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To the Past, From the Future by Phoenix_Flames

Rating: MatureStory Reviews: 1707
Chapters: 59
Words: 233220
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius, Lily, James, Ginny
Genre(s): Romance, Action/Adventure, AU
Era: Hogwarts
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Ron/Hermione
Status: Completed
First Published: 2006.11.13
Last Published Chapter: 2007.12.06
Last Updated: 2009.06.25
Favorite Story Of: 547 users
Advisory: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

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Have three certain generations met for a reason? Harry Potter is bewildered when he owls his mother through time and then a year later receives an owl from his son, nineteen years into the future. As he realizes that his family is cursed with the worst deaths, Harry tries to play hero. But how will that work out when he knows his own death is part of the massive strike on his family? COMPLETED!

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1 Misleading


Harry looked at his friends. Each had a different expression of bewilderment on their faces, but Ron's was the most amusing with half a piece of bread shoved into his mouth and hanging there hopelessly. Harry scoffed, "Ron, that's not very pretty."

Ron clamped his mouth shut with a murmur. "Harry, that can't be right."

Hermione began after several moments of silence, setting her fork down on her plate with a soft clatter, "Your mother's d-"

"Dead," Harry interrupted, sending her an evil glare.

3856 73
2 Confusion

He sat down on the couch and waited, even though he didn't know what he was waiting for. He sighed and grabbed a piece of parchment from a near-by table and scribbled I'm here... Hedwig was perched on the arm of a chair and he tied it to her leg, she flying out the window moments later. She returned all the sooner with another piece of parchment. Harry unfolded it and read.

3046 35
3 Maybe a Change

Lily sat on the ground, her shoulders heaving forward with intense cries, her hands covering her mouth, and tears running down. James didn't know why she was crying, but he offered her a hand to pull her to her feet. She disregarded his offer, and he sighed, sitting down next to her crying form. James tried to make her happy, so he chuckled out, "Is this your normal one-in-the-morning-routine?"

2914 42
4 A Walk Around the Lake

As their hands swung by their sides they hit. James' hand jumped away from Lily's afraid she would flame up at him. He stuttered, "S-sorry." He was so afraid that she would blow up on him again and begin shouting once more. Surprisingly to James, Lily smiled and once his hand was back by his side, he having calmed down, she wrapped it in hers, entwining their fingers.

2453 39
5 Bonding Across Time

They never seemed to let go of each other; always holding hands in the corridors, playing footsie under the table, kissing or snogging in corridors or in corners of the library, James squeezing her thigh anywhere when they were sitting by each other, or even falling asleep in each others arms under the oak tree on warm Sunday afternoons.

3160 28
6 Entering Godric's Hollow

Harry stopped mid-way in entering the demolished yard through the broken gate when he remembered his meeting with Dumbledore two days before. A voice was calling inside his head, taunting him, "Harry, this is confidential. No one else knows this information..." Harry tried to walk forward, but squeezed his eyes shut when he remembered the rest, "Your father's body was never found..."

2224 24
7 Liar

He spun her around in his arms and asked quickly, worried for her, "What's wrong?! Why are you crying?!" Lily choked out, "I don't know. I just have a really bad headache." "NO, YOU DON'T!" Harry screamed loudly. James was oblivious to his son screaming. The voice was only like something distant in her mind. Lily was asking in her mind, Why are you here?! Why are you even here?! Harry was screaming loudly, "YOU LIAR!"

3098 20
8 Afraid of Death

Ginny stood up and took her place by Harry's side. She said calmly, staring out the window like Harry was doing, "Because we can't help you if you're going to act like this..." "I don't need help..." said Harry in a sour voice. She turned to him and grasped his arm. She squeezed it until he turned to her, his face sullen, "Yes." she said sternly, her eyes penetrating his fine emerald ones, "You do, Harry."

3131 23
9 Nightmares

"What did you see?" Harry asked. He wanted to know. He wanted to help...Ginny shook her head and hiccupped, "The battle..." Harry froze immediately and looked down to the small woman in his arms. He opened and closed his mouth, at loss for words, and then found at least something to say. He asked, "W-what did you see?"

