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Meril by Healer_25
Chapter 1 : Freedom
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I look around the cafe that I'm sitting in its quiet and tranquil. There are few people around its actually nice to be alone for a while. We've been at peace for a year now its still amazing to think that the war is over. Our losses were great but we still stand strong, the muggles never even knew that the war happened. A year ago Harry and Voldemort were standing waiting to begin that last and final fight. Both of them thought that they would remain neither knew the outcome, except me and I intended to change it.


"Harry today you will die and I will stand victorious, you shall be nothing more then a pile of dust a simplistic molecule that the ants will crawl upon for eternity." The dark lord, Lord Voldemort stood at the opposite end of the field staring at Harry. The wind was whipping up his hair his long black cloak billowing out. The sun was off to their right and it was rising. They had agreed to a private final battle, those who would be left could try all they want but they both had some semblance of honour. Their past were similar, one parent pure one full muggle. They were both dirty they were both the same soul.

"You'll never win Voldemort! The power of light and good will always conquer over evil!" Harry spit out the words, his spirit shaking with all the rage and fear he had been holding onto all these years. Voldemort was standing in front of a copse of trees, his wand at the ready they were going to fight, for everything and anything. Mostly they both wanted the fight to end, either good or evil must win their could be no other compromise.

Voldemort glared at Harry and formally began the duel, propriety required the formal beginning. The bowed to each other and began the fight. Like the bell on a wrestling match they dove right into the fight. Voldemort through various curses at Harry and he equally danced throwing out shields, anti-curses and more spells of his own. They danced like birds fighting over a piece of meat. They were so completely focused they didn't even notice the watcher checking their progress.

She'd been there since the start watching to see what they would do, foreseeing the outcome of this battle. Voldemort was going to catch Harry off guard, Meril was not going to let that bastard win. If he did win the entire world as they knew it was to be destroyed. She'd asked the council and they reiterated their same statement again 'no interference'. That was always their policy. So many things would have been saved and never damaged if they had just allowed for minor interference. Meril was a newer watcher but she was ordained to do great things for the watchers. In the terms of young for her specie she was 300 years old. Some of the elders were reaching one million years old. But most of the first of their specie were long gone. Every time one of her kind were born they were told whether they would watch common life or they would do something great. It almost never happened that there would something so different would happen. It had plagued Meril her entire life, what was she to do? Who was she to change, was it the watchers themselves, or the world? Meril looked back at the fight that was in progress, Voldemort was forcing Harry down on his knees he had lost his wand, Meril felt the shock-wave of Earth crying out no.

"It has to be done child, risk everything, save us all." The Earth was speaking to her! This was it, the moment she changed forever, the moment that the world would be different.

Meril reached out towards Harry's mind, she reached into forcing him to grab Voldemort's wand, instead of the hand the killing curse failed once more, Harry directly interfered. The spell began to recoil gaining its own mind the wand awoke from its deep slumber, its essence was awakening, it felt the great rage and conflict from its brother wand in the young boy possession. Searching upwards it felt its own master the corrupting influence he was spreading. The wand released the spell of death the ripping of ones soul and shattering it into a million pieces forcing it up backwards along its spine, slowly killing the wand as well. Meril thanked the wand for its life a moment before it died giving it the courage to blast Voldemort with a powerful death. He was immersed in a wave of green his body lifting slightly from the ground with the power of the spell all the safe guards he had placed were smashed every aspect of his soul, his life force were ripped from his soul, he was left a shell, slowly melting into the ground, not even bones were left after the spell. The wand began to shake with the power that had been ripped from it.

Harry called for his own wand, they were brothers and should be there together for the end, Voldemort's wand lay beside it's brother, reaching out in spirit he embedded all the power and goodness that he had been holding onto, all the evil all the cruelty dissipated. The trapped souls were released all but Voldemort. When the wand had transferred everything over he let the light from the inside of his soul go and the wand glowed hot white and shattered. Harry watched on in silence not fully understanding everything but understanding that all the death eaters knew their master was dead and that they were alone. The war was over.

Meril watched as Harry ran towards his broom so excited that the war was over, the last battle was done, they were free. Free to be alive, healthy and prosperous. Meril felt the shudder through all the watchers they were letting her go, her work was done, she had changed them and in the same time done the one thing none of them had ever done, interfered.

Meril slowly walked through the tall grass, leaving the boy and the shatters to their own devices, she looked up to the sky feeling the freedom. For the first time in her life she was free to be, free to live, and mother Earth was her guide to freedom.


Meril smiled at the memory of that first flight. She had been studying the animagus lately and had learned a few shapes, Mother Earth had sent her a guide to show her all the different things, a small orb of light. The watchers still looked at her every so often but as she became more free she learned more of her own powers and they found it more difficult to find and keep a watch on her. Meril put her sunglasses back on and walked out of the quaint cafe into the light. Passing by the boy who saved us all, Harry Potter, he looked at her for a moment almost realizing who she was but shook his head. They were both heading into the beginning of freedom, of a life without boundaries.

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