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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 12 : Voldemort I have no other
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"So, you tell me that your son walked out on you, and then you tell me that you tried to kill him and it didn't work? What next are you going to tell me that even Crabbe and Goyle can't reach Draco anymore?" Voldemort turned from his pacing fast enough to see Lucius cringe on the floor, so it was true. The boy was lost, their upper hand was getting more an more level with every day. He had heard from his little bee in Dumbledore's office that the young Hermione Granger had been put in some kind of egg, how odd. A few other things that little bee told him were that the two had become dragons and that they were more powerful then anything any of them had expected, they would have liked to use the power, but no it was snatched, fine lets destroy the hatchling.

"My Lord, I'm sorry for my stupidity, I can make it up some how, anything just tell me!" Lucius was on his hands and knees and cringed in preparation for his out burst of emotion. When it didn't come he looked up carefully to see that the Dark Lord was staring at him, thinking his slits for eyes tightened up and glared at him. His eyes almost eating through his soul.

"I see, your willing to sacrifice anything? Well then we shall just have to take you up on that offer, as it so happens I do have a plan that you will be most useful for." Voldemort smiled evilly he planned to sacrifice Lucius to the gods as his penance and his eternal suffering, it would be fitting. The masterful spell would make Voldemort impervious to all kinds of attack until Lucius's last life blood seeped, but if he was constantly feed rejuvenating blood potions then it could go on forever, yes!

Voldemort cackled one more time as he stalked out of the room, leaving Lucius alone and in the dark on what the horrific plan was to be. What have I gotten myself into? Sacrificing myself I'm screwed!

~ A time for explanations ~

"As the time grows near for the battle we must and will fight! Even though our losses maybe great we can win, its a matter of sticking together, already the Slytherins who have decided their fate have left, they prepare for their side of the war, and we must do the same here." Professor Dumbledore spoke to the entire student body as a whole, asking whether they were ready to fight for life, for love, heck even for liberty. More then 90% of the remaining population wanted to fight, they were all sick of losing their loved ones, they would destroy Voldemort.

"Harry are you alright mate?" Ron looked over at Harry he was looking fiercely at Dumbledore with out warning Harry stood up and walked to the podium.

"Hogwarts! We are a school of witches and wizards! We can fight, we can win, and I swear we will beat the power of Voldemort and the like, no matter what the cost." Harry looked brilliant, he was a fierce figure to be reckoned with and even Dumbledore looked impressed.

"We are going to win, we will study and practise every kind of defensive and offensive spell in the history, we need to so that we can win! We will win!" Harry looked at his classmates, there was a single student who didn't agree, Hogwarts had become a massive training school, all but the fifth floor was filled with students their parents all training, all ready to fight, it was here that the battle would be fought.

~ Ready to meet the cameras ~

"Hermione, its time to leave the room." Leo looked over at Hermione, in the short while that she had hatched she had changed, she was so strong, the blood red embroidered dress was amazing on her, she had tied her unruly hair back in a black and white ribbon. She looked over at Draco and Leo knowing that she needed them ready to form at any time she nodded to them to form into a miniature dragon. They looked at each other and reached to touch the others hand they no longer needed to form fire and water to change, they had been practising so long, so hard.

"Time to create some balance, yes, I know what to do."

Hermione picked up a miniature version of the Balance Dragon called Deco. Slowly she walked through the doors towards the hallways of Hogwarts. She made her way towards the Great Entrance, the arranged time to fight had been made, all rules of etiquette had been made, they would be followed. She walked towards the gardens that had been cleared away for the fight there were so many witches and wizards ready to fight for the right cause. As a Balance avatar she knew that her task was to maintain balance, but that came at a cost.

~ Voldemort, we are on the winning side ~

"Listen to me minions of Dark, we are on the winning side, I am invincible! I have sacrificed willingly and we will win. Giants stomped near the back and Dementors floated near the crowds of good, where everything that didn't want all life destroyed fought. They looked pitiful to Voldemort's arsenal. He was going to win, a shiver passed over his spine for a moment, pre-jitter worries? He shrugged it off to the odd effects of the potion, he had left a small contingent of death eaters to monitor Lucius's slow and painful death, which would last as long as he could ever imagine, and there would always minions ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for his eternal life.

