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Getting There by wudnulike2know
Chapter 14 : Back to the Kerfuffle
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, only Jane, Adea, Kayla and any other characters not in the book belong to me

A/n: Oh my god, why didn’t anybody tell me? Chapters 1-9 are so short. I had no idea. Thank you HP&ME SHIPPER, although in your first review you were referring to the shortness of chapter 11. I didn’t make much of it (though I still appreciated it at the time) because chapter 11 was supposed to be short but today I went to check the longevity of my chapters and guess what? There isn’t any (longevity I mean). Also RIA, when you told me to make all my chapters as long as chapter 12 I didn’t even think to relate your review to the length of the previous chapters and again I apologise. I don’t need glasses but my eyesight isn’t perfect so I always enlarge the font and that’s why I never realised. I’m so sorry you guys from now on the chapters are going to be long like 10, 12 and 13. It means longer waits but I’ll try my absolute best to make them as short (the waits) as possible. This chapter is totally dedicated to HP&ME SHIPPER, RIA and Prongs_Padfoot_Moony (who reviewed eleven times, simultaneously and made me laugh) though I love all my reviewers.

**Back to the Kerfuffle**

The Christmas holidays had ended, lessons started, friends returned and the vacant spaces in both groups had filled out again. Since Sirius and Jane had gotten together so close to the end of term (the night before everyone had left) not many had gotten to know that they were going out. So when they came back and did find out, well it meant hell for Jane.

Everywhere she went, everywhere she turned, she was badgered by weeping girls.

‘Is it true you’re going out with Sirius Black?’

‘When do you think you’ll break up?’

‘If he’s your boyfriend does that mean we can’t have random snogs with him?’ 

‘Is it true…can you pinch yourself and tell me if it’s still true?’

‘Are you sure he’s your man, why would he go out with you?’ this comment had done it for Jane. Nothing was said in reply just a nice slap and a handprint forming on the offender’s cheek.

For Sirius, it was quite different. He was quite often stopped by guys who questioned his sanity.

‘Are you okay mate? I mean Swales?’

‘Did she bribe you into it?’

‘Come on all the girls are after you, why her?’

‘Isn’t she a lunatic? I heard she transferred from St. Mungo’s’ 

‘Why would you go out with Jane Swales, she’s such a hag’ this was the comment  which made Sirius snap. By the time Sirius was finished with him, the boy was sporting a black eye, broken nose and bleeding lip.

But all in all, amidst the slaps, punches and black eyes they were pretty happy and used almost any opportunity to spend time together. They had something that quite a lot of other couples didn’t. Mutual understanding. Both knew at which emotional level the other stood and they managed to maintain the close friendship they had before but still be something more.

It was when matters got to Kayla and Remus that problems arose. Kayla knew of Remus’ lycanthropy. She wasn’t going to tell him that. She had given him time to place enough trust in her and tell her himself. 

What irritated her was that, they’d been going out since Halloween and Remus was still backing out of dates and lying through his teeth about it. It aggravated her that he still didn’t trust her enough to know about his condition. She had unintentionally become colder towards him because of it.

‘So Remus, want to sneak out this weekend?’ 

‘This weekend? Sorry love, can’t do this weekend. I have to visit my mum again, next weekend maybe?’
‘Don’t lie to me’ Remus was getting a little agitated. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘Remus, why can’t you make it this weekend?’ 

‘I told you, because I’m visiting my mother’ 


‘What’s unbelievable?’

‘That you can stand there, look me in the eye and just flat out lie about what you’re doing this weekend’ 

‘I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about? Why would I lie to you?’ Kayla let out a bitter, astonished laugh. She then looked at him pleadingly. 

‘Remus, please, one more time. Where are you going this weekend? Please don’t lie, please’ Remus looked into her sapphire blue eyes which were at present dulled by a tinge of sadness and hurt, a sight he truly hated to see. It became increasingly difficult for him to lie to her after she was asking so sincerely, so desperately.

He turned away so he didn’t have to look at her. ‘I’m visiting my mother’ 

‘Fine, you know what? Fine’ she got up to leave. Remus took hold of her arm. ‘Kayla, come on’ she wrenched her arm from his grasp and said ‘Talk to me when you want to tell me the truth Lupin’ he winced at the sound of her using his last name. 