2726 21
10 A Sudden Engagement

"Yes, Ginny?" he answered calmly, entwining their fingers. He kissed the back of her hand, rubbing his thumb into it. She sat up and looked him in the eye. It took her a moment to gain her breath and whisper out into a hoarse voice, "Harry, if you die, I want both of us k-knowing t-that..."

3242 25
11 It Wasn't Supposed to be Like This

Harry shook his head, whispering while wiping at his eyes, "This was never how I imagined it." Tilting his head to the side, Sirius watched him, feeling sad. Harry moaned, rubbing his eyes, "It was never supposed to be like this. What have I ever done to deserve something as horrible as this?! I had never imagined my engagement the way it had been. It's supposed to be more than just something we want because my death lies near."

3292 29
12 Dark Abyss

Lily choked out against him, "J-James, you have to see my dream. It all makes sense now..." "No." James shook his head, "I won't!" "James, you must!" Lily sobbed, shaking her head at him. She stood and cupped his narrow face in her hands. She cried out, "I understand what Harry had been trying to tell me! He means that you must find a way to live past Halloween!" "I can't..." James cried loudly, "I couldnít! How could I live without you, Lily?! What about you?! Why couldn't you try and live too?!"

3718 23
13 Tricks

He whispered fiercely, wanting to cry, "No. Stop it! Leave me alone!" "Harry?" Sirius asked, closing the door behind him. Harry dropped his arms and spun around immediately. He closed his mouth and bit his bottom lip, trying to hide the scared look about his face. Sirius stepped forward and asked, "Were you talking to me?" "No." Harry spoke quickly. He shook his head, "No. I wasn't talking to you, Sirius."

3476 24
14 The Final Battle: Part I

"No..." he moaned in pain, "V-Voldemort. H-He tricked me...B-Brought me here through my mind. I'm so stupid, Mum! I'm so bloody stupid." "No, Harry! Don't say that!" Lily shook her head, "Don't you say that. Everything is going to be fine." "No, it's not..." Harry moaned quietly, "He's laughing at me. He thinks I'm loosing my mind right now. Goodbye, Mum...Tell Dad I love him."

3019 33
15 The Final Battle: Part II

People began to crowd around them, wanting to see Harry's body. Sirius and Ginny made them back away with yells. A cloaked man stepped forward, gasping and attempted to run forward, crying loudly, "HARRY!" "Get away!!" Ginny wailed, cradling her boyfriend's body, "You don't know him! Get away from him!" The hooded man gasped in shock, pain, and stepped back, not bothering to prove how wrong she was...

2794 37
16 Living on Magic

Lacy smiled lightly and folded her arms across her chest, "I see you haven't changed a bit, Sirius." "Well, I wouldn't say that." Sirius smiled lightly, "Twelve innocent years in Azkaban can do a bit of change to you..." "I'm so sorry about that..." Lacy shook her head, horrified, "No one ever imagined Pettigrew doing something like that." Sirius shrugged his shoulders, "It's too late now."

3571 33
17 The Survivors

"James..." Sirius spoke softly, "H-Have you kissed a woman since Lily?" James' hair fell into his eyes as he looked to the ground and whispered, "Almost...Once, but she tried to kiss me. W-We were already so close a-and when she leant in I just couldn't do it. I know Lily wouldn't want me to be like this, b-but I can't help it. Girls have asked me out on dates, b-but I just can't bring myself to go. Every time they would ask me, I could only think about Lily. I know it's been almost seventeen years and I should move on, but I just can't."

4387 23
18 Happiness in the Darkest of Times

She was grumbling under her breath, holding her stomach. She stopped suddenly and clamped a hand over her mouth, attracting everyone's attention in the room. She shoved Ron, who came up to her in worry, out of the way and sprinted to the bathroom. Hermione threw the door open and collapsed down on her knees in front of the toilet and retched. Ron opened and closed his mouth, everyone else looking to him with confusion. He looked at his sister questioningly. Ginny shot her head towards the bathroom, a motion for Ron to follow her.

4195 30
19 A Hallucinating Eighteenth

Ginny squeezed her eyes shut and sobbed lightly, looking down. She tried to break free of James' grasp, but his arms were around her waist, holding her tightly to his body. James whispered, "Oh, baby, don't cry. Why are you crying, Lily?" Ginny shook her head as James cupped her cheek in one of his large hands. Ginny whispered, "Let me go..." James smiled sadly in his hallucination and rubbed his nose up against hers, whispering, "I love you..."

