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The Unrequited Love Triangle by Sammi
Chapter 11 : chapter 11
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Thanks to everyone who reviewed. I am going to thank everyone properly in my final chapter! Well I'm not sure how long this chapter is going to be so bare with me let me know what you think!
i added this story on and i got a really bad response in fact two of the reviews really upset me. one said this story is REALLY bad! i know my grammar is not brilliant but i think the plot is ok don't you? i think thety ask for too much
on that website!

Disclaimer: Not mine, all J.K Rowling's!

Chapter 11

Ginny had just finished dinner in the Great Hall after a long day of lessons. She had tried to bump in to Harry during the day but couldn't seem to get hold of him. She had decided that she had better tell Harry how she felt, and quick before he got with someone else and it was too late. Ginny knew quite a few girls would like to date the famous Harry Potter.

This made her angry. She liked him for the person he was. They didn't talk much but Ginny had watched Harry since her first year. He was brave, thoughtful and cared deeply for his friends; he always tried to put their safety before his. Ginny also thought he was the most gorgeous person she had ever laid eyes on. The jet-black hair and those amazing emerald eyes.

Ginny was getting really nervous now. She didn't believe she was actually going to do this. She couldn't believe she was going to tell Harry how much she cared for him

Ginny had saw Harry leave dinner early so, presumed he had gone to the common room to get some homework done. If she was quick she could tell Harry how she felt without disturbance as almost everyone else was still eating in the Great Hall.

As Ginny was walking up the stairs Seamus caught up with her.
"Hi Ginny" Seamuss said grinning.
"Hi" Ginny replied.
"Look I need to talk to you Ginny" Seamus said looking nervous"
"Why? What's wrong?, Are you ok?" Ginny asked all at once being a concerned friend.
"Well it's just..."


Harry was indeed in the common room. He had left dinner early in order to get some homework done. He had lots to do and really needed to catch up. He finished his Transfiguration homework for Professor McGonagall and set to his History of Magic homework. Harry couldn't find the textbook he needed to complete the homework. He checked the boy's dorm, and the common room over completely and still couldn't find it.

Harry then realised that he last had the book at dinner in the Great hall and realised he must have left it there. He clambered out the portrait hole and jogged towards the stairs leading to the common room.

As he got near the bottom flight of stairs Harry heard voices. He looked around the corner and saw Ginny talking to Seamus Finnigan.....

"Well it's just I really like you Ginny I mean a lot" Seamus said, and before Ginny could reply he grabbed her and began to kiss her deeply and passionately. Ginny was so shocked by this she didn't know what to do.

Harry couldn't believe it that git he was kissing Ginny, and she certainly wasn't fighting it! Harry fought to hold back the tears but it was impossible. He turned and ran back up the stairs, towards the common room in case Seamus or Ginny spotted him.


After a minute Ginny came back to her senses. She pushed Seamus off.
"What the hell do you think you are doing!" Ginny shouted.
"Sorry Ginny! I thought you liked me too!"
"Well you didn't give me chance to tell you whether I did or not! I thought you knew I was just you friend!"
The Ginny understood. She was such an idiot! The others had warned her to be careful, she didn't realise how friendly she had been getting with boys.

"I'm sorry I gave you the wrong idea Seamus, I really didn't mean to lead you on"
"It's ok" Seamus replied. "I didn't give you a chance to talk I should have listened to what you had to say before.."
"It's alright Seamus I gave you the completely the wrong idea"
"No it's not your fault Ginny, I'm gonna go now. I feel so stupid"

Ginny was left standing alone as Seamus took off up the stairs.

Harry was sitting in the common room with silent tears streaming down his face. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. He had lost Ginny and it was his entire fault, he should have told her how he felt.

The portrait swung open and Seamus came into the common room. Harry didn't have time to take in how upset Seamus looked. Harry sprung from the armchair he had been sitting in, and strode towards Seamus.

Harry didn't say anything to him. The anger he felt rose. Harry got close to Seamus and punched him straight in the face. Seamuss's nose gushed with blood as he fell to the floor from the blow.
"What the hell was that for!" Seamus shouted.

The portrait opened once again. Ginny entered the common room. Her eyes widened as she saw the scene before her.
"Harry! What have you done!" Ginny shouted. But Harry took no notice. He turned and stormed off towards his dormitory.
"Harry" Ginny called after him, but Harry carried on walking as though he hadn't heard her. When he got inside the dormitory he slammed the door behind him.

Ginny turned to Seamus. "Are you ok? What happened?" Ginny asked.
"He just hit me! I don't know why!"
But Ginny did know why. Harry must have saw Ginny and Seamus together. He was jealous! But that wasn't a good thing any more, because now Harry probably thought Ginny didn't like him.

Oh what am I going to do? Ginny thought.

So what do you think? Good/bad? Let me know. Please review!

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