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The Lonely girl by honeybunny
Chapter 1 : The Lonely girl
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A girl named Naomei Elizibeth was walking down a dark alley her breath turning into mist in front of her.She heard a russle behind her the russle came from behind a few garbage cans.A hooded figure poped up from behind them.The person took out something that looked like a stick and whispered something like that sounded like"Abra Kabera."Naomei ran for it before the green light even touched her.She ran and ran until she was out of breath.She looked up into the cold night sky thinking to herself."First over twenty hooded figures came to my house and killed my mum and dad and just now another hooded figure tried to kill me."As she looked up into the sky, a tawny owl came fluttering out of the sky a letter attached to its leg. It landed on her shoulder and stuck out its leg. Naomei untied the letter and read,
"Ms.Naomei Elizibeth Chaory.
You have been invited to stay at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardy.We heard about your parents and we think you'll be safer here. Since you are twelve years of age you will be in your second year."Naomei looked puzzled but read on."Go to the La de Cafe in London at ten o'clock sharp, there you will meet Harry Potter. He will take you to get your school supplies. We have sent Harry Potter the list of what you will need for your second year you will also need a wand.Be careful don't talk to anyone.Hope to see you soon.
Deputy Head Mistress
Minerva McGonagall."
Naomei thought so thats what that stick was that person was holding.Mum and Dad told me about Harry Potter I think they called him The-Boy-Who-Lived.But lived from what maybe it was that green flash of light that came out of the wand.

I know it was a short chapter but go ahead read on.Please Review

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The Lonely girl: The Lonely girl


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