4114 20
20 Big Sister

Right now she wasn't so sure of Harry's birth...She was pregnant...And she knew it...Lily began speaking her thoughts out loud, holding her stomach as she sat on the edge of the bath tub. She was murmuring over and over, "I can't be pregnant. I can't be pregnant. I can't be preg-"

4693 22
21 Just His Shell

He whispered, "He's not going to wake up. This is just his shell. The Harry we know is already gone..." James sighed heavily, making his decision and he stood up. He pressed the button leading to the intercom in Lacy's office and heard her answer, "Yes, James?" He had been thinking about it for a very long time now. "Bring me the papers..."

3375 30
22 Pulling the Magic

James stood in Harry's ward that afternoon by himself. He had asked for some time alone with his son, and people had granted him that. James sat down on Harry's bed and for once pulled his son's body up and settled himself against Harry's pillow, laying his son's head in his lap. He ran his fingers through Harry's long hair and began to sing softly, "Hush now, my baby. Be still, love, don't cry. Sleep like you're rocked by the stream. Sleep and remember my lullaby and I'll be with you when you dream..."

3412 44
23 Right This Time

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and lifted his hand from the bed. James Potter was looking over him, sitting behind his body. Tears welled in the man's eyes as Harry touched his father's cheek and choked out, "D-Dad?"

4125 28
24 The Dream of Invasion

His fourteen-year-old daughter and seventeen-year-old son would be fine for the moment, if his daughter wasn't already dead. Harry screamed, racing down the stairs and killing a Death Eater involuntarily, "DANNY!!" He heard his son's small voice somewhere in the house and he followed it as the five-year-old Danny continued to scream for his father, "DADDY! Daddy, help me! P-Please!" "DANNY!" Harry screamed bursting into lounge in the east wing, "Danny, I'm coming!!"

3267 23
25 Taking Her Place

He fell to the floor and threw the knife across the room. He turned his head away sharply as he heard one of them yelp loudly and then fall to the ground. Harry only then realized that his son was screaming loudly, "NO!! Mum!!! No, no, no!" "G-Ginny..." Harry whispered, jerking his head towards one of the three doors in the kitchen. James was on his knees by his mother's side, holding his mother's shoulders, shouting her name. Harry screamed,

4251 31
26 The Funeral

He looked at the five tombstones and fell onto his knees in front of his father's. He began sobbing loudly and cried out, his voice meshing with the crashes of thunder and the pounding of the rain, "Why did you leave me?! I have everything except for what I want most in the world! You've left me with everything belonging to you but I would trade any of that just to be with you! Danny and Lily are already looking to me for everything! What if one day they start calling me Daddy?! How could I ever take your place?!"

3500 23
27 An Emotional Bond

Ron beamed, throwing his arms in the air, "Do you know how lucky we are to have such beautiful wives and have such a great family? We're being offered the opportunity of a life time! Life just simply couldn't get better!" "I know!" Harry smiled. They burst inside and Ron called out to Hermione. He tilted his head to the side, wondering why she hadn't answered. He walked into the kitchen and then sprang forward, yelping, "NO! HERMIONE!"

3491 21
28 Safe

She waved her wand, erasing the red line from mid air and waved it over her stomach again, desperately hoping for a different color line to emerge this time. She waved it over and over, nothing come out. She tried in different spots, muttering the incantation over and over and then sighed in relief, falling backwards into a chair as a blue line shot from the tip of it. She muttered, taking her head into her hands, "Thank Merlin..."

3884 43
29 Shelby

"Her letter yesterday told me she wished she had one. She described the kind of dog she wanted and that's what I got. I got her a golden retriever and I named her Shelby." "Shelby, huh?" James asked, walking over to the panting puppy. He chuckled and began to pet her. Shelby rolled over onto her stomach, stretching out and allowing James to scratch her belly. Shelby's legs kicked as James tickled her. He chuckled and patted her head. Harry asked, "Could you keep her here until Christmas?"

