattan to find Narrowway where they can find everything they need for Willow's first year at Ilvermorny.

4719 4
5 A Bumpy Ride

 Willow heads off to her first day at Ilvermorny and the experience turns out to be more than she bargained for.

2678 3
6 The Sorting

After an interesting ride to get to Ilvermorny, Willow and the other first year students are initiated into the school.

3294 3
7 The Fifth House

The sorting ceremony doesn't go as planned, and Willow has to find her way into one of the houses. 

3046 3
8 The Broom Ride

 Willow starts her first day of classes, but nothing seems to be going well.  

4050 3
9 History

 As Willow continues with classes, help shows up in unlooked-for places.

2480 2
10 A Very Special Task

Willow starts Care of Magical Creatures Club which ends up being a series of challenges.

3724 1
11 The Quidditch Game

Willow and her mom decide to learn more about the wizarding world by attending a Quidditch game where she sees a familiar face.

2483 1
12 Remedial Lessons

Willow finds herself being reassigned to remedial classes to help her catch up.  Meanwhile, her dreams are becoming troublesome.

2509 2
13 The Closet Under the Stairs

 On the verge of giving up on her new school, Willow tries reaching out and finds a friend in an unlikely place.

3124 1
14 The Usefulness of Friendship

 As the attendance in remedial lessons drops, the remaining students decide to work together to find out why they are the only ones left.

2118 1
15 The Meaning of Dreams

 Willow seeks to find the meaning behind her dreams...and doesn't get the answer she was looking for.

2182 2
16 Unwelcome Back

After unwelcome news, Willow uses the Christmas break to revisit Narrowway Wands in order to discover what is going wrong.

4200 2
17 A Walk in the Woods

 As Willow and her friends prepare Ilvermorny to host the first North American Quidditch Cup game, they get sidetracked by a ghostly problem.

2389 1
18 The Wendigo

 Willow and her friends discover a series of mysteries in the woods and then something else discovers them.

3728 1
19 A Former Chancellor

 Finding a few clues, Willow and her friends start their efforts to solve the mystery.

2550 1
20 Ashes

 Willow and her friends start looking for answers, and the first place they try is out-of-bounds.

2550 1
21 A Part of the Prophecy

 Willow uncovers a part of the prophecy, but nothing becomes any clearer, so she devises a plan to get right back where she doesn't belong.

2950 2
22 A Rare Condition

 As Willow and her friends continue to hunt for clues, she soon finds that the answers they uncover might be more than she wanted to know.

2360 1
23 Return to the North Woods

 After the Pathfinders confront Miss Mercana about her condition, they return to a place they said they'd never go again.

2608 1
24 Through the Gate

 Using the clues they've found, the Pathfinders travel into uncharted territory.

3923 1
25 Consequences

 The inevitable punishment for going out-of-bounds turns out to be different than Willow expected.

2347 1
26 A Trojan Dragon

 With time running out, Willow and her friends will need help to get back to the forbidden hallway.

3985 1
27 Another Way

 Finding their only path to the grove blocked, Willow and her friends must work wih an unlikely helper to find an alternate way.

3634 1
28 Finals

 Willow and her friends have to sprint to make it to the final exam before the door closes - and deal with unhappy news afterwards.

2294 1
29 The Fifth House Reinstated

 The story comes to its conclusion as Willow, Sib, Lef, Incheon, and Lily attend the end of year assembly.

2432 4

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