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The Unrequited Love Triangle by Sammi
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Thanks to everyone who has read my story and reviewed it. It means a lot!
disclaimer: the plot is mine but everything else is joanne rowlings etc...

Chapter 3

Harry decided when he woke the next morning that Ginny was right. The best way to become close to Cho was to become her friend. He had to admit Cho was astoundingly pretty and they had said 'hi' to each other in passing but if the truth were told Harry didn't really know Cho Chang. He had never really had a real conversation with her. By this time next week Harry thought I am going to have had a conversation with Cho that lasts longer than a minute.

Harry took his time getting dressed and ready for breakfast. The weekends were the only times Harry could relax and take things slowly, well unless there was a quidditch match or training, which fortunately there wasn't today. He went down to the common room and found that Ron and Hermione were not there. They must have already gone down to the hall for breakfast Harry thought, leaving the common room.

Harry walked in the Great Hall and scanned the Gryffindor table for Ron and Hermione. He located them and headed over they had saved him a seat.
'mornin' Harry said.
'Morning' Ron and Hermione said together.

Harry noticed the two of them were getting really close lately. He often wondered whether something was going to happen between the two of them. Ron had never really had said anything but the way he had reacted when Viktor Krum was shortly with Hermione the previous year gave him the idea Ron had a crush on her.

Harry realised that Hermione and Ron were peering at him.
'What you lookin at?' He asked.
'Well it's just I noticed how well you and Ginny were getting on last night' Hermione told him.
'So what' Harry said. ' You two weren't around and I wanted a conversation with someone'
'Oh right' Ron said though he was still looking suspiciously at Harry.
Just then Cho Chang walked into the hall. Harry looked at her and realised that even though her eyes were a little puffy and she wasn't smiling she still looked pretty. He was just thinking of going over to say hi when Ron interrupted his thoughts:
'Harry you've gotta get over her mate, you can see she's still upset well about last year.'

Harry thought Ron would at least be more supportive. He was glad that he had been in bed last night and talked to Ginny instead she was far more understanding but then again girls usually were. He finished his toast and turned to his two friends. 'I'm going for a walk okay' he told them really rather than asking them.
He stood up and hurried out of the hall before they could answer him.


Harry headed straight for the grounds he doubted there would be anyone around to disturb his thinking. He slumped down under a tree. Even though it was September it was quite sunny.
He gazed forward and realised there was someone not to far in the distance watching him. He realised it was Cho Chang. Again even from a distance he could see that her eyes were red. She saw him looking and slowly made her way towards him. There was a single tear in her eye.

'Hi' said Cho. This is my chance thought Harry.
'Hey' he replied. 'Sit down'
She sat down next to Harry for a few moments nothing was said until Cho blurted out 'I was really disappointed I couldn't go to the Yule ball with you last year but Cedric had already asked me'
'Oh' he was shocked that she had said this he glanced at her it seemed that she had struggled really hard to say this.
'You see I did like Cedric but I liked you more and I still do Harry'
'Right' he said. He rally couldn't think of what else to say it was a lot to take in.
'But now that Cedric's well.. dead I feel guilty about this you know what I mean?' she continued without a reply from Harry 'I can't help looking at you without thinking of him since well you were with him when well you know.' After seeing the hurt look on Harry's face she added quickly 'oh I don't blame you at all I just feel after what happened you both have a connection because it. I think you were really noble bringing back Cedric'
'Well anyone would have' Harry said.
'No not everyone' Cho replied.

They sat in silence for a while. Then Cho turned to look at Harry. He looked right back at her even though he could feel the colour rising in his cheeks.
'I want to see more of you' Cho said.
Harry couldn't find the words to give her an answer. She seemed a little out put by this but just said 'I will wait for you to come and talk to me next time. If you want to.'
She stood up gave Harry a weak smile and headed of towards the castle.

Harry didn't know what to think. She liked him but she was reminded of Cedric when she looked at him. He was sure that a relationship couldn't work between them because of this and she wanted to see him more. What would he do? Besides he still thought Cho was really pretty but someone else had been entering his thoughts more often recently. But he knew this girl had liked him once but did she any more? He may of lost his chance with her and was sure he couldn't make a relationship work with Cho in this situation.

I'm completely confused. Thought Harry.

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