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Kiss and Touch by Tazzaki
Chapter 8 : Chapter 6
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Last Chapter for now, So I guess for my first fanfic ever i am doing pretty good! okay, Ron is about to find out.....


The next day Harry went down stairs to the commenroom to be greeted by Ron...

"'Ello Harry! Your only 2 hours late for breakfast and First class! You missed DADA and potions, which is pretty good so you dont have to stare at Snape's ugly face for 45 minutes. But dumble dores not happy. I was sent to find you and tell you that you have detention with Lupin tonight. Not too bad huh?" Harry stared at Ron for a second and said with a low tone

"2 hours?....2 hours?!" He gasped "God! Well what homework did I miss?"

"a essay on Polyjuice Potion, and a lecture on being late that you can make up for later." Ron said as he sat down.

"Oh...okay" Harry muttered as he sat down in a chir about 10 feet away from Ron.

"Plus," Said Ron "Did you know tha--" He was cut off by Hermione walking in a sitting down in a chair between Harry and Ron.

"What were you saying, Ron?" Hermione asked as she glanced at Harry.

"As I was saying...Harry did you know you talked in your sleep?" Said Ron staring at him then Hermione.

"I do? " said Harry hesitenly....he froze because he remembered his dream contisting of one thing....Hermione....

"Yes and Lavender says that Hermione does too. And you both talked about one thing." Ron said with a frown

"What?" hispered Hermione

"each other... I know its none of my buisness but is anything going on between you guys?" asked Ron coldly

"Um....." Harry muttered then he raised his voice "Yes there is. we love each other and last night we kissed. There! Is that what you wanted to hear?! " angrier than he should have been.

"Hermione? It this true?" Ron ask coldly.

Hermione looked sad until something occured to her and she stood up "WHAT IF IT IS?! HOW WOULD YOU STOP US?!" She yelled.


"Yes we can and we are." said Harry put his arm around Hermione and walking with her out of the room.


Well...personally this is my favorite chapter...what do you think?!

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Kiss and Touch: Chapter 6


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