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I Can't Love You by Lov3ly_Ginny

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 100
Chapters: 7
Words: 15014
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Bellatrix, Pettigrew
Genre(s): Fluff, Humor, Romance
Era: Marauders
Pairings: James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Status: Work In Progress
First Published: 2007.08.21
Last Published Chapter: 2008.08.08
Last Updated: 2008.08.08
Favorite Story Of: 48 users
Advisory: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

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Lily, James and their friends go on a journey that will change them forever. Who will get together, who will fall in love, and who will fall apart?

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Oh... She'll want to!

“I want to go out with you” she said.


”I WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU!” Lily screamed.

“Well… if you insist” James said slyly.

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2021 20
2 Apparently Lily 'hearts' James.

Even her pajamas said I heart James and Mrs. James Potter everywhere! She fought the urge to scream and instead mumbled to herself all he ways to kill James. 

"Why hello, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Evans. Pleasure to meet you. I’m James Potter.” 

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1670 24
3 Out of the Potter Clothes

When Lily got home, she immediately ran upstairs in her room to change out of her horrible ‘Potter’ clothes. But she didn’t run fast enough or she ran too fast—either way, she ran into Petunia. Literally. They collided and Petunia fell to the floor. She screamed.


1912 12
4 And Who is Roger?!

They slowly walked back to the blanket were Lily’s parents were sitting, but first they heard a man someone shout “Lily?” Lily and Gabby swung around and saw a gorgeous man. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tan, toned body and a lifeguard too. Gabby gasped and looked at Lily who was smiling really big.

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1985 22
5 A Change of Heart

You know that James lives next to me. You also know that he knows when you’re here. It’s like Lily senses,” Gabby said smiling. Lily laughed. “Hold on Sirius… my Lily senses are tingling. She must be at Gabby's! Come forth to the window and stare.” Lily was cracking up now. Gabby always tries to sound like James but it always ends up sounding like Santa Claus.

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2487 18
6 Sharing a Secret Smile

James laughed and chased after her. When he found her, he grabbed her hand. Lily started at first, but then saw it was James and smiled. Everyone was staring at them, they didn’t notice. Someone gasped and pointed and that’s when Lily looked at James and they dropped hands, both smiling a secret smile.

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2362 1
7 It's You

"yes well, I haven’t been able to stump you since you ‘Marauders’ decided that it would be a fun game to play… what was it Sirius called it again?”

“Ding-dong ditch,” James said. Lily laughed.

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2577 3

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