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Secret's Don't Stay Secret's Forever by Brooke Granger

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 62
Chapters: 11
Words: 14161
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Slughorn, Draco, Pansy, Ginny
Genre(s): Romance, Young Adult
Era: Hogwarts
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender, Harry/OC
Status: Abandoned
First Published: 2006.04.28
Last Published Chapter: 2008.12.09
Last Updated: 2008.12.09
Favorite Story Of: 51 users
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

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Thank you so much to Science Geek for the amazing banner! This is a Hermione/Draco fic. Hermione and Draco are hiding their relationship from their friends. What will happen when everyone finds out? Please read and review! Over 9100 reads! Thanks so much to all my readers!

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Chapter 1

Hermione and Draco confess their feelings for one another. Hermione desperately searches for a Christmas gift good enough for Draco. Harry and Ron begin to get suspicious of Hermione's actions lately.

2086 6
2 Chapter 2

Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny open their Christmas presents from each other, and Draco finally tells Pansy Parkinson to buzz off. Draco asks Hermione what has caused her change in personality and Hermione tells him that she didn't really change. As they finish talking they are stumbled upon by two unsuspecting people.

853 4
3 Chapter 3

Harry and Ron discover Hermione's secret, and neither one is too happy about it. In a desperate attempt to stop a fight from breaking out, Hermione jumps between Ron and Draco and is rendered unconcious. Harry and Draco put the constant feuding between Gryffindor and Slytherin to rest.

1587 4
4 Chapter 4

Hermione leaves the Hospital Wing, and her and Draco pay a visit to Gryffindor Tower. They overhear an argument that rapidly heats up as they listen. Hermione discovers Ron's shocking secret about her.

1269 4
5 Chapter 5

Draco and Hermione sneak back to their common room, after hearing Harry and Ron's arguement. Hermione has a nightmare, and Draco comforts her. They exchange gifts in the morning.

1495 7
6 Chapter 6

Ginny asks Hermione who she was with that ticked off Ron, but Hermione avoids the question as best she can. Ron apologizes to Harry about the row, and Harry gives him some good advice. That night, Hermione tells Ron that she overheard him and Harry arguing the night before and she tells Ginny about Draco.

1519 11
7 Chapter 7

Draco is officially banished from the Slytherin Common Room and House Table in the Great Hall, because of his relationship with Hermione. Ron invites Draco to hang out with the Golden Trio, and Draco accepts. Harry and Ron are left explaining to the rest of the Gryffindors why Draco suddenly showed up at the Gryffindor Common Room

808 3
8 Chapter 8

Hermione promises Draco not to go anywhere without him, Ron, or Harry. However, what will the consequences be when she sneaks off on her own. P.S. Ron kind of sounds a bit dumb in this Chapter, and Harry sounds a little mean, but I swear it was just for humor's sake.

992 8
9 Chapter 9

Previously: Hermione was kidnapped by Blaise Zabini. Presently: Hermione wakes up to find herself in a dungeon like room. Draco, Harry and Ron inform Dumbledore that Hermione is missing. Blaise and Voldemort have a little chat about Hermione.

911 6
10 Chapter 10

Hermione and Draco discover a very special and rare gift that they share. Harry and Ginny get into an arguement and she seeks comfort in a very surprising person. Who is the one that Ginny turns to for comfort? Will Hermione be found before Voldemort has the chance to get to her? Read and find out.

1680 4
11 Chapter 11

Draco attempts to tell Hermione about his and Ginny's secret meetings, but his courage fails at the last moment. What happens when Hermione is making her nightly rounds and comes across the Room of Requirement in use?

961 5

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