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Kiss and Touch by Tazzaki
Chapter 10 : Chapter 8
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Harry and Hermione were in potions and lets just say that Hermione wasnt giving Snape her full attention....The potion was suppossed to have a green fog ascending from it and the liquid to be a light brown color...Neville did better than Hermione. Neville's at least at the fog right , even though the liquid was purple...Hermione's had no fog, just a horrible stink and it was clear.
though she didnt show much remorse...Actually she laughed about it. Snape didnt really think it was funny at all and took 10 points from Gyriffindor. (But then again, he would have taken them away wether or not Hermione failed and laughed. Stupid Ol' Snape.) Later Ron asked her what was wrong and she said with a annoyed looked "Nothing."

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