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How to tame a Marauder by melian

Rating: MatureStory Reviews: 3933
Chapters: 62
Words: 300758
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Genre(s): Drama, Humor, Romance
Era: Marauders
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC
Status: Completed
First Published: 2009.02.10
Last Published Chapter: 2013.01.12
Last Updated: 2013.01.12
Favorite Story Of: 2073 users
Advisory: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

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The HPFF Dobby Awards: Winner - Most Addicting Story (2009)

As Sirius led me around the room, I took a deep breath. "So, was it a bet or a dare?"
"What do you mean?" he asked. When his eyes drifted to James I grinned.
"Don't play dumb. You'd never ask me to dance in a million years. Besides, Potter just gave you the thumbs up."
He groaned. "Are we really that obvious? OK yes, it was a dare."

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Return to Hogwarts

The beginning of the school year.  It's 1975 and OWL year so there's a lot on everyone's plates. 

4616 118
2 Changes in Camelot

Lessons begin, teachers ramble on about how important OWLs are, and the war begins to rear its ugly head.

4093 66
3 Retribution

Avery receives some just desserts, and Laura and Mary start getting more and more distracted by what's going on around them.

4687 53
4 The Sirius Black fan club

Things start hotting up at school but then a spanner is thrown in the works.

4878 45
5 The end of term

Term finishes, but there's still the Yule Ball to look forward to.

4280 35
6 The girl least likely

The Yule Ball is memorable for all the wrong reasons, and has repercussions that Laura really should have been expecting.

4282 35
7 The fan club diminished

Hogwarts gossip, and more than one incidence of it.  Some is interesting and some is frankly annoying and really a pain to deal with, but all of it has consequences.  And Laura hears some rather unpleasant home truths from Elvira, of all people.

4348 31
8 Putting out fires

After Hagrid makes a rare appearance, Laura is called upon to deal with not only Bea’s latest outburst, but also the most recent offerings from Dione Turpin and a rather vindictive Severus Snape.  But how is she supposed to concentrate on all that and on Potions as well?

4767 29
9 Good reasons to ditch Astronomy

Easter holidays, careers advice and a very annoying Astronomy lesson.  And Hogwarts discovers Levicorpus.

4686 28
10 A task to perform

What Mulciber did to Mary.  Thanks to SpottedZebra for the new chapter title!

5003 31
11 Snape's theory

Sirius sends Snape under the Whomping Willow, and Laura loses her cool and lands a detention for her troubles.  But since when has Remus Lupin been so easy to talk to?

4548 21
12 OWLs

Exams begin and everyone gets stuck into revision.  And then Laura and Sirius have a bit of a row just before the Defence exam.

4763 37
13 After the exam

Exams get finished and the school year ends, though not without some drama along the way.  Includes Snape’s Worst Memory.

4861 28
14 Diagon Alley

The girls all take a holiday shopping trip to Diagon Alley – though that doesn’t exactly go as planned.  Then it’s back to school and the start of NEWT-level studies.

4530 37
15 And classes begin again

Everyone gets their timetables for NEWTs, classes start up again, and Mary reveals an embarrassing secret. Oh, and amortentia …

4726 37
16 Patronuses

Patronus lessons, Elvira, and Sirius turns seventeen.   Which of course all of Gryffindor House has to know about.

4333 27
17 The best form of defence

Duelling lessons, Slughorn’s Christmas party, and Laura gets in trouble while defending someone else.  Which means yet another detention.

5082 32
18 Detention

Laura finds out that detentions can actually be fun, even when Mary isn’t around and the only person she has to talk to is someone who wouldn’t normally acknowledge her at all.

4200 55
19 Lending a hand

Christmas holidays and then back to school in what seems like no time at all.  Then James gets hit by a curse and it’s up to the girls to help find the counter-curse.  But since when has Sirius been so chatty anyway?

4964 31
20 Werewolves are people, too

Lily has a shock and misses Viridian’s most important class of the year – or not, depending on what you think about werewolves. And we begin Apparition lessons.

5035 39
21 The effects of Hogsmeade

Life starts getting much more interesting – well, as far as Laura is concerned, at least.

4984 31
22 Coming of age

Turning seventeen is a big deal in Potterverse, and Laura has a most interesting time of it.

6048 36
23 Making new friends

Sharing spells with the boys helps lead to establishing new friendships, but Bertram is less than impressed.  But then, sometimes Laura’s necessarily not that pleased with Bertram, either.

4498 35
24 Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff

Quidditch, Easter holidays, and a gift is returned. All of which serve to make life just that little bit more remarkable.

5151 66
25 Exposing the lies

More than one misconception is turned on its head, not all of which is good news.

4790 52
26 Bertram's end

The fallout from the last chapter’s revelation. Needless to say Laura’s not particularly impressed with her boyfriend’s behaviour.

4290 61
27 Intrusions and epiphanies

Once she finally gets rid of Bertram once and for all, Laura has a sudden realisation that is not necessarily to her benefit.  Actually, she’s horrified.  But these things do happen …

4508 50
28 Hogsmeade under attack

Laura’s trying to come to terms with her own stupidity (or what she sees as stupidity). Meanwhile, Hogsmeade is attacked and it’s up to a handful of sixth-year students to save the town and everyone in it. Luckily they know what they’re doing …

4582 67
29 Deciding the Quidditch Cup

After surviving the dramas of Hogsmeade, the school is in high spirits as the last Quidditch game before exams approaches, as it will probably decide not only the Quidditch Cup but also the House Cup. But can Gryffindor get it over Slytherin when it really counts?