3389 22
30 Traitor Among Them

She didn't know why she was helping them. She didn't even like Harry and Ginny. She shivered, her teeth chattering, for many moments until the door opened to reveal a surprised Harry Potter. He spat, "Pansy Parkinson? Are you lost?" "Haha, very funny." Pansy rolled her eyes. She looked down, shuffling her feet on the front porch, "It's Malfoy now, actually. And no, I'm not lost. You're in danger. I'm here to help you."

4215 24
31 Hidden

Severus Snape snickered as each person was taken hostage by a Death Eater, and he kicked James Potter in the back, making him yelp and fall against the ground. Snape pulled his forearm against James' neck and held James on the ground. James tried to pry Snape's arm off from around his neck, but then stopped when he felt Snape's wand jab into his neck. James panted, looking around to the rest of his friends. They were each being held like he was. James spotted Sirius glaring at someone. James looked to the direction that Sirius was glaring and found Peter Pettigrew holding Remus hostage.

3131 25
32 Sick

He closed his eyes again and panted, "T-Too d-dizzy..." A tear dropped onto Ginny's blouse as she blinked at Harry, his eyes closed, breathing heavily. She whispered, taking Harry's raised hand and placing it on the blanket in her arms, "It's your nephew, Harry..."

4449 20
33 Better Than a Brother

Jackson Black peeled over with laughter, perhaps a bit too much fire whiskey in his system. He asked happily, "Hey, James! Gonna watch the surprise?" He nodded quickly before Matthew rubbed his hands together eagerly, "Dad's got a big firework show planned." James nodded his head excitedly, chuckling, "Sweet. I'll be out there in a second. I'm just gonna wake Danny." Jackson and Matthew nodded and then scrambled out the back as they heard their family begin to shout loudly, "FIFTY-NINE! FIFTY-EIGHT!"

4520 22
34 Join Her Forever

They left the kitchen together and when they went out onto the front porch, closing the door behind them. Harry asked, pulling his cloak around his shoulders, "What's going on?" "Another prophecy has been made. We think it's about you." James said in a stern voice before apparating away. Harry stood there, his mouth hanging open, and he closed his eyes, groaning in agony. He murmured, "Please no..."

3479 22
35 Makes Us Stronger

"You don't deserve all this. You deserve so much better." James gave in as he stared into his son's eyes and engulfed him into his arms, "I love you so much, son." Harry smiled against his father and chuckled, patting his father's back, "I love you too, Dad, and don't worry. I've still got nineteen years. I know to make the best of it. Just don't worry. I'm not going to let that prophecy come true. I will do everything I can. It won't happen. Trust me. And remember, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

3876 21
36 Forming Destiny

"Besides, even if you're not with Harry today, it's not like it's going to change the world." Nikki smiled, taking Zacharias' hand as he came back to her side. Ginny folded her arms across her chest and looked to the ground at that comment. How ironic was that?! If she didn't see Harry today, then it would at least change the future. Today would be the only time this month that she saw Harry. And this month something so important, something so amazing, was supposed to happen. Today they were supposed to conceive their son...

5549 23
37 Flirting, Baby Names, and Revelations

The large circle rose and rose, until Harry and Draco couldn't see their surroundings. They were trapped in a blazing and spinning cyclone of fire. Harry bolted up right and began panting. His chest heaved and he only then realized Ginny groaning from next to him, rolling around on the bed in tiredness, "Harry, go to sleep." "S-Sorry..." he stuttered, falling back down against the bed.

4136 21
38 Sarah Hermione Potter

She tugged and he jerked his arm away, grunting loudly. He slowly came to his senses and sat up slightly, the covers of their bed twisting around his legs as he turned, "What, Chloe?" "J-James! James, wake up!" Chloe said in a rushed voice. James sat up straighter and cursed in a mumble, "Damn, Chloe. What is it?" "I-I'm going into labor."

3885 26
39 Cry

"Ginny, let me see." Harry whispered to her that night after she had finally returned home, gone from Hogwarts forever. It was late and they had spent the whole evening with Ginny as she reunited with the family she hadn't seen in months. She tried to turn around as Harry kept snaking his arms about her, wanting to see Ginny's bump. She folded her arms across her flat stomach, for the moment, and bit her lip, "I'm so nervous. What if you think I'm hideous?"