He watched her retreating form. ‘If you wanted deep shit, this is it’ he muttered. He morosely made his way to the Common Room since he had twenty minutes before Care of Magical Creatures started.

Kayla stormed off to her Charms lesson. As she walked in, she noticed Adea staring at her. ‘I don’t want to talk about it okay?’ 

‘I didn’t say anything’

‘Well you implied it’ Adea analysed her for a second before coolly saying ‘okay’ and turning away. Kayla felt guilty now.

She had upset her friend, a friend who was not upset easily. She listlessly answered to her name when called from the register and hardly listened to a word Flitwick said.

‘Miss Simmons, would you like to tell us what charm we’ll be learning today?’ She looked around and saw Lily mouth something. ‘Err the Protean charm professor’ Professor Flitwick shook his head as he squeaked ‘Thank you for that Miss Evans but I really was asking Miss Simmons’ Lily smiled sheepishly. 

‘Miss Simmons please do not daydream while the Protean charm is being taught otherwise I guarantee you will make a mistake’ Kayla nodded, sat up straight and started taking notes. She hoped focusing on something would take her mind off her fight with Remus.

‘Class put on your dragon hide gloves, we’ll be handling firecrabs today…’ Remus put on his gloves but his mind was elsewhere. He’d fought with Kayla, the girl he’d had a crush on since third year, the girl he thought would never notice him. The girl he’d finally gotten and now she was gone. Remus miserably walked to the front of the greenhouse to collect a firecrab, with the rest of his friends. Sirius took pity on him.

‘Come on Prongs we have to do something, look at him, he’s heartbroken’ James glanced at his friend. Remus’ crab had just set fire to his glove but Remus hadn’t noticed. James whipped out his wand and extinguished the fire. Even after a jet of water had come shooting at his hand, Remus still didn’t notice.

‘You’re right Padfoot, he’s devastated’ James said, embellishing a bit. They knew why Remus and Kayla had fought. He’d told them but James didn’t tell him that Kayla knew.

‘You should tell her mate’ James suggested

‘We haven’t been going out that long’ Remus responded

‘Tell her’ 

‘Prongs, don’t be a prat’

‘Just tell her dammit’ Remus looked enquiringly at James. ‘You know something’ he stated. 

Laughing nervously, James replied. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘What do you know?’ 

‘Nothing’ Remus raised his eyebrows. James crossed his arms. ‘And even if I did, you’ll never find out. So there. Tell her’ 

‘But what if she breaks up with me? I don’t want that to happen’ Sirius looked thoughtful. ‘Isn’t there anything you can do? I mean you could talk to Lily or Jane’ 

‘I couldn’t without giving too much away’ James stayed unusually silent.

‘What we need is someone who’s close to Kayla but who doesn’t know enough about you to put two and two together’ Sirius said, James coughed. 

‘She has a sister, Gabrielle, first year. I’ve only spoken to her a couple of times…nice kid’ Remus said, Sirius shrugged. ‘Worth a shot’.

‘Alright I’d like your homework next lesson, without fail. You may leave’ the students got up, grabbed their bags and made for the door.

‘Dee? Sorry I snapped at you’ she smiled at her friend hopefully. Adea looked at Kayla, she didn’t want to smile, she didn’t. The sides of her mouth twitched and yes, there was a smile. 

‘Friends?’ Kayla offered, Adea nodded and they hugged. Adea eyed her friend with interest.

‘Now, unless I’m wrong, it was either problems with Remus or PMS’ Kayla thought about it, shrugged and said ‘both’ Adea shook her head and said ‘you really need to stop being so forward about everything’ Kayla looked confused ‘What? You asked!’ Adea laughed and patted the other girl on the head. Kayla’s hand flew to her hair.

‘Hey don’t mess with the hair!’

‘Oh you do not know how much you looked like James just then’ Kayla made a sound of indignation ‘I’ll take that as an insult!’ 

‘Don’t let him hear that’ the two girls giggled and made their way to History of Magic, forgetting their problems for that short moment.

‘Gabrielle! Hey Gabrielle!’ a first year girl turned around. Remus ran to meet her. Her friends started giggling excitedly. A seventh year, a marauder no less had stopped their friend in the hallway. Remus gave them an odd look while Gabrielle scowled. She turned around and said ‘He’s my sister’s boyfriend!’ the giggling subsided. 

