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In Her Heart by Kaos Nicole
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Old Friends
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Chapter 3: Old Friends

Hermione awoke once again but this time to both her children screaming and jumping on the bed.

“Mummy get up! Mummy get up!” They screamed and James landed on Hermione’s stomach knocking the wind out of her.

“Owe James! Don’t jump on mummy.” Hermione scolded a little more harshly than she’d meant to causing both children to stop.

“I sorry Mummy.” James apologized with tears coming to his eyes. “I not mean to hurt you.” He then leaned down and kissed Hermione’s cheek.

“It’s ok James.” Hermione apologized too feeling her heart break slightly at him looking so sad. Harry had been able to do the same thing. He could made her feel as though her heart was breaking just by looking like that. “Mummy didn’t mean to yell, just be careful, ok?”

“Otay mummy.” He replied smiling bright again.

“Come on, grammy made breakfast.” Lily said pulling on her mothers blankets. Hermione couldn’t help but smile. She got up and walked down the stairs with both her children. Hermione, her parents and James and Lily sat around the breakfast table. James and Lily were still eating but Hermione and her parents were talking.

“Actually, I was thinking I would go to Diagon Alley. I need to get some books and other supplies for school.” Hermione interrupted her parents plans for the day.

“Herm, honey you just got back.” Her father said.

“I know Dad but school starts in a week and half too. Dumbledore wants me moved into Hogwarts tomorrow so I can get some lesson plans done and so the kids can get familiar with the place. I’m going to be living there and I want the kids to be familiar with the castle.” Hermione said watching her children.

“Honey are you sure it’s such a good idea to be living there? To be living there with such young children especially?” Her mother asked. Hermione hated this, why was it that after being gone for 4 years, carrying, giving birth, and raising her twins on her own her parents still thought her incapable to continue to raising them.

“Yea Mum I do.” Hermione replied firmly. “That school was safer for Harry than any other place, safe for the boy who had Voldemort himself after him. I would trust Dumbledore and the others in that school with not only my life but my children’s lives. You will not change my mind.” She hadn’t meant to be so cross with her parents but she hadn’t come back to London simply because she couldn’t take care of her children, she’d been doing fine in America.

“Alright Hermione, we’re sorry.” Her father interjected. He had always been the peacemaker between her and her mother.

“Alright guys hurry up and we’re going to go to Diagon Alley.” Hermione said turning her attention to her children.

“What’s that? What’s D..D…Dia…Dia…” James asked trying to pronounce what his mother had said.

“Diagon Alley.” Hermione repeated. “It’s this really cool place with lots of wizarding shops. It’s where everybody goes to get there school supplies for school at Hogwarts. Don’t worry, it’ll be lots of fun.” Hermione said.

“Alright lets go now!” They both exclaimed taking the last bites of their breakfast. Hermione dressed both of her children, Lily in a pair of denim shorts and a white spaghetti strapped tank top and James in a pair of denim shorts and a white t-shirt. Hermione dressed into a pair of jeans, a pink tank top, and white sandals. Having children, surprisingly enough had done wonders to her figure. She was still skinny though much more filled out; she now looked like a woman rather than a girl. Sure she wasn’t the small size she was before she had James and Lily but she believed she looked better now than she ever had before.

“Ok let’s go.” Hermione said ushering both James and Lily done the stairs. “Go tell Grammy and Grampy good bye. We’ll see them later.” Both children rushed to their grandparents gave them hugs and then ran back to their mother. “We’ll be back later this afternoon.” Hermione said and bid both her parents good bye. She walked out to the street and stopped.

“Mum come on let’s go! I want to see this Dianon Alley!” James exclaimed pulling on her skirt.

“Alright hold on. Step back from the street.” Hermione said and pulled both children back behind her a bit. Hermione looked around to make sure no one was watching and then pulled out her wand stuck it out. Out of no where a tall, purple, triple decker bus appeared.

