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The Unrequited Love Triangle by Sammi
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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I have just finished reading OotP and have decided to add another chapter to my story .
Disclaimer: Not my characters!

Chapter 4

Harry walked slowly towards the Gryffindor common room. As he approached the fat lady he said 'Bogart' before she could ask for the password and comment on his gloomy mood. Well he thought I got what I wanted a conversation with Cho that lasted longer than a minute only the conversation they had had did give him what he had always wanted: to know how she felt about him but he wasn't sure he was happy about her answer. He decided to talk to her one more time before making his mind up as to whether he could really be with Cho. There was also another thing nagging at the back of his head 'what about the other girl who do you really want to be with?'

Harry tried to push the thought away but as he did he saw the girl in question and felt a funny twinge in his stomach. You are just hungry he told himself that's all the funny feeling meant.
Suddenly the girl noticed him. He flushed a little in case she had saw him staring. But if she had she did not show it. She walked hurriedly towards him a broad smile on her face. Was she just happy or happy to see me he thought.

'Hi Harry' said Ginny.
'Hi' he replied feeling embarrassed about what he had been thinking. Of course she wasn't that happy to see him she was probably just in a good mood.
'Did you speak to her?' Ginny asked genuinely wanting to know so she could find out if she ever stood a fighting chance with Harry.
'Yeah' Harry replied rather unenthusiastically.
'She likes me, wants to see me more'
'Oh' Ginny said sadly, but to hide her disappointment added quickly 'Well why the long face then Harry'
He felt another jolt in his stomach quite like the ones he used to get when he saw Cho. It was the way he had said his name it had sounded so warm so personal.
'Well it's just she said she can't forget what happened with Cedric when she looks at me.' Harry thought of telling her his other reason but didn't have the guts. But then he reasoned he didn't have to tell Ginny it was her he liked he wouldn't mention the girls name that's all.

'And' Harry continued. 'I think I like someone else so now.'
'What are you going to do?' Ginny asked hardly believing that she had lost a chance with him because of another girl. She probably wouldn't have a chance anyway he clearly didn't see her like that did he? Or maybe she was the girl. Don't be silly she thought to herself just face it your only ever going to be his friend.

Harry brought her back from her thoughts.
'Well I'm gonna talk to Cho one more time and if I still feel nothings going to ever happen between us and if I still feel that way I'm going to leave it.'
'What about the other girl? And who is she?' Ginny asked curiously.

Oh no he thought what do I say now? Just make something up quick he thought.
'Well someone told me this girl liked me but I don't think she does anymore I think I lost my chance' Damn why did I say that he thought. He flushed a little and prayed Ginny had not noticed. He carried on ' I don't know what I'm going to do I'm just going to see what happens.'
'Well good luck Harry I hope everything works out.' 'I'm going to bed now Harry don't forget I'm always here to talk to.'
Harry smiled as she headed towards the girls dormitory. She looks so beautiful He thought. He was almost sure that she didn't like him anymore but he thought he would try and tell her if his feelings were lost for Chow. At least he knew Ginny was a caring understanding person who wouldn't laugh in his face if he told her how he really felt.


Ginny was lying on the bed in the dormitory just after her talk with Harry. She couldn't help but think the mystery girl could be her 'someone told me this girl liked me' Harry had said. Could that be her? She knew that her brothers Ron, Fred and George would have said something to Harry and it was obvious by the way she used to act around him. Maybe he thinks I don't like him anymore because I'm not a shy little girl anymore she thought. Or maybe I'm being silly she thought, I'm probably not even the girl.

But she decided she had to find out if she was and she thought she knew a way to find out if it was her or not..............

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The Unrequited Love Triangle: Chapter 4


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