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Of Heart and Home by Pointless Nostalgic

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 49
Chapters: 8
Words: 20057
Characters: Lily, James
Genre(s): General, Humor, Romance
Era: Marauders
Pairings: James/Lily
Status: Completed
First Published: 2010.01.31
Last Published Chapter: 2012.10.06
Last Updated: 2012.10.06
Favorite Story Of: 66 users
Advisory: Mild Language

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James signs up for an extra credit opportunity in Muggle Studies, wherein he will visit a Muggleborn's home and live a Muggle life first hand for a week.  As luck would have it, he is assigned to live with Lily and her family.  Can he survive a week with no magic?  Can she survive entertaining him for a week?  Only time will tell.

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Of Cabs and Galleons

"Are you bloody serious?” 

“No, I’m James…” he defended automatically, but Lily narrowed her eyes at this.

“That joke got old in second year.  And how did you know Yugoslavian?!”

2547 15
2 Of Twizzlies and Light Sabers

     “Oh, the moving picture thing?” 
      “Yeah, the moving picture thing.  There’s a movie theatre a few blocks away that’s still playing Star Wars.  I figured you’d like that."
       “Star Wars?” James asked, furrowing his brow.  “I didn’t know stars could fight."

2728 7
3 Of Breakfast and Pansyball

 Lily wakes up to an interesting sight and she introduces James to a new sport.  

2480 3
4 Of Chicken Scratch and Flour Fears

 James and Lily prepare a surprise for her mother's birthday.

2918 3
5 Of Ice Fishing and Merlin

 James meets Lily's friends and learns a few tidbits about her past.  

2487 5
6 Of Swings and Freaks

 James finally meets Petunia--a bumpy meeting, to say the least.  

2090 10
7 Of Mirrors and Misunderstandings

 "Six years of resentment, all gone after a week away from Hogwarts.  Everyone would be patting you on the back, congratulating you on melting Lily Evans’ heart of ice."

2346 1
8 Of Returns and Reconciliations

 "But here’s the thing, Evans—I know you care. You wouldn’t be arguing with me right now if you didn’t. People don’t fight this much about things they don’t care for."

2461 5

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