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Something Changed by LilyGinnyBella

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 9
Chapters: 12
Words: 23490
Characters: Moody, Lily, James, OC, OtherCanon
Genre(s): Fluff, Humor, Romance
Era: Marauders
Pairings: James/Lily, Arthur/Molly, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Other Pairing
Status: Work In Progress
First Published: 2012.01.26
Last Published Chapter: 2012.10.14
Last Updated: 2012.10.14
Favorite Story Of: 1 users
Advisory: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

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Lily Likes James Bella Likes Sirius AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the Apocolips is Upon USNot this  is  a  songvella    a songfic and a  Novella

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Reunions

the   girls   are  here    but   where   am   I   oHHH  thats   right   I`m  on  a  Date

617 1
2 Lilys Prank

you see ?? this is what happens when I spend too much time with James , Hey its not my fault his rubbing off on me

718 1
3 Lilys story and truth or dare

Liys   story

1158 1
4 Dress shopping

They are    shopping and  Lilys in  for a   suprise 

1135 1
5 Party


All   lyrics  to  there  artists    Evoide    3 days  of   grace ETC

1950 2
6 Lilys Birthday

Its  Llys Birthday  

4243 2
7 What in the world ?

“Lily there is  a  hole  in the  side of your  pool” Bella  Says surprised "Bell that a wa-  thats a hole

2111 1
8 Chapter 8 Bella has an Idea Merlin Help Us


  “GUYS  I  have  an Idea”Bella says

  “ Bella  has  an  Idea  Sweet  Merlin Help us” I cry laughing  

“WHAT?” Bella asks

“Bells  all your Plans  backfire” I say

1467 0
9 Ni , Nor , Radia and Diagon Ally

Hogwarts Letters Friends  Broken noses  and  Laughs

3062 0
10 summer belongs to you

what  do  you say to  agame of football

3747 0
11 chapter 12: Lily the Perfect distraction

I want ot  get them  back,  well  I  am the Perfect distraction  apparently

1650 0

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