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The Invisible Thief by lovestings

Rating: MatureStory Reviews: 384
Chapters: 57
Words: 219086
Characters: Albus, Hugo, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
Genre(s): Drama, Fluff, Humor
Era: Next Generation
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, OC/OC
Status: Completed
First Published: 2013.05.27
Last Published Chapter: 2017.04.26
Last Updated: 2017.04.26
Favorite Story Of: 169 users
Advisory: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

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  credit to this mega-awesome banner by suger & spice @TDA! 

If I knew borrowing a ‘blanket’ from my dorm mate, Dominique’s, bed would innocently cause me to become a thief, number one on Dominique’s hit-list, and subject to a stalker in the form of Albus Potter I wouldn’t have taken it.

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Borrowing is not Stealing

 So now I’m stuck hiding in a broom closet from all one hundred and ninety-nine Wotters  (Okay I guess there is more like ten or so of them but still that’s a big family) that are out to get me. 

2870 10
2 The Bodyguard

I think at this point instead of steam, fire was seeping out of Dominique’s diamond studded ears. 

2551 9
3 The Shoe Exchange

 Any who’s, there been no way I was going to let those (sexist) quidditch teams get their shoes back. I expect lots of people on their knees, puppy dog faces, and loads of begging. I also expect week’s worth of detention and a few angry people trying to hex my hair off.

1845 11
4 Angry (not) Quidditch Blokes

 If Fred Weasley continued to talk like that then I’d have to let Leslie down and tell her he’s secretly a flaming homosexual. Not that I don’t love the gays because trust me, I do. I always wanted a gay best friend because they have the best style of fashion

1468 6
5 Mel & Les Possible

 I was going to drop-kick his prettyface so hard he'd be crying to his mama. 

1427 3
6 Breakfast Buddies & Budding Relationships

 I don’t know if you remember but I do not appreciate snogging in broom closets. It’s not classy kids.

2712 5
7 R-Claw Bonding

 I tried my best but it was hard to spend time with everyone while coaching a team of complete and utter lunatics. 

2481 8
8 R-Claw Bonding plus Three

 Perhaps I should re-evaluate who I hang out with. 

2140 6
9 The Aftermath and Her

 Call Witch Weekly. Call St. Mungo’s. Call every living breathing person in Scotland. Call every living breathing person in the whole entire UK. The world is ending. Dominique Weasley just smiled at me. 

2073 5
10 Favorites suck

 I hate every single Weasley and Potter. Just kidding they're hot. Does being hot apply to hating them? Eh - I don't even care. 

3805 10
11 Trouble equals Malfoy

 Oh yes, because following Rose Weasley around sounds like just a lovely idea of a date. 

2475 7
12 Dates Wanted

 I'm a genius. I'm a pure intelligent genius. I think I have finally figured out why I was put into Ravenclaw. Because I'm just such an amazing genius!


Gosh I'm so modest it literally kills me. 

2914 10
13 Just say Yes!

 “Isn't that what us Ravenclaws do? We over analyze everything.” 

3687 9
14 Hogsmeade Wannabe


3289 6
15 Bad Date 2.0

I'd rather face a painful death of spoons in my eyeballs then spend another hour in MP. 

3218 6
16 The Calm before the Storm

 In a state of deliria, hysteria, and ultimately temporary depression I found comfort in Dominique Weasley. 

6419 4
17 Sideline Kisses

 I was kissing Albus Potter. 

5535 14
18 Run like Lightening


4785 6
19 Just Friends

 I was - for once in my life - right. 

4733 8
20 The Totem Pole

 I think there is something wrong with my head. 

3610 6
21 Ruining the Mood

 "I've been waiting to kiss you for awhile." 

5753 7
22 Cheating and Beating


4147 6
23 Winner Winner

 Yes, completely normal. That's me. Normal old Brielle.





6669 7
24 Cloud Nine

 "Dead, quiet - it's all the same thing, right?" 

4248 5
25 Blonde is Bad

 Apparently it's a girl's night, now. 

5997 7
26 So Lush

I shall heave a warning to anyone that is reading my mind right now and following me along this messed up journey that is my life; When Dominique Weasley says she wants to have a ‘girls night’ you should clearly run for the hills because it will only bring destruction, fire, and death.

6059 3
27 Christmas Cheers

 “I beg to differ,” James said before smiling warmly. “Ah and alas we have missed you and your sarcastic comments. How have you been our dearest Brielle?” He engulfed me in a bear hug.

“Just dandy.”
“Really? Uncle Bill told us you almost got them in a car crash.” James smirked

5972 6
28 It's Kind of Christmas

 If I knew Albus would do anything I wanted I would have just told him how I really felt. 

4488 6
29 It's Actually Christmas

 Can't ruin Christmas for the kiddies 

3212 10
30 Dress Shopping, ice cream, and TPG

 Merlin bless the word uber.

It's a life saver. 


4868 3
31 Not as Planned

 Well, I didn't expect that. 

5398 7
32 Trusted You

 I trusted them.

3049 13
33 Not Okay

 I wasn't okay now.


But that didn't mean I wouldn't be okay later. 


2035 8
34 Back to School

 Well, this blows 

3867 10
35 Slow and Steady

 "Feelings make me gassy." 

4484 14
36 Chaos

 Oh, what have I done? 

4105 6
37 Puppy Dog Eyes

I Love You.

3880 9
38 The Weasley that Could

These Wotters never bring me good luck.

2910 4
39 Victory or Vicotire

"My sister."

2731 3
40 World War Weasley

"Are you willing to fight for your friendship with Dominique?"

2468 7
41 Blueberry Pie

I guess when a boy breaks your heart they feel obligated to give you whatever you want.

2488 5
42 Mission Complete

"I love you too, Dom."

6501 3
43 Back to Normal

The drama of being a sixteen slash seventeen year old!!!

2817 3
44 The Return of TPG

No one bothers me when it is meal time. That is unheard of.

5363 13
45 Laps

"Age is just a number...besides, I'm not running off to elope with him!"

Or am I?

Winky face time!!!

2255 8
46 The Game

"The dungeons are Hogwarts version of the hood!"

10301 5
47 Infirmary

"Personally, I think you're an Albus Potter type of gal."

5857 8
48 The Visit


2579 6
49 "Hogsmeade"

Potter boys never go back on their promises.

3967 4
50 Smell of Freedom

As you can see I'm currently walking on sunshine - as those muggles say - because I am finally freed from the torturous doom that is the hospital wing and can go back to leading my normal day-to-day life that has somehow fixed itself over my stay in the hospital.

2635 3
51 Mama Patil

"Brielle is mighty sassy and very much hungry. Brielle requests you give her back her French fries before she does something she'll regret. Brielle says rawr."

4762 2
52 Hurts

 I'm in love with an indiot that draws booty popping cats on my notes.

3958 7
53 Biscuit Birthdays

 That's right, peasants, it's my birthday.

2989 6
54 Piecing it Together

 In which Brielle has a lot of forgetten and broken memories of the night prior that she needs to piece back together

3382 4
55 Library Discoveries

In which Brielle is spending even more time in the library with some of her favorite boys.

3031 4
56 Knowing


The smile that broke out on his face was pure elation as he pressed his nose against my own, whispering familiar words; “I know.”

3165 5
57 The End


And I decided, that day, standing in the sweltering heat of Hogwart’s courtyard – that as long as I could help it, Albus Potter would always have me in his life and I would have him in mine.

2659 8

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