4556 58
30 Exams

Everyone takes their sixth-year end of year exams – with the occasional distraction.

5180 76
31 Summer holidays

Driving and Apparition licence tests, Laura acts as bridesmaid for her cousin’s wedding, and the girls all go to Diagon Alley to get their school things – fortunately without a Dementor in sight.

6153 55
32 Getting to their Heads

The beginning of seventh year brings new responsibilities for the new Head Girl and Head Boy, and the appointments to those positions just bring a lot of gossip and speculation for everyone else.

4994 99
33 It's all about James

A conversation with the boys at the breakfast table about why Laura won’t be playing Quidditch this year. Or doing much else, come to think of it. And then Lily starts getting increasingly frustrated by James’ impeccable behaviour.

4756 72
34 Broomstick maintenance

Laura agrees to give the Quidditch team some pointers on broom handling and maintenance, and discovers that James has ordered she be chaperoned to and from the pitch. And another Hogsmeade visit is announced.

4821 69
35 Pubs, pranks and parties

The first Hogsmeade visit of the new school year only succeeds in making Laura more uncomfortable than ever, which can make life difficult when Sirius’ birthday is approaching.  And then she walks in on something most unwelcome …

4997 75
36 Facing reality

A heartbroken Laura picks a fight with a Death Eater wannabe, to try to get her mind off things.

5326 90
37 The worst news possible

Lots of preparations for the Yule ball, including working out who is going with whom, but it’s all tempered by a comment from Lily.

6189 84
38 Snowballing

After a snowball fight, which - in theory at least - should be enough to get any excess tension out, Laura goes to the ball with Bernie Carmichael, determined to enjoy herself no matter what (or who) Sirius is doing.

4879 162
39 Confessions

The remainder of the Yule Ball, and the train ride home.

4705 107
40 Christmas

To no one's surprise, Sirius works out a way they can see each other over the holidays.
Warning: contains fluff.

4543 75
41 At the Potters'

Laura and Sirius bring in the new year at James’ house, having a lovely time playing around with various types of machinery. And then there’s the morning after …

5399 94
42 Back to school

Broken hearted, Laura faces up to going back to Hogwarts and dealing with life without Sirius.

5013 93
43 Reconciliation attempted

Laura and Sirius have a long talk in an attempt to iron out any misunderstandings, even if neither of them think it’ll do any good.

4991 83
44 Confrontations

… with Elvira and the fan club, Regulus and … Sirius, who is unexpectedly being rather cagey. Whoever said you don’t need to work on relationships?

4985 87
45 Duelling lessons

Laura’s not happy but Lily puts in a good word for the boys.  And then James has some bad news.

4974 57
46 Valentines Day

Fluff, fan club sabotage, fluff, stories of past experiences, fluff, an unexpected excursion, fluff, Mary, and fluff.  Did I mention this chapter may be a bit fluffy?  Don’t say you weren’t warned. :D

4734 54
47 The war finds Hogwarts

Sirius discovers that not going to Slughorn’s parties is in fact a very good strategy, Lily gets some bad news, and the whole school finds a distraction from the war.

4977 50
48 Revelations

Another Hogsmeade visit, in which Laura discovers there is much more to these Marauders than she ever imagined. 

4882 53
49 Another birthday

Laura turns eighteen, and she and Remus share another party. Though not without a bit of drama first …

4425 37
50 An offer too good to refuse

Sirius has what he thinks is a brilliant idea, Mary laughs a lot, Bernie makes a confession and Laura lies to her parents. So, much the same as usual, really.

4752 49
51 London

Laura heads to London, hopeful of a couple of days’ freedom without her parents finding out.

5047 55
52 Cataclysm

Laura has to decide whether to stay in London or return home. And then something happens which changes everything.

4423 107
53 Mary

Laura - and everyone else - tries to come to terms with the fact that Mary's not around any more.

5249 101
54 Nothing to giggle about

As Mary's death starts to sink in across the school, things start getting back to how they used to be, to Laura's great annoyance.

5165 41
55 Laura Cauldwell, amateur counsellor

Laura finds herself in charge of cheering both Remus and Sirius up, as luck would have it, on the same day. Oh, and Filch has a rather major coup – if he only realises it.

4914 67
56 Elvira's revenge

Laura deals with the falling-out of the last chapter’s events.

5173 65
57 Settling the score

Laura decides to turn Elvira in, once and for all. And then, just as she’s finally caught up with all her homework, she gets in the way of a nasty curse.

5077 59
58 Recovery

The good news is that Laura is still alive. The bad news is that Sectumsempra is a rather nasty curse that no one wants to be hit with, so her recovery is a little extended.

4719 48
59 NEWTs

Final exams have arrived, and getting through them all can be a struggle.

5030 33
60 Graduation

The final formalities for seventh year occur as Laura takes her spot in the graduating class of 1978.  And then tries to work out how to tell her parents about Sirius ...

4935 57
61 The final journey

Laura is forced to confess all about Sirius (well, most, at least) before saying goodbye to Hogwarts for the last time.

6642 67
62 Epilogue

Three months later.

2620 341

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