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Falling Into the Darkness; a Serpant's Tale by A_Taste_Of_Blood
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: "Falling For the Serpant"
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Cassie: Here it is!!! *holds up Disclaimer*

Disclaimer: If she doesn't even own the socks on her feet do you think she owns Harry Potter?...I didn't think so!

Falling Into the Darkness; a Sepant's Tale

Chapter One

"Falling For the Serpant"

Lily sighed deeply and plopped into a seat in the Great Hall next to Sacarlet-Rane Potter, her best friend-alias Rane-and James Potter's twin sister. Across from them was another girl, Kiri Kove...another friend, who was currently buried in a book. Lily chanced a glance over at the Maraders but soon regretted it; James was staring wide-eyed at her, Sirius was mocking him playfully, Peter was laughing, and Remus had a silly smile smeared across his face. Quickly, she looked back to Rane who was buttering a breakfast muffin.

"Why don't you just go out on one date with him, Lil'?" Kiri asked, peering over her book.

"No way, he's just so...arogant!" Lily made a face and grabbed a peice of toast.

"Hey, like I always say- You don't know if they'll fit until you try them on." Rane implied.

Both Lily and Kiri stared at her before Lily decided to speak. "You never say that."

"Oh." Rane's voice was laced with confusion. "What do I always say then?"

"You wont get to know somebody by sitting on your ass and avoiding them or Come near me and I'll rip the skin from your face and then burn you alive?" Lily pondered aloud. "Because I'd prefer the latter."

"First one."

"Well then that makes you a hippocrate!" Kiri compelled. "I mean Severus likes you and you never do anything about it."

"Severus likes me?" Rane asked increduously, glancing over at the seventh year Slytherin.

"Well duh!" Kiri exclaimed.

Lily giggled, slightly. "Maybe if you were'nt too busy staring at Remus you would have noticed."

Rane puffed out her cheeks, trying to regain her dignanty. "I do not stare at Remmy!"

"She's right Lily, she's too busy fantasising about him to stare." Kiri laughed.

"I DO NOT!" Rane shouted, far too loudly. She growled at the people around her in the Great Hall who had quiet and stared. "Go back to you muffins and mind you own damn business!

Once everything had gone back to normal they decided to continue.

"So you go out with Severus Snape and then I'll go out with James." Lily announced smugly.

"Okay!" Rane exclaimed...causing Lily's expression to falter slightly. "But what if he rejects me?"

"I'm not going out with James until you go out with Severus."

Rane closed her eyes as if in thought. "Fine. But Kiri has to go out with someone too!" Kiri eyed Rane with a look that said clearly, Hell No. "Sirius!" Rane called down the Griffindor table. All four Marauders looked down the table in question before aproaching. "Sirius, your going on a date with Kiri this weekend to Hogsmade and James you going with Lily, I'm going with someone who's name shant be mentioned at this time, any questions?" Rane mumbled in one breath before getting up and leaving in search for Severus who had left moments before.

She found him outside, striding across the grass to a in hand. Rane followed quietly, amazed at how quickly he could move with such spide-like motions. He sat down, paying her no notice.

"Severus." she began cautiously.

He glared at her-this was going well. "How the hell am I supposed to get him to go to Hogsmade with do I convince him?" Rane thought. Swiftly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, noting how he became frozen like a statue.

When she pulled away, he looked around half-expecting the Marauders to jump out and hex him.

"Will you go to Homsmade with me, Severus?"

"Always subtle, aren't you?" A voice droned from behind them...Malfoy?

Rane turned to see Lucius, Narcissa, and Bellatrix...How long had they been standing there?

"I beleive the woman asked you a question, Severus." Bellatrix drawled, seating herself on the ohter side of the gangly 17 year old.

He remained frozen, unmoving...not blinking or breathing, causing Lucius to say, "I think you may have killed him, Potter."

Narcissa luaghed. "Take it as a yes...but I'm not quite sure he's capable of telling you right now."

Rane nodded and abruptly raised into a standing position...not feeling too eager to stay with the power-hungry foursome. Lucius called a simgle phrase at Rane's retreating back...a phrase that stayed bolted to her soul.

"The lion shouldn't romance the snake...or is the lion really a serpant, herself?"


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE GOING TO HOGSMADE WITH SNIVELLUS!" James' voice rang through the Common Room.

"Shhush!" Rane scolded, ignoring the disbeleiving faces of the marauders. "Hey, I go you a dtae with Lily didn't I? ANd Sirius a date with Kiri...I had to hold up my part of the deal!:

"It's just this once right?" James questioned, still shaky.

