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Tempest Artemisa Nyx and the Black Fire (Year Three) by Tempest_Zepher_Nyx136

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 0
Chapters: 16
Words: 31303
Characters: Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Oliver, OC
Genre(s): Horror/Dark, Young Adult
Era: Hogwarts
Pairings: OC/OC
Status: Completed
First Published: 2007.11.02
Last Published Chapter: 2007.11.02
Last Updated: 2010.06.24
Favorite Story Of: 3 users
Advisory: Mild Language, Strong Violence

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Tempest faces conflicts with her friends and soon enought finds that there is a thing called a Black Fire created to give anyone immortality.  When someone close to her is kidnapped Tempest vows to take things into her own hands . . .

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Mixed Feelings

Draco complicates things for Tempest

1623 0
2 Secret Bonding

Tempest bonds with someone she thought she would never be close to again

1505 0
3 Trickery

Tempest plots as usual with her michevious smile on her face

1672 0
4 Familiar Making

Tempest, Nila and Void make their pets their familiars

2008 0
5 Tryouts

Tempest tries out for seeker only to the coertion of Gorx

2105 0
6 Dogscream

Someone close to Tempest is attacked by someone they love...

1916 0
7 Bloodlines

Tempest reaches into her past to see the hatred that is harbored

2017 0
8 Festivities

Halloween brings pain as well as love

2200 0
9 Déjà Vu

Things happen that make Tempest see double

2270 0
10 Truth of Matters

Nila comes clean

1718 0
11 Discoveries

Tempest discoveres why Mistress Starlets brother wants the dagger...

1948 0
12 Nightlife

Tempest and Zoltron misbehave at night and wonder only to discover what lay in the Forest of Light...

2351 0
13 Letters

Tempest finally reads the letters by Draco but when he arrives, things occur....

2658 0
14 Rescue Plan

After Nila is kidnapped Tempest and Void vow to take things into their own hands...

1663 0
15 Compromise

Tempest makes a deal with Bianca's brother...

1327 0
16 The Black Fire

Tempest comes face to face with the black fire and the creatures that watch over it and makes a choice to a bit of flame...

2322 0

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