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A Vampire's Lament by FlameWolf3182

Rating: MatureStory Reviews: 137
Chapters: 14
Words: 45680
Characters: Hermione, Draco, OC
Genre(s): Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Status: Completed
First Published: 2007.07.02
Last Published Chapter: 2010.08.13
Last Updated: 2010.08.13
Favorite Story Of: 148 users
Advisory: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

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His words wake her in the morning, follow her through the day, and haunt her as she fights to fall asleep. She left him, no, broke him is more accurate. “I’m going to find you ‘Mione, I don’t care how long it takes.” Now, she waits for the day he keeps his promise.  (Sequel to Secret Lusts) banner by the great lovinrain @ tda

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Willow Manor Hotel

Hermione bent over trying to catch her breath that came in sharp gasps. The grip she held on her knees tightened and she forced herself back up straight. She felt her head get light and she blacked out, but before she lost her balance, she came to again.
“Iris, I assume.” Marius said noticing a switch from brown to blue eyes.

3220 15
2 The Runaway

The four left the bar and Draco watched their every step. One of them mentioned the name ‘Hermione’, and for all he knew that wasn’t a common name in America. It was the most progress he had made in a long time. He snatched up his coat and ran out the door of the bar. ‘Good, they haven’t noticed me yet.’

2057 29
3 She's a Human Traffic Accident

Hermione felt a sudden surge of power jolt through her and disappear. What was that? I’ve never felt something so strong before. Iris said.
“Hermione...?” A deep voice echoed from behind her in the alley.

3324 32
4 Waking Up In Hell

“Yes I will, I’ve already gone through seven ways I could do it. Please, you have to leave.” Hermione could feel her muscles stretch and flex around her bones and joints. It would be easy, the only witnesses being vampires also. But then, how could she ever live with herself when his body laid lifeless on the floor. That was when the most dangerous thought entered her mind. With Draco gone, her torment would be over. “Leave, now!” She yelled with a menacing growl.

4732 3
5 New Hotel Resident

“I forgot how cold...” He trailed off and didn’t finish.
“Please, never do that again.” She said and could feel the scorching tingle on her wrist from his burning hot hand. She wrapped her own hand around her burning wrist and allowed it to cool, but the tingle remained.

3167 5
6 Learning to Breathe

“Found your weak spot.” Iris mocked. Draco laughed and took off the shredded beater. Iris saw the distinct holes, but there was no blood. Had the wounds been that shallow? Draco rotated both his shoulders and launched himself toward her. Before Iris even calculated his speed, she was face down on the marble with Draco on top of her.

3877 4
7 Wild Goose Hunt

“Well, if I have enough layers and I’m not delayed too much then I’ll only suffer second degree burns.” She said and roughly pulled on a full face ski mask and sun glasses. Draco bit his lip to stop his outburst and helped tuck all of her hair into the hat. “I...Draco, I don’t want to see you when I get back.” She told him.
“Hermione, I’m sorry that I tried to kiss you, but please, don’t separate us again.” He pleaded.

5424 6
8 Emerging with Grace

Iris, eh? That wasn’t your name before. I believe the name I gave to you was Argenta. Ah, yes my sweet little Silver One. But, perhaps you are most used to your birth name, Isleen? A powerful masculine voice echoed inside Hermione’s mind completely drowning out Iris. Suddenly, an image of a vampire standing outside of the Hotel in the sun flashed in her mind causing her to struggle for breath.

2912 10
9 Revelations

Marius suddenly stopped and inhaled deeply. “We can’t kill him if the myths are true.” He stared blankly and shut the book before tossing it to the ground. “We’re completely doomed. But, if there is a way to subdue him, it’s been said that the First’s blood is the remedy to the vampire virus.”

3328 6
10 Winston and Argenta

“It’s been a very long time since you met another that could crush your very bones.” He growled and threw her into the wall causing fissures and cracks to shoot out across the impact zone.

“The others will have heard that,” Hermione said in fear of him attacking the others.

“I truly hope to see my Argenta soon. I’m afraid that I’ve begun to forget her face.” Winston said softly and moved his hand to the back of her neck. “Make sure she gets the message for me.” He whispered before kissing her softly.

4305 4
11 Tears for the Dead

“You care for a very weak creature. Humans are prone to so many things. Sickness, age, weak wills, greed, so many things. But, if you truly want to save him you already know what you can do.” Winston said calmly as if he was a close friend.

“There are other ways,” Hermione said through her teeth.

“Yes, there are countless other options, but turning him is the only sure thing."

2287 6
12 Illusions

For the first time in many years, Hermione knew she wasn’t talking to anyone. “I have to find –” Just as she spoke, the heavy realization of Draco’s death weighed down on her. Her chest ached as if a knife had been plunged deep inside her. She wrapped her arms around herself and felt her heart plummet desperately. The curtains loudly flew shut causing her to jump, and the door slowly creaked open.

“How are you feeling?” The oddly familiar young red head asked as she walked through the door.

1649 5
13 To Kill the Everlasting

“I could never pin point what was so special about this tattoo because I couldn’t reconnect perfectly with all my old memories. It suddenly just came to me, and now seeing it clearly with my own eyes, I know for a fact that this is my work.” Isleen touched a finger to the center intersection of the tattoo and watched as the ink rippled out to the edges.

1849 6
14 In The End

She faintly nodded and turned to see Draco get slammed into a desk.  Isleen was on top of Winston inside of an instant, struggling desperately to pin him still.  Marius knew there was only one way to sufficiently immobilize Winston, but it was a trap.  He was the only vampire in the room that wouldn’t lose something.

3549 6

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