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A Tough Life by ginny
Chapter 3 : The News Of Torture
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Chapter Three
The News Of Torture

It had been two weeks since Harry agreed to be Ron and Hermione's secret keeper.The spell had been proformed six days ago.Hermione was already having a rough time being in hiding.

She wasn't allowed to step outside,not even for two minutes in case someone saw her and told Draco her wereabouts.

Ron was trying to comfret her in any way possible.He wanted his furture wife to be happy,but safe.The only people they saw were Harry and Ginny who sometimes would come to vist and other times,safely and carefuly,Ron and Hermione would go to thier house and talk.

It was a fine wedsday afternoon Hermione thought as she cleaned the dishes.Ron had also been depressed,what with giving up his chance to be an auror.

Harry had put that on hold to he had said it was so he could always be around and protect them.Ron knew that Harry was doing this because Ron had to give it up,and he was very greatful to Harry.

Hermione thought she saw something across the room in the fire place.It looked like,someones head.She dried her hands and walked over to the fire place.Sure enough,Ginny's head was looking at her.

Ginny did not look happy,or angry,she looked sad and worried.She was also crying and her voice came out in gasps of breath.What was going on?

"Hermione" She said gasping through her tears. "Please,help me! H-H-Harry's hurt and I-I don't know what to do"

Ginny cried harder.

"Ginny," Hermione spoke softly. "Whats wrong? What s'matter?"

"Please Hermione,Harry's hurt,he's been attacked! I d-don't know what to d-do"

"Shh,don't worry,we're coming"

"Thanks" Ginny sniffed,but still sobbing hard.

Ginny's head dissapeared.

"Ron! Ron!" Hermione called worriedly.

Ron came running down the stairs and ran to her.

"Whats.....whats......whats......s'matter?" Ron said trying to breath.

"Its Harry.Ginny says he's been attacked"

A small tear ran down the side of Hermione's soft face.

"No,oh Harry we're comin'.C'mon 'Mione"

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