Hermione watched from the edges of the battle looking at both sides. She saw the glow of invincibility and decided that was an unfair advantage.

"Dragon of Balance fly to Lucius and kill him quickly, finish off this unfair advantage. Deco lifted out of Hermione's hand, the higher they flew the larger they became until the were their full size. Swiftly the flew to where Lucius was being tortured and drew in a breath. They looked for a moment, Lucius was suspended over a large cauldron of bubbling potion, a death eater was on a ladder pouring some formula into his mouth, most likely continually refreshing his blood source. They thought of the fire and released it in a large explosion over all the death eaters and Lucius in one fell swoop they annihilated the potion that Voldemort was counting on.

Hermione looked around at the battle and created dividing lines, she made it so the adults would fight the adults, Voldemort against Harry as the prophecy declared, magical beasts were fighting magical beasts and children against children. She thought it was unbalanced to have unequal footing in battle. They didn't even know the lines were drawn, only that they focused on the ones they could. She threw her arms into the air calling on the lightening, to accent Harry and Voldemort's battle, all would end once one of them had won.

~ End of it all ~

"Voldemort, at last we will finish this." Harry snarled when he saw Voldemort a courageous rush flowed through him. He wanted to kill Voldemort with everything he could. This would be the end.

"Yes Harry, we will finish and I will win, even your friends stay back and will not help you." Voldemort smiled at Harry, the young boy was standing his ground. He bowed down to Harry and saw as he bowed as well. The battle of the century was beginning.

"So Harry did you know that even Hermione, your little mudblood friend won't even help you, look at her standing there watching, in the middle of the battle too." Harry looked quickly over he saw Hermione watching him, focusing on him, she was so different it was the first time he'd seen her after she'd been taken by the dragon.

"She still cared enough to watch me fight and thats more then you'll ever have!" Harry hoped that Hermione would help out in the battle but no one knew anything. He flicked his wand and cast Crucio at the same time that Voldemort cast Crucio, they flung together crashing in like a wave. Hermione watched them silently watching and judging, she didn't approve of the spells Harry was using, they were contrary to his nature. Hermione reached out with her mind into Harry's mind. She felt the tendrils of power, spells he had yet to learn. Hermione found a particularly strong spell, equal to Crucio in pain yet of a completely good magic, she touched it carefully feeling the magic deeply embedded, learning quickly that Harry would one day invent this spell, she reached into his psyche and gave him the spell early.

Harry felt a rush of power a white light rushing through him, he cast maltentions at Voldemort, he started to glow with the light. His mind was racing with all the evil things he had ever done, it spread quickly through the link on his arm racing to all the death eaters they experienced all the pain and suffering they had caused. Their bodies lifted up into the air the inner light ripping through them out of their finger tips, their toes, their eyes. Finally it ripped through their mouths, their souls escaping into the air. Voldemort was the last on left as his followers dropped down on the ground dead, lifeless.

"No! NOOOOO!!!!!!!" Voldemort screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt his soul separating, the pain he had caused, so much pain.

"I'm sorry, so sorry." Voldemort held his head in his hands one last time as the ripping white light raced through his body finally releasing him from this pain, this final torment.

The din of the battle ceased, it was over, there were no more pain and torture. Those death eaters that had lived on were the ones who hadn't truly believed and hadn't loved the work they'd done. All of those who had, the truly evil were destroyed their souls ripped from their bodies.

Harry stood looking at Hermione, her hair in a bun wearing red and white and black. They stood staring at each other as the sun started to set. She looked at him one last time and started to walk away.

"Hermione wait!" Harry yelled hoping to garner her attention.

"Harry, rest today, tomorrow is another day." With those final words Hermione climbed on to the balance dragon soaring up into the air with the hope of continued life, she left her loved ones behind, letting a single tear fall toward the ground, careening towards Harry, landing on his hand. He stared at it, thinking at first that it had started to rain but it was a clean sky. He realized it was Hermione's tear, a single drop to tell him she still loved him. That there was still a place for him in her heart.

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