‘Hey could I maybe talk to you, over there’ he pointed to somewhere quite a bit away from her friends. Gabrielle nodded and followed Remus.

‘What’s the matter?’ she asked

‘Have you talked to your sister lately?’ he said in reply 

‘Not since last night, no’ Remus let a sigh of relief. 
Gabrielle looked at him shrewdly ‘why?’

‘Oh no reason, I just wanted to ask you something’ 

‘Go ahead’ 

‘What do your family think of werewolves?’ Gabrielle gave him a “what the hell” look and Remus tried to make an excuse for the odd question. 'It's for a survey for erm, my uh, Defence Against the Dark Arts class’ 

Gabrielle rolled her eyes and said in a casual manner, ‘I know you’re lying so I won’t ask any questions’ 

‘What about my question’ 

‘Oh that, we’re fine with them. Mum had a friend in school who was a werewolf. They’re people really aren’t they?’ Remus nodded. ‘So Kayla, she thinks the same way?’ he asked in hopeful tones.

‘Of course she does’ 

‘Oh good’


‘Uh-uh no questions’ 

‘Fine, it’s too trivial for me anyway’ she huffed, folded her arms and stuck her nose in the air. Remus laughed and took in the young girl’s profile.

In truth, Gabrielle Simmons did not look a thing like her sister. You couldn’t even tell they were related, that is until you heard them both speak. Gabrielle’s hair was an unusual colour. You’d think it was black but in the sunlight you’d come to realise that her hair was that rare bluish-black, raven shade. Her eyes were of a blue so dark and murky, they were almost violet. 

Unlike Kayla’s golden skin, Gabrielle’s complexion was incredibly pale. She had extremely sensitive skin and had to go to extreme lengths to protect her skin from the sun in the summer. It was the only flaw on an otherwise, beautiful girl. A lot of the first year boys had crushes on her and Remus could see why. She had the kind of beauty a naïve first year boy would go for, not the kind of beauty however, that a hormonally imbalanced 4th or 5th year would go for.

‘You know kid, any guy would be lucky to have you’ Gabrielle looked at him confusedly –What the hell does that have to do with anything- she shrugged and said ‘Thanks, I think’ 

Remus patted her head and her hand immediately flew to her hair as he turned around he heard her call ‘hey watch the hair’ in a manner so identical to Kayla that Remus froze for a second and all thoughts of Kayla came swimming back to him.

He shook his head to break out of his reverie and continued on his way.

Lily’s attitude towards James had changed. Not to his face. It was just the little things. For instance she noticed that in class, when he wasn’t listening (almost always) or was bored (not almost, he was always bored) he’d extract some parchment from his bag and start doodling. What he wrote on those pieces of parchment, she never knew. Whenever she asked him, he’d change the topic.

‘That, my dear, is for me to know and you to find out’

And whenever he was particularly stuck (not very often), he started to frantically run his hand through his hair.

They were in their Potions lesson and James and Lily were working together. Professor Jabin had, in September, assigned them to work together due to their dislike of each other. Well, it had worked at the time and they had provided her with many lessons of entertainment but now that they were getting along, they were boring to her.

‘James I need some spine of lionfish’ 

‘Got it’ he handed her the substance as she threw it into the cauldron and stirred 3 times clockwise and 34 times anti-clockwise, making the Draught of Living Death was no picnic. ‘James I’ll need a bit of Asphodel too’ 

‘Here you go’ 


After finishing the 53rd stir that was needed after you added the Asphodel, the potion was ready to be poured into a flask, labelled and handed in. As Lily walked up to Professor Jabin’s desk, she heard the sadistic woman sniff disdainfully and added ‘Hmm Miss Evans not up to scratch for the Head Girl are you? Dense girl’. 

Lily discreetly rolled her eyes, she knew their potion was perfect and there wasn’t a thing in the world Old Jabin could do to stop them from at least getting an “E”, but still, being called dense was not something Lily was used to. As the class was dismissed Lily and James walked out discussing how sullen their teacher had become since James and Lily had buried the hatchet.

‘She called me dense’

‘Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is’ James quipped; Lily cast a sideways glance towards him. ‘Are you taking the mick?’ 

‘Why, to be sure I am’ 

‘James, I’m serious, I was quite insulted’ 

‘Then you let her achieve her goal’ 

‘What do you mean?’
‘Oh she’s just annoyed that we’re friends now and she can’t leech the fun out of our lives anymore’ Lily mulled this over.

