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Turmoil by Warror

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 16
Chapters: 10
Words: 12751
Characters: Harry, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OtherCanon
Genre(s): Drama, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Era: Next Generation
Pairings: Other Pairing, Draco/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Status: Completed
First Published: 2009.06.25
Last Published Chapter: 2010.02.27
Last Updated: 2010.02.27
Favorite Story Of: 2 users
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence

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Albus Potter is going into his third year at Hogwarts and his younger sister Lily is just beginning her first year.But this year is different.This year his brother,James,who is in his fourth year is mad at him. Lily is confused and annoyed at her brother's anger and is avoiding both of them,instead hanging out with first year,Hugo Weasley.What will become of this family in distress?

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Prologue-It All Begins

Fighting breaks out between Albus and his brother James. And Now their younger sister Lily is avioding them both! Albus starts hanging out more and more with Slytherin boy Scorpius, son of Draco Malfoy. Is this the end of the friendship between the two brothers or is this the begining of something worse?

513 2
2 Quiditch Difficulties

Classes start... and so does Quiditch, but though Al is the best Seeker to try out for the teams James, who's the captain, refuses to let him join. Tired of the Griffindor's he turns to the Slytherins and instead joins their Quiditch team as the Seeker, but the Griffindor's reaction was worse than he'd ever guessed it would be.  This chapter was cowritten with Boots.

1701 0
3 Big Mistakes

When James loses his temper with Al and Al is forced too choose sides every thing begins too fall. Can the already strained and tense relationship between Gryffindor's and Slytherin's take the stress?? Could this be the beginning of something much worse?? Can Lily hold up under the strain of her brother's fighting??
Please leave comments people, I want too know what people think of the story.

1371 2
4 Suspence

The Slytherin's become protective of Al and stand up for him. Al finally has someone too seek comfort from, coming in the form of Riana, his girlfriend.

1444 2
5 Flying

When Slytherin and Gryffindor compete for the Quiditch Cup, things can get interesting between the brothers...

1328 1
6 Coming Home

Albus brings Scorpius home for Christmas Holidays. It starts out great. What could lead too dancing and a pair of ballet shoes?

1663 2
7 Danger

A new Dark Lord? Check.
Said Lord trying to see my Lily dead? Check
Can anything make this worse, say losing a best friend? Check Check Check

It's me, Scorpius Malfoy, and this CAN'T be good. Why is it always me?

1522 1
8 Informed

Scorpius tells the Order of the Phoenix the Death Eater's plans. Hey warns them of the coming battle and Jaisen's plans

608 1
9 Death Toll

The battle commences and they costs are high.

1992 2
10 Epilogue

Years have passed and the characters have grown and changed. Children are born and others are lost. This, my friends, is the end of the story. This is very short but it give this story an ending.

609 3

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