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And people wonder why I’m bitter. by Lalis
Chapter 1 : one-shot
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A/n: This is a sad, sad, sad fic. REVIEW!!!

Snape’s POV

It’s been ten years. Ten years since I lost the most precious gift I’ve ever been given in this life… My child.

Flashback #1

“Melissa! Melissa, dear, I’m home!” I opened the living room’s door, to see my wife sitting on the sofa, face covered in tears of joy. I sat by her side, tucking a lock of her light blonde hair behind her ear.

“Severus… Honey, you won’t believe it… I’m pregnant!” That was… Amazing. I stayed there in shock for a while, before pulling her close to me in a tight hug. A wide smile formed on my face, to match her delighted expression of motherly victory.

“This is… Wonderful, Mell…” After three years of unsuccessful trying, finally, that child was in her. I couldn’t even believe it.

“I know… Oh, my God… God bless this child.”

End of Flashback #1

That’s how I found out that Melissa was pregnant… Had I known what would happen five years later, I’d rather not.

Three months later, when we found out it was a girl, we decided to name her Alice, like Mell’s mother. And it was three months from then (a.k.a. six months after Mell got pregnant) that my little girl was born. Ah, I remember as if it had been yesterday…

Flashback #2

“Severus, I… I think it’s time!” I widened my eyes in complete surprise. Her arms were wrapped firmly around my waist, tightening the grip suddenly as she shut her eyes in pain. Contraction, I thought.

“But Mell, you’re only six months…”

“… I know, damn it! But I just had a contraction, it can’t be a sign of anything else, can it?” I literally jumped from the bed, taking her hand in mine and helping her to her feet. I kissed her lightly on the lips, her dark green eyes sparkling with delight.

We went to St. Mungo’s by Portkey, and the fat receptionist asked coldly:

“What have you come for?”

“I’m having a baby, didn’t you notice?”

“Jeez, calm down. Fifth floor.” (A/n: this floor was taken out about two years ago.)

Three hours later…

“Mr. Snape…” A scrawny nurse came to me. “Your daughter was born.” I looked at her anxiously, my heart filling with happiness. Finally.

“So…? Can I see her? How is she? And Melissa?”

“Calm down. Alice is fine, although she’s smaller and lighter than a healthy baby should be… She’ll have to stay here for a few days. Now, your wife… I’m sorry to say, but… Well, you’d better come here.” I followed her, partly happy for Alice, partly worried about Mell.

We got to the room, and Melissa lay on the bed, her eyes shut. Her chest was not moving… But still she held a tiny baby in her arms. My Alice. I took her in my arms, smiling at her black eyes, just like mine. She was really a small child… But the most beautiful child I’d ever seen all the same.

After some minutes contemplating my daughter, I looked over at Melissa…Only then it hit me. She was dead.

End of Flashback #2

Yes. That’s how I gained a child… And lost a wife. Well, the years went on, and Ashley proved to be brave, but physically weak. And it was because of that weakness that I lost her… When she was five years old exactly.

Flashback #3

“Daddy, I’m not feeling okay…” Alice said to me. She had been in bed for a few days, and man was I worried. I looked at her pale face, and replied lovingly:

“I know, my dear. The healer said that some days of resting would get you better, remember?” I wished my voice would sound as calm and secure as I wanted it to sound. She was supposed to be much better by then.

“It didn’t since I started resting, Daddy… Why?” I moved my hand up to shortly caress her blonde hair, before replying:

“I don’t know, Alice… I wish I did.” It was heartbreaking to see my child in that state… Alas, she was only five.

As the days went on, despite all my effort, Alice grew worse. And I grew worried… Sometimes she would sleep nearly all day long, and I would look at her face and just pray for God to help her. The healer came to see her on a daily basis, and seemed to not understand why the effort was making her grow worse.

One particular day I was leaving my daughter’s room, when I heard her hoarse voice say:

“Daddy… Please, come back… I ain’t got much time.” I was surprised by her words. What did she mean? I did, however, go back to sit beside her bed. The atmosphere was heavy… Yet the expression in her eyes was serene.

She reached for my hand, pulling it close to her chest.

“Daddy… I can feel it. It won’t be long before I’m gone.” I felt my heart being pushed down. Why was she saying this? “Listen… Last night, I had a dream… I met Mummy… She said we’d meet today. And she made me promise I’d tell you… She still loves you, Daddy.” The tears ran freely over both our faces now… She squeezed my hand lightly, before continuing her speech.

“But I still have some time… Enough to say that I love you, Daddy. I always will. And I know you’ll never forget me… But please don’t cry over my loss… I’ll still be with you, and you know it. I know you do.” She didn’t sound like a five year-old. But alas, who cared about that now? We stayed there in silence for a minute, before Alice whispered:

“I just wanted to tell you all this… And I don’t want to go alone… Daddy, I know I’ll meet Mummy soon, but I’m afraid…” My free hand trembled as I reached for her face, caressing it lightly. I had no words. She chuckled sadly. “But I guess I’ll have to face it, right? I think everybody does, sooner or later… Goodbye, Daddy.” I kissed her forehead as her grip on my hand loosened. She was gone.

End of Flashback #3

And people wonder why I'm bitter.

A/n: Wasn't it cute? Review!

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And people wonder why I’m bitter.: one-shot


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