“Welcome to the Knight Bus, I’m Stan and…” The man smiled seeing Hermione. “Well Ms. Granger and two little ones. How are you? Please please come in.” Stan ushered them into the bus and Hermione quickly fastened both children into seats tightly before the bus could take off. James and Lily both laughed in glee finding the Knight Bus to be a lot of fun while Hermione felt as though she might be sick. “So where ya headed?”

“The Leaky Cauldron” Hermione replied. Minutes later they arrived in front of the Leaky Cauldron. Hermione was off the bus in a heartbeat with her children. She truly hated that bus it always made her so sick.

“That was fun Mom!” Lily exclaimed.

“Yea! Can we do it again?!” James asked excitedly. Hermione groaned she just had to have children that loved the Knight Bus.

“Yes, we’ll do it again on our way home.” Hermione replied. “But for now, let’s go to Diagon Alley.”

“YAY!” They both shouted. Hermione smiled and ushered them both into the building. There were very few people there but there was one face Hermione recognized, Tom, the innkeeper.

“Well hello Ms. Granger. What brings you here so unexpectedly?” Tom greeted and then looked at the children beside her. Hermione watched his eyes grow wide in realization as to who’s children they were.

“Hello Tom. Just on my way to Diagon Alley. I have to get a few things before term begins since I’m teaching and all.” Hermione replied.

“That’s very good. I hope you find everything all right, if you need a place to stay though you know where to come.” Tom replied his eyes never leaving James and Lily.

“Yes, thank you Tom.” Hermione replied getting a bit uncomfortable. She led James and Lily to the wall, tapped the right bricks and watched as part of a very busy yet very familiar Diagon Alley appeared in front of her.

“WOW!” Both children yelled in excitement and amazement. Hermione laughed slightly, she’d forgotten how very little of the wizarding world her children had seen. Sure they’d seen magic and all, she did it all the time but they’d never seen something like this. There wasn’t anything like this in America.

Hermione led Lily and James into Flourish and Blotts, their first stop of the day. Hermione was in and out in a record time of 15 minutes. She hadn’t wanted to bore her kids, knowing their short attention span, but she had found a few books on what she’d been looking for, visions and children, more specifically twins. James and Lily had stood patiently waiting gazing at the new surroundings and new people. Hermione however didn’t miss the glances people sent her, and especially the looks that her children, especially James, got.

Hermione then led them out of Flourish and Blotts and through more of Diagon Alley letting them look in the shop windows. While she decided on whether or not she needed to go in.

“Mom!” James suddenly shouted. James had stopped them infront of the shop window and Hermione looked up to see the name of the shop and immedetly felt her breath catch in her throat.

The sign red in large curvy red letters ‘Weasley Wizard Wheezes Joke Shop.’

“Mom can we go in?!” James asked excitedly gazing hungrily at the things in the window while Lily stood next to him quietly though just gazing at the things just as her brother was. Hermione took a deep breath, it was now or never right? She couldn’t avoid them forever.

“Alright, let’s go.” She sighed and then before she could catch them James and Lily darted for the door and were inside. She quickly went after them catching the door just before it shut and walked into the shop.

“Welcome to Weasley…” The tall red head stopped dead but it wasn’t Hermione she was looking at, it was the two small children standing 5 feet in front of her that she was staring at. The little boy was only a minature of his father and the little girl almost could’ve been if it wasn’t for facial features like her mothers and her black curly locks. The red head managed to pull her eyes from the children and looked at Hermione and then back at Lily and James. Ginny stood there completely stunned unable to say a word.

“Mom what’s wrong with her?” Lily asked worried. Before Hermione could answer two other red heads came out from the back room, one holding a 4-year-old boy in his arms.

“Ginny what’s…” Fred started to say adjusting the boy in his arms only to see the same thing his sister was intently gazing at. Hermione stood uncomfortable in the silence, maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea, she knew she should’ve stayed in America. What made her think that her old friends would forgive her for leaving? That they would ever accept her again?

“Oh bloody hell!” George suddenly exclaimed.
Alright well let me know what you think!  ~K.N. And sorry i know, this chapter is a little short but i promise the next one is longer.

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