‘I bet she had a right field day when I fell off the ladder’

‘Being the bitch that she is, she probably did’ 

‘Oh, she makes me so angry! I’ve always wanted to cast a cheering charm on her. Must be her worst nightmare’ James laughed.

‘Actually an idea has just began to form in my head’ James said thoughtfully 

‘Oh?’ she replied, interested.

‘I have to discuss it with the Marauders of course’ Lily looked slightly worried now. ‘No James forget about it’ 


‘Can I change your mind?’ 

‘Will you give me a kiss?’

‘Okay fine, just don’t hurt her or get me in trouble’

‘But it’s okay for me to get in trouble?’

‘Your ideas, your trouble, as of now I have nothing to do with this’ and she stalked off as he watched her retreating form –I need to find Adea; I don’t know how much longer I can go without giving her the slightest little kiss-

He didn’t know where Adea was and he knew he wouldn’t be able to find her so he decided to ask someone else. He searched the map and found Kayla out on the grounds, alone. ‘Perfect’.

‘Hello Miss Simmons’ he said 

‘Ugh’ Kayla was sitting under a magically dried patch underneath a bare tree. 

‘Well I must confess, you do look beautiful today’ he added 

‘Flattery my friend, will get you everywhere, what do you want James?’ she turned to face him.

‘I was looking for Adea, have any idea where she is?’ 

‘I don’t know where she is now, but she was in our dormitory, last I saw of her’

‘Thanks Kayla’ 

‘No problem’ 

‘Hey can I ask you one more thing?’

‘Make it quick’ 

‘Would you have told you by now?’ he said looking her straight in the eye. Kayla scowled. ‘James don’t do the whole wise thing, it’s not you’ James sighed and nodded. He was almost out of earshot when he heard a small. ‘Thanks’ he smiled but didn’t turn around.

Adea sat on her bed with her hangings shut. She was digging her sharp nails into her skin until she bled, but she didn’t know why. Her cheeks were tearstained and her eyes refused to cease crying. She was asking herself why she was doing it and coming up with no answer.

-I don’t need to be doing this, I don’t. Why can’t I stop? It isn’t right you stupid girl, stop it. Stop it right now! What is wrong with you? You worthless piece of crap. Stop! You’ll never amount to anything and you’ll amount to even less if you don’t stop this foolishness. You aren’t pretty, you aren’t nice, and you’re fat. You’re of no good to anyone-

‘STOP! Just stop it. Stop with the name calling, I’ll do anything, just please…’ she screamed tearfully. The weeping girl took some deep breaths and looked at herself. ‘What am I doing? I’m completely ruining myself’ she whispered at she ran her fingers over the marks on her arm. ‘Adea?’ Are you in here?’ –Oh no-

She whipped out her wand and pointed at her arm. ‘Tectum’ she muttered and the grooves in which her nails had painfully lain disappeared. She then pointed at her face and said ‘tersi visio’ to clean up her face now she just needed to cover the red, puffy eyes. She pointed at her eyes and whispered ‘Occulto’. She took a deep breath and ripped open her hangings.

James stood in the dormitory; broom in hand and a window wide open behind him. ‘Hey’ he said ‘Good morning James’ he raised his eyebrows and took in her appearance ‘You sound strangled, why?’ he asked shrewdly. Adea forced a smile. 

‘Oh it’s nothing really. Sore throat is all’ 

‘Your face looks more fresh than usual’

‘Don’t be so paranoid, can’t my face look fresh once in a while?’ though James noticed she didn’t quite meet his eyes as she said this. He scanned her eyes for something.

They looked pained, something he hadn’t seen in them before. She was quiet but unhappy, she was hiding something. Her face looked different, her eyes looked different, her voice was different. ‘Why have you become so thin?’

‘Oh it’s these winter months. You wouldn’t know, you haven’t seen me in the winter before, I always get like this’ 

‘Wait a second, did something happen with Mohsin? I can beat him up in a heartbeat if you like’ Adea almost laughed at this insinuation ‘Oh come on, you know he’d never do anything to hurt me’ 

‘Yeah, yeah. He’s your oldest friend right?’ Adea looked confused. ‘Yeah, why?’ James shrugged ‘Oh no reason’ he lied. He turned and headed for the window when Adea remembered something.