3560 21
40 That's Lily Evans

"L-Lils, I-I'll be right back..." "Y-You're not going to come hold your son for the first time?" Lily asked, cradling the child in her arms. James rose and quickly walked to the door, "Give me a minute. J-Just give me a minute."

3700 25
41 Pumpkin Guts

James shivered and continued pulling the guts out and then burst, "Would you stop it?!" Lily snorted and asked in a husky voice, "Is this bothering you, Mr. Potter?" "Well, if you must know," James teased as he ignored his wife's body pressing up against him and he continued, "It's rather turning me on and I'm busy gutting pumpkins!"

3918 28
42 Gained and Lost

"A-Are you scared?" "No." Harry's father said bravely. Harry wished he could see them, but he leaned against the destroyed wall and listened to them speak. He knew that he would have a moment like this. That moment was coming in seventeen years. He would have a moment that he would spend with Ginny, holding her and cherishing her, knowing that that moment might be their last one together.

3903 22
43 Bump In the Night

He screamed in his high pitched voice as he ran to his Aunt Lacy and cousins in the other room, "Matty, Matty! Jacky, Jacky!! Look what Uncle Siry gave me!! Chocolate frogs! Chocolate frogs!" "Oooohh!!" Sirius grumbled, turning around to watch the little boy pad out of the room. Sirius folded his arms across his chest, "Little bugger..."

3860 23
44 Interrogation

Late that morning, Harry told James he would be back in a simple second as he played with his quidditch player action figures. Harry smiled and hesitated leaving the room as he watched his son. With a sigh, he set off down the hall and opened the door to his study with a chuckle. Harry stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of his destroyed study. He felt himself loose his breath and he stuttered quickly, running forward, "N-No. No, no, no!"

3531 25
45 Mummy Doesn't Love Me

"It was that one morning," she whispered, still looking the other way, "in the shower." He began to whisper as Ginny made no movement what so ever to look at Harry, "Look at me, Ginny." If ever so slowly, she turned and settled on her side, staring into Harry's eyes. He looked straight into them, something he hadn't done in a long time, and he touched her cheek. She shuddered under his touch and turned her head. Harry whispered, "What have I done? What have I done to make you fall away from me?"

4336 41
46 There is Hope

"I miss her, Daddy." James sniffed. Harry nodded, "I miss her too, Jamie." "Do you love Mummy?" "Yes, I do. I love her very, very much." Harry whispered as James sat up and crawled up into his father's lap. He sat there and wrapped his small arms around his father's stomach as he squeaked, "But Mummy doesn't love you?"

4353 30
47 We'll Keep Trying

"I don't know!" she cried out, throwing her arms about in dramatic ways. She sobbed, grabbing hold of her head. She wailed, "I've been eating so much and I'm not using extensive energy, but I'm loosing so much weight! James, I don't know what's wrong!" "You need to see a healer." James said seriously to her, prying her arms away and looking to her stomach. He felt his insides turn as he touched each rib, tracing them with his fingers. Chloe begged, "Help me!"

5964 39
48 Making Progress

He heard a squeal and he fell to his knees, opening his arms up for the little boy padding across the floor, "Daddy!!" "Jamie!!" Harry laughed loudly, swooping him up into his arms. He kissed the boy's head and rose with him in his arms, asking him, "How was Mummy's?" "Fun, but Annie cries too much." James giggled. Harry and Ginny both chuckled and Harry smiled to her. Ginny smiled lightly back and said, "Why don't you come in, Harry?"

4749 33
49 Missing in Action

"Bloody hell, Nick. This better be worth it." Ella smirked as she latched onto the vines and began climbing. Nick watched her go and he smirked from below, "Good view!" "Oh, you hush, just because you're not the one wearing a dress and climbing up a vine!" Ella hissed as she paused and Nick jumped onto it. He climbed rapidly and passed her hopping in through the window. He took her hand and hauled her inside his room. They both tumbled to the floor with a loud crash. Ella yelped, "Ow!"

