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A Sea Change by K Stahl

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 2
Chapters: 25
Words: 110084
Characters: Harry
Genre(s): Drama, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Era: Next Generation
Pairings: Other Pairing
Status: Completed
First Published: 2010.06.09
Last Published Chapter: 2010.06.28
Last Updated: 2013.05.17
Favorite Story Of: 2 users
Advisory: Mild Violence

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A Sea Change overlaps J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series from just prior to the reemergence of Voldemort in the Riddle cemetery to the year 2011, with a short epilogue occurring in 2015. While some of the characters from Miss Rowling's novels appear, the main characters are new; the story is new.

This is a story of a man from outside the wizarding world, his witch, their children, dragons, and Legelimency, but mostly it is a story of good and evil, love, and a certain disregard for the rules.

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 First Contact

Edward Eisen, a hunter, a soldier, a scientist, from the Non-Magical world rescues Queson Chen, the proprietor of a tea shop and unbeknownst to him, makes contact with the world of magic. Queson Chen sends for Angus Lewis, a healer to satisfy Edward's insistence that he see a doctor.

2993 1
2 A Clash of Worlds

With the return of Voldemort, Angus Lewis, a healer and a friend of Queson Chen's, and his daughter Angeline have gone into hiding. Edward Eisen, thinking that they are talking about a problem in a secret society, assists and comes to know Angeline well. Fenrir puts an end to the mystery. Edward is introduced to the world of magic.

2905 0
3 Revelation

Having apparated Edward to the Shop of Queson Chen to escape the Auror Kilingswood, Angeline apparatus him now to her father's home where she reveals to Edward that she is a witch and part of a world of magic. Edward says what he had planned to say in the alley, however not wanting to make their existence known to the ministry, the plans for Ed and Angeline's wedding are delayed for a month until August 12.

4289 0
4 A New Friend Proves Himself

A few new bits of magic, a wedding, and the problems caused by Fenrir are resolved. There is a last minute change to the wedding plans. Fudge attempting to circumvent Dumbledore, has rescheduled Harry Potter's trial for 8:00. Ed and Angeline will be married at 5:00am. Ed and Angeline learn something of Queson Chen's background.

5235 0
5 Small Steps into a Wider Wizarding World

Ed and Angeline begin their first day of married life as they learn of Queson Chen's relationship with an intelligent dragon, Legilimency, and the origin of dragon beasts.

2426 0
6 Keeping a Foot in Two Worlds

Ed and Angeline meet Tien-Lung and the story of how legilimency became part of the wizarding world.

3611 0
7 A Test and A Realization

Tien-Lung brings forth two eggs, Dai-Yu, a companion for Hugh, and Gang-He, a companion for Angeline. Each helps his dragon to break free of his egg.

2923 0
8 A Beginning for Old and Young

Ed offers Chen Queson the benefit of his research. A visit to Diagon Alley finds conflict and new friends in the Shevingtons whose son Alan will be entering Hogwarts along with Hugh.

3428 0
9 A Journey and a Surprise

Hugh and Alan ride to Hogwarts with Godric and Sophia Potter. Sophia accidentally penetrates Hugh's mind. Hugh learns what his father's surprise is.

5291 0
10 A Classroom Disruption

Eversor decides that he can safely attack Ed from amidst a crowd. It was a fortuitous mistake for him and others.

4201 0
11 A Beast Becomes Aware

Ed inquires of Severus Snape the possibility of learning something about making potions. Some at the Ministry of Magic become aware that a muggle teacher is using magic in his class at Hogwarts.

3275 0
12 An Illusion of Power

Shroudsham invades Edward's mind to discover more about him and his wife. Hugh produces a strange patronus, killing a dementer.

5229 0
13 A Weekend of Detention

A decision to visit Hogsmeade. Eversor learns something about living a primitive life.

6673 0
14 An Insurgency Begins

After experiencing Shroudsham's invasion on his mind, Ed determines that Shroudsham must be taken down. Professor McGonogall confronts Alan about his trip to Hogsmeade.

3518 0
15 Christmas Plans

Edward brings a killing device to class. Arthur brings Molly to join with Angeline and Ed. Plans are laid for all to get together over Christmas. Hugh admits to Professor McGonogall that the four of them had gone to Hogsmeade.

6293 0
16 The Library

Hugh, Alan and the Potters visit Ron and Hermione's home where they gain access to their library and learn how to teach Alan to apparate. Shroudsham confirms that Edward Eisen is well liked and enlists the help of Dolores Umbridge to find someone they can pressure to assist in his attempt to get Ed.

3386 0
17 Messages

Alethea Saynsberry, at Eversor's urging enlists the aid of Edward and Angeline Eisen when she learns that Dolores Umbridge is attempting to pressure her into something.

3677 0
18 A Dressing

Alethea and her mother meet with Dolores Umbridge in the Hogs Head tavern. Sophia agrees to let Hugh dress her in the gown she will wear for the Yule Ball.

4805 0
19 Dancing in the Wilderness

Hugh and Sophia, Godric and Victoria Wood, and Alan and Aurora portkey to Montana where Hugh's grandparents teach them a few dance steps.

4909 0
20 A Disillusioned Sojourn in the Dark Forest and a Ball

Leading up to the Yule Ball, Shroudsham makes a dry run of his plans to get Edward Eisen. Sophia stuns the other students at the Ball as she enters in Hugh's coat and dance a Tango. Alan thinks that he can make some money with dance lessons.

4012 0
21 Holiday and Misstep

Sharoudsham finalizes his plans with Dolores Umbridge. The Eisens, Potters, Weasleys, and Shevingtons celebrate the Christmas holiday together. Hugh links with Sophia while dancing.

3478 0
22 Rage

Alethea is watched. Hugh introduces Sophia to his whole family. Shroudsham makes his move.

6739 0
23 A Second Engagement

Edward Eisen continues to question in class the need for the International Code of Wizarding Secrecy. Hugh acts to encourage Shroudsham to make a second move against him and his father. Minister Gomershall is accompanied by Shroudsham to Hogwarts as they attempt to take Edward Eisen into custody.

6308 0
24 Resolution

Arthur Weasley proves himself to be a cunning spy. The trial of Edward and Hugh Eisen commences. The outcome is not what Willard Shroudsham desired.

6722 0
25 A First Sale

It is done. Alan creates a business and Hugh and Sophia announce that she will begin legilimency training. Edward Eisen bridges the gulf between the magical and non-magical world.

3758 1

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