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Unwanted Affections by squaredancer
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Chapter Two

My God, he is so annoying. Lily thought as she walked to the hall for breakfast in silence. She shook her mane of red hair, effectively ridding herself of any thought on the raven-haired big head back in the common room. They reached the hall and were not at all surprised to find that it was nearly empty. There were a few Ravenclaws, three Hufflepuffs, one of which was Amos Diggory laughing heartily, and finally Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. There were no other Gryffindors.

Lily greatly disliked both Severus and Lucius, but she didn’t hate them. She made a point of not hating anyone, although Potter did tend to push that particular rule to its boundary. They sat down at the end of the Gryffindor table, taking their usual seats from the previous year. Being the first day back at school it had been a while since Lily and Jennifer had sat together in the hall and ate breakfast. At the thought of school Lily felt a familiar little tugging in her stomach. Excitement. And anxiety.

This would be her first year at school with her father to correspond with regularly. Her mother had sent very few owls over the summer break and Lily put that down to the fact that Camellia Evans simply disliked to use owls for her own selfish purposes. Lily often argued that owls had been used for deliveries for hundreds of years, but her mother could never seem to look past the Muggle idea that all owls did was sleep during the day and catch small critters at night.

Lily helped herself to some toast while Jen had an egg and some bacon, pointedly ignoring the fact that the food was already set out on the table in its entire splendor because some poor house elf had probably been up all night preparing it. The toast felt dry in her mouth. She was already halfway through her second piece and third glass of pumpkin juice before someone clearing their throat interrupted them. She looked up to find Lucius glaring down at her.

She glared back, finishing her mouthful of toast before asking, “What do you want, Malfoy? Come to ask me what a brilliant summer I’ve had, I suppose,” she quipped, cocking her head to the side and feigning interest.

“No actually,” he answered callously. “I was just wondering what you were doing here, is all.”

“What in heck are you talking about?” Jennifer demanded. “She’s here for school you silly twat. Bugger off so we can eat our breakfast without the nauseating stench of Slytherins to put us off, you dolts.”

“Bloody brilliant!” cried someone from behind Malfoy. Sirius appeared and quickly walked around the table to stand behind Jennifer and Lily. Naturally, close behind followed the rest of the Marauders. Lily rolled her eyes.

“Now,” James interrupted calmly. “Are you going to tell us what you meant by that last remark, or not?”

Lucius looked at the Marauders, and then his gaze shifted to Jennifer and finally on to Lily, where it stayed.

“What I meant,” he snapped, seeming irritated “was that with the rise of Voldemort, Dark Lord, I’m surprised you’re here at all. Don’t worry, however,” Lucius continued in his aristocratic drawl, “if he hasn’t gotten rid of you yet, Mudblood, I’m sure he will soon.”

And with that, he turned to leave.

All four of the Marauders pulled out their wands to curse Malfoy and were entirely too slow. Jennifer had already jumped up and over the table to smack an extremely surprised Lucius around the face, much to the astonishment of everyone currently in the hall.

Jennifer pulled away, red faced and panting as Lucius fixed his hair and hissed vehemently, “You will pay for that you lousy bint,” before stalking out of the hall, his lap dog Severus close on his heels.

Lily, who had turned very pale, just swallowed and nodded mutely at Jennifer in thanks. She quietly sipped at her pumpkin juice as everyone else turned to watch her.

“Don’t listen to anything he said, Lily.” Remus told her, putting his hand on her shoulder and squeezing it gently. She didn’t mind Remus. Of all the Marauders, Remus was the only one she could stand. And Peter, in small doses.

Sirius was also watching Lily with concern, as if she might suddenly run and throw herself off the battlements of the Astronomy tower.

Lily shrugged off his intense speculation and turned to Jennifer. “I guess we should go check our timetables then.” Jennifer nodded solemnly and they departed, leaving a very peeved looking Potter and three puzzled Marauders.

The girls had taken almost all the same classes mainly because they hadn’t want to be separated. It did help, however, that they seemed to be almost identical in skill and ability. They had double potions in the dungeons first. Great. Lily thought, dismally. I have to face Markender now. This was turning out to be a great first day. Not.

Lily and Jennifer reluctantly made their way to the dungeons for Potions only to find the two older Slytherins that she really could have done without seeing waiting impatiently by the door.

Hearing their footsteps, Malfoy and Snape turned to face the two girls, sneering distastefully. “Oh look, it’s Mudblood and Broker,” Snape derided. Malfoy only nodded malevolently.

“Shut up, Snivellus,” James snapped from behind Lily and Jennifer, giving them a fright.

“I bet you’d be well chuffed to get beaten up in front of a load of girls, wouldn’t you?” Sirius asked, appearing next to James. “Perhaps we’ll set Peter on you?”

Beside Jennifer, Peter made a pouncing gesture accompanied by a crazy grin.

“You think you’re well funny, don’t you?” Snape snapped, going red. He turned to Malfoy looking for support.

“We’ll see who’s laughing soon, you bunch of twats,” Malfoy sneered as Professor Markender rounded the corner and moved to unlock the door.

“Wait out here, you lot,” she announced as she gestured for the two Slytherins to go in. “We’ll only be a minute.”

The Gryffindor’s waited outside patiently, mostly in silence. “What do you think Malfoy meant by that?” Lily asked Jennifer moments later. “Do you think he’s going to pull another prank?”

Jennifer smirked. “Undoubtedly.”

“Undoubtedly what?” asked a strawberry blonde girl who appeared behind them. “And why weren’t you at breakfast this morning? I had to sit with Crazy Carlie.” Amanda glared pointedly in the direction of the somewhat dozy Hufflepuff walking in the opposite direction.

“She has Defence Against the Dark Arts.”

Lily frowned. “But she’s going in the completely wrong direction!”

“I know, but try telling her that!” Amanda scowled at Carlie’s retreating back. “She’s so hopeless.”

Amanda, another Gryffindor, was a good friend of Lily and Jennifer’s. Living only a few streets away from Lily’s grandparent’s house, Lily saw quite a lot of Amanda during the holidays. With strawberry blonde hair, cobalt blue eyes, a slightly pointy nose and chubby figure, Amanda more than made up for her misgivings with her outrageous character.

“Oooh!” Amanda twirled around to watch as Malfoy and Snape left the dungeons. “That Lucius Malfoy is a right pillock. I wish I had his hair though…”

Lily rolled her eyes and grabbed Jennifer’s sleeve, dragging her into the dungeons. Amanda followed more slowly, still thinking over Malfoy’s hair.

“What, you don’t agree?” Amanda asked as she sat herself in the desk beside Lily. “I wonder what kind of shampoo he uses.”

“Why don’t you ask him?” Jennifer chirped in from the other side of Lily. “I’m sure he’d gladly tell you.”

“Don’t be daft. He’d give me a recipe to make my hair purple or something equally malicious.”

Amanda started pulling her quill and ink out of her bag, ignoring the smirk that Jennifer shot her way.

“I’ve always thought you’d look spectacular as a grape.”

A/N: I apologize for the long times between updating. Our computer’s had a virus and so we had to wipe the hard drive and reload everything. That makes for difficult updating *smods*. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this update and the next one won’t be too far away (hopefully).

Feedback would be SO greatly appreciated. I’ll give you a cookie. Please? Reviews telling me you like my story are wonderful, and I really appreciate them, but I love feedback (telling me where you felt the story went slightly off or if you felt I haven’t embraced the character’s personality in some part) so much more ^_^ That way I can improve my story :D

Thanks for reading!

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