"Well, if you don't mess up with Lily it will be! What'd you think, I'd go out with that slimy git willingly?" Rane snapped, a pang of guilt bubbled in her stomache at the starement meant only to ease the minds of the four boys in front of her. Remus, who had been looking at his shoes as if he were dissapointed in them, drew his head up as he heard this.

Jams graoned and ran his hand through his hair. "I guess Sirius and I are going to have to hex him a million times before hand...and a million times after."

Rane rolled her eyes, lifter her bag onto her shoulder, and left the common room. She wandered through the halls aimlessly until she reached the library. The only one there was Severus. He was staring hard at an open book but he didn't seem to be truely concentrating. She sat down next to him but he didn't notice. After a minute she leaned closer. Still nothing...closer. Nope...closer. What is he, blind?"


His head snapped towards her. He yelped and fell sideways out of his chair; he hadn't been expecting her to be so close. He remained on the floor for a short while, looking up at her before climing back into his chair.

"I still didn't get my anser. Yes or no?"

"Uhmm..." Severus blinked at her. "I guess so...."

"Is that a yes?"

Severus nodded.

Rane smiled and took out her Transfigurations book.


Rane pulled on yet another shirt while Lily and Kiri sat on the bed boredly. Rane groaned and shrugged the shirt back off before yelling, "This is hopeless!"

Kiri and Lily exchanged glances before rummaging through Rane's things- trying to find something suitable for the date. In the end, Rane ended up looking truly like a Slytherin. Her long black hair gently curled and rested on the velvety-green dress that ended two inches above her knees, leaving only three and a half inches of bare skind between the dress and her high, black, leather boots. On her left arm was a snake breacelet with a head resting on the back of her hand and winding its way up to her elbow lined with green jems. On her other arm she had numerous silver bracelets and around her neck she wore a silver locket. Black eyeshadow, liner, and mascara were applied to her eyes and a dull pink color on her lips.

"James will freak!" Rane exclaimed.happily as she admired her image.

Kiri shook her head and Lily laughed, "Come on, we're going to be late."

Rane watched from the top of the staircase as the other grils went down before following suit. James and Sirius were too entranced by theri own dates to notice. But as she left Remus shot her a dissaproving look...she flicked him off and continued on her way.

The Slytherin boys howled and wistled while the girls either laughed or looked slightly jealous. Severus was standing with Lucius, most likely for his own protection. Severus was gaping at her and Lucius eyed her hungerly.

"I'll give you something to look at." she thought with a smirk and leaned against the railing sext to Severus, knowing it would raise her skirt almost too much.

"Hey." She said to Severus sweetly.

"Hey." he replied huskily.

She pulled Severus into another kiss but was surprised when he responded and wrapped his arms around her.

There was a chorus of "oohs" and some snickering. A single voice echoed through the crowd and Slytherin, "SCARLET-RANE MAI ELEICE MARIE POTTER!"

Rane pulled away and had to surpress a laugh as she spotted her red-faced brother. Thankfully, the crowd between the siblings was too immence, creating the perfect escape route. Severus, Rane, Lucius, Narcissa, and Bellatrix climbed into a chariot before her brother could catch up. She sighed contently and leaned against Severus, who put an arm around her. Halfway there she began to play with his sleeve boredly; the foursome weren't big talkers. She rubbed small circles on his palm, slowly inching her way up.

"Scarlet." he wispered, pulling away.


He shook his head and leaned forward, placing his elvows on his knees and buring his face in his hands. Rane looked at the other three questioningly but they were looking elsewhere. She sat in silence for a moment . "You can call me Rane, if you want."

"No." he said firnly.

"O-okay." All hopes of conversing was diminished.

"Don't worry, Scarlet." Bellatrix said calmly. "You'll understand way or another." the last part was dangerously toned and Severus grabbed Rane's hand.

"Bella!" Narcissa scolded. "Don't be like that!" She turned to Rane. "What she meant to say was we hope you'll see."

What the hell did that mean? Rane chose to ignore it. The doors opened at Hogsmade and many students piled out from various wagons, Severus still had Rane's hand. A chill rose in her and it seemed to come from him...then she remembered what Lucius had said.

"The lion shouldn't romance the snake...or is the lion really a serpant, herself?"


A/N: Well, there's a taste...tell me what you all gental!!!! ~Blood~

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