‘Hey, wait, didn’t you want to ask me something?’ she said. James thought –leave that for now. I’ll get back to it, I’m sure I’ll manage- ‘Uh, I forgot, yeah. When it comes to me I’ll get back to you ok?’ she nodded and watched him fly out of the window before leaving for her next lesson.

‘Remus, come on. Get up. Would you look at yourself, all sad because of some girl. You’ve gone soft mate’ Sirius whined to his melancholy friend. Remus still didn’t know what to do, he really wanted to tell Kayla but it wasn’t quite as easy as you’d think. ‘Piss off Sirius’ Sirius huffed in mock indignation as he turned to Peter.

‘One of us is going to have to do something’ Sirius whispered. 

‘What about James?’ 

‘Got his own problems’ 

‘Oh’ was all that Peter could say. Sirius sat in deep thought. ‘Well do you want to do it Pete?’ Peter shook his head quickly. ‘No Simmons scares me’ Sirius looked disgusted. ‘Pete, honestly! Get a grip. Fine, I’ll do it’ Peter smiled and Sirius smacked him round the head. ‘Hey!’ 

‘Call yourself a marauder’.

James searched the Marauder’s map and saw that Waqar was currently in an Arithmancy lesson (James himself had 50 minutes until his next lesson). ‘Damn it, I really can’t be arsed to wait for the end of the lesson. I have my own lessons to go to. Okay, I did not just say that’ he shook his head and made his way to Professor Vector’s classroom.

‘Professor Vector?’ 

‘Oh Mr. Potter! How may I help you?’ 

‘I was actually looking for Waqar Mohsin, he wouldn’t be here by any chance, would he?’

‘Well he is here, what may I ask is he being called for?’ James thought fast. 

‘Something’s happened, the Ravenclaw prefect needs to be alerted, a first year’s been injured’ 

‘I’m guessing the first year is a Ravenclaw?’ The seventh years in front of the teacher sniggered. ‘No sir, I thought I’d alert the Ravenclaw prefect because a Slytherin first year’s been injured’ James said with a hint of sarcasm. Vector looked confused, the students laughed louder. James was looking at the man with astonishment.

‘It was a joke sir’ Professor Vector smiled. ‘Ah yes, very well Mohsin, don’t forget to get the homework from someone’ Waqar nodded, grabbed his bag and followed James.

‘How can someone that thick teach Arithmancy?’ James asked, Waqar shrugged. 

‘Don’t know but he manages to make us all pass somehow. Which first year was it?’ James smacked him round the head. ‘Hey, what was that for?’ 

‘I was lying dumbass!’ 

‘Oh’ they continued to walk.

‘So why am I skiving Arithmancy?’ Waqar asked, James suddenly remembered why he’d gotten the Ravenclaw out of class. ‘First of all you should be thankful. Secondly, have you noticed anything different about Adea lately?’ 

‘How do you mean?’ 

‘I dunno. About the way she talks, looks, eats? Anything?’ Waqar thought for a second.

‘Well actually now that you mention it. I was eating at the Gryffindor table the other day and she ate a carrot and two slices of cucumber for dinner’ 

‘Didn’t you say anything?’
‘When I asked her about it she said that she’d had a big lunch. I asked her again and she told me to trust her so I left it at that’ Waqar explained. James looked at Waqar, bewildered. ‘And you just trusted her, just like that?’

‘Yeah, I mean why shouldn’t I? I’ve never had any reason not to’ James raised an eyebrow. He’d only been in two serious relationships and both had finished because of lack of trust, it was something James just couldn’t fathom.

‘Potter? Are you there?’ James snapped out of thought. ‘Haven’t you noticed that she’s become thinner?’ 

‘Yeah it always happens in winter’ James shook his head. ‘Does she always eat less in the winter as well?’ 


‘So isn’t it a bit odd that she jut ate a carrot and cucumbers and all of a sudden she’s thinner as well’ 

‘Maybe she did have a big lunch, have you considered that?’ 

‘Well I guess but…’

‘Listen thanks for being concerned, but I trust her, she would’ve told me’ but Waqar wasn’t completely convinced himself. James looked at the other boy.