5564 40
50 Reunited

Harry's lips quivered with sobs and he shook his head, begging, "Please! You wouldn't! Don't! I'll do anything! Anything!! Just don't hurt my son!!" Malfoy sneered and rose, kicking Harry once. Harry coughed and squeezed his eyes shut with a sob for his son as Malfoy nodded his head in approval and hissed to Peter, "Bring the child to me, screaming and crying for his poor daddy."

4137 24
51 Blue Sparks

"They're out back. Danny wanted to get some Quidditch practice in. He was complaining about getting out of shape." Lily said, prancing by James. James nodded, snorting at Danny, "That boy is so whiny." Lily laughed and then turned back around on the stairs, asking with hesitation. James rolled his hand around in an urging motion for her to hurry it up as Chloe let out a loud cry again. James shouted, "Calm down, woman!! I'll be there in a minute!!" "I NEED YOU NOW!!" Chloe roared from the depths of their bathroom. James rolled his eyes and murmured, "Sheesh."

4181 22
52 Wendy

"Mum! Dad!!" James screamed about, jumping around his home the morning of September 1st. Harry and Ginny grumbled tiredly as James jumped on them on their bed. Harry pushed James off of him and hugged Ginny's body closer to his, his hand sprawled over her once again flat stomach, "Go back to sleep, Jamie. It's too early..." "You're going to wake your sisters..." Ginny moaned tiredly, turning onto her other side and nudging herself against Harry's chest. James huffed, "I don't care if I wake them! I'M GOING TO HOGWARTS!!"

3650 21
53 Sneaking

"What?! Nu-uh!! MY BIG SIS IS GETTING MAR - " "Quiet!!" Lily hissed at him, throwing one of her hands over Danny's lips. She wrinkled her nose at him and jerked her hand away from his mouth when he licked it, "Ew!!" "You asked for it." Danny whispered. He asked, "Why can't I yell about it!?"

4244 21
54 Preparing the Penseive

"I do trust you, Harry..." she whispered, kissing his clothed chest. "It will all be fine." he said in a reassuring way. He pulled away from her and he walked to their dresser, opening the very last drawer. He pulled out a large basin with a swirling green liquid and he whispered to Ginny, "Please, close the door." She nodded, dabbing at her eyes and she walked to Harry's side. She took the hand he was offering her and Harry whispered, kissing her cheek, "Ginny, it's time we leave our memories for James..."

6407 20
55 Forever Love

"Y-You..." James whispered, not knowing what to say to that. He swallowed and shook his head, "B-But you..." He couldn't continue. Instead, he let both of his parents hug him tightly and Harry said after a moment, "James, we're already changing the future so much and you find this in quite a few years, but I want to give it to you now..." He rose slowly walked across a few floor boards. He stepped on a certain one a couple of times and nodded, murmuring to himself, "This one..." and he lifted his foot, sending it crashing through a floor board.

6611 23
56 Blades of Poison

If you wish to read with the inspired music. STOP. And let's backtrack a little. Continue if you don't want to. If you do, do this

Go to My Author Page>copy the url in the Author Bio into a different Internet Box>select the appropriate link on page that returns.>STOP CLIP IF IT BEGINS>In other Internet Box (( one with HPFF open )) navigate back to this chapter>Begin Reading

Do not begin clip until directed to in the chapter.

5450 31
57 Counting Down

14 She closed her eyes and waited for the curses. Maybe it would hurt. Maybe it wouldn't hurt at all. She was about to find out. Expecting the shouts to come, she waited, ignoring her children's cries. Time passed all to slowly within those five seconds. When she heard a roar of hatred and those fateful words, it wasn't from the mouth she thought it would be from, "Avada Kedavra! Don't you touch my wife!! Avada Kedavra!"

3897 45
58 Bring the Rain

Harry laughed, feeling like he could boast and brag forever in front of Malfoy and still not get enough of it. Harry raised his wand and snickered, "Sorry to disappoint you, Malfoy." "Shut up and meet you're match." "Oh, I will. I'm good and ready. Bring the rain." Harry smiled.

5292 41
59 The Guardian

Ginny smiled, understanding what he meant. Harry chuckled, feeling as if he were flying, "I can feel him." "What do you mean?" she asked again, tilting her head to the side. Harry smiled and actually chuckled, "I can feel him. My father. He's here. He's watching me, listening to me, speaking to me..."

4870 59

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