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The Unrequited Love Triangle by Sammi
Chapter 13 : chapter 13
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Ok guys I'm sorry I haven't updated for ages but I've been very lazy of late! I'm in the mood for writing today though so here I go! Thanks for any reviews! Only a few chapters left to write now!!
i would just like to say thankyou for all my reviews, but i have a review that just projected insults, i'd just like say to this unknown reviewer that if you can'tgive constructive criticsm, then i don't know
why you bother to review! Everone else is brillian though thanks for the support!

Harry crept back into the common room quite late that night hoping that no one would be awake. He was lucky. Harry knew it was time to talk to Seamus and apologise to him. If he's asleep I'll just wake him up, Harry thought.

He sneaked quietly into the dorm and found it silent. Harry looked over to Seamus's bed and saw that he was fast asleep. Luckily he hadn't drawn the drapes around his bed so Harry didn't feel like he was intruding too much. Harry walked over to where Seamus was sleeping and gave him a hard shake.
"Seamus, wake up" He whispered.
"What" Seamus mumbled sleepily, then looked at who had woke him up.
"What the hell do you want!?" Seamus growled.
"To explain, apologise, look come and sit in the common room so I can talk to you" Harry replied.
"Ok but this had better be good because we have lessons in the morning and if I'm going to be tired it should only be for something important"

Harry didn't reply to this he just headed out of the dorm and down to the common room, grumbling Seamus followed.
Harry sat in a large red armchair by the fire and Seamus sat in an identical one opposite him. Seamus did not say anything, just sat and waited for an explanation.

"Look Seamus I am really, really sorry I really don't have any excuse for hitting you." Harry took a breath ready to tell Seamus why he had hit him. "I saw you kissing Ginny"
"Oh that" Seamus replied, flushing a little. "So?"
"Well the thing is I like her, and when I saw you together it made me so jealous, so mad and well I took my anger out on you. I really am sorry I had no right to that especially as you didn't know I liked her.

Seamus smiled and replied by saying, " Mate your right you shouldn't have hit me but you were upset. If I had known you liked Ginny I never would have gone for it. But what I don't understand why you got so upset, I mean you saw how she reacted to the kiss right?"

I must have missed something, Harry realised.

"Well no" Harry admitted sheepishly " after I saw you kissing I ran back up here I couldn't bare to watch"
"Well you should have hung around you great prat!" Seamus said in a joke like manner. "Ginny pushed me away and told me she only liked me as a friend! I felt so stupid as it was and then you went and punched me" Seamus smiled as he said this to let Harry know he wasn't mad anymore.

Harry couldn't believe this. He was so stupid! And now I've gone and blown any chance I may have had with Ginny! He thought sadly.

"I am really sorry Seamus" Harry said.
"It's ok now I understand, now lets get some sleep I'm tiered!"
But an hour later when Seamus was fast asleep again, Harry lay in his own bed wide-awake. He couldn't get over the mess he had made.

I've rally messed things up this time was his final thought as sleep finally took over his body.


Harry could see Hermione watching him the next morning at breakfast and was almost sure that Ginny had told her what had happened. Oh dear I'm in for a lecture, Harry thought. Harry ate as fast as he could and bolted out of the Great Hall before Hermione had chance to confront him.

As the day went by Hermione kept trying to make eye contact with Harry to indicate that she wanted to talk to him. But Harry kept well clear of Hermione all day because he knew he would have to explain how much of a fool he had made of himself.

But as the evening came there just wasn't anymore avoiding that he could possibly do. He knew if he hid in the library Hermione would be sure to find him or Madame Prince would kick him out. But as long as Ron was around Harry was sure Hermione wouldn't say anything. But Harry didn't know that Hermione had spoken to Ron about the situation.

Hermione had told Ron about Harry and Ginny liking each other and that they were having problems confronting their feelings to one another. Ron didn't like the idea of his little sister and his best friend being together but decided that if anyone was to date his sister he would rather Harry than anyone else. So Ron and Hermione had arranged that Ron would pretend to be exhausted and go to bed early so that Hermione could talk to Harry.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting in a corner in the common room doing their History of Magic homework. Ginny was nowhere to be found. Ron yawned loudly and deliberately.
"Gosh I'm so tired I think I'm gonna get an early night" He said.
"Ron it's only eight!" Harry exclaimed, starting to worry that his time was up for avoiding Hermione.
"I know mate but I feel drained and we have Quidditch practice in the morning" He replied, and before Harry could say anything else he kissed Hermione quickly, said goodnight and hurried up the spiral stairs to the boys dorm.

A tense silence settled in the air between Hermione and Harry until Harry decided to speak first.
"I know you have spoken to Ginny. Go on tell me what an idiot I am Harry said glumly."
"Harry I don't think you're an idiot" Hermione replied "But I think you could have at least let Ginny explain herself. That kiss-"
"I know" Harry cut in "Seamus kissed Ginny and she told him she wasn't interested.
Hermione was shocked. "If you knew what happened then-"
Harry cut her off again.
"I didn't know what happened fully until last night. I just saw them kissing. Then I spoke to Seamus and he explained the whole story."
Hermione was quiet for a moment and then said. "Harry you need to talk to Ginny"
"Hermione I can't she'll know by now why I hit Seamus! I'm too scared to get turned down by her I really think I'm falling for Ginny it would kill me if she said that she didn't feel the same way"

"Harry that's not going to happen" Hermione replied grinning.
"Huh" Harry looked puzzled.
"Ginny has always liked you, you know that!"
"But I thought since she isn't all shy around me anymore-"
It was Hermione's turn to cut in "She has just grown up a little that's all it doesn't mean she ever stopped liking you!"
"Oh" Harry looked shocked and pleased at the same time, and then his smile faded.
"Hermione what do I say to her?"
"Harry tell her how you feel. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Harry I'm just going to get a book to read since we have finished talking."
"Good idea" Harry said following suit and walking towards the dormitory to fetch a book even though he doubted his concentration would be all that brilliant, what with all the thoughts floating in his mind. Ginny actually liked him!

Harry opened the door to the dormitory to find Ron lying on his bed and playing a game of chess on his own against the board.
"Hey" Harry called to him accusingly. "I thought you were tired."

Ron chuckled "Hermione told me a little about what was going on" Ron confessed.
"Oh....Um Ron" Harry said.
"Do I have your permission to ask your little sister out?" He asked.
Ron smiled "Yes but you had better treat her good"
"I promise" Harry replied seriously.
"Good, now come on lets go and play chess in the common room I am getting bored on my own.

And the two boys joined Hermione in the common room

So what did you think? Please review! More soon I promise!

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