-Poor guy, he’ll be crushed when he finds out because I know she’s hiding something-

James shrugged and said ‘Well if you’re sure…’ the bell rang. Students started pouring into the hallway. ‘Listen Potter I have to go, look after her when I’m not around’ with that he walked off.

‘Kayla I need to speak to you for a sec’ Kayla rolled her eyes. ‘What is wrong with the world today, is it too hard to have two minutes to myself’ she looked up at Sirius.

‘Oh you’re here about Remus, got it. Well sit down and do whatever it is that you need to do, as the role of best friend. Talk sense into me, give me wise advice. No wait, that was Potter. So you’re here for the sense bit, or maybe it’s your job to make me evaluate my “relationship” Is that it?’ she looked expectantly at him as Sirius looked rather taken aback. ‘Uh, actually…’ 

‘Oh I’m sorry. I have this tendency to never bottle up my feelings. I know it’s overwhelming, don’t worry. I’m an overwhelming person. Nope, you’ll never meet another one like me’

Sirius stared at her blankly. ‘Ok I understand why Peter was so scared to talk to you now’

‘Scared, ah that wuss’ 

‘Can I get a word in here please?’ 

‘Oh of course, this is your moment isn’t it? Go ahead, I’m all ears’ she sat and stared intently at him, Sirius was even more disconcerted. He tried to start over.

‘Right well, first of all. You can stop this act’ 

‘What act?’
‘The messing around “I don’t care that I’ve just broken up with my boyfriend” act’ 

‘Duly noted, act has been dropped’ 

‘You’re still doing it!’ 

‘Doing what exactly?’


‘Hm?’ Sirius sat and thought about the word he wanted to use. It was on the tip of his tongue.

‘Bravado! That’s what it is! I know you’re just as upset as he is’ Kayla frowned and threw her arms up. ‘Fine! What do you want me to do? Do you want me to cry my eyes out? Do you want me to grab a tub of ice cream and sit around in my pyjamas all day? Well, what?’ Sirius looked thoroughly baffled now.

‘Look I don’t know what kind of twisted (and I do mean twisted) things girls are supposed to do when they’re upset. You just said you never bottle up your feelings’ 

‘I don’t. I always say what’s on my mind, you know that’ 

‘Do I?’ he muttered. 

‘What?’ Sirius looked at her long and hard and spoke in a soft voice, which made it seem like he was talking more to himself than her. 

‘Do you? Do you always say what’s on your mind? Do you never bottle up your feelings? I don’t think you do. I think you make seem like you do so you can really hide what’s going on inside’ Kayla grimaced and didn’t say anything for a bit.

‘I really do not know what you’re talking about’ 

‘But I’m onto you this time Kayla, I know you’re upset’ 

‘Upset? Why on Earth would I be upset?’ 

‘I’ll let you answer that’ Sirius finished

She stayed silent for a while he watched passers-by. He whistled she thought. Finally she said ‘I bet you think you’re smart’ 

‘I don’t think, I know’ Kayla stuck out her tongue, as Sirius remained indifferent. He got up and said ‘I want you to come with me’

‘To where?’ 

‘You’ll see’

It had reached ten o'clock and James and Lily were out patrolling. James was having a hard time looking at Lily, without losing the control Adea had taught him. You know, saying some cheesy chat-up line or trying to “accidentally” kiss her. 

So in conclusion, all he did was look the other way and try to make as little eye contact as was possible. This proved to be difficult on account of the fact that they were sharing living quarters for a vast majority of the year.

‘So? It’s a nice night’ Lily said absentmindedly. James looked out of a window they were passing and nodded. ‘Nice, yeah’ Lily rolled her eyes. –He’s been doing this the whole week

‘Ok what’s up?’ Lily said abruptly 

‘Up with me?’ James replied 

‘No what’s up with Merlin?’ she said sarcastically 

‘I don’t know but I suggest he talk it out with Morgana’ he said seriously 

‘Don’t be smart with me’ 

‘Sorry I can’t help it’ 

‘You’re trying to divert my attention, not working sweetheart’ 

‘Shit’ he swore


‘Oh shut up’ he said 

‘Fine’ they walked in silence, not talking.

James didn’t know what to do. He was trapped. He knew he couldn’t do anything that would jeopardise his and Lily’s friendship, friends was better than nothing, but he was having a problem not doing anything.

