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Building a Rainbow by The Great Kelly The Great
Chapter 1 : Building a Rainbow
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Disclaimer: Anything related to Hogwarts or the wizarding world in general is property of J.K. Rowling. I am not making nay money and no copyright infringement was intended.

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Everyone assumes it was Harry and Ron who were best friends. I was there, another friend, but not let in their little couplet.

But it was actually Harry and I who were closer. He might have laughed a lot more with Ron, but it was me he ran to when he had a problem.

In our fourth year I stayed by him, when Ron didnít. That tells you something. From that moment on, he trusted me a little more than he did Ron. Just the fact that Ron abandoned him for a short time, made Harry trust him less. He might have thought that Ron would leave him at any time, and never come back to being his friend. Harry is a trusting person, unless you give him a reason not to. Then he holds his grudge forever.

But I stayed by him, keeping him sure of everything he ever did. He truly would not have gotten through the Triwizard tournament, if not for Ron and, especially, me.
He could have learned a Summoning Charm on his own, but he would have given up, if someone hadnít been there to help him.

After the third task, Ron and I helped Harry. He seemed to be a different person, a shadow of the real Harry. He lightened up some, more like a lot compared to what he was, but he had experienced . Not first hand, but he had witnessed it.

In our fifth year, Voldemort was back in power. He attacked the school many times during that year, but we were well prepared after the first time. In the first attack, we lost four lives: Colin Creevey, Hannah Abbot and two first years whose names I do not recall. Harry blamed them all on himself.

Ron was, and still is, unaccustomed to trying to lift a person out of a depressed state, but I never have been. Harry learned to have fun again, because I taught him over again.

He went down to visit Hagrid. He began to smile easily again, and he laughed much more. The first time he laughed after the third task was like heaven to me. He had been so depressed for so long, I was sure I was at least going to have to talk him out of .

He organized a Dueling class, so everyone knew how in case the need ever came up. He learned how to be an Animagus, a stag, and he explored his magic abilities much farther than he deemed possible.

Ron stayed friends with Harry, but I was his best friend. He came to me, and I listened. I was happy to give advice, and he needed to hear it. He told me once that I saved his life. And I believe it. His friendship with Ron stayed about the same, from first year, to seventh. But he and I became much closer over the years. He and Ron were always laughing, but he and I cried together. It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.

But he is now much happier and he is in love. And that is why I am where I am today.
I turned to the priest, and to my Harry.

ďI do.Ē

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Building a Rainbow: Building a Rainbow


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