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Beyond The Veil by Secret Lily
Chapter 8 : Old Love, Dangerous Situations
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Chapter 8- Old Love, Dangerous Situations

Harry saw the man who had forced death upon his parents and made him an orphan. The man who enjoyed torture in any way he could find. The man who shared his gift of Parseltounge with Harry. The man who laid the lightning shaped scar upon Harry’s forehead. The man who killed Cho’s true love. Now, he was ready to bring the same fate to Cho.

Voldemort was sending spells of red, instead of spells of a fluorescent green toward Cho. She seemed to be blocking the spells with all her might and was fighting with her last breathe. Harry knew that Voldemort was just warming up. He enjoyed the struggle he caused to anyone who fought him. Harry had seen the laughter in his eyes every time someone was injured or killed by Lord Voldemort. Harry knew that no member of the D.A. was to die that day, no one.

Harry lunged into the air, his jet-black hair flying in every direction and his emerald green eyes filled with a familiar fire. Cho was beginning to panic, the spells she were blocking were green now; the killing curse Avada Kedavra was being sent at her. Only so many blocking spells could stop that curse. Cho sent a worried glance over to Harry. He had run to her side and began taking over a duel with Voldemort. Cho couldn’t die today and thanks to Harry, she wouldn’t.

“Getting a little too old Voldemort? Can’t keep up with me any more?” Harry mimicked.

“Harry, Harry, Harry, if only you knew. Age only strengthens me,” Voldemort replied, receiving great satisfaction at Harry’s struggle to avoid the curses.

Harry glanced for a mere half second when he heard a scream of joy not so far away. He saw many people entering the forest. Harry did not need to see to know who those people were. The members of the Order of the Phoenix. They were saved once more by the adults. A pit dropped to the bottom of his stomach.

Dumbledore will never put faith in us. The prophecy says that I am the one to defeat Voldemort. Not him; why does he keep trying to ‘save the day’? We need to fight on our own, Harry thought to himself for the split second he had.

“Ahh, Harry, I see you called upon Dumbledore for assistance once more. Even so, I will find and kill you,” Voldemort sneered.

Harry gave him a look of pure hatred and looked over at Cho. She was still standing still, crying, with her wand trembling in front of her. Dumbledore, with his long silver hair and beard and his blue eyes filled with electricity, appeared before Voldemort and began dueling. This gave Harry a chance to speak with Cho. He pulled her aside, away from danger, and looked her in the eyes.

“What were you doing out there?” he asked her. She gave him a frightened look but the tears stopped flowing from her eyes.

“He was alone and was ready to kill ten people from the D.A. I needed to stop him. You don’t understand. Your first boyfriend, or should I say girlfriend in this case, was not killed by him,” she said through tears.

“Yeah, but she almost was,” Harry said quietly. He glanced up at her, hoping she observed his fear for her. It was not out of love, yet out of respect.

“I needed to fight. For Cedric’s memory,” Cho said.

“Leave him to me. I don’t need you to be killed because I pulled you out of the tower in the middle of the night. Now, I am going to give you a broom and you’re to fly back,” he said with worry in his voice.

She looked furious with him.

“Go home?!? When we need all we can get? I don’t think so. You really think I am so incapable of handling myself. God, all this training, and for nothing! Harry Potter, you must be crazy to think I won’t fight,” she said. With this she ran off, back from where they came from.

Harry stared as she trailed off. He was totally unaware for a whole minute before he realized danger was still in play. He ran back to the scene and saw Aurors fighting Death Eaters and Dumbledore still with Voldemort. But now he was accompanied by someone else.

“You silly girl. Go now before you get yourself killed. Now,” Dumbledore roared to Cho Chang.

She didn’t move a muscle. Harry felt his scar burn with pain, except, the pain felt like happiness. Voldemort was happy. How can he be so happy when he’s dueling and half of his Death Eaters are down?, Harry wondered.

“So, it’s the students you care about Dumbledore?” Voldemort questioned with mock sincerity.

He now held two wands. One was aimed right at Harry. Dumbledore froze. Voldemort started to speak an incantation and Dumbledore blocked the spell out of Harry’s way. But another was being cast from his other wand. A green one, hitting another right in the chest. Cho Chang was dead.

We’re dying off like flies. Sirius, Lupin, Wormtail, Bellatrix, and now Cho. It’s a matter of time before it’s only me and Dumbledore and Voldemort left, Harry thought.

For the first time in a while, he felt tears sting his face. Cho was killed the same way as Cedric had died. Harry had been closer to Cho, not just on a relationship bar, but as friends, than he had been with Cedric. He felt her death sting his heart much harder. He felt rage at the utmost level.

“Honey, how long has he been waiting there?” Lily asked her husband.

They were looking at a boy at the age of about seventeen who was standing in front of the infamous long, black veil. The very same veil that just carried Sirius through it, then Remus. The same veil that caused such joy yet such a downpour of spirits. It was unlikely that anyone would be calm while waiting in front of the veil for a loved one. The dead usually knew when another was to join their number and all of them had felt this one.

Sirius was clenching his fists into balls and Lupin was casting his wise, dreary eyes upon the scene. Lily and James were holding each other, feeling their sons loss. Cedric Diggory was waiting for what felt like hours for his love. Finally, her long black hair fell through the veil silently, and Cedric’s eyes filled with tears. He had known she would be joining him soon. She cast her dark, brown eyes up at his hazel ones and they stared at one another for what felt like an eternity.

Harry looked at her body and felt someone’s presence draw near him. Ginny was making her way towards the body with tears in her eyes. She looked at Harry and knew that he had felt loss just as she. They embraced each other with a hug and saw that the scene was not improving. Ron was still fighting, along with Neville and Hermione.

Surprisingly, Luna was healing the injured. She seemed to have one eye on Ron and one on the injuries. She had hopes of becoming a healer. Harry looked at Ginny once more. She wanted to reassure him that everything would be ok but could not find the words.

She died the way she wanted. Fighting for Cedric, Harry thought.

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