‘Damn it Lily! What do I do, maybe you have an answer because I certainly don’t’ he shouted 

‘I don’t even know what you’re talking about’ 

‘I still like you’ James confessed


‘I’m sorry. You’re my friend and I love that we don’t fight anymore and you’re a great friend, you really are. But I want more, I can’t help it, what do I do?’ Lily stood rooted to the spot. She didn’t know what to say.

She hadn’t been prepared for an outburst like this; she thought James had gotten over his crush ages ago. What did he want her to do? Did he expect her to be hunky-dory with it or what? She looked around at the walls, the windows, anywhere but him. 

Her mind was spinning and she didn’t even know why. His little confession was so short and so quick. She couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Her heart was pounding. But why? 

Why am I reacting like this? Normally I’d give him two tight slaps. Why can’t I do anything, just say something, go on, just do it. Hit him, shout at him. I can’t, I just can’t. What is wrong with me – She looked at James.

Her breath got caught. His hazel eyes were staring intently at her. They were clouded with something. There was concern and something else lingered in there, it scared her slightly.

‘Lily? Say something, anything? I need you to tell me what to do’ 


‘Tell me Lily, will you ever give me a chance? Ever? Tell me’ 

‘I…I can’t be here right now’ she turned around and ran. She ran from the confusion. She ran from the hurt she knew James was feeling. She ran from every possible emotion which may have lingered in the atmosphere that grew steadily further from her.

‘There. Do you see him?’ Sirius asked Kayla. He had taken James’ invisibility cloak and quietly snuck Kayla into his dormitory. Kayla looked to Remus and looked at his face. 

He looked thoroughly miserable. She hated knowing it was her fault he was like this. And she hated knowing she couldn’t run to him and make him feel alright. Sirius looked at her expectantly.

‘Well?’ he asked. She remained silent. ‘Go to him Kayla’ she shook her head ‘maybe when he learns to trust those who care about him’ and with that she turned and left the dormitory. Once outside the door she carefully placed the cloak at the foot before returning to her own dormitory.

Sirius ran down the stairs to meet his girlfriend in the Common Room. He spotted her reading on the sofa. He went to her and grabbed her book.

‘Hey!’ he silenced her with a kiss. She pulled away. ‘So? What happened?’ 

‘She’s Kayla, what do you expect happened?' Sirius said sourly. Jane looked at him sympathetically. She thought for a moment but drew a blank. ‘What should we do’ she asked. 

Sirius sighed and put his arms around Jane. ‘At the minute I don’t want to do anything, I’m just going to sit here with you’ he kissed her again. He ran his fingers through her salmon pink and black hair, while they sat in silence, sharing the occasional kiss.

Jane went upstairs to find Kayla sitting on her bed, her eyes were glazed over. For some reason the window was wide open and the chilly January airs invaded the room. Kayla seemed oblivious to this however as she sat, freezing in her pyjamas.

Jane threw a glance at her friend before going to shut the window. She then walked over to Kayla’s bed and hugged the girl that sat on it. ‘Come on Kay, lets get you into bed but her friend didn’t flicker an eyelid she just stayed exactly as she was. 

Jane shook her head ‘Well I’m going to have to do this the hard way’ still no answer. Jane went to her own bedside table and extricated her wand from it.

‘Mobilicorpus’ Kayla’s stationary body hovered a few inches over the bed. Jane held her wand in one hand and peeled the covers of Kayla’s bed with the other. She then placed Kayla under the covers and tucked her in. Her friend still hadn’t moved and Jane was getting a little panicked. She checked Kayla’s pulse, which seemed to be normal.

‘Kayla you are going to need to nod so that I know you’re physically okay’ now Kayla moved. She gave a very small nod of the head but it was enough for Jane. Jane knelt down to Kayla’s level. 

‘Listen, I know you’re upset with him, but this isn’t the way to go about it. Do you hear me? Now you and Remus are going to have to figure this out like adults. The pair of you are acting like selfish children. I’m especially disappointed in you. How can you expect him to be so open about so something so big? And you haven’t exactly told him the entire truth either have you? I want you to think about that tomorrow. Right now, go to sleep’ with that she shut the hangings and proceeded to her own bed.

A/n: Well I tried very hard to make this chapter as long as possible, but this is all that came out. I’m sorry for the wait. I’m on Easter now so I’ll try and write more.

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