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A Life of Luxury and Lies by MollyMalfoy

Rating: MatureStory Reviews: 87
Chapters: 23
Words: 70774
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Blaise (M), Draco, Ginny, Pansy, OtherCanon
Genre(s): Drama, Mystery, Romance
Era: Hogwarts
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Hermione
Status: Completed
First Published: 2013.08.14
Last Published Chapter: 2014.09.05
Last Updated: 2014.09.05
Favorite Story Of: 74 users
Advisory: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

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When Hermione Granger discovers her true identity new relationships are made and old ones fade, friends become enemies and enemies become friends but can you trust anyone in a life filled with luxury and lies...

Huge thank you to aigue-marine@TDA for the amazing banner!

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Chapter One: A New Face

Hermione finds out the truth


2416 2
2 Chapter Two: The Zabinis

Hermione meets her family and emotions run high.

2623 1
3 Chapter Three: Belonging

Hermione settles in to life at Zabini Manor

3658 2
4 Chapter Four: The Worst Kind Of Pain

Things take a turn for the worst for Sofia.

2502 0
5 Chapter 5: Acceptance

Friends struggle to accept an Sofia overhears a certain conversation

2510 0
6 Chapter Six: Meeting Of The Foes

It's Sofia and Blaise's birthday party but are things all that they seem...

3070 1
7 Chapter Seven: Home

Sofia returns to Hogwarts but soon finds it is not the place that she loved for so long

2782 4
8 Chapter Eight: To Be Green and Wet

The Slytherins get their revenge but is their warning taken seriously?

3307 2
9 Chapter Nine: Opening Up

A friend returns and memories are shared...

3586 7
10 Chapter Ten: A Planned Life

It seems that life isn't so perfect for Sofia after all...

2698 2
11 Chapter Eleven: Letting Off Steam

In which Sofia let's off steam and gets another shock...

3146 4
12 Chapter Twelve: The New Years Eve Ball

It's the Zabini New Years Ball and a revelation is made...

3459 10
13 Chapter Thirteen: Friends

The boys come to terms with everything that's happened and see that Hermione is ever present

2503 5
14 Chapter Fourteen: A Broken Search

The Zabini's deal with the aftermath of Sofia's departure and Blaise tries to reason with his twin

3838 10
15 Chapter Fifteen: Wishes of the Heart

Is Sofia's return home everything everyone hoped it would be?

2961 1
16 Chapter Sixteen: An Involuntary Crash

Sofia struggles when her feeling of peace comes crashing down.

3622 2
17 Chapter Seventeen: Gone

Things take a turn for the worse for everyone involved in Sofia's life, as an old face returns.

3783 8
18 Chapter Eighteen: A Dieing Wish

Things go from bad to worse for the gang and Sofia as her kidnap gets even uglier

3342 5
19 Chapter Nineteen: Fighting for Something

The group is left shocked as news of Sofia reaches them in a most peculiar way

3173 5
20 Chapter Twenty: The Aftermath

Sofia's family and friends struggle to come to terms with the goings on at Grimmauld Place but there is sunshine on the horizon.

3331 4
21 Chapter Twenty One: Questions and Answers

Draco's secret location for Sofia is revealed but he has some troubling questions that need to be asked

2486 5
22 Chapter Twenty Two: Goodbye To Where We Started

Sofia finds that there can be both sadness and happiness in goodbyes

3054 4
23 Chapter Twenty Three: For All Eternity

Sofia realises that true love is to be eternal

2924 3

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