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The Time of Cupids by GryffindorGirl153

Rating: MatureStory Reviews: 478
Chapters: 23
Words: 170423
Characters: James (II), OC, OtherCanon
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Era: Next Generation
Pairings: James/OC, Other Pairing
Status: Work In Progress
First Published: 2011.01.08
Last Published Chapter: 2013.05.06
Last Updated: 2013.05.06
Favorite Story Of: 612 users
Advisory: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

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Cupids were supposed to be mythical creatures. They were supposed to exist only in fairy tales; not in real life, and definitely not as my best friend. Meet Desmond Pierce, resident cupid, and soon-to-be, dead Cupid. All because he shot me with an arrow and made me fall in love with the boy I spent my entire life hating. James Sirius Potter.

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Cupid at Work and Nazi Quidditch Captains

Guess who was the first man I saw.
James Freaking Potter, that’s who.
Desmond won’t get away with this. No—not until I’m buried ten feet beneath the ground.

2712 33
2 Girl Talk and Stubbornness

“Then what are you, Vicky?” he questioned. “I suppose you’re anything but stubborn.”

He looked surprised when I shook my head. “Nope. You see, James. I’m just like you. We’re both stubborn. So you should know that I won’t move until I get my way.”

6213 14
3 Booger Facials and Puppy Dog Faces

“Maybe if they had a bit skill, maybe. Layla can handle this. Besides, James sent me up he—“ Desmond suddenly stopped in his tracks as his eyes widened. “Er—He sent me up here because I was pestering him about having a new girlfriend. He didn’t want me bothering him while he held tryouts.”

6413 18
4 Ravenclaw Girls and Snogging Closets

They were getting it in. Neither of them even noticed that five other people were currently watching their ministrations with disbelief.

“Haha…” I began, unsure of what to do. “Isn’t this awkward…”

7802 9
5 Quidditch Heat and Moments of Weakness'

I growled. “Kiss my ass, Potter.” I barked angrily. “It feels like it’s a hundred degrees outside and you have us out here baking under the bloody sun.”

He rolled his eyes with great exasperation. “It’s hardly a hundred degrees. Stop being so over dramatic, Rose. Now get your arse over there before I kick you off the team.”

5833 17
6 Mental Insanity and Towers of... Hickeys?

So why did I have such a bad feeling about this? Surely this situation wasn’t any different than all the arguments we've found ourselves in. In fact, it was quite similar.

5112 13
7 Toothbrushes and Serenading Imbeciles

I'm James Potter. Cold as ice. At least towards Victoria, I was.

8445 19
8 Mental Breakdowns and Groveling Brothers

“Relax, Al. Now what do you want?”

He shook his head in order to push his anger aside. “I need your help.”

“I sense lady troubles.” Albus suddenly looked uneasy. “Ah, so it is.” I deduced. “Big brother is listening.”

8838 10
9 Movie dates and Lying Bestfriends

“Sorry I’m late. My friend got caught up in this thing with this guy, and fish nets were involved and a pair of pantyhose—” she raised her hand and stopped in mid sentence. “It’s a long story, and will probably make me seem like I’ve gone bonkers.”

5601 13
10 Slytherin Matches and Dirty Troll's leg

“Please, Vic.” I said, hovering over her as I stared into her eyes. “Just stop it. You ca—don’t love me anymore. Please. . .”

6541 25
11 Bombshell Common Rooms and Territorial Dogs

She was right. It’s what I was good at; ruining things. And I was about to ruin Victoria’s little dance with Austin who’s wanted nothing more than to get into her pants since our third year. Or so I’ve heard from a little birdie.

8204 18
12 Pool Parties and Tousled Beds

“Yeah, it’s great.” Alright, James. That was a terrible attempt at trying to sound enthusiastic. I was happy for Desmond. Honestly, I was. He deserves someone as great as Layla. They were bloody perfect for each other. I just had more pressing matters at hand.

7325 14
13 Ice Cubes and Early Morning Rendezvous

“It’s for writing, sir. You see, sometimes people wish to record things on parchment with a quill and some ink. It’s a mighty ingenious invention, you see.”

7217 22
14 Ninja Costumes and Slytherin Dates

I looked away, uncomfortable. This was the first time Victoria has ever taken responsibility and apologized for something. Even though I should have been relieved, angry and slightly smug about this entire situation, I felt nothing but guilt. A heavy sigh escaped my lips and my shoulders sagged slightly against the guilt. For the first time since I left the castle, I noticed the unfamiliar weight resting on my right arm.

8116 14
15 Heart to Hearts and Insatiable Desires

“That’s where he keeps the wands?” his mouth fell open. “All these years of countless detentions, and my wand was literally right under my nose…”

8459 26
16 Broken Hearts and Snot-Nosed Best Friends

I rolled my eyes. “You’ve taken a liking to living vicariously, haven’t you? These days, you observe more than necessary. The habits of a Cupid… You need to get yourself a girl, mate.”

8542 33
17 Exploding Snaps and Glitter x 9999

A large part of me wanted to keep walking, scurry up the stairs, walk straight into my warm bed, and forget that I ever saw Potter that night. But another part of me — the more dominant part of me — was drawn to Potter more than I would have liked. I found my legs acting on their own accord as they brought me to the left arm of the couch.

8697 22
18 Masks and Magical Sprites

She picked up a glass, and downed its contents. “Oh, you know it.” She replied in a voice that was dripping with sarcasm. “They went a little bit overboard, the school did. We’re all basically flying solo tonight.”

“Not even a girlfriend for moral support.” I added in agreement.

8129 54
19 Snogging Siblings and Greenapple Whiskey

“Cursing won’t help anything, Al.” I snapped, equally annoyed. “Merlin, what the bloody hell were we thinking?”

“I thought you were Ginger!” He exclaimed resentfully. “You both sound the same! Why do both of you sound the same?”

11078 22
20 The Aftermath and a Whole Lot of Squirming

“Don’t tell me what to do.” I scolded for the sake of picking a fight. Again, I reached over, and tickled her ear with the end of the quill; this time, more aggressively. “I didn’t know you were so ticklish.” I laughed as I watched her squirming against the bunched up duvet. “Would you look at that.” I smirked arrogant as I stared down at her. “The mighty Victoria Rose has a weakness.”

6050 14
21 Feather-Like Touches and Musty Old Tunnels

I stared at them with confusion. “Am I the only one who thinks this is totally weird? How did you even get up the stairs?”

“The same way Jamesie came up here.” Tyler answered flatly. “Honestly, Vic, six years of us sneaking up to your dorm and you still don’t know how we do it.”

7707 23
22 Unforeseen Meals, and Greenhouse Gases

"I'm not changing for her, Amelie." I replied sternly. "I'm not changing for anyone."

"Don't feed me some cheesy, cliché line that goes along the lines of 'I'm changing for myself because she makes me want to be a better person'."

8605 13
23 Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

Victoria was right. Dysfunctional was all we knew, and it was downright